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Tester offers non-destructive filter cartridge testing.

June 19, 2007

Providing through-pore analysis of filter cartridges with various geometries, Automated Filter Cartridge Tester measures bubble point, pore size distribution, mean pore size, and filter integrity, as well as gas, liquid, and Frazier permeability. Sample chamber design permits testing of cartridges ranging from several inches to several feet. Applications include automotive, pharmaceutical, pollution control, nonwovens, sintered metal, and water purification. Read More

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On-Line Measuring Cabinet is suited for filter cartridges.

May 28, 2004

Designed for on-line continuous measurement of filter cartridge efficiency, particle counting cabinet is based on testing method that allows efficiency and retention capacity of filter to be assessed continuously. Dual flowmeters record actual flows through each sensor, while computer records and processes all data and displays number of particles before and after filter. Computer also displays instant filtration efficiency or ratio. Read More

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