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Diba Industries, Inc. Helps KNF-Flodos Eliminate Leaks in Simdos 02 Liquid Pump

December 2, 2016

Danbury, Conn. (November 30, 2016) – Fluidics design expert Diba Industries, Inc. helped pump manufacturer KNF-Flodos eliminate leaks and launch its Simdos® 02 diaphragm liquid pump.

KNF manufactures a range of liquid and gas pumps, primarily for medical devices, laboratories and ink-jet printing. The Simdos 02 liquid pump was designed to handle hazardous acids and organic solvents...Read More

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CRP Automotive Offers AAE Re-engineered Power Steering Pump for Honda and Acura Vehicles

December 2, 2016

Cranbury, NJ… CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, has added a newly re-engineered Power Steering Pump to its formidable line up of AAE new and remanufactured power steering components. The AAE Power Steering Pump, P/N 5760N, is designed for applications on the 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey, 2005-2008 Honda Pilot, and the 2003-2010 Acura MDX.

While...Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Control Essential Nutrients for Hydroponic Farming

November 23, 2016

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution. Hydroponics does not use soil, instead the root system is supported using an inert medium such as perlite, rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite.

Accurately and reliably delivering the nutrient-rich water is crucial to the successful development of the plants. In addition, the delivery...Read More

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BPs Personality Pump audibly greets and responds in real-time.

November 18, 2016

Using highly interactive technology, BP Personality Pump greets consumers and offers fueling experience. Providing options to select music on Pandora or paly music trivia, unit provides touchscreen tablet and guide consumer through entertainment options. Abling driver to send message with content created at pump, product sends link to Pandora station as per choice.

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The Tri-Rotor 220TV Pump is Ideal for Liquids with Changing Viscosity

November 14, 2016

Tri-Rotor’s 220TV variable volume pump is part of the company’s 220 Series of rotary piston pumps. Tri-Rotor calls the 220TV “the pump with a brain” because it immediately responds to changes in the discharge line to provide optimum delivery of a liquid with changing viscosity.

With the suction port on the top, the 220TV reduces resistance to flow and eliminates pipe fittings...Read More

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BlueFlow Gear Pumps include pressure and temperature sensors.

November 11, 2016

Offered in EP, MP and RP series, BlueFlow Gear Pumps are widely used in all geographic locations. Featuring 15% greater throughput without increasing rpm, pumps have a full range of sealing types along with cooling fins and has consistent melt properties with sensors. Product comes in a range of pumping capacities from 33 to 3,201 cc/revolution for throughput ranges up to 12,000 kg/hr. Pumps are used with PC or PMMA polymer viscosities from 2 to 20,000 Pas at 350°C

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DBS Screw Blowers monitors all on board sensors.

November 9, 2016

With an Ethernet port and built-in Web-server, Sigma Control 2 enables remote monitoring and email notifications for service and alarms. Providing communication interfaces such as ModBus, Profibus, Profinet, and Devicenet, unit provides seamless integration into plant control/monitoring systems such as Kaeser's Sigma Air Manager 4.0. Available with motor sizes from 20 to 50 hp and flows from 150 to 770 cfm, blowers offer STC and SFC versions.

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The Icom

November 8, 2016

NEW HUDSON, Mich., Nov. 1, 2016 - The Icom Propane Evacuation Pump has an excellent 12 year history of safely, rapidly and efficiently removing propane from vehicle tanks without venting or wasting gas. Hundreds are in use in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia since 2004.

  • Portable unit
  • Total evacuation of propane from tank
  • Air operated
  • Light...Read More

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Stormcell 442 Series Pump System offers remote monitoring.

October 26, 2016

Featuring professional-grade charger, Stormcell™ 442 Series Pump System provides 12 volts battery backup. Designed in 10 and 25 amp models, unit provides remote monitoring using NightEye™ app wireless technology. Device is energy efficient for longer run-times. Read More

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Pneumatic Test Pump comes with 6.5 foot pressure line.

October 24, 2016

Generating pneumatic pressures up to 21MPa, portable Pneumatic Test Pump requires no nitrogen bottle or external pressure supplies. Suitable for generating high pressure in the field to devices under test (DUTs), 700HPPK reaches full scale pressure in 20 seconds into a 30 cm3volume. Adjustable control knobs enable fine pressure adjustments up to a reading of 0.05%. In-line filter and desiccant systems protect unit against con¬tamination from the DUT. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

High Flow Tubing Pumps suit fluid transfer applications.

