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Electronic Components & Devices -> Electronic Components -> Diodes -> Schottky Diodes

Schottky Diodes

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Silicon Power Schottky Diodes suit high-frequency applications.

Silicon Power Schottky Diodes suit high-frequency applications.

America Semiconductor, LLC    Union, NJ 07083
Jul 28, 2014 Optimized for low forward voltage drop with moderate leakage, SD51 silicon power Schottky diodes feature continuous forward current of 60 A and repetitive peak reverse voltage of 45 V. These DO-5 stud-mount parts are primarily used in output stage of switching power supply in high-reliability commercial and industrial applications. Characteristics also include non-repetitive peak surge current of 800 A, forward voltage of 0.66 V, and -65°C to 150°C operating range.

SiC Schottky Diodes serve high-power industrial applications.

Microsemi Corporation    Irvine, CA 92614
Oct 23, 2013 Silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes exhibit breakdown field strength and thermal conductivity that let designers create products with optimized performance characteristics: zero reverse recovery, temperature-independent behavior, high-voltage capability, and high-temperature operation. Diodes include APT10SCD65K (650V, 10A, TO-220 package), APT10SCD65KCT (650V, 10A, common cathode TO-220 package), APT20SCD65K (650V, 20A, TO-220 package), and APT30SCD65B (650V, 30A, TO-247 package).

Schottky Rectifiers  feature low forward voltage drop.

Schottky Rectifiers feature low forward voltage drop.

Vishay    Malvern, PA 19355
Aug 01, 2013 Optimized for use in commercial applications, TMBS® Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifiers include 12 additional models rated at 45, 60, and 100 V with current ratings from 6–20 A. Nine dual-chip and three single-chip units, available in surface-mount TO-252 package, feature low forward voltage drop down to 0.34 V at 3 A. Devices optimize efficiency in low-voltage, high-frequency DC/DC converters, switching power supplies, freewheeling diodes, and OR-ring diodes.

Flip-Chip Schottky supports solder reflow manufacturing process.

M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.    Lowell, MA 01851
May 29, 2013 Suited for single and double balanced mixers in PCN transceivers and radios, police radar detectors, and automotive radar detectors, MADS-001317-1500 consists of package-less Schottky device with contacts that allow for standard solder reflow manufacturing processes. Device is fabricated using GaAs process, which features full passivation, while degree of parasitic capacitance and inductance allow for operation up to 80 GHz. Cutoff frequency allows use through millimeter wave frequencies.

DLA-Qualified Schottky Diodes suit aerospace/defense applications.

DLA-Qualified Schottky Diodes suit aerospace/defense applications.

Microsemi Corporation    Irvine, CA 92614
Mar 14, 2013 Offered in Thinkey™ package that features ceramic and metal construction with no wire bonds, U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)-qualified Schottky diodes offer typical heat dissipation from 0.2 to 0.85°C/W and enable double-side cooling. Soft solder is not used in construction, and 15, 30, and 45 V ratings are available. Series includes 1N6910UTK2–1N6912UTK2 (25 A) and 1N6940UTK3–1N6942UTK3 (150 A), with anode to strap (AS) or cathode to strap (CS) polarity.

Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode is packaged as lead-less chip.

Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode is packaged as lead-less chip.

AVX Corp.    Raleigh, NC 27604
Nov 28, 2012 Featuring top-bottom symmetry that promotes heat transfer and current handling, Schottky barrier rectifier diodes  are available with current values from 0.1–8 A and voltages from 20–200 V for such applications as SMPS, high-frequency rectification, portable battery-powered devices, and reverse bias protection. Cases are composed of FRP substrates with epoxy underfill, and sizes include 0603, 0805, 1206, 2010, 2114, and 3220; standard and thin thicknesses are available.

SiC Schottky Diodes improve electrical power conversion.

