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Two Becoming One

February 1, 2010

The City of Beaver Dam (Wis.) water and wastewater utilities are pulling closer together, in part thanks to a dewatering system that now handles lime slurry from the water treatment plant but will eventually handle wastewater biosolids, too. In July 2008, a 1.7-meter skid-mounted belt filter press from Bright Technologies went to work at the wastewater treatment plant, dewatering lime slurry... Read More

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PF-101 Hand-Held Press

September 30, 2008

The PF-101 is a hot-pressing device used for joining Habasit belts. This press can accommodate belts up to 100mm in width and 6mm in thickness. This press is mainly designed for finger joining, or Flexproof, and maximum finger length is 120mm. Skived joints, or Thermofix, and Quickmelt joining is also possible with this press. The press features precise individual temperature control of both... Read More

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Filter Press provides effective dewatering.

September 9, 2002

Overhead Filter Press separates solids from liquids, producing dry cake and clear filtrate using combination of feed pressure, filter plates and cloths. It is offered in 1000 m² to 2000 m² with operating pressures to 450 psi. Controlled tracking allows pressure to be distributed evenly throughout all plates. Press offers plate shifters outside of potential spill area, and optional automatic... Read More