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Passive Harmonic Filters operate at 99% efficiency.

June 24, 2016

Available in NEMA 1 and 3R enclosures, ECOsine® FN3415 Filters benefit electrical systems by limiting amplitude of current harmonics, minimizing losses, and maximizing efficiency. Devices are installed at typical 3-phase voltage of 480 Vac (±10%) or 600 Vac (±10%) at 60 Hz (±1 Hz). TDD and THDI performance at full, light, and no-load conditions is ≤5%, while THDv ratings are ≤3%. Filters are suited for virtually any kind of power electronics with front end 6-pulse rectifiers. Read More

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B&D Technologies Adds IMO Automation as a New Vendor

June 16, 2016

This partnership expands BD Technologies’ solar product offering and provides customers with access to a leading global innovator. Macon, GA – B&D Technologies has partnered with IMO Automation to bring solar and automation controls to its product line offering. IMO Automation is at the forefront of control component technology specifically developed for the renewable energy market. Its... Read More

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SMT Thick Film Chip Attenuator has balanced pi filter schematic.

June 16, 2016

In resistor array package, CZB replaces 3 or more discrete devices to reduce board space requirements and simplify manufacturing process in telecom/mobile wireless products. Delivering tolerance matching and temperature tracking to maximize performance in signal attenuation applications, product provides 1.0–10.0 dB attenuation with down to ± 0.3 dB attenuation tolerance. Attenuator features max power dissipation of 0.075 W at +70°C, frequency range to 3 GHz, and impedance of 50 and 75 Ω. Read More

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Future Electronics Promotes Schurter's Compact Single-Phase Filters

June 15, 2016

Pointe Claire, Quebec - Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components founded in 1968 by Robert Miller, recently announced immediate shipping availability of Schurter's compact single-phase filters, offering design flexibility for a wide current range. Schurter's compact, high performance single-phase filter family, FMAB NEO, offers 3 different levels of... Read More

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High-Density Signal Conditioners supports Bluetooth configuration.

June 9, 2016

Offering up to 0.05% accuracy, microBlox™ uB isolated signal conditioning modules safely interface voltage, current, temperature, frequency, and other field signals with ±5 V or 0–5 Vdc output to host measurement and control systems. Modules also include those with fixed ranges or wireless configuration via Bluetooth® on Android®/iOS® mobile device. Other features include 1,500 Vac peak (350 Vdc continuous) channel-to-channel and field-to-host isolation and 130 dB noise rejection. Read More

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Signal Conditioner measures voltage difference over sum.

June 3, 2016

Able to measure secondary voltage difference over sum (Va-Vb)/(Va+Vb), LVC-4500 Ratiometric Signal Conditioner supports ratiometric AC LVDTs and RVDTS with constant sum of secondary voltages. Standalone unit is suited for use with LVDTS in extreme conditions that have high temperature variations and require cable runs in excess of 100 ft. LVC-4500 provides voltage, current, and digital RS-485 outputs that can be used for different requirements or based on user preferences. Read More

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X-Band MPAC-Beamforming Device covers 8-12 GHz range.

May 26, 2016

Designed for X-band radar applications, UltraCMOS® PE19601 integrates 6-bit digital step attenuator, 10-bit digital phase shifter, RX/TX switching, and digital serial interface on 2.6 x 4.65 mm bare wirebond monolithic die. Monolithic phase and amplitude controller (MPAC) solution, consuming 0.001 mA, offers >40 dBm IIP3 linearity, 50 dB isolation, 17 dBm power handling. Device covers 31.5 dB attenuation range in 0.5 dB step with RMS amplitude error of 0.2 dB.<br /> Read More

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AC Motor Output Filters increase service life, reliability.

May 19, 2016

To increase service life and system reliability, FN5060 dv/dt filters protect AC motors from destructive effects of peak voltages and inrush amps. Design does not employ capacitors or resistors, which facilitates installation. Reducing high-output dv/dt from IGBT motor drives and eliminating over-voltages caused by line reflections on motor cables, products offer typical dv/dt reduction by factor of 8&ndash;12. Filters suit loads up to 760 Vac, 30&ndash;1,200 A, and motors up to 60 Hz. Read More

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Custom RF Filters enhance military/commercial system performance.

May 16, 2016

Custom quick-turn RF filters meet demands of military and commercial systems/sub-systems. Options include frequencies spanning HF to 20 GHz, 3 dB bandwidths from 0.1% to 28%, and up to 50 W power handling. Along with Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass, and Bandstop (Notch) filter shapes, products are available in standard Cavity, Lumped Element, and Distributed (Stripline or Microstrip) filter topologies. Other topologies are available, and quotes are produced within 24 hr of form submittal. Read More

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New Programmable Attenuators, Signal Generators, and Switches on Display at IMS Booth #523

May 9, 2016

Newburyport, MA – Vaunix Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of USB controlled and powered test equipment, will be debuting two new test application solutions at the 2016 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in San Francisco, the LDA-203 and the LMS-802DX. The LDA-203 is a new digital attenuator with an operating frequency of 1 to 20 GHz. It features a 0 to 63 dB attenuation range and... Read More

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Receiver-Demodulator supports IPTV and broadcast distribution.

