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Pre-poured Plates aid water supply management.

Pre-poured Plates aid water supply management.

Lab M    Heywood   United Kingdom
Apr 17, 2014 Part of Pinnacle™ brand of pre-poured plates, mLGA (membrane Lactose Glucuronide Agar) provides selective chromogenic medium for simultaneous enumeration of Escherichia coli and coliforms in drinking water using single membrane filtration technique. Range also includes variety of products for detecting coliforms, for isolation of enterococci, for Legionella detection, and for performing total viable counts.

Cell Integrity Kit offers homogenous based assay solution.

Molecular Devices Corp.    Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1136
Apr 10, 2014 Based on 2 nuclear dyes, EarlyTox™ Kit provides fluorescence-based assay for detecting changes in cell viability based on permeability of outer cell membranes. EarlyTox Live Red Dye is cell permeable and marks live and dead cells, while EarlyTox Dead Green Dye is cell impermeable and stains only cells with damaged outer membranes. With mix-and-read procedure, cells are incubated with reagents for 30 min and then transferred to SpectraMax® MiniMax™ 300 or other imaging instrument for evaluation.

Thermal Cycler utilizes in-situ hybridization adapter.

Thermal Cycler utilizes in-situ hybridization adapter.

Bibby Scientific Ltd.    New York City, NY 10001
Apr 08, 2014 With In-situ Hybridization Adapter, Prime 96 x 0.2ml Thermal Cycler is instantly converted to in situ instrument capable of accommodating up to 4 standard size microscope slides with ±0.25°C block uniformity. Adapter consists of single piece of precision engineered aluminum that requires no maintenance, other than occasional cleaning. Design allows removal of glass slides via corner cut-outs, and aluminum perimeter ridge means it is completely compatible with thermal cycler lid.

Lab Anesthesia Systems provide all necessary components.

Lab Anesthesia Systems provide all necessary components.

Harvard Apparatus, Inc.    Holliston, MA 01746 1371
Apr 04, 2014 Based on most widely used configurations seen in customers’ laboratories, preconfigured Turnkey Anesthesia Systems include anesthesia machine, vaporizer, evacuation, regulator, tubing, and connectors. Variety of configurations are available for mice, rats, and other small rodents, including Table Top Systems, Mobile Single Animal Systems, and Two Animal Table Top Systems—all with mask and/or induction box and Fluovac System.

Palmitate Modifier helps improve oligo delivery.

Link Technologies Ltd    Bellshill,   United Kingdom
Apr 03, 2014 As dedicated delivery reagent, 5'-Palmitate-C6-CE Phosphoramidite provides scientists with approach to improve cellular uptake and utilization of oligos by cells. Use of this palmitate modifier, derived from palmitic acid, can result in more efficient uptake of oligonucleotide by cell when incorporated during oligo synthesis. Classified as palmitate phosphoramidite, product is suited for therapeutic applications.

RNA Isolation Kit uses no xylene or other toxic solvents.

RNA Isolation Kit uses no xylene or other toxic solvents.

MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.    Carlsbad, CA 92010
Mar 27, 2014 BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit features efficient protocol which includes complete lysis and extraction of total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues without use of toxic organic solvents. Room Temperature Stable DNAse ensures best DNA removal, while proprietary low elution spin filter delivers highly concentrated RNA that is ready to use in RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, microarrays, or next generation sequencing.

Method Scouting System optimizes HPLC method development.

Method Scouting System optimizes HPLC method development.

Shimadzu Scientific    Columbia, MD 21046
Mar 25, 2014 Designed to maximize HPLC method development productivity in R&D and QA/QC environments, Nexera Method Scouting System is equipped with 2 pumps, each with quaternary valve, which allows analysts to run binary gradients with 16 different solvent pairs. When combined with column selection valve, which holds up to 6 columns, system can investigate up to 96 separation conditions per sample. Dedicated Method Scouting Solution software performs mobile phase purging and equilibration automatically.

Ceiling-Mount Air Filtration Units protect personel, environment.

Ceiling-Mount Air Filtration Units protect personel, environment.

