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Clufix Launches Third Generation Assembly Process Fastener

January 14, 2014

CLUSES, France,  -- Ground-breaking Leankeasy [ http://www.leankeasy.com single step blind rivet bolt comprises screw and nut, results in dramatic cost savings Clufix [ http://www.clufix.com , which designs, develops and produces fixing and assembly solutions for sheet metal and plastic parts, has launched a new... Read More

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RoHS-Compliant Rivet Nuts help resolve alignment issues.

May 16, 2012

Facilitating accurate attachment of components in off center applications, RIV-FLOAT®-SHORT rivet nuts allow manufacturers to account for tolerance stack up and resolve alignment issues during product assembly. Knurls increase spin out resistance in soft materials, and design allows installation from front side of work piece. Fastening technology is designed for post installation in applications where cage nuts, clinch nuts, floating nut plates, or weld nuts are typically used. Read More

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Richco, Inc. Releases HSR-2

April 5, 2012

MORTON GROVE, IL - Richco, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its new heat sink rivet, the HSR-2. Pushed into the application by hand, the HSR-2 fastens the heat sink to a processor chip and PCB. The spring maintains constant uniform pressure to ensure reliable thermal contact. Driving a screwdriver into the cross on the top of the HSR-2 can ease installation in tight areas. The HSR-2 is... Read More

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Steel Rivets counter deformation and stress fractures.

April 5, 2012

Offered in 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16 in. diameters, Grip Tite® Rivets come in range of steel bodies and steel mandrels with domed and large flange head configurations. Units have extended secondary side footprint for high-strength applications, with shear strengths from 326-696 lb, depending on rivet diameter, and tensile strengths from 382-764 lb. With anti-rattle properties, rivets are appropriate for fastening thick to thin material stack-ups and composite-to-metal material combinations. Read More

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Blind Rivet securely fastens soft or brittle materials.

January 31, 2012

Characterized by wide grip range, POP® LS Rivet is designed to set in tri-fold configuration, which separates into 3 legged sections to ensure secure joint. Mandrel head is contained within rivet body, eliminating rattling joints. Set creates large secondary head formation that will evenly distribute load, which is key in preventing material damage, pull-through, or rivet failure. Read More

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Plastic Blind Rivets are non-conductive and non-corrosive.

August 17, 2010

Available to fit hole sizes ranging from 0.156-0.260 in. and metric hole sizes of 4-6.6 mm, Blind Rivets are used to fasten plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, and plastic to fiberglass. They feature molded black impact modified nylon 6/6 body and black acetal pin, and 3-leg design that securely locks panels in place and prevents pullout. Offering insertion from either side of assembly, all 14 models can handle grip ranges of .028-.413 in. and metric grip ranges from 7-10.5 mm. Read More

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Double Locking Rivets target heavy-duty applications.

April 14, 2010

Orlock(TM) rivets feature double locking system and high shear and tensile strengths to accommodate heavy-duty structural applications. They provide water/vibration resistance to joints and offer large blind side bearing area that spreads clamp load over large area. Suitable for thin, brittle, and soft sheet materials, units have grip ranges up to 39.5 mm and support various head types, including P, L, X, and K. Optional decorative caps are available. Read More

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Steel Pull-Thru Rivets can surface flush on both sides.

September 14, 2009

With no loose mandrel heads present in final assembly, 3 mm steel counter-sunk rivets suit electronics applications. Manufactured to ISO, QS, and TS requirements, they can handle applications with no protrusion as well as those requiring installation from either side of application. RoHS and DFAR compliant units have been color coded for quick visual identification on production floor. Read More

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Snap Rivets feature countersunk design.

April 13, 2009

Designed for flush surfaces, RoHS-compliant SRCS Series substitutes normal countersunk screws and bolts and is installed by hand. Tamper-resistant design allows access from back of panel only, while locking feature holds pin flush in body after installation. Read More

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Extensive New Line of Industrial Pneumatic Tools Announced

January 6, 2009

Products for Fastening, Cutting, Finishing and Tool Storage<4444>CLEVELAND, OH- December 12, 2008- ASG Industrial (asg-jergens.com/asgindustrial), a division of Jergens, Inc., has announced an extensive air tool program for a wide range of industrial applications. The products include CE-certified industrial pneumatic tools for fastening, cutting, finishing and tool storage.<4444>Among... Read More

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High Strength Structural Rivets resist rattle and vibration.