April 12, 2016

Equipped with GUI and front panel controls, Model TLV400E-8VSB demodulates all on-air terrestrial 8VSB frequencies and decodes both H.264 and MPEG-2 video formats to IP, HD-SDI, or analog output at 45 Mbps. Video inputs can be 8/16 VSB, DVB-ASI, IP, and SMPTE 310M. Video outputs include DVB-ASI, SMPTE 310M, SDI or HD-SDI, analog component (YPbPr or RGB), composite (NTSC or PAL), or IP. Audio support is via embedded audio or via L/R 5 channel XLR connectors. Read More

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Programmable Attenuators cover frequencies up to 40 GHz.

March 31, 2016

With attenuation range up to 60 dB and 0.03 dB minimum step size, Digitally Controlled Programmable Attenuators adjust amplitude of signal levels in RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave systems. Devices have integrated TTL driver logic control bit circuitry that ranges from 5&ndash;10 binary bits, depending on model. Enclosed in environmentally sealed metal packages with epoxy paint finish and either stainless steel SMA or 2.92 mm connectors, attenuators operate from -50 to +85°C. Read More

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Digital Hybrid DC/DC Controllers support PMBus(TM).

March 29, 2016

Providing point-of-load conversion for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and processors, Model ISL68200 with integrated MOSFET drivers and Model ISL68201 with PWM output simplify power supply designs for data center equipment. ISL68200 can drive external MOSFETs directly, while ISL68201 is paired with DrMOS power stage to create complete voltage regulator solution. Both leverage R4 modulation technology, which provides compensation free control loop that eliminates external compensation resistors and capacitors. Read More

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Programmable, Digital Attenuator has 1-20 GHz operating range.

March 24, 2016

Powered and controlled by connection to PC or self-powered USB hub, LDA-203 has 1&ndash;20 GHz operating frequency, 0&ndash;63 dB attenuation range, and 0.5 dB step size resolution. Unit is also programmable for fixed attenuation or swept attenuation ramps directly from included graphical user interface (GUI) software. While programmable for ATE applications, attenuator can also be used in WiMAX, 3G, 4G, LTE, DVB Fading Simulators, as well as engineering and production test labs. Read More

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CEL and THine Electronics Announce a Partnership for Advanced Video Transmission and Signal Processing Solutions

March 22, 2016

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and TOKYO - California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) and THine Electronics, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange/JASDAQ: 6769) today announced a partnership for introducing THine's advanced video transmission and image signal processing solutions to customers in the Americas. THine's products usher in new generation capabilities for consumer and mobile devices as well as... Read More

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Active Harmonic Filters improve power quality.

March 15, 2016

Comprised of scalable, 3- and 4-wire active harmonic filter modules/systems, Power Balance & Kxxx Series meet IEEE-519 and Mil-Std-1399 with respective values of 5% TDD and <3% THDi. Communication connections include Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethercat, and ModBus, and functions include resonance frequency detection and automatic protection; trace waveform display/capture (filter current, load current, grid current, and voltage); and NEMA-rated, air and liquid cooling options. Read More

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Digital Step Attenuators target broadband and CATV markets.

March 7, 2016

Supplied in 4 x 4 mm 20-TQFN and 5 x 5 mm 32-QFN packages, respectively, 75 &Omega; Models F1975 and F1977 include Glitch-Free&trade; technology, which ensures low overshoot and ringing during MSB transitions. Devices feature frequency range of 5&ndash;3,000 MHz, max operating power up to 28 dBm, return loss of 18 dB, and max step error of 0.1 dB at 1 GHz. DSAs provide gain control in CMTS, fiber distribution networks, HFC distribution nodes, and data network equipment. Read More

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ICP Signal Conditioner (4-Channel) offers application flexibility.

March 7, 2016

Model 482C24 is suited for use with ICP® force and pressure sensors that have extended discharge time constants allowing temporary measurements down to 0 Hz. Along with DC coupling selectable on per-channel basis, product offers auto-zero function that automatically negates DC bias. Along with clamped output feature (when AC coupled), conditioner offers front panel keypad and display, incremental gain from x0.1&ndash;x200, TEDS support, and RS-232 port for computer control. Read More

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DVIGear's DisplayNet(TM) Wins Best of Show Award at ISE 2016

March 3, 2016

Revolutionary AV Signal Distribution Platform Recognized by Industry Magazine MARIETTA, Ga. – DVIGear, a leading manufacturer of digital connectivity products, recently won an ISE 2016 Best of Show Award from NewBay Media's AV Technology Magazine for its AV-Over-10GbE signal distribution platform DisplayNet™. DisplayNet™: AV Connectivity - Redefined DisplayNet™ is an entirely... Read More

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Transportable Radar Upgrade retrofits solid-state technology.

February 26, 2016

PowerMod&trade; AN-TPS-70 Family Radar Transmitter Upgrade Kits provide complete solid-state modulator to replace thyratron, trigger amplifier, regulator, pulse forming networks (PFN), pulse transformer, SF6 tank, and oil tank used in AN-TPS-43, 70, and 75 series air surveillance radar. Featuring pulse agility from 0&ndash;8 µsec, kits replicate original transmitter functions and provide >50,000 hr life expectancy. Upgrading retains existing interfaces and enables future interface expansion. Read More