Patch Cord Connectors

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Patch Cords suit RJ45 network equipment interfaces.

August 17, 2007

Featuring standards-recognized TERA interface on one end and RJ45-style MC plug on other, 10 Gbps capable hybrid TERA to RJ patch cords allow users to install high-performance category 7A/class FA copper cabling infrastructure. Units are compatible with both T568A and T568B wiring schemes, and meet FCC68.500 and IEC 60603-7 specifications. Utilizing category 7A stranded cable, patch cords meet/exceed all 10GBASE-T standard requirements including all alien crosstalk parameters. Read More

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Patch Cord has latching plug and slim boot design.

June 22, 2004

Capable of 10 G transmission, BladePatch features RH45 plug with latching design that eliminates need to depress external latch; it is activated by boot in push-pull fashion. Plug locks into position when it is pushed into outlet or patch panel, and unlatches for removal when boot is pulled back. Used with high-density blade servers in data centers and server farms, product provides slimmer boot design that allows tight side-stackability. Read More

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Connectivity System provides Category 5e technology.

August 5, 2002

Clarity5E(TM) offers center-tuned connector unions for transparency within cabling system. All components have synchronized design for heightened installed performance. Clarity5E components include TracJack(TM) Modules, Series II Modules, Patch Cords with Paralign(TM) 2 plug technology, and modular Patch Panels. Read More

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