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Portable 3D Ultrasound Instrument combines usability, accuracy.

February 2, 2016

With touchscreen interface, live B-mode scanning, and self-diagnostics, BladderScan Prime facilitates use by clinicians/technicians. Solution supports evidence-based catheter management along with consistent, comfortable patient assessment. With one button press, VMODE® technology acquires multiple scan planes inside body to produce 3D quantification of bladder and automatically calculate urinary bladder volume. Immediate feedback is provided for off-center scans and pubic bone interference. Read More

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Digital Hotplate Stirrers offer ceramic or aluminum top plate.

January 26, 2016

Available in 4, 7, and 10 in. sizes, Cimarec+ Series delivers flexibility from microscale chemistries to production operations. Units feature adjustable temperature in 1° increments and automatic over-temperature protection. StirTrac provides slow-speed stirring, consistent speed control, and strong magnetic coupling, while HOT TOP warning system protects against accidental burns with prominent display when heating surface is above 122°F. Read More

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Profiling Kit analyzes T-cell receptor diversity.

January 22, 2016

Leveraging SMART® technology and employing 5' RACE-like approach, SMARTer® Human TCR a/b Profiling Kit captures complete V(D)J variable regions of TCR transcripts, enabling users to analyze T-cell receptor diversity from human RNA samples or directly from cells. Kit yields quality sequencing libraries from as little as 10 ng to 3 g of total RNA obtained from peripheral blood leukocytes, or from 50–10,000 purified T cells. It can be used to generate data for both alpha- and beta-chain diversity. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Digital Rock Software aids oil and gas exploration.

January 21, 2016

Consisting of petrophysics, pore statistics, and core profile modules, PerGeos™ helps geoscientists rapidly interpret and model digital rock imagery so that exploration and production engineers can quickly obtain meaningful, actionable data. Multi-scale, microscopic imagery and advanced digital rock modeling provides direct measurement for analyzing critical structural characteristics and physical properties, such as grain size, pore space, and connectivity. Read More

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Automated Metrology Sensor provides in-process measurement.

January 14, 2016

Combining blue light projection, stereo cameras, and on-board processing, Cobalt 3D Imager captures and processes millions of 3D data points in seconds. Unlimited number of 3D imagers can be placed in array configurations virtually anywhere in manufacturing process — all scanning simultaneously and controlled by single computer. With high resolution, automatic exposure, and high dynamic range, Cobalt handles complex parts with fine details as well as varying colors, textures, and reflectivity. Read More

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Automated Module aids spectroscopic collection, model development.

January 8, 2016

EDX Experiment Design and Execution Module automates spectroscopic data collection and chemometric model development. Without requiring duplicate manual data entry, functionality allows spectra to be collected using Symbion LX, DX, or RX and transferred directly to Symbion QT chemometrics. During collection, user can add variables, create component values spreadsheet, and annotate memo block for each spectrum. Users can also, upon deployment, add multiple trends based on calculations. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

LC Column features both HILIC and RP modes.

December 22, 2015

In addition to enabling chromatographers to run in reversed-phase or HILIC mode for various compounds, Raptor™ FluoroPhenyl column is amenable to LC-MS due to its reliability and efficiency regarding acidic mobile phases. Design combines speed of superficially porous particles (SPP or core-shell particles) with resolution of highly selective USLC® technology.  Chromatographic column allows users facilitated means of achieving peak separation and accelerated analysis. Read More

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Dimensional Measurement System is multisensor capable.

December 18, 2015

With 790 x 815 x 250 mm XYZ measurement volume and 300 or 400 mm extended Z axis, SmartScope® Quest 800 accurately measures very large parts or large arrays of smaller fixtured parts. System's 10:1 TeleStar® telecentric zoom lens provides high-level optical performance and accurate video metrology. For stability, optics/sensor head is mounted on stable granite bridge over worktable and moves only in X and Z axes, while worktable itself moves underneath in Y axis. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Flow Cytometer targets research segment.

December 18, 2015

Designed to leverage BD Horizon Brilliant™ reagent portfolio, BD FACSCelesta™ system offers simultaneous measurement of up to 14 different single cell characteristics. Three-laser benchtop system is available in multiple configurations, delivering performance required for varied immunology and cell biology applications. System can help simplify experimental design and analysis for experienced researchers as well as those new to flow cytometry. Read More

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ASIC-Based HPC Technology enhances X-ray medical imaging.

December 3, 2015

Applicable from CT to DBT, Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology is based on IBEX ASIC platform for X-ray medical imaging equipment and delivers optimal image quality based on single X-ray detection. Optimal SNR is achieved via noise-free detection with maximized dynamic range and no dark current, while frame rates are maximized via dedicated ASIC and electronics. Energy discrimination provides native spectral information for color X-ray imaging. Direct detection optimizes spatial resolution. Read More

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HPLC Columns provide dependable data.