Air Science USA    Fort Myers, FL 33906
Mar 18, 2014 When used in areas where hazardous substances are handled, Purair SKY ceiling mounted filtration units help protect laboratory personnel and environment via integrated Air Science Multiplex Filtration system and Air Science EFT (Enhanced Filtration Technology). Dynamic filtration chamber features sliding filter clamp which facilitates and accelerates filter changes. As standard, units come with epoxy-coated steel support frame with LED lighting and wall-mounted controls.

Environmental Test Chambers meet FDA ICH Q1A Guidelines.

Caron Products & Services, Inc.    Marietta, OH 45750 0715
Mar 18, 2014 Constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance, 7000 Series Environmental Chambers offer temperature range of 5–70°C and humidity range of 20–95%, while 7001 Series Refrigerated Incubators control temperature from 5–70°C. Units come in 2- and 3-door configurations with capacity of 50 ft³ and 75 ft³, respectively. In addition to 7 in. color touchscreen, stability chambers feature gROD™ Refrigeration on Demand to manage power consumption, and gVapor™ steam-free controlled humidity system.

Nanopositioning Stage suits real-time imaging applications.

Nanopositioning Stage suits real-time imaging applications.

Physik Instrumente (PI)    Auburn, MA 01501
Mar 14, 2014 Consisting of large aperture piezo stage and digital controller, P-736.ZR Piezo-Z Nanopositioning System offers travel ranges up to 220 µm with sub-nanometer closed-loop resolution, suitable for surface metrology, microscopy, and imaging applications. Controller can be quickly switched between focus tracking and closed-loop positioning, and also accommodates fast focus and freeze applications. Stage can be mounted on inverted microscopes from Nikon and Olympus.

Chilling Incubators support protein crystallography.

Chilling Incubators support protein crystallography.

Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc.    Carlsbad, CA 92010
Mar 13, 2014 Providing 100 L capacity, EchoTherm™ Incubators are Peltier-based for heating and chilling, have no compressors or CFCs, and are vibration-free. Bench-top units include fully programmable Model IN55 and digital Model IN50. Settable from 4.0–70.0°C, incubators feature PID temperature control to ±0.1°C, digital display to 0.1°C, and accuracy to ±0.2°C. Units are equipped with 24 x 20 x 14 in. chamber, audible alarms, and RS232 I/O port for remote control and data collection.

HPLC Columns use diamond-based technology.

Diamond Analytics    Orem, UT 84058
Mar 11, 2014 Available in C18 Mixed Mode, C18+, and HILIC-based chemistries, FLARE HPLC Columns provide unique stationary phase that will permit lab scientists and technicians to perform separations not possible on standard silica columns. Diamond core-shell particles are composed of solid, spherical carbon core and functionalized porous nano-diamond shell. Composite material utilizes nano-diamond to create permeable, but stable particle that can tolerate pH range of 1–13 and temperatures up to 100°C.

LC Separation System enhances mass spectrometer functionality.

Waters Corporation    Milford, MA 01757
Mar 10, 2014 Offering sensitivity and usability, plug-and-play ionKey/MS™ System physically integrates UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®) separation into mass spectrometer, allowing scientists to achieve optimal separation and detection of compounds. System's iKey Microfluidic Separation Device contains fluidic connections, electronics, ESI interface, column heater, eCord™ Intelligent Chip Technology, and 1.7 micron UPLC grade particles packed inside 150 micron ID channel to perform UPLC separations.

Buck Regulators address multiple voltage rail requirements.

Intersil Corporation    Milpitas, CA 95035
Mar 07, 2014 Integrating both high-side and low-side field-effect transistors, Models ISL85410 and ISL85418 eliminate need for low-side diode and external compensation. Synchronous buck regulators down-convert DC voltage from power supply or battery to power multiple microprocessors and board components at various voltage requirements, minimizing power loss. Housed in 4 x 3 mm package, devices support input voltage range of 3–36 V and wide Vout range from 0.6–95% of Vin.

