Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

High-Pressure Jack Hose suits non-impulse applications.

January 29, 2015

Manufactured with abrasion-resistant PIRTEKTOR cover, Model PJK-04 features static working pressure of 10,000 psi. Due to its application and in line with industry standard, hose has 2:1 safety factor. Hose assembly is specifically for use in non-impulse applications such as hydraulic jacks used with petroleum-based fluids within temperature range of -40 to +120°F. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Medium-Weight Hose comes in small diameters up to 100 ft long.

January 15, 2015

Flex-Tube PU is medium-weight, clear, co-extruded thermoplastic ether-based polyurethane hose with rigid yellow external ABS helix, while Flex-Tube PV is medium-weight, clear, co-extruded PVC hose with rigid black PVC helix. Both feature smooth interiors for efficient airflow and come in 1, 1¼, 1½, and 2 in. dia sizes up to 100 ft long. With helix acting as wear strip, crush-resistant hoses can be supplied in OEM colors with plain ends or screw cuffs. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Durable, Flexible, Thermoplastic Hose withstands 10,000 psi max.

January 5, 2015

Offered in 14 designs, ReinFlex Thermoplastic Hose can be used on assembly lines and in-field maintenance/repair. Multi-layer construction has up to 3 layers of reinforcing materials, and most hoses can offer 4:1 safety factor on burst pressure. With IDs from 3/32–1 in., products offer choices for transmitting all types of liquids and gases as well as flexibility and flex fatigue resistance. Portion of hose can be offered in non-conductive design. Various fitting options are also available. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Push-On Hose and Couplings negate need for tools during assembly.

January 5, 2015

Intended for low-pressure applications, Push-On Hose and Push-Loc Hose Couplings facilitate and accelerate insertion of Push-On fittings into hose for tight fit without requiring use of any special crimping tools. Push-On hose, which varies in diameter and comes in 250 and 700 ft length reels, maintains tight grip under constant pressure up to 250P psi for leak-free operation. Precision machined of corrosion-resistant brass, Push-Loc Hose Couplings come in 22 types and various sizes. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Insulated Blower Hose transfers heat to people and processes.

December 11, 2014

Providing R4 insulation value, Flexaust® Arctic Duct U Insulated Blower Hose features 1 in. fiberglass insulation barrier that is protected by 2 single-ply fabric polyester plies and reinforced with spring steel wire helix and external PVC coated wearstrip. Hose operates from -40 to 250°F and has 5:1 compression ratio for storage. Manufactured from flame-retardant materials, hose comes in 4–20 in. ID sizes with plain sewn cuffs or optional belted cuffs. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment, Cleaning Products & Equipment

Vacuum Pick-Up Kits are suited for general maintenance, cleanup.

November 20, 2014

For wet or dry vacuum applications, Flexaust® Commercial MRO General Pick-Up Accessory Kit comprises flexible polyethylene copolymer, 1.5 in. x 15 ft Flx Plus Hose reinforced with integral polyethylene helix; 1.5 in. swivel cuff; 2.25 in. adapter; 4 in. utility tool; and 1.5 x 11 in. crevice tool. When ESD is of concern, Flexaust® Industrial MRO General Pick-Up Accessory Kit includes same accessories but features StatPath® Plus Conductive Hose with 103–105 Ω/square surface resistivity. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Static Dissipative Hose suits severe service applications.

October 21, 2014

Constructed of bendable heavy-wall polyurethane with embedded copper grounding wire, FlexStat® 60 Static Dissipative Hose is suited for loading/unloading trucks and railcars, grain-vac, and other severe service applications where safety is critical. Flexible, ESD-safe hose is tear- and crush-resistant with smooth interior to minimize friction. Featuring 0.060 in. thick transparent wall and rigid external ABS helix wear strip, hose operates from -40 to 200°F and comes in 4–8 in. ID sizes. Read More

Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings meet ISO 18752 specification.

October 7, 2014

Comprising 5 hydraulic hoses and 2 fittings, GlobalCore Series is designed to meet most common working pressures in industry—3,000 to 6,000 psi in sizes 4–32 in. Hoses are compatible with Parkrimp family of crimpers and feature no-skive, abrasion-resistant covers, minimizing downtime and extending intervals between replacements. Read More