Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Flow Cytometer delivers full analysis capabilities.

November 18, 2014

Delivering sensitivity and resolution needed for fluorescence and nanoparticle detection, CytoFLEX fits in 16 in.² bench space and weighs 50 lb. Instrument offers up to 21 configurations, from basic setup to multi-color, multi-laser sophisticated analyzer, and optical design optimizes excitation and light collection efficiency from up to 3 lasers: 405, 488, and 638 nm. Features also include CytExpert software and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) detection module with bandpass-only design. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

Benchtop Flow Cytometer offers resolution down to 0.2 µm.

November 14, 2014

Used for multicolor flow cytometry, guava easyCyte™ 12 flow cytometer uses 3 excitation lasers to detect up to 12 parameters simultaneously. Sensitivity promotes separation, which facilitates gating and identifying dimmer populations, while particles detection resolution down to 0.2 µm accommodates applications involving analysis of small particles and beads as well as study of bacteria or algae. Single- and multi-sample processing options are available. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment

PCR Thermocycler supports diagnostic applications.

November 13, 2014

Providing real-time PCR, Open qPCR Thermocycler is capable of genotyping, pathogen presence/absence detection, and relative DNA quantification. Unit features 16-well sample capacity; integrated touchscreen; Ethernet, WiFi, and USB connectivity; and visual, web-based interface for protocol editing, plate layout, and results interpretation. Open API supports automation applications, while low power mode supports isothermal amplification applications. Read More

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Immunohistochemistry System minimizes slide handling.

November 10, 2014

By enabling parallel processing of up to 24 tissue slides simultaneously, SNAP i.d.® 2.0 Protein Detection System helps minimize potential process variability inherent in manual IHC methods. Intuitive format reduces slide handling and accelerates wash steps during blocking, washing, antibody incubation, and labeling. Controlled vacuum force removes solutions evenly from all slides at once, in seconds. Protocol produces consistent staining, without causing tissue degradation or blotchy artifacts. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment, Test & Measuring Instruments

Low-Noise Optical Seismometer aids oil exploration.

November 4, 2014

Offered in 1- and 3-axis configurations, seismic sensor uses optics technology, is tilt insensitive, and operates in any orientation. Rugged unit integrates seamlessly into existing geophone architectures without any special handling and lets engineers in marine applications detect sub 1 Hz signals with high fidelity. Along with flat response from 0.1–1 kHz, features include low-noise measurement capabilities of below 5 ng/√Hz from 1.0–400 Hz and clip level of +1.5 g pk. Read More

Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment, Test & Measuring Instruments

DNA Sequencing Analysis Kits identify genetic variants.

October 28, 2014

Based on peer-reviewed open source tools, Analysis Kits are used for analyzing variants in whole genome, exome, and targeted resequencing data produced by high-throughput, next generation sequencing systems. Customers can identify and annotate genetic variants in sample data as compared to reference genomes for wide variety of species, as well as visualize genotypes of these samples in UCSC Genome Browser and through other filtering and interpretation tools. Read More

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Single-Use Vessel includes sensors for cell culture.

October 22, 2014

Supplied as pre-assembled and pre-sterilized unit that is ready to use, SmartVessel™ 3 Liter Bioreactor Vessel allows working volumes from 0.5–2.2 L. Stirred tank, single-use unit leverages SmartPuck sensor technology for pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature measurement. All wetted materials are USP class VI compliant. Designed to minimize end user labor in bioreactor cleaning and setup, SmartVessel is suitable for mammalian, stem, insect, and plant cell culture applications. Read More

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White Light Interferometric Microscope can measure graphene.

October 20, 2014

Comprising industrial, research-grade microscopes based on double beam interferometry objectives, BW series combine white light interferometry (WLI) with standard optical techniques such as bright-field, dark-field, polarised light, DIC (differential interference contrast), and epifluorescence. Focus variation with WLI offers effective height resolution of 15 pm and precise and accurate 3D surface height measurement. Diverse options are available. Read More