Refrigerative Compressed Air Dryers

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Compact Refrigerant Dryers deliver 600-1,200 cfm air flow.

August 3, 2015

Equipped with latent heat thermal mass heat exchanger system, SECTOEC TF Series offers high thermal storage capacity, stable pressure dew points, and minimal material stress during operation. Compact design makes it possible to reduce pressure loss across dryer to 0.15 bar. Designed to use less than 87 W/m³ of air to be dried per minute, dryers incorporate microprocessor-based SIGMA Control SMART, which controls thermal storage process via color display and language-neutral menu navigation. Read More

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Refrigerated Dryers have modular, high-capacity design.

July 16, 2013

Intended for large compressed air systems, water-cooled TK-TM series utilize digital scroll refrigeration technology to conserve energy. Air-side isolation valves, cooling water control valve, and cooling water isolation valves on each module allow independent service without disrupting system air flow. Service panels on top, front, and back facilitate maintenance, and flow capacities can vary from 1,250–12,500 scfm as based on combinations of 2,500 and 1,250 scfm modules. Read More

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Refrigeration-Compressed Air Dryer prevents condensation.

December 3, 2010

Supplied in metal housing with electronic level controlled condensate drain and dew point indicator, Buran dryers refrigerate compressed air to consequently prevent condensation and corrosion damage. Aluminum heat exchanger includes functions for air to air heat exchanger, refrigerants to air heat exchanger, and water separator. Suited for industrial areas where compressed air is used to run plant, systems offer control panel for at-a-glance monitoring of operating status. Read More

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Refrigeration Dryers provide 90 m³/min flow capacity.

October 20, 2010

Characterized by low pressure differential, TG and TI Series can be equipped for air or water cooling of refrigerant condenser. Control system combines refrigerant compressor with variable volume compression chamber, compressed air temperature sensors, and PLC. To save energy, consumption is directly proportional to airflow through dryer and sinks during time of reduced demand. Copper heat exchanger and condensate separator ensure that discharged air meets quality requirements of ISO 8573-1. Read More

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Compressed Air Dryers provide backup drying capability.

October 3, 2003

MultiPlex(TM) HSFM refrigerated dryers include multiple, fully integrated, independent air treatment modules. Configuration enables uninterrupted air treatment, and products include multiple cycling refrigeration systems and digital controllers that provide redundancy. Incorporating CFX® Exchanger Technology, models are available with water- or air-cooled refrigeration condensers in capacities from 4,000-19,200 scfm. Read More

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Refrigerated Air Dryers filter compressed air.

June 6, 2002

Magnum SC and CT Series remove water and water vapor from compressed air. CT has multi-stage separator-coalescing filter installed after chiller to remove oil, water, and particulate contaminants. Both have Smart Cycle® demand control system and control center with flow schematics and digital telemetry for remote analysis of dryer performance. Dryers are available in 10 models from 2,500 to 18,000 scfm. Both can be built for flow rates up to 50,000 scfm. Read More

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Refrigerated Dryers are enviromentally friendly.

March 14, 2002

Refrigerated Dryers, with capacities from 1000 to 3000 scfm, have working pressures of 200 psig (max). Smooth surface, tube-in-tube, copper heat exchangers resist fouling, and provide heat transfer. All units use R-404a refrigerant, and contain no CFC's. Filtered separator equipped with Filter Monitor is standard on all models. Units also include Demand Manager(TM) microprocessor control system, and electronic demand drain. Read More

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Refrigerated Dryers watch dewpoint to save energy.

March 12, 2002

EMD Plus Series avoids dew point fluctuations, thus providing dry, compressed air at lower energy cost. Controller signals compressor to stop when there is drop in compressed air temperature due to low flow conditions. Under such conditions, system retains ability to respond immediately to load increases. Models are available for flows of 40 through 25,000 scfm. All have digital dew-point readout and electric drain with panel-mounted controls. Read More

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Refrigerated Air Dryer has small footprint.

December 5, 2001

RHT Series dedicated high inlet temperature (up to 180°F) refrigerated air dryer features integrated separator/filter. Its design provides filtration of solid particulates to 3 microns, oil aerosols to 5 ppm, and gives 50°F pressure dew point for dry air. Using up to 30 HP reciprocating compressors, dryer is suitable for confined installations and light industrial facilities. Read More

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