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Polypropylene Piping System withstands harsh conditions.

July 17, 2015

Made from beta crystalline PPR Polypropylene in multi-layering manufacturing process with fiberglass center, NIRON PP-RCT Pipe and Fitting System can be installed in place of copper and steel in commercial, institutional, and industrial environments. High purity options are available for non-toxic applications, such as food and beer production. Tested lifespan is 100–150 years, and installers are offered 4 fusion methods that do not require traditional arc welding. Read More

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Seamless Heavy-Wall Pipe comes in several ODs and lengths.

May 12, 2015

API line pipe products include exotic heavy X42 grade in several size variations. Specific models include Seamless APIX42 (20 in. OD x .812 in.), Seamless APIX42 (18 in. OD x 1.781 in.), Seamless APIX42 (18 in. OD x 1.156 in.), Seamless APIX42 (18 in. OD x .938 in.), and Seamless APIX42 (16.5 in. OD x 1 in.).
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Ultra-Slim Heat Pipes use water as working fluid.

February 16, 2015

Available in copper or aluminum, Ultra-Slim Heat Pipes use water as working fluid, continually alternating between evaporation and condensation. Constant cycling of water is caused by high-capillary mesh wick inside, which allows for cooling capacities from 5–35 W. With minimum achievable thickness of 0.6 mm, bendable heat pipes are suitable for LED modules, tablet PCs, mobile phones, and other electronic devices that require cooling within extreme space limitations. Read More

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Pipes and Connectors enable custom workstation fabrication.

October 22, 2014

Made of aluminum alloy with anodized surfaces, ALUX structural system consists of pipes and connectors that allow companies to build, by themselves, such modular solutions as racks, carts, flowracks, and workstations. This corrosion-resistant, 28 mm tubular system is conductive (ESD) and affords adjustability. Read More

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Polyethylene Piping System withstands harsh applications.

September 29, 2014

Offered in sizes from 2–36 in. IPS, SDR11 and SDR17 with metric sizes from 20–250 mm, ecoFIT Industrial Polyethylene Piping System features chemical, abrasion, UV, and weather resistance as well as high impact strength, even at low temperatures. ecoFIT is available in complete range of components including valves and connections, and is installed with fusion joining technology. Operating from -58 to 140°F, system is suited for harsh industrial applications, from process cooling to waste handling. Read More

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Round and Flat Profile Heat Pipes help cool hot components.

July 24, 2014

Used for transporting power dissipation away from hot electronic components, ATS copper heat pipes are available in 33 round and flat profile versions. Products transfer component heat to heat sinks with minimal temperature difference while also distributing heat efficiently across length of heat spreaders. Shaped by hand or machine to meet application needs, all heat pipes can be friction fit, clamped, soldered, or adhesively attached and are effective in temperatures from 30–120°C.
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PP-R Piping System offers PP-R to copper sweated connections.

June 6, 2014

Used in PHVAC applications, polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping systems feature straight, threadless transition from PP-R pipe to copper sweated connections. This facilitates fitting out installations entirely in PP-R. While PP-R portion of stub-out is mold-injected PP-R and connected via heat fusion, copper portion is connected using copper solder joints or compression fittings. Straight Aquatherm-to-copper stub-outs come in ½, ¾, and 1 in. dia and respective lengths of 11, 11, and 18 in. Read More

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Piping Systems feature PEX compression adapter.

June 4, 2014

Used in variety of PHVAC applications, Polypropylene-Random Piping Systems feature PEX compression adapter made of PP-R and lead-free brass. Adapter allows installers to transition between Aquatherm and PEX in potable water and radiant systems. Manufactured to ASTM F1960 standard and available in ½, ¾, and 1 in. diameters, adapter has male-end design that enables installers to fuse directly into fusion outlets. Street connection can be welded directly into Aquatherm fitting. Read More

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Pipe Handling System aids horizontal/directional drilling.

May 16, 2014

Utilizing wireless remote controller operation and vacuum-lifting technology, HDD Pipe Handling System tilts and places drill stem at angles from 0° and 30° without using ropes or slings. Weight lets one worker lift drill stem and transfer pipe into drilling rig, while 360° hydraulic rotator gives operators complete control over drill stem and allows for precise placement of pipe joints. System handles single joints of steel pipe from 3–18 in. dia with lift capacities from 1,700–5,400 lb. Read More

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Multi-Layer Pipe Dies permit throughputs from 350-1,200 kg/h.

October 3, 2013

Respectively suitable for 32–200 mm and 110–400 mm pipe diameters, spider 200-3 and spider 400-3 deliver flexibility for processing foamed compounds or compounds with filler content as well as compounds with high proportion of regrind. Flow paths and tooling design optimize layer thickness distribution, while entire bandwidth of materials can be processed without any problems or need for adaptation due to middle layer distributor. Modular design enables conversion into 2-layer pipe die. Read More

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Frac-Sand Transport Solution extends trailer piping systems life.

