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Pre-Insulated Piping System efficiently handles chilled media.

May 31, 2016

Consisting of polyethylene (PE) inner layer, polyurethane insulation core, and PE outer layer, COOLSAFE™ comes in 1–10 in. sizes and provides thermal conductivity >0.015 Btu-ft/h-ft2-F. Components are molded and insulated to strict tolerances to facilitate installation and ensure long-term insulation of chilled media. Installed using butt or electrofusion welding methods, system can accommodate Asahi/America Type-21 ball valves and Type-57 butterfly valves for flow control. Read More

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Cost-Efficient, High-Performance for Corrosive Environments

April 25, 2016

FiberSystems is helping customers curtail costs and boost performance with its corrosion-resistant methacrylate epoxy FRP composite pipe, duct and fittings. Custom engineered for chemical service environment applications, the versatile methacrylate epoxy is approximately 35 percent less than the cost of standard epoxy pipe, explains FiberSystems. Methacrylate epoxy products also offer... Read More

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Asahi/America Poly-Flo® Double Wall Piping System at ACE16

April 1, 2016

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, will be highlighting their Poly-Flo® co-extruded double containment piping system at ACE16 in Chicago, IL. Available in black advanced polyethylene (PE) and euro grey polypropylene (PP-R), Poly-Flo® is ideal for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present. ... Read More

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High-Temp Flexible Line Pipe handles continuous service at 180°F.

March 22, 2016

Offered in pressure ratings up to 3,000 psi and diameters up to 8 in., FlexSteel High-Temp installs with end-fittings and midline connections utilizing swaging process to ensure pipeline integrity under demanding temperatures. Corrosion-resistant, high-temperature liner is strengthened by helically wound steel-reinforced layer, which also lends to flexibility and long-term pressure capability for oil, gas, and water applications. Pipe will not de-rate over time or by application. Read More

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CPVC Compounds suit potable water applications.

February 19, 2016

Available in 3 grades for small- and large-diameter pipe and 2 grades for fittings, AquaGuard® CPVC Compounds have NSF 14 and 61 certifications for use with potable water. Products are suitable for single and multi-family residences, and have also received certification from ICC Evaluation Service, LLC for applications in building plenums and ducts. Offering alternative to copper and crosslinked polyethylene, CPVC resists corrosion and is inherently rigid, kink-resistant, and flame retardant. Read More

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Double Wall Piping System features unitary construction.

January 26, 2016

Available in black PE and euro grey PP-R, Poly-Flo® co-extruded double containment piping system is suited for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present. Complete system includes full pressure fittings, drainage fittings, and machined fittings. Offered in 1 x 1 ½, 2 x 3, and 4 x 6 in. sizes, SDR-designed system operates up to 150 psi at 68°F. Unitary construction helps prevent failures seen in fabricated systems. Read More

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FiberSystems Implements Faster Response Times

December 30, 2015

Also ramps up an Emergency Service Production (ESP) program for customers experiencing failure in the field with steel, metal alloy and PVC pipes and fittings DAYTON, Ohio – Despite a slump in the U.S. composites industry Dayton, Ohio-based FiberSystems is seeing an uptick in activity.  Process improvements made earlier this year are contributing to market traction for the custom... Read More

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Comac Selects Reliable, Lightweight Victrex Pipes(TM) for Aircraft High-Voltage Cable Conduit Lines

December 3, 2015

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA  USA - To improve the overall fuel efficiency and reliability of their new commercial aircraft platform, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), selected VICTREX Pipes™ rather than metal tubing for use in high-voltage cable conduits. The new thermoplastic solution can deliver weight savings of up to 45% and is being supplied through the partnership of... Read More

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Pipeline Connectors eliminate need for process shutdown.

November 18, 2015

With single or double isolation, PC3000 and PC4000 Pipeline Connectors allow steam traps to be installed without need for process shutdown. Units feature ASME 600 rated forged body suitable for use on lines up to 800°F. Fully shrouded piston valve stem minimizes potential of corrosion, while strainer protects steam trap from debris entrained in condensate. Connectors are suitable for manifold applications where steam traps are used on tracing and main line drainage. Read More

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CUI Global Announces Additional IRIS® Purchase Order and Transition from Testing to Sales of Its Various Natural Gas Technologies

July 27, 2015

TUALATIN, Ore. — CUI Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: CUI) announced today that its wholly-owned UK energy subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems Ltd., has received approval from one of the UK's largest pipeline operators to install and commission four of its previously purchased IRIS kiosks. Further, the company has received a purchase order from the same customer for additional IRIS kiosks to be produced... Read More

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Polypropylene Piping System withstands harsh conditions.

