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Hard Surfacing Electrode suits high temperature applications.

January 8, 2016

Available in 6 diameters from .045–1/8 in., SelectWear 60HC can be utilized in hot wear applications up to 1,100°F. Metal-to-earth wear welding wire is designed to deposit alloy composed of high-density of primary chromium carbides in iron matrix. Offering deposit with high abrasion and moderate impact resistances that relieves itself by cross cracking, electrode is suited for grinding/pulverizing rolls and table segments, wear plates, clad pipe, and dredge pipe shells. Read More

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Submerged Arc Electrode is resistant to corrosion.

November 5, 2015

Available in 3/32, 7/64, and 1/8 in.dia, SelectWear 410NiMo-S hardsurfacing martensitic stainless steel wire produces tough, abrasion-resistant deposit that exhibits resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue. This tubular submerged arc welding electrode is suited for use in such hardsurfacing applications as pinch rolls, caster rolls, and idler rolls. Read More

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Sensors aid college-level chemistry investigation.

October 29, 2015

With 600 nm filter, software, and downloadable experiments, tabletop Vernier Flash Photolysis Spectrometer is used to demonstrate fundamental principles of chemical kinetics and photochemistry during experiments. Pressure Sensor 400, used to conduct physical and analytical chemistry experiments, measures absolute pressures from 0–400 kPa. Used to explore properties of conductivity, Platinum-Cell Conductivity Probe has 2-cell, glass-insulated platinum sensing element and epoxy body. Read More

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FCAW-G Electrode is designed for shipbuilding.

August 4, 2015

With minimal spatter and fume generation rates, UltraCore® HD Marine gas-shielded, flux-cored wire electrode enables flat bead shape when welding at high deposition rates in all positions. Consumable meets such shipbuilding standards as ABS, DNV, LR, and BV and comes in 15 lb spool package that facilitates handling and fosters mobility. Along with deposition rates up to 12 lb/hr out-of-position, features include arc stability with 100% CO2 shielding gas. Read More

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Corona Treatment System offers extended electrode life.

March 10, 2015

Designed to treat both conductive and non-conductive materials, VERSATreat™ is equipped with ceramic electrode featuring electrical and structural properties that maximize uptime, minimize electrode failure, and optimize treatment level. In addition, proprietary ceramic ground roll coating provides nearly 100% greater dielectric strength than competitor ceramic coatings. Read More

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Stainless Steel Electrode welds thin exhaust components.

March 4, 2015

Designed for automotive applications that use thin materials, Select FP 439Ti can weld aluminized or other coated components on ~0.8 mm material with no burn through. Metal cored ferritic stainless steel electrode provides stable spray arc over broad range of current and voltage settings with emphasis on low heat input. Available in .035, .045, and 1/16 in. diameters, Select FP 439Ti is suitable for welding manifolds, catalytic converters, and exhaust tubing. Read More

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Spatter-Free Electrode welds zinc galvanized, primer coated steel.

February 9, 2015

Available in .035, .045, and 1/16 in. dia, Select 70C-6 ZN consists of carbon steel, composite metal cored electrode that carries E70C-6M-H4 classification per AWS A5.18. Wire provides stable arc with fine spray transfer that produces spatter-free welds at travel speeds to 80 ipm with optimized sidewall fusion. Also, arc stability through both standard CV and pulse parameters enables welding over zinc galvanized and coated carbon steels. Read More

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Cutting Consumables work with non-Hypertherm systems.

October 23, 2014

Designed for use with ESAB PT-36 torches, Centricut Consumables replace ESAB XR consumables. Patented SilverLine electrode technology features hybrid copper/silver weld joint that delivers performance equal to solid silver electrode. By cutting operating temperature of electrode, CoolFlow nozzle technologies maximize hafnium pit depth and slow wear rate to extend electrode life. Read More

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Concrete pH Kit facilitates on-the-spot measurements.

August 5, 2014

With its flat surface electrode design, EXSTIK Concrete pH Kit accelerates and facilitates on-the-spot pH measurements on concrete. Components include 1M extension cable with weighted probe guard; flat surface concrete pH electrode; protective sensor cap; plastic bottle; batteries; plastic stand; sample cup with cap; neck strap, and carrying case. While able to simultaneously display pH and temperature with ATC, kit can also store 25 sequentially tagged readings for detecting changes.
Read More

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Stick Electrode resists moisture in humid conditions.

July 22, 2014

Consisting of mild-steel, low-hydrogen stick welding consumable, Millennium Arc™ 7018 is designed for applications in power generation, petrochemical, pressure vessels, and pressure piping. Product has no intentional addition of zinc in its composition, which minimizes zinc in welding fumes. Providing effortless slag removal, electrode delivers flat bead profile and clear weld puddle without slag interference. Read More

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July 7, 2014

CAMX Power Announces CAM-7.2(TM) - Its Breakthrough Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Material Read More

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Conductivity Sensor integrates into inline systems.

