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CPVC and PVDF Needle Valves serve high-temperature applications.

December 3, 2015

Available in CPVC and PVDF materials for higher-temperature or high-purity applications, NVA Series has integrated stem with PTFE seat. Sizes range from ¼–½ in., and FPM seals are standard. While all valves carry 150 psi rating (non-shock at 70°F), respective max service temperatures are 190 and 280°F for CPVC and PVDF valves. Suited for fine regulation of flow required in instrumentation and laboratory work, valves also feature fine pitch stem threads for precise adjustment. Read More

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Nordson EFD Features Three New Dispensing Systems at the Assembly Show, Booth #823

October 20, 2015

New non-contact jet valves and controllers span the gamut of dispensing needs East Providence, RI USA -  Nordson EFD, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), the world's leading precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, will introduce its third new series of dispensing valves at The Assembly Show, October 27-29, 2015 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL, at booth... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Needle Valve features quick release technology.

June 29, 2015

Measuring 2.60 x 0.93 in., xQR41 Series MicroDot™ Needle Valve features Quick Release clasp that allows removal of fluid body to replace wetted parts in seconds. Pneumatically operated, adjustable valve applies precise micro-deposits as small as 150 µm of low- to high-viscosity fluids onto substrate. With exchangeable modular design, valve can be configured with stroke adjustable or non-adjustable cap, BackPack™ valve actuator, low-profile mounting block, and 90° air and fluid inlet fittings. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Needle Valves provide bidirectional flow control.

November 19, 2014

Available with 1/8, ¼, and 3/8 in. port sizes with flow rates up to 60 scfm at 100 psig, GNV series controls rate of flow in pneumatic system by controlling flow in both directions. Material enters input port and then travels through adjustable orifice and out of output port. Available mounting options include direct, in-line, and cartridge styles, and adjustment may be achieved via recessed slot or knurled knob. Rotating input allows 360° positioning. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Pneumatic Needle Valve provides precision dispensing.

July 8, 2014

Designed to deliver precise dots or very fine beads of low- to high-viscosity fluids, Model 485 is suited for glob-top dispensing and dispensing of UV light-curable adhesives in medical-device manufacturing. Stroke adjustment allows for fine-tuning of dispense volume, ensuring precise and consistent deposits. Users can dispense from pressurized cartridges, bottles, and pails making valve compatible with most standard fluid packages and delivery systems. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Handheld Pneumatic Needle Valve offers precision dispensing.

July 8, 2014

Designed to deliver precise dots or very fine beads of low- to medium-viscosity fluids, Model 400 achieves accurate, repeatable dispensing by utilizing material flow adjustment to control shot volume. Valve features lightweight, wand-style body that is comfortable to handle. Model 400 is available in several system packages, paired with Dymax DVC-345 bench-top valve controller and material reservoirs of various styles and sizes. Read More

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HAM-LET to Showcase a Line of Advanced Instrumentation for the Maritime and Offshore Industry at Shanghai's MARINTEC CHINA 2013

December 6, 2013

SHANGHAI – HAM-LET, an innovative world-leading manufacturer of instrumentation valves and compression fittings, is to exhibit at the All China Maritime Conference and Convention - Marintec China - in Shanghai from 3-6 December. HAM-LET will exhibit a range of products including Let-Lok® precision high pressure pipe and tube fittings, ball, needle and metering valves - including the... Read More

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Nordson EFD to Exhibit Multiple Technologies for Improving Efficiency and Profitability in Electronics Manufacturing Processes

November 11, 2013

Company will showcase a range of innovative fluid dispensing solutions at Jisso/Protec Japan 2012 trade show TOKYO – Nordson EFD, a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN), will be demonstrating their latest fluid dispensing technologies for improving electronics manufacturing processes at Jisso/Protec Japan 2012, to be held in Tokyo June 13-15. Nordson EFD products, including... Read More

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HASCO Innovations at the wfb

May 8, 2013

HASCO is presenting a large number of innovations from its Mould Base Division and Hot Runner Division at the wfb in Siegen/Germany, Hall/Stand S 07.01/05. The Mould Base Division is presenting the A8001 clamping fixture. This permits high-precision clamping and alignment of the system plates, thus ensuring optimum horizontal and vertical processing on 5 sides with a high repeat accuracy.... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Valves, Tubing, and Connectors suit surface, subsea applications.

May 2, 2013

Suitable for surface and subsea installation, instrumentation, injection, and sampling systems, IPT series medium- and high-pressure products are made standard from cold worked, 316 stainless steel; annealed 316 stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant special alloys are available to meet NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 requirements. Series comprises check valves, trunnion ball valves, relief valves, needle valves, tubing and nipples, coned and thread connections, and coning and threading kits. Read More

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Spray Valve Control System provides repeatable performance.

