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Seginus Inc. is Pleased to Introduce 14330-235EH Slide Plate

February 3, 2016

The Slide Plate is used on various Zodiac Water & Waste Aerosystems (“Zodiac”) vacuum flushing toilet assemblies. The Slide Plate is a subassembly of the Orbital Flush Valve. The Orbital Flush Valve is a subcomponent of several Zodiac vacuum flushing toilets. The Slide Plate has installation eligibility on Airbus, Boeing series aircraft, and Embraer E170 & E190 series Aircraft. Seginus... Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Retrofit Flush Valves enable hands-free operation.

September 16, 2014

Featuring single- and dual-flush side mount designs, respectively, Sloan EBV-500-A and EBV-550A allow for automatic, touchless operation, helping to eliminate transfer of bacteria for more sanitary restroom. Units are equipped with Smart Sense Technology, are ADA-compliant, and use timer to determine if full or reduced flush is needed, minimizing water usage. Operating on 4 C alkaline batteries, hygienic valves require no electrical wiring and include battery life indicator. Read More

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Flushometers are solar-powered and sensor-operated.

August 8, 2008

Utilizing photovoltaic technology, SOLIS® Flushometers can charge a capacitor, providing power even in rooms with occupancy-controlled lighting. Available in single-and dual-flush models, units are powered by solar panel without any need for moving parts in waterway. With dual-flush model, users can choose full 1.6 gpf flush for solid waste or reduced flush of 1.1 gpf for liquid waste. Dual-Flush Smart Sense Technology(TM) automatically initiates flush cycle if user does not press button. Read More

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Flush Valve is suited for glass-lined reactors.

July 16, 2007

Glass-lined C.I.P. flush valve features flush port for sanitizing, sampling, and back flushing of tank without dismantling valve. Valve offers operating temperatures of -20 to +450°F and pressures from full vacuum to 150 psig. Offered in manual, pneumatic in-line, and pneumatic low-profile configurations in sizes of 2 x 1.5, 3 x 2, 4 x 3, and 6 x 4 in., it includes grooved, self-draining nozzle and has no Tantalum or other metal exposed to process fluid. Read More

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Flush Valve Cartridge offers quiet actuation.

March 15, 2007

Flush-valve cartridge requires less than 1.5 lb of actuation force to flush, minimizing handle kickback and promoting assembly life. Equipped with high-contrast, black actuator cap, assembly minimizes overall operational noise with its fluid actuation. Solution has passed testing processes that include component durability, accelerated life cycle, abusive chemicals, and variant water pressure. Read More

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Flushing System aids with refrigerant recovery.

January 13, 2004

The BOSS(TM) Burn Out System Solution connects when flushing refrigerant from burned out systems. It features custom strainer for clean refrigerant flow, 3-way isolation valve, sight glass to visually verify complete recovery, and vacuum indicator light. No gauges or bags are required, and leakage is reduced or eliminated. Product is also available in kit form with PT GRIPPER quick connect tools for positive seal line connections. Read More

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Flush Valve suits urinal and toilet retrofits.

November 26, 2003

DUALFLUSH(TM) AEF-801 Automatic Flush Valve Retrofit Kit can flush urinals and toilets automatically through infrared sensor and manually by flushometer flush handle. System allows for manual Sloan® or Zurn® diaphragm to be used. All metal gear motor cuts down on battery drainage and eliminates use of solenoid. Valve will flush manually even when batteries are dead, reducing downtime of urinal or toilet. Read More

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Flushometer promotes water conservation.

May 1, 2002

Piston operated GEM 2(R), designed for harsh water conditions, features non-hold open handle that controls water usage and has no external volume adjustment. It includes O-ring protected, filtered metering by-pass orifice; BAK CHEK(R) control stop; vandal-resistant cap; high copper/low zinc brass castings; and sweat kit with cast set screw wall flange. Read More

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