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Rugged UPS System combines PWM, ferroresonant technology.

November 28, 2014

Designed for process control in industrial applications, DSE on-line, double conversion UPS system provides continuous, clean, regulated power for critical AC loads. Unit combines digital control, communications, monitoring, and diagnostic capabilities of PWM UPS system with reliability of ferroresonant transformer. Design affords full front panel accessibility, and MTBF exceeds 205,000 hr or 23 years of service. Used for diagnostics, integral system event recorder logs up to 500 events.
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Marine Instrument Display delivers critical information. .

November 28, 2014

Designed to automatically display real-time data from NMEA2000® compatible engines and sensors, Simrad IS35 provides boaters with at-a-glance access to critical information about vessel. Preprogrammed pages include engine data display, dedicated cruising instrument, and fuel economy with instantaneous fuel flow, fuel used, and fuel remaining. Built with 3.5 in., color, LED-backlit screen with 240 x 360 resolution, display also lets boaters view motor steer with real-time navigation information. Read More

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Amber LED Luminaires pose no threat to wildlife.

November 26, 2014

Producing 590 nm wavelength, LED amber garage lighters are wildlife-friendly luminaires that minimizes light pollution in areas where excessive artificial lighting can harm ecosystems. Light produced from these products is visible to humans but not most species harmed by artificial lighting. With rated operating life of 100,000 hr, LEDs require minimal maintenance and are especially suited for use in coastal areas where sea turtles need dark sky to migrate towards ocean. Read More

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Ductless Fume Hood affords flexible installation in laboratories.

November 26, 2014

Green Solution Fume Hood uses Erlab Neutrodine® filtration system and is capable of filtering liquids, solids, acids, bases, solvents, and powders (with HEPA module). Filtration system uses adsorption to collect 98% of commonly used chemicals, and safety features include backup safety filter system and several sensors that monitor filter condition, ambient air quality, temperature, sash position, and usage time data. Replaceable filters can be incinerated in zero impact CO2 cycle.
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LED Lightbars can be used in damp/food processing environments.

November 25, 2014

Designed to replace CFL and halogen fixtures, Plug-and-Play LED Lightbars are damp-listed for use in indoor areas subject to condensation, certified by NSF, and suited for food/beverage processing environments. ETL-listed connection box allows hardwired connection to lightbar system, while profile lets wiring connection be located in various locations. Low-profile distribution hub with integrated on/off switch allows up to 4 separate light bar chains to run from same 120 V source. Read More

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Water Conservation Valve compresses air in system.

November 25, 2014

Based on fluid dynamics, Water Conservation Valve compresses air before it reaches water meter, thereby removing its volume and causing it to be discounted while measuring water usage. Device also acts as buffer against surges, maintaining water flow level. System's variable flow control regulates flow without changing pressure, minimizing need for independent flow regulator systems installed on water fixtures. Unit also corrects water meter measurement by reducing over spinning. Read More

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Industrial Luminaires utilize LED technology.

November 24, 2014

Designed, tested, and certified for use in hazardous areas and adverse environmental conditions, Hazlux® Industrial Luminaires are rated for extreme temperatures of -40 to 131°F or -31 to 104°F, depending on model. Units are constructed of corrosion-resistant and copper-free aluminum and finished with baked, electro-deposited, pure-epoxy powder. Simple hinge arrangement enables fast installation with hands-free wiring and instant On and Restrike. Read More

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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement aids wind turbine blade manufacture.

November 21, 2014

Addressing length and weight concerns held by designers and manufacturers of wind turbine blades, AceBlade™ Carbon consists of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforcement with fatigue resistance as well as optimized strength and stiffness. Product, which lends to weight reduction while promoting stiffness, enables use of carbon fibres without compromise in existing Vacuum Infusion Platform. Resin flow properties minimize air void. Read More