July 2, 2014

Suited for cooling tower monitoring and other processing environments, CS8000TC electrode has conductivity cell constant of k=1.0 ±10% for wide measurement range within its temperature/pressure of 60°C/100 psig. Temperature compensation is included with choice of 4 sensor types: 10K, 30K NTC, Pt100, and Pt1000 RTD. Keyed flange facilitates sensor orientation, detachable cable assembly negates need to pull cable through conduit, and sensors can be removed without tools for cleaning/calibration. Read More

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Replacement Electrodes, Holder can be used on multiple torches.

March 20, 2014

Extending electrode life, PT-36®, PT 19XL®, and PT600® replacement Silver-Pro electrodes combine copper body and solid silver insert. This improves conductivity of electricity and efficiently dissipates heat of plasma arc. Electrode holder 0558003924-Ur is compatible with PT-600® and PT-36® systems, while T-11210 electrode holder is compatible with PT-19XL® system. This allows same 450 A oxygen electrode, Silver Pro 0558003914-PrO, to be used with all 3 torches. Read More

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Replacement Electrodes feature silver insert.

February 28, 2014

Combining copper electrode body and solid silver insert, PT-36® Replacement Silver-Pro Electrodes deliver powerful plasma arc while minimizing downtime. Silver insert optimizes conductivity of electricity and dissipates heat of plasma arc more efficiently than standard copper electrodes, extending electrode life. With replacement electrode holder for PT-36® torch, replacement electrodes and OEM’s original electrodes can both be used. Read More

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Electrode Design Software supports batching and automation.

July 19, 2013

By combining Delcam PowerSHAPE CAD software, PowerMILL CAM system, and PowerINSPECT inspection software, Delcam Electrode provides integrated solution for designing, machining, and inspecting electrodes. Features include support for burn-vector (side-sparking) electrodes as well as automated machining of electrode frames, batch processing of multiple machining projects, and accelerted generation of electrode drawings. Read More

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In-Line pH/ORP Electrodes offer versatility via modularity.

June 13, 2013

With integral ¾ in. NPT threads compatible with any standard ¾ in. flow through Tee, S8075CD in-line pH electrode and S8075CD-ORP in-line oxidation reduction potential (ORP) electrode are designed for non-temperature compensated, in-line measurement. Flat surface sensor technology delivers accurate measurement over 0–14 pH range or -1,999 to 1,999 mV range for ORP. Temperature range is up to 100°C, and pressure rating is 0–100 psig. Modular platform allows custom system to be configured as needs change. Read More

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Metal Cored Electrode targets oil field applications.

April 8, 2013

Available in .045 a 1/16 in. diameters, Select 4130C is manufactured to match properties of certain quench and tempered steels following post-weld heat treatment. Nickel–chromium–molybdenum bearing wire contains less than 1% nickel in weld deposit and delivers smooth arc transfer with minimal splatter. Select 4130C is suitable for welding 4130, 4140, 8630, and similar alloy steels. Read More

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pH Sensor Electrodes feature mercury-free design.

July 16, 2012

Available in glass body or in virtually unbreakable, chemical-resistant thermoplastic, Calomel-Free pH and Reference Electrodes are suited for industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. Units feature Ag/AgCl-based double junction reference with silver ion trap that prevents contamination with silver-sensitive sample. Offered in sealed and refillable styles, electrodes operate up to 140°F with measurement range of 0-14 pH, isopotential point of pH 7.00 (0 mV), and ±0.20 pH offset. Read More

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Tungsten Electrodes offer optimized arc starts and stability.

February 13, 2012

Available in 7 in. lengths and 5 diameters of 0.040, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32 in., Tungsten Electrodes come in 2% lanthanated and zirconiated versions. Two percent lanthanated electrodes, providing substitute for 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes, offer minimized tip erosion. Zirconiated tungsten electrodes resist spitting in high current applications, minimizing opportunity for contamination. Units also ball up in AC applications, ensuring smooth arc. Read More

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Martensitic Electrodes weld 410 stainless steel.

November 11, 2011

Delivering flat, well washed beads with minimal weaving, Select 410-AP all position wire welds straight 410 SS while providing corrosion and oxidation resistance up to 1,200°F. Select 410NiMo, featuring nominal weld metal composition of 12% chromium, 4.5% nickel, 0.6% molybdenum, and max carbon content of 0.06%, delivers smooth stable arc with low spatter residue and well washed beads. Both gas-shielded, flux cored electrodes are available in .045 in. and 1/16 in. diameters. Read More