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AS-Interface Accessories fit within small spaces.

April 26, 2012

Following AS-Interface specification 3.0, G10 AS-Interface Accessories include IP69K washdown-rated splitters and network terminator. One model provides flat cable connection for both AS-Interface and auxiliary power, and includes two M12 round cable connections, enabling 2 devices to be split off from one accessory. In addition to gold-plated piercing contacts, accessories have mounting holes in base, plastic cover with visible wiring instruction, and pass-through auxiliary flat cable tray. Read More

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SCSI Bus Terminators meet SCSI-1 to SPI-4 standards.

January 7, 2005

Available in 9-, 14-, and 15-line models, multi-mode Series SiP56xx is built on high-voltage, 0.8 micron BiCMOS process. Each output channel provides termination for one SCSI data signal, parity signal, or control signal. Termination provides impedance matching of SCSI bus to minimize signal reflections from end of bus, as well as required SCSI bus biasing for S/E or LVD operation. Units sense operational state of SCSI bus and automatically switch to S/E or LVD operation. Read More

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Terminators offer internal and external configurations.

March 30, 2004

SCSI Series Terminators with internal configuration utilize SCSI connectors. Ultra 320 units are available as both IDC type and socket type, both utilizing TI/Unitrode chipset. External LVD/SE terminators are Ultra 320 SCSI compliant, and like internal terminators, support active negation. Housed in overmold shell with 2-56 threaded slotted thumbscrews, they include full EMI shielding and LED indicator light. Read More

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Terminator and Cable System is suited for U320 SCSI systems.

February 20, 2003

LVD Terminator and Internal Cable System matches impedances of bus to help insure that bus terminates in stable environment. Terminator supports LVD SCSI drivers. Active chips on terminator pcb detect type of SCSI drivers present on bus via voltage on DIFFENS SCSI control line. Circuitry includes 2.7-5.25 V operation, differential failsafe bias, built-in SPI-3 Mode ChangeFilter/Delay, and tightly controlled impedance and capacitance for single lines. Read More

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