Microsemi Corp.    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Nov 28, 2012 Targeting high-power, high-voltage, industrial applications, 1,200 V Schottky diodes are based on SiC material and technology. This increases breakdown field strength and thermal conductivity, attributes which let designers create devices with optimized characteristics encompassing zero reverse recovery, temperature independent behavior, and voltage capability. Offered in SMT backside solderable D(3), common cathode TO-247, and YO-247 packages, diodes come in 10, 20, and 30 A ratings.

RF Power Detector is suited for use in lab environments.

RF Power Detector is suited for use in lab environments.

Crystek Corp.    Fort Myers, FL 33913
Jun 27, 2011 Supplied in rugged SMA housing, CPDETLS-4000 is designed for RF power monitoring in general lab environments. This zero-bias Schottky diode, intended for use as large-signal (greater than -10 dBm) power detector has frequency range of 10 MHz to 4 GHz. Input signal is rated at +30 dBm max, and video capacitance is 100 pF. Respectively, operating and storage temperature ranges are -20 to +70°C and -40 to +85°C.

Silicon Carbide Power Schottky Diode is offered in 60 A version.

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.    Starkville, MS 39759
May 20, 2011 Model SDP60S120D, 1,200 V power Schottky diode delivers continuous forward current measured at Tc of 145°C. Operating in temperatures from -55 to +175°C, diode has Qc of 260 nC as well as positive temperature coefficient which helps to parallel multiple units and facilitates temperature-independent switching. Product exhibits zero reverse recovery current and zero forward recovery voltage. It is suited for solar inverters, motor drives, power factor correction, UPS, AMPS, and induction heating.

SiC Schottky Diode is rated for 5 A and 1,200 V.

Cree, Inc.    Durham, NC 27703
Mar 03, 2011 Housed in surface mount TO-252 D-Pak with approximate board mounted dimensions of 6.6 x 9.9 x 2.3 mm, Model C2D05120E enables design of solar power micro-inverters. Silicon carbide unit features zero reverse recovery current, zero forward recovery voltage, and temperature-independent switching behavior. With operating junction and storage temperature of -55 to +175°C, diode is also suited for switch mode power supplies, motor drives, and high-voltage multipliers.

Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes offer high-efficiency.

ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC    San Diego, CA 92121
Jul 16, 2010 Compact, general purpose SCS110A series Schottky barrier diodes feature reverse recovery time of 15 ns as well as forward voltage of 1.5 V at 10 A. Small reverse recovery charge enables high-speed switching and units also offer stable temperature characteristics, while reverse recovery time characteristics are independent of temperature. For mass production, products offer uniform Schottky contact barrier and high-resistance guard ring layer that does not require high-temperature processing.

SiC Schottky Diodes suit high-voltage power conversion uses.

Cree, Inc.    Durham, NC 27703
May 17, 2010 Z-Rec(TM) 1700-V Junction Barrier Schottky Diodes Series includes 10 and 25 A verions diodes in die form ready for integration into power modules ranging from 50-600 A. Silicon carbide material virtually eliminates diode switching losses, and energy-efficient units diodes are targeted at high-voltage power-conversion applications in motor-drive, wind-energy and traction systems.

Schottky Diodes offer optimized operating characteristics.

Schottky Diodes offer optimized operating characteristics.

Central Semiconductor Corp.    Hauppauge, NY 11788
Feb 03, 2010 Available in 4 device configurations, CMSSH-3E series feature standard max rated peak repetitive reverse voltage of 40 V and max rated continuous forward current of 200 mA. Other specifications include max forward voltage drop of 0.42 V and switching speed of 5 ns. Designed for portable handheld electronic products, series comes in SUPER miniT SOT-323 SMT case. Configurations include single; dual, common anode; dual, common cathode; and dual, in series.

Monolithic Power MOSFET features integrated Schottky diode.

Monolithic Power MOSFET features integrated Schottky diode.

Vishay    Malvern, PA 19355
Nov 09, 2009 Using TrenchFET Gen III silicon, SkyFET® Si462DY delivers max RDS(on) of 3 mW at 10 V gate drive and 3.8 mW at 4.5 V. Device optimizes power conversion efficiency at light loads for mains-powered servers and battery-operated notebooks. Integration of Schottky into MOSFET silicon chip eliminates parasitic inductances that would be present if they were mounted to PCB as individual components or if separate MOSFET and Schottky diode components were co-packaged.