January 2, 2009

POP® brand HS (High Strength) blind rivets provide positive mandrel head retention and maximized rattle and vibration resistance. Offering consistent clamp force, high-strength rivets also accommodate oversized holes and are compliant with ISO, QS, TS, and RoHS. Product line is available in range of ¼ in. dia domed head steel and aluminum materials. Read More

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Plastic Rivet blends into food industry applications.

December 30, 2008

Colored blue and made of FDA-accepted material, Alligator® Plastic Rivet fasteners are available to match conveyor belts used in food industry applications from -20 to +180°F. Non-magnetic product can be mechanically applied with portable installation tool, is non-scratching, and provides quiet splice as it operates over conveyor components. Removable hinge pin facilitates belt cleaning and installation with minimal dismantling. Read More

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Stainless Steel Rivet Nut features cold formed construction.

December 8, 2008

With design that promotes thread strength, Dejond TUBTARA® 304 Stainless Steel M10 fully cold formed rivet nuts come in 4 different types. Available sizes include SPO (Flat Head, Round Shank, Open End), SPX (Flat Head, Round Shank, Closed End), SFO (Countersunk Head, Round Shank, Open End), and SKO (Low Profile Head, Round Shank, Open End). Read More

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Rivet Nut features internally floating threads.

September 12, 2008

Facilitating attachment of components in off center applications, RIV-FLOAT(TM) can accommodate for tolerance stack up in manufacturing process. Floating nut with .020 in. radial float aligns to drive angle of screw and eliminates cross threading and spin out. Product is suited for post installation in applications where cage nuts, clinch nuts, floating nut plates, or weld nuts are typically used. Read More

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Chicago Rivet & Machine Co., Announces Recent Enhancements Made To Many Of Its Machines In The Chicago Rivet Product Line

August 13, 2008

Chicago Rivet & Machine Co., a leading manufacturer of rivets and specialty cold formed parts, as well as automatic rivet setting equipment and automated assembly systems, announces recent enhancements made to many of its machines in the Chicago Rivet product line. These new engineered features include: <4444>

  • A needle bearing flywheel which reduces maintenance costs.
  • A new hopper... Read More

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    New POP NUT(TM) Blind Rivet Nuts and Tools Give Customers Additional Options for Installing Threads in Thin Wall Applications.

    May 3, 2007

    The world leader in blind rivet technology has expanded its product line to include blind rivet nuts and a new line of tools featuring unique ergonomic designs and SmartSet® process monitoring technology.<4444>(Shelton, Connecticut) Emhart Teknologies has announced the launch of a new product line: POP NUT steel blind rivet nuts and installation systems. Designed specifically for providing... Read More

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    Ark-Plas® Products, Inc. Releases Screw Cover / Quick Bind Catalog, Over 100 Standard Colors

    January 25, 2007

    Flippin, AR, Jan 10, 2007-Ark-Plas® Products, Inc. released their Decorative Screw Cover and Quick Bind Hardware catalog. The Screw Cover product line includes 10 styles in a variety of sizes, available in 120 standard colors. Custom color matching is also available in-house. The Quick Bind product line features Post and Screw binders from 3/16" length to 2" length in a variety of head... Read More

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    Blind Rivet Fastener offers extended grip range.

    October 26, 2006

    Available in 3/16 and ¼ in. sizes, HuckLok(TM) offers ¼ in. grip range, allowing it to join assemblies from 1/8-7/8 in. thick. After maximum clamp has been achieved from minimum to maximum grip, shear ring breaks free from pin and settles into appropriate catch groove. High-shear, structural steel HuckLok features double-locking design, installs within seconds, and is suited for use with variety of air-actuated tooling. Read More

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    RoHS-Compliant Rivet replaces up to 3 different sizes.

    July 5, 2006

    Suited for applications where same rivet body size is specified but multiple grip ranges are required, POP® Steel Multi-Grip(TM) Rivets automatically adjust grip range during setting to accommodate range of variation in material thicknesses. Elliptical impressions in rivet body ensure consistent compression of rivet body during setting, and rivet body expands to completely fill irregular or oversized holes. Products come in 1/8-3/16 in. dia in domed head and large flange configurations. Read More

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    Releasable Snap Rivet is installed/removed without tools.

    April 14, 2006

    Suited for applications where secured components may need to be removed, RRR Series comes in 2 sizes to accommodate panel thicknesses from .059-.217 in. and works in round holes as well as non-rotating square holes. RoHS-compliant product is manufactured of black nylon material. For installation, users place rivet in hole and press head; legs of rivet expand to firmly lock components into place. Design allows for removal of pin and rivet by pulling on side tabs. Read More