Touchscreen Rheometers operate in controlled stress/rate modes.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.    Middleboro, MA 02346
Mar 06, 2014 Used for making rheological measurements, whether it is single point viscosity for QC or complete flow curve analysis for R&D, RST Series operates in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes. Products can perform all viscoelastic modulus, yield stress, viscosity vs. shear rate profile, thixotropy calculation, creep behavior, recovery after flow, and temperature sensitivity tests. Models include RST-CPS Cone Plate, RST-CC Coaxial Cylinder, and RST-SST Soft Solids Tester Rheometers.

Rugged Touchscreen Rheometers support 21 CFR compliance option.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.    Middleboro, MA 02346
Feb 28, 2014 Used for making rheological measurements, whether it’s single-point viscosity for QC or complete flow curve analysis for R&D, RST Series can perform viscoelastic modulus, yield stress, viscosity vs. shear rate profile, thixotropy calculation, creep behavior, recovery after flow, and temperature sensitivity tests. RST-CPS Cone Plate Rheometer, RST-CC Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer, and RST-SST Soft Solids Tester Rheometer operate in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes.

Metrology System offers non-destructive, 3D surface profiling.

Metrology System offers non-destructive, 3D surface profiling.

Leica Microsystems, Inc.    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Feb 20, 2014 Combining lateral resolution up to 140 nm via confocal microscopy and vertical resolution up to 0.1 nm with interferometry, Leica DCM8 provides surface analysis of materials and components. Instrument is also suitable for color documentation of samples. Wide choice of Leica objectives, together with 4 LED light sources and integrated CCD camera, deliver true-to-life color images. With XY topography-stitching mode, users can obtain seamless, precise model of larger area.

UPLC System handles nano- to micro-scale separations.

UPLC System handles nano- to micro-scale separations.

Waters Corporation    Milford, MA 01757
Feb 04, 2014 Able to tap potential of sub-2-micron particle technology, ACQUITY UPLC® M-Class System delivers sensitivity to quantify and to identify vanishingly small concentrations of key molecules. UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC) system handles flow rates from 200 nL/min to 100 µL/min and is available with 15,000 psi-capable columns up to 25 cm long that have IDs from 75 micron to 1.0 mm. Also included, automated Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) system integrates all steps of HDX-MS.

Multi-Layer Insulation Kits target cryogenic applications.

Cad Cut, Inc.    Middlesex, VT 05602
Jan 29, 2014 Combining multi-layer insulation blankets and co-rolled insulation material, CAD Cut Cryokits™ offer manufacturers cryogenic insulation system that reduces labor, material expense, and installation time. Co-rolls consist of up to 4 layers of aluminized film and spacer; material options are available to meet application requirements. Each Cryokit can contain cut-to-fit blankets that provide exact fit for tank ends and co-rolled material up to 86 in. wide for wrapping straight walled vessels.

Wafer X-Ray Metrology System offers high-throughput automation.

Wafer X-Ray Metrology System offers high-throughput automation.

Nordson Corp., Packaging Systems    Duluth, GA 30097
Jan 27, 2014 Able to be used as integral part of fabrication and packaging of integrated circuits or as part of QC and product acceptance, XM8000 provides automated, high-throughput X-ray metrology and defect review system for both optically hidden and visible features of TSVs, 2.5D and 3D IC packages, MEMS, and wafer bumps. Non-destructive, in-line wafer measurement covers voiding and fill levels, overlay, critical dimensions, and more.

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American Empire Manufacturing Enhances Contract Filling Capabilities, Adds ISO 8/Class 100K Clean Room

Cal Quality Electronics, Inc.  - April 16, 2014
Cal Quality Electronics Contracts with Boeing to Support the Combat Survivor Evader Locater (CSEL) Program

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Omniseal  - April 16, 2014
Saint-Gobain Seals' Rulon® 1439 Material Certified as USP Class VI Compliant, Further Meeting Needs of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Processing

Nora Lighting  - April 16, 2014
REVO, First Motorized Track Head, Available from Nora Lighting

MJS Packaging  - April 16, 2014
MJS Packaging Customizes Jar for Household Products

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