April 5, 2013

Available in 3, 12, and 18 mm spray paths, SV2000N minimum overspray valves are suitable for urethanes, flux, and silicone coatings. Valves are actuated by air pressure sequenced by SVC100 controller. Air pressure opens needle in valve allowing material to flow, while separate air-line creates pressure in valve exit cap, atomizing fluid. Controller sequences time relationship between fluid start signal and atomizing signal, which is critical in cleaning spray nozzle after each spray cycle. Read More

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HASCO - Innovations at FAKUMA and EUROMOLD

September 14, 2012

The Mould Base and Hot Runner Divisions of the standard mould manufacturer and hot runner specialist HASCO from Lüdenscheid/Germany is presenting brand new technologies to increase productivity and efficiency for tool and mould design.<4444>The Mould Base Division presents a completely new mould system for small series production. In conjunction with the Clever Mold clamping system, it enables... Read More

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Microshot Needle Valve is constructed of stainless steel.

April 2, 2012

Suitable for use in harsh environments, TS5440-SS features robust seal design capable of handling aggressive and abrasive fluids. It dispenses low to medium viscosity material with precise deposits over wide range of shot and bead sizes down to fraction of µliter. Short opening stroke provides fast, positive shut-off, and external stroke control adjustment simplifies fine tuning shot sizes. Compact design allows for mounting flexibility for integration into automated applications. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

New HASCO Needle Valve Range Z107900/...

February 29, 2012

The new needle valve range Z107900/... combines many years of HASCO experience in the field of needle valve technology with the latest sealing developments and a rugged adjusting mechanism. <4444>The specifications for developing the new components focused on ease of assembly, service-friendly operation, a high level of flexibility and modular design. As a result, the amount of maintenance for... Read More

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Multi-Cavity Needle Valve targets closure cap market. .

November 28, 2011

Suited for processing polyolefins and styrene in shot weight range of 5-25 g, Series Z3150 allows optimized process control with balanced filling of all cavities by simultaneous opening of valve pins after certain amount of pressure has built up. Unit features nozzle front sealing diameter of 10 mm, body diameter of 16.5 mm, and finely scaled nozzle lengths from 80-180 mm. Needle valve pin can be changed on machine and adjusted from rear without dismantling hot runner. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Needle Valve withstands harsh, corrosive environments.

January 6, 2011

Offered in sizes from ¼-½ in., NVA Series is suited for fine flow regulation required in instrumentation and laboratory work. Fine pitch stem threads allow precise adjustment, and flow rates may be adjusted down to drops per minute. Available with PVC and GFPP materials and FPM seals, thermoplastic valve features integrated stem/PTFE seat, flanges for mounting panels, NPT threaded ends, and GFPP thumb wheel. Non-shock ratings are to 150 psi at 70°F. Read More

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Needle Valve features all PTFE and PCTFE wetted parts.

April 16, 2010

Designed for laboratory and industrial applications, Model TNV is used to regulate corrosive gases and liquids for high-purity services. Media only comes in contact with PTFE and PCTFE, and valve spindles are made of rigid PCTFE to minimize creeping. Suited for use in pressure or non-critical vacuum applications, product can also be used as shut off valve. Temperature and pressure limits are 150°F and 75 psi, respectively, and max flow is 300 Lpm (air) and 9 Lpm (water). Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Needle Valve promotes reliability with 1/2 in. bore.

November 5, 2009

Stainless steel H-series helps improve reliability and conserve space in process and instrumentation applications involving viscous and contaminated media. It comes in 2 forms: discrete hand valve for controlling media flow, or integrated into monoflange-style manifold for safe double-block-and-bleed connection of instruments to process lines. Flow path size minimizes inclinations to blockages or related problems, and metal-to-metal seal offers bubble-tight shut-off. Read More

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PTFE Needle Valves are corrosionproof.

July 27, 2009

Made of PTFE and PCTFE materials, VT6 6 mm orifice PTFE needle valves are designed for laboratory and industrial applications requiring corrosive gas and liquid regulation or high-purity service. Panel mountable units have 3/8 in. FNPT ports, and can be used in pressure, non-critical vacuum service, or as shut-off valves. PCTFE valve spindles virtually eliminate creeping, while radially compressed PTFE o-ring feature allows quick compression adjustments without disassembly. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Needle Valve dispenses low viscosity fluids consistently.

July 14, 2009

Suited for dispensing non-reactive adhesives, silicone oils, inks, and solvents, Model 765 can be used in processes such as device assembly, packaging, optics assembly, and building PCBs. Low maintenance valve delivers precise flow control in high speed, high volume, and long running production jobs. Unit can also be integrated into process automation and robotics. Read More