December 3, 2015

Pressure rated for any 400 bar HPLC system, Roc™ HPLC columns are made from high-purity silica and available with C18, C8, Phenyl-Hexyl, Cyano, and bare silica phases on either 3 or 5 µm spherical particles. Dimensional options include 3.0 or 4.6 mm IDs in 100, 150, or 250 mm lengths. Suited for large-volume workflows, columns deliver peak shape, reproducibility, ruggedness, and performance for all conventional HPLC applications. Read More

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Cleanroom Conveyor Oven cures low-friction coating onto vials.

November 25, 2015

Electrically heated Gruenberg NFPA 86 Class A Conveyor Oven cures thin coating onto glass vials, used in pharmaceutical industry, to produce low-friction surface. This 4-module, 400°C oven, which contains 3 heating chambers and one chamber for cooling, processes 120 vials/min as they advance in trays along >30 ft conveyor belt. Installed in each chamber, 1,750 cfm, vertical-down, air-circulation system with HEPA filters ensures uniform heat distribution. Read More

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Electrochemistry Lab Systems integrate graphical touchscreen.

November 19, 2015

Featuring 5 in. touchscreen display offering gestural pinch and zoom functionality, 2450-EC and 2460-EC let users run experiments, make measurements, and generate voltammogram plot results. Both 4-quadrant instruments, which can source and sink power, can source and measure voltage or current and be used to compare results to parameters for voltammetry experiments or over time for chronoamperometry experiments. Portable units also offer modifiable library of electrochemistry test scripts. Read More

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Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet is designed for safety.

November 5, 2015

Available with 8, 10, or 12 in. opening sizes, HEPA-filtered LabGard AIR offers variable output scenarios and comes in 3–6 ft widths to suit various lab layouts. Ergonomic armrest reduces forearm and wrist strain while leaving air flow system fully operational, and FlowGard system uses airflow sensor to control airflow in real-time and displays it on OLED display. Functionality also lets users choose to recycle airflow in cabinet, vent it to HVAC system, or combine both options. Read More

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Progressive Scan Microscope Cameras deliver UHD, Hi-Res images.

November 5, 2015

OcularCINEMA™ progressive scan, c-mount camera systems target clinical, research, and industrial imaging applications. While OcularCINEMA 4K CMOS UHD color microscope camera package delivers real-time, true progressive scan Ultra High Definition (UHD) video to large displays, OcularCINEMA HD CMOS-based color imaging camera package delivers true progressive scan, real-time, Hi-Res video to large displays/computers simultaneously. C-mount 0.35x optical adapter is included in both packages. Read More

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Rodent Ventilator combines versatility and usability.

November 3, 2015

Targeting research involving animals ranging in size from mice to guinea pigs, VentElite fosters safe and physiologically accurate mechanical ventilation conditions. Piston/cylinder and valve assemblies, combined with microprocessor controlled actuation mechanisms, precisely control respiration profiles. Along with Volume and Pressure Control modes, features include touchscreen operation and manual or programmable Sigh, Inspiratory, or Expiratory Hold. Read More

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Reaction Systems offer trouble-free reproducibility.

October 30, 2015

In addition to fully or partially automated reaction solutions known as JULABO AutoReactors™, Reaction Solutions Portfolio includes glassware, stirrers, vacuum pumps, hot plates, and controllers. Systems ensure accurate temperatures as well as exact dosing of components, proper stirring or mixing, continuous monitoring and analysis, and reliable control of parameters. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Test Chart is based on ANSI/ISEA Z87.1.2015 Standard.

October 30, 2015

Featuring overall size of 4.0 x 4.0 in., T-45 ANSI/ISEA Z87.1.2015 Test Resolution Standard is based on ANSI/ISEA Z87.1.2015 Standard, American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices. Chart consists of 24 Sunburst Lines, 2 inner circles with continuous centered crosshair lines, and 1 set of vertical and horizontal 20 and 40 cycle/mm Ronchi gratings. Read More

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Stand-Alone Coater/Laminator suits R&D purposes.

October 30, 2015

In lab and pilot-scale manufacturing, TecMaster is used to predict coating and substrate characteristics in various coating/laminating operations before scaling up to production-level equipment. Components include 2 coating heads (knife-over-roll and mini gravure), 2 unwinds, convection dryer, dry-bond laminator, and rewind with integrated drives and controls. Able to run web widths up to 175 mm at operating speeds of 0.1–1 mpm, plug-n-play unit is built on mobile cart with integral storage. Read More

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Portable X-Ray Generator meets needs of industrial applications.

October 27, 2015

Able to penetrate steel, concrete, and other materials, Linatron® Xp portable industrial linear accelerator weighs <250 lb and can be integrated with PaxScan 2530HE flat-panel digital image detector or built into systems using computed radiography. Liquid-cooled version, designed for high-duty applications, can run continually without having to stop for cool down, while air-cooled version is designed to be used in short bursts with thermal recovery periods in between. Read More