October 11, 2016

Intended for general purpose fluid transfer applications, SP400FO Tubing Pumps offer benefits of peristaltic pumps, including self-priming design, dry running, and limited fluid contact. Users can select from range of long-life tubing options for best fluid compatibility. Rated for continuous duty, pumps support wide range of plant applications. Read More

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FDS Twin Screw Pump from Fristam with front-loading seal.

October 7, 2016

Offering an easy-access gear box design,  FDS Twin Screw Pump enables safe and easy maintenance. Flexible to process and CIP with the same pump, solid shafts and large, stable bearings in a cooling oil bath ensure long service life. Read More

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Sinusoidal Pump operates with zero pulsation. .

October 3, 2016

Intended for food processing industry, MasoSine Certa™ Pump meets highest sanitary standards including 3A and EHEDG Type EL Class I. Unit handles up to 8 million cPs with low shear and zero pulsation. In addition, pump is fully drainable, CIPable, and requires up to 50% less power than other pumps with viscous fluids. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

World's Largest Mill Pump Achieves Unheard Of 4,000 Hours of Continuous Operation

September 26, 2016

When leaders of a massive Chilean copper mine wanted to reduce shutdowns, they turned to GIW to enhance the huge and already impressive MDX-750. GROVETOWN, Ga. — GIW Industries Inc., leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty centrifugal slurry equipment, pumps, and parts, helped a customer in Chile achieve what it thought impossible: developing a mill pump that can run at least...Read More

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Sundyne Ultra-Low NPSHr, High-Flow Pump Finds Midstream Success

September 19, 2016

ARVADA, Colo. - Sundyne, a leader in the design and manufacture of highly-engineered centrifugal pumps and integrally geared compressors for use in the global oil and gas production, refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries, announces an early application success for their recently introduced LMV-803Lr ultra-low NPSHr, high-flow pump. A long-time Sundyne customer recently ordered 9...Read More

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Syringe Pump features 2 independent pumping channels.

September 19, 2016

Controlled by graphical user interface with 7 in. LCD touchscreen, Pump 33 DDS provides smooth flow from 1.02 pL/min to 106 mL/min with accuracy of ±0.25%. Multi-purpose unit employs advanced syringe mechanisms that include tight gripping, extremely secure syringe clamp accommodating syringe sizes 0.5 µL to 60 mL. Pump is capable of running 2 independent flows using different directions, flow rates, volumes, and syringe sizes. It includes USB, RS-232, and TTL connectivity. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Improved Pump Design Solves Process Issues for Pet Food Production Line

September 15, 2016

NETZSCH NEMO progressing cavity pump solved downtime and high-pressure CIP problems for a major U.S. pet food manufacturer When a leading U.S. pet food supplier encountered difficulties with its wet dog food processing line, the company realized that the sanitary rotary lobe pump it had been using in the line was not well suited to the conveying tasks. The company reached out to NETZSCH Pumps...Read More

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Jet Edge Bringing Latest 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System to FABTECH

September 13, 2016

Waterjet Manufacturer Performing Live Waterjet Cutting Demonstrations, Showing Latest Waterjet Pumps, Closed Loop Water Recycling ST. MICHAEL, Minn. – Jet Edge, Inc., a leading manufacturer of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology, is bringing its latest precision waterjet cutting technology to FABTECH, Nov. 16-18 in Las Vegas. Look for Jet Edge in Booth C25085 During FABTECH, Jet Edge...Read More

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FMC Technologies Awarded Subsea Contract for Eni's Block 15/06 West Hub Development

September 9, 2016

HOUSTON - FMC Technologies, Inc. will provide subsea multiphase boosting pumps, manifolds, and installation support services for Eni Angola's Block 15/06 West Hub Development Project located off the coast of Angola. The company's subsea multiphase boosting pumps improve production economics by reducing backpressure on the reservoir, increasing flow rates and total recoverable...Read More

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Metal-Cutting Waterjet Pumps operate at 90,000 psi.

September 9, 2016

Used for cutting metal, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, plastic, glass, and more, KMT Streamline® PRO-III Series includes 125 and 60 hp pumps with metal-to-metal seal design and SUPRAlife metal canister. Latter is designed for protecting UHP seals, and overall design maximizes uptime and productivity. While nominally available with .016 cutting orifice, 125 hp PRO-III is also available with dual cutting heads using .0011 orifices. Applications include 5-axis, 3D cutting.
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