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Welding Nozzle protects weld zone and laser beam delivery optics.

August 24, 2015

Enhancing laser welding abilities of 3- to 7-axis 795, 430 BD, and 430 Vera laser processing systems, SmartShield™ lens and nozzle assemblies protect against excessive oxidation in weld area. High-velocity gas barrier prevents metal sparks from weld zone contaminating protective lens cover slide, and cross-jet does not contaminate or otherwise interfere with welding shield gas. Focusing lens/shield gas assemblies can be changed to vary focused spot size or from welding to cutting or drilling. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Internal Mix Spray Nozzles coat, cool, treat, and paint.

June 25, 2015

With liquid flows up to 303 gph, 1/2 NPT Internal Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles atomize fluids in range of spray patterns, including narrow angle round, wide angle round, and flat fan. Units combine liquid and compressed air inside of air cap to produce fine mist that can be adjusted to meet needs of application. Constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance, nozzles can coat, cool, treat, and paint variety of products using compressed air and liquids with viscosity of up to 300 cP. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Back Blow Air Nozzle cleans inside diameters.

June 12, 2015

Designed to fit inside openings as small as 7/8 in., Model 1006SS 1/4 NPT Air Nozzle features array of holes that provide 360° airflow to blow debris and liquids from pipe or hose inside diameters, channels, bores, holes, and internal threads. Unit is constructed of type 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and is effective on diameters up to 4 in. Operating at sound level of 80 dBA, CE compliant nozzle meets OSHA noise requirement 29 CFR 1910.95(a). Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Air Nozzle suits cooling, drying, and blow-off applications.

April 24, 2015

Made of tough ABS material and rated at 150°F, Airwisk™ Nozzle produces quiet, concentrated flat-fan pattern of air. High-impact air is discharged through recessed orifices with pinpoint accuracy. Nozzle is designed with several mounting holes to ensure accurate alignment and can be mounted individually or side by side for maximum coverage. With ¼ in. thread size, nozzle’s capacity ranges from 9.5 scfm at 20 psi to 32.1 scfm at 100 psi. Read More

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Mini Tank-Mixing Eductors utilize venturi design.

April 16, 2015

Available with orifice diameters from 0.59–1.18 in., Mini Tank-Mixing Eductor Spray Nozzles enable small pumps to circulate large volumes of tank solution. Color-coded units are constructed of polypropylene and PVDF and can circulate 4–5 times inlet flow. Nozzle flow ranges from 0.31 gpm with circulation rate of 1.9 gpm at 10 psi to 2.9 gpm flow rate with 10.7 circulation rate at 50 psi. Applications include tanks used for plating, cleaning, phosphating, sludge, paint, and anodizing. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Atomizing Spray Nozzles positively stop liquid flow.

February 12, 2015

Requiring no liquid pressure, No Drip Siphon Fed Atomizing Spray Nozzles can be used with gravity fed liquids or lift liquids from siphon height up to 36 in. Nozzles positively seal off flow when compressed air supply is shut off, eliminating possibility of drips. Suitable for liquids with viscosity up to 200 cp, nozzles are available in round and flat fan patterns, and are designed for non-pressurized liquid applications that do not require independent air and liquid control. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Replacement Nozzles enable accurate chip placement.

February 9, 2015

Available for Panasonic NPM machines with high-speed and multi-functional placement heads, Replacement Nozzles offer high-productivity alternative to OEM nozzles. Most standard nozzles are available in variety of materials, such as high strength plastic, tool steel, and ceramic. Nozzles utilize same style reflectors as OEM with special hard coating to provide waterproofing, prevent scratches, and maximize tool life. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Multi-Tip Hot Runner Nozzles will not cause tubular core bending.

December 30, 2014

Designed for axial injection of small tubular parts, Thermoplay® DN5/3 Series provides balanced filling that prevents flow lines and reduces risk of core pin bending caused by high injection pressures. Nozzles can also be used for direct lengthwise injection on walls of parts and feature symmetrically arranged tips that can be 3.2 mm (min) away from each other. Other multi-tip nozzles, DL-Syringe Series, are designed for edge gating and are suited for small parts or confined mold systems.
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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Tank Washing Nozzles deliver flow rates down to 4.45 gpm.

December 16, 2014

HydroWhirl Poseidon® rotating tank cleaning nozzles, with flow rates from 4.45–26.3 gpm, are designed to fit through openings as small as 2 in. while maintaining slow, controlled rotation speed. While complete 360° omnidirectional coverage increases impact and cleaning efficacy, slow-spinning spray and extended spray dwell time on target surface increase impact. Fluid-driven and lubricated nozzles are constructed of FDA-approved, corrosion-resistant PTFE material. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Single Needle Valve Gate Nozzle offers all-in-one construction.