July 17, 2015

Made from beta crystalline PPR Polypropylene in multi-layering manufacturing process with fiberglass center, NIRON PP-RCT Pipe and Fitting System can be installed in place of copper and steel in commercial, institutional, and industrial environments. High purity options are available for non-toxic applications, such as food and beer production. Tested lifespan is 100–150 years, and installers are offered 4 fusion methods that do not require traditional arc welding. Read More

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SEMCOR's Fluid Handling Division

June 10, 2015

We a wide range of products to allow us to help you find a variety of solutions for  your fluid control problems. Many of these products are specially engineered for resisting corrosion from harsh chemicals. Resistoflex introduced lined pipe and fittings to provide the ultimate in rigid  piping for high temperature applications and corrosion resistance. With the acquisition of Dow Pipe, we... Read More

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Seamless Heavy-Wall Pipe comes in several ODs and lengths.

May 12, 2015

API line pipe products include exotic heavy X42 grade in several size variations. Specific models include Seamless APIX42 (20 in. OD x .812 in.), Seamless APIX42 (18 in. OD x 1.781 in.), Seamless APIX42 (18 in. OD x 1.156 in.), Seamless APIX42 (18 in. OD x .938 in.), and Seamless APIX42 (16.5 in. OD x 1 in.).<br /> Read More

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DuroMaxx® SRPE Receives FDOT Approval

April 10, 2015

100-Year Pipe Applications Contech Engineered Solutions LLC (Contech) recently received approval from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for 100-Year pipe applications of steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE). DuroMaxx® SRPE represents a revolution in pipe construction that was pioneered internationally and recognized by Contech Engineered Solutions as combining the strength... Read More

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Sutor Technology Group Limited Received New Steel Pipe Export Order for Saudi Arabia

March 27, 2015

CHANGSHU, China - Sutor Technology Group Limited (the "Company" or "Sutor") (Nasdaq: SUTR), one of the leading China-based manufacturers and service providers for fine finished steel products used by a variety of downstream applications, announced that on March 19, 2015 its subsidiary, Ningbo Zhehua Heavy Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd ("Ningbo Zhehua"), entered into a new contract to supply... Read More

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Ultra-Slim Heat Pipes use water as working fluid.

February 16, 2015

Available in copper or aluminum, Ultra-Slim Heat Pipes use water as working fluid, continually alternating between evaporation and condensation. Constant cycling of water is caused by high-capillary mesh wick inside, which allows for cooling capacities from 5&ndash;35 W. With minimum achievable thickness of 0.6 mm, bendable heat pipes are suitable for LED modules, tablet PCs, mobile phones, and other electronic devices that require cooling within extreme space limitations. Read More

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Visible Competence for Large Diameter Pipe Extrusion Lines

January 15, 2015

High product quality with extrusion lines from battenfeld-cincinnati appreciated worldwide battenfeld-cincinnati has successfully installed more than 100 PO and PVC pipe extrusion lines for diameters from 800 mm upwards so far - convincing evidence of market leadership in the area of large diameter pipe extrusion lines. Thanks to its many years of experience in the production of extruders... Read More

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Aquatherm Offers Extensive Custom Prefabrication Service

November 21, 2014

The polypropylene-random pipe company's prefab services have been saving on labor time and making installations easier for over a year. Lindon, UT – Aquatherm North America, which celebrates 10 years of successful sales of its polypropylene piping systems in North America next year, officially opened a custom prefabrication operation at its Lindon, UT headquarters. As the marketing... Read More

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Patent Awarded to AdvantaPure®'s AdvantaPass(TM) Clean Room Wall Pass-Through System

November 20, 2014

System Ensures Room Isolation During Fluid Transfer Southampton, Pa. — AdvantaPure announces that U.S. patent 8,870,230 has been assigned to its AdvantaPass wall pass-through technology. Introduced earlier this year, AdvantaPass is used to transfer large volumes of fluids between clean rooms during pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. The system maintains the separation of room... Read More

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Chemical and Gas Processing Pipe Supplier, Tioga, Delivers Mission-Critical Equipment for Major Petrochemical Expansion

November 3, 2014

One of the Largest Petrochemical Plants Along the Gulf Coast Works with Tioga for Mission-Critical Chemical Processing Equipment Needs. Channelview, TX – An increase of 550 million pounds of ethylene a year is just one of the many objectives in a huge petrochemical expansion project—and making that happen is just one of many services for the experts at Tioga. The 3,900-acre... Read More