Schottky Diodes offer 100 or 200 mA forward current ratings.

Schottky Diodes offer 100 or 200 mA forward current ratings.

ON Semiconductor, LLC    Phoenix, AZ 85008
Aug 27, 2009 Housed in 0201 DSN2 chip level package measuring 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3 mm, 30 V NSR0xF30NXT5G Series is optimized for low forward voltage drop of 370 mV at 10 mA, while NSR0xL30NXT5G Series is designed for low reverse current of 2.0 µA at 10 V reverse voltage. Solderable metal contacts under package enable 100% utilization of package area. Operating from -40 to +125°, RoHS-compliant devices are suited for mobile handsets, MP3 players, and digital cameras.

SiC JBS Power Diodes offer multiple rating/package options.

Cree, Inc.    Durham, NC 27703
Jul 15, 2009 Z-Rec(TM) 600 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes promote device power efficiency and surge current capability, allowing system power conversion applications from 250-1,500 W. Primarily used for boost diode applications in PFC circuits, diodes help reduce ac-dc power supply losses. Zero reverse-recovery current enables switch-mode power supplies to reach and exceed ENERGY STAR®, 80-plus certification levels.

Schottky Diode comes in compact SOD-923 package.

Central Semiconductor Corp.    Hauppauge, NY 11788
Apr 01, 2009 Supplied in 0.026 x 0.043 inch x 0.016 in. SOD-923 SMT package, CMAD6263 is 70 V, 15 mA Schottky diode with max VF of 410 mV @ 1.0 mA, typically measuring 395 mV. Reverse leakage current is typically 98 nA @ 50 V, with max limit of 200 nA; power dissipation rating is 100 mW; and operating range is -65 to +150°C. Suited for use in portable, hand-held, battery-powered products, solution can be used in applications such as DC/DC converter, voltage clamping, and protection circuits.

SiC Schottky Diodes increase efficiency by removing charge.

STMicroelectronics    Lexington, MA 02421
Feb 17, 2009 Suited for use in converters where every fractional efficiency percentage is valuable, STPSC806D and STPSC1006D silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes save energy normally lost during switching. Elimination of reverse recovery charge minimizes switching losses and heat dissipation while simultaneously optimizing efficiency and allowing use of smaller components. Both 8 A-rated STPSC806D and 10 A-rated STPSC1006D, suited for 600 V applications, come in TO-220AC package.

Transistors and Diodes suit space-constrained applications.

ON Semiconductor, LLC    Phoenix, AZ 85008
Sep 05, 2008 Offered in SOT-723, SOT-963, and SOT-1123 packages measuring 1.0 x 0.6 x 0.37 mm, general purpose and bias resistor transistors are lead- and halogen-free, and suitable for mobile handsets. NSR Schottky Diodes, supplied in SOD-923 package, are available up to 500 mA with reverse blocking voltage to 70 V. Housed in SOD-923 package measuring 1.0 x 0.6 x 0.4 mm, NZ9F Series Zener Diodes feature steady-state power dissipation of 200 mW and full zener breakdown voltage of 2.4-24 V.

Schottky Diodes have max junction temperature of +175°C.

Schottky Diodes have max junction temperature of +175°C.

Vishay    Malvern, PA 19355
Jul 30, 2008 Built on sub-micron trench technology, 30CTT045 and 60CPT045 are 45 V Schottky diodes that offer optimized VF versus IR trade-off for optimized system efficiency. Max forward voltage drop at +125°C is under 0.50 V typ @ 30 A for 2 x 30 A 60CPT045 and under 0.50 V typ @ 15 A for 2 x 15 A 30CTT045. Reverse leakage at +125°C is 5 and 2 mA, respectively, with tight parameter distribution. Stable breakdown voltage over 57 V typ accommodates voltage spikes and optimizes power density.

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