December 2, 2014

Designed for use with nozzles of TechniShot Z33/… series, ready-to-install SNV-06/-12 feature hydraulic or pneumatic drive, melt detection, and flanged-on nozzle. Needle diameters of 2–6 mm and needle strokes of 8–12 mm minimize pressure losses, while melt guidance enables results achieved with single-cavity mould to be directly transposed to multi-cavity applications. With optimized temperature distribution, heating concept allows application versatility for engineering plastics. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Air Nozzle Swivel Fittings facilitate precision blow off.

November 6, 2014

Available in 3 sizes, Type 316 Stainless Steel Mini Swivel Fittings facilitate position adjustment of any 316SS or PEEK thermoplastic mini Super Air Nozzles. These 1/8 MNPT Mini Swivel Fittings provide smallest nozzles 50° total angle of adjustment for maximum effectiveness and also works with M4x0.5 Atto Super Air Nozzle, M5x0.5 Pico Super Air Nozzle, and M6x0.75 Nano Super Air Nozzle. Use lends to precise, focused blowoff for applications in tight spaces or requiring minimal compressed air. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Drip-Free Atomizing Nozzles positively stop liquid flow.

October 10, 2014

In addition to mixing liquid and air internally and producing fine atomization of liquids up to 300 centipoise, No Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles positively stop liquid flow when compressed air is shut off. This prevents unwanted drips that can ruin product function on sealing/mating surfaces and appearance of painted/coated finishes. Available patterns include narrow angle round, wide angle round, flat fan, deflected flat fan, and 360° hollow circular. Read More

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Hand Held Shower Systems are EPA WaterSense certified.

September 16, 2014

Available in chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze, 3-setting Hand Held Shower Systems have flow rate of 2.0 gpm at 80 psi. Units come with 24 in. metal slide bar, 72 in. flexible stainless steel hose, and wall-mounted brass drop ell with vacuum breaker. Systems meet or exceed ANSI/ASME A112.18.1M/A112.18.1 and IAPMO/cUPC. Read More

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Spray Nozzle efficiently and safely cleans grout.

September 15, 2014

Accelerating effective use and healthy operation, KaiGrouter attaches to existing Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® system wands to blast dirt from grout areas. Treated areas are left clean and contaminant free without requiring any scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Combination of rotary nozzle and extraction capabilities optimizes grout cleaning capability.
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Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Stainless Steel Flat Air Nozzle produces high force, low noise.

September 12, 2014

Consuming 17.5 scfm of air at 80 psig, 1 in. High Power Stainless Steel Flat Super Air Nozzle™ produces flat, 1 in. wide airstream with blowing force of 16 oz when mounted 12 in. from target. Integrated technology maximizes entrained airflow while reducing noise (82 dBA), and Type 316 stainless steel construction withstands corrosive, high-temperature, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical environments. Force and flow may be adjusted by installing different shim thicknesses. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Hydro Excavation Nozzles come in linear and rotating versions.

September 5, 2014

Offering impingement and stream quality that helps operators accelerate digging process and conserve water, Switchblade™ Linear and Ripsaw™ Rotating Nozzles operate at up to 3,200 psi and are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments. These heavy-duty, high-impact nozzles feature non-conductive urethane coating on body that extends nozzle life while protecting safety of user and sensitive underground utilities. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Mechanical Nozzle is designed to prevent front end drooling.

September 5, 2014

Able to fit on any molding machine, Drool Eliminator-II helps conserve material while minimizing downtime and cleanup. Mechanical product, measuring 2 ½ dia x 6 in. long, is compatible with any type of material used for conventional molding or structural foam processes. Design employs heavy-load, high heat spring to prevent front end drooling and features 1 ¾–8 in. male thread and 7/8–14 in. female thread; male thread can be modified to any size required. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Spray Nozzles come in various styles and configurations.

August 29, 2014

Offered in T-Tip and atomizing configurations, air-actuated universal-mount nozzle assemblies feature mounting system that lets one nozzle be removed for quick-disconnect maintenance/replacement in multi-nozzle line. Atomizing nozzles mix air and liquid supplied at line pressures to 125 psi, and choice of round, wide angle round, and flat spray patterns are available. Low-flow rate/flat fan nozzles of FV Series produce flat, fan-shaped pattern with angles from 15° to 110°. Strainer is optional. Read More

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High-Powered Spray Nozzle cleans grout.

August 11, 2014

Designed to attach to existing Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® system wands, KaiGrouter blasts dirt from grout areas, leaving them clean and contaminant-free. Unit offers unique combination of rotary nozzle and extraction capabilities, eliminating need for tile and grout cleaning equipment or scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

PEEK Air Nozzle ensures precise, non-marring blowoff.

August 7, 2014

Designed to replace existing nozzles or open pipes, Model 1109-PEEK Pico Super Air Nozzle produces narrowly focused air pattern. Amplification of airflow and blowing force of 5.0 oz are achieved with air consumption of 4.9 scfm at 80 psig. While overall length of 0.63 in. and diameter of 0.20 in. permits installation in tight spaces, PEEK thermoplastic construction provides self-lubricating qualities with low coefficient of friction to produce non-marring protection for sensitive materials. Read More