April 30, 2013

Polyurethane piping system replaces metal pipes which run along bottom of triple-hopper dry bulk trailers that transport abrasive fracking sand (frac-sand). Designed to withstand wear caused by frac-sand, polyurethane piping system consequently exhibits extended service life for extraction of material from 3-part rig. Read More

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Flexible Line Pipe comes in 8 in. version.

February 4, 2013

Featuring pressure rating up to 1,500 psi, 8 in. diameter FlexSteel Pipe is designed with helically wound core for failure-free performance. Steel-reinforced spoolable solution, developed with corrosion-resistant technology, performs under grueling cyclic loading environments. It can be installed in all types of terrain with minimal disruption to land and does not require special bedding or handling. Swaged fittings enable connections that are insensitive to cleanliness or ambient temperature. Read More

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PE Double Wall Piping System provides safe, long-term service.

January 9, 2013

Made of stress crack-resistant PE resin, Chem Prolok™ is certified to NSF/ANSI 61-G as safe for drinking water and will safely convey liquid chemical with pH range from 1–14. Thermoplastic double wall piping system, available in pipe and fitting sizes from 1 x 3 in. to 12 x 16 in., is UV resistant and suitable for above and in-ground applications. Joined primarily using simultaneous butt fusion, chemical-resistant system helps meet EPA requirements for underground chemical transfer. Read More

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Smelt Spout System promotes steam conservation.

September 7, 2012

Suited for new construction or as retrofit for existing recovery boilers, Metso Smelt Spout System consists of smelt spout, upper/lower micro hoods, hood showers, and ShatterMax(TM) dual shatter jet. Insertable and water-cooled smelt spout's tip projects inside furnace, minimizing wear on tube openings as well as smelt leak risk. Each ShatterMax(TM) dual shatter jet nozzle is rated for less than 400 lb/hr flow with 160 lb steam, and adjustable shatter jet brackets enable accurate positioning. Read More

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Double Containment Vinyl Piping offers simple installation.

May 11, 2012

Meeting demands for pressure-rated double containment system for transporting hazardous liquids, Double-See(TM) has 3D thermal expansion compensation feature as well as closure coupling design that allows conformance to ASME B31.3 test inspection requirements. Versatile options, assembled and tested fittings, and pipe cut-length guidance system simplify installation. Primary and secondary pipes, available in PVC and CPVC, are cut to same length and can be joined simultaneously. Read More

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Pipeline Monitoring System helps protect against corrosion.

March 23, 2012

In addition to delivering information, Computer Automated Test Station can receive and execute commands, allowing user to reprogram and clear existing alarms remotely, and run diagnostic tests without visiting site. System works with Rectifier Monitor, which measures and reports voltage and current being directly applied to steel pipeline by rectifier, and Pipe-to-Soil Monitor, which measures and reports actual voltage at specific protected points along pipeline to pinpoint vulnerable areas. Read More

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Corrugated Pipe is made of recycled PE material.

January 16, 2012

Combining design attributes of Eagle Corr PE and eco-friendly benefits of recycled polyethylene (PE), Eagle Green PE is available with dual or single wall in 12-24 in., dia. Dual-crown corrugated exterior lends to pipe stiffness values, while hydraulically smooth interior promotes efficiency. In addition to featuring flexible conduit design, product supports H-25 live loads with minimum cover of 1 ft while allowing for cover heights of 100 ft. Read More

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Polyethylene Piping System handles harsh liquid chemicals.

October 3, 2011

Made from PE100-RC resin, Chem Proline® pipe and fittings resist slow crack growth and offer alternative to metal, fiberglass reinforced plastic, and lined steel pipe. System features pH capability from 1-14 with pressures to 150 psi and temperatures to 140°F. Available in pipe sizes up to 4 in. and in single- or double-wall configurations, Chem Proline® PE100-RC has design life expectancy up to 50 years, uses no glues, is UV-resistant, and features minimal threaded connections. Read More

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Stainless Steel Pipe offers option for ProPress® system.

September 14, 2011

Designed for use with ProPress® stainless system, ECO-Pipe offers corrosion-resistant solution for general utility applications such as compressed air and chilled water lines. Thin-walled 304 stainless steel pipe comes in range of sizes from ½-4 in. and lengths of 20 ft. Consisting of pipe, valves, and fittings, ProPress system uses flameless technology to make water-tight and gas-tight pipe connections in less than 7 seconds. Read More

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Fire Sprinkler Connector enables fast, clean installations.

July 28, 2011

RASCOFLEX flexible connection system aids fire sprinkler installation by eliminating cutting, welding, and threading, which minimizes debris and need for oil/grease. UL-Listed and LPCB-approved, complete wet-pipe system positions sprinkler in center of ceiling tile at correct height. Typical installation is completed in 10-15 min, and system can be moved or adapted when required. Components include corrugated stainless steel flexible pipe with nipple, reducer, bar, and brackets. Read More