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Tantalum SMD Capacitors feature low DCL of 0.005 CV.

June 29, 2015

Available with 3 levels of next-generation statistical screening, TMJ S1gma™ Series is suited for high-end wireless applications in which extended battery life is paramount. Devices come in 6 case sizes spanning 1206–2924, with 7 rated voltages from 6.3–50 Vdc, and capacitance values from 0.22–680 µF. AEC-Q200 qualified upon request, series operates from -55 to +125°C and features capacitance tolerance of ±10%. Baseline part failure rate is < 0.5% per 1,000 hr at 85°C and rated voltage. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Ceramic Disc Capacitors increase reliability and conserve space.

June 29, 2015

With body diameters down to 7.5 mm and pulse strength up to 10 kV, VY1 Compact series conserves space while promoting reliability for Class X1 (760 Vac) and Y1 (500 Vac) applications in accordance with IEC 60384-14.3, third edition. Capacitors feature Y5U ceramic dielectrics and are available with vertical (inline) kinked leads or straight leads with spacing of 10 or 12.5 mm. Capacitance range is 470–4,700 pF, with tolerances of ±20%, from -40 to +125°C. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

High-Voltage MLCs serve automotive/power applications.

May 19, 2015

Comprised of multilayer ceramic (MLC) capacitors qualified to AEC-Q200 and rated for 1,000 Vdc, SV Series features C0G (NP0) Class I dielectric materials and radial leads. Capacitance values range from 1,000 pF to 0.015 µF, and available tolerances include J (±5%), K (±10%), and M (±20%). Conformally coated to eliminate arc flashover potential, products operate from -55 to +125°C and come in 3 case sizes with 5.08 mm thickness and 11.9 x 10.2 mm, 7.62 x 9.14 mm, and 10.2 x 11.7 mm footprints. Read More

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Thin Film Bar MOS Capacitor operates up to 100 V.

April 29, 2015

Available in 120 x 35 mil Case A or 240 x 35 mil Case B, Model BRCP is designed for high-power hybrid assemblies and SiC and GaN applications. Unit offers capacitance range of 5–100 pF, low TCC down to ±50 ppm/°C, and absolute tolerance down to ±5%. Operating from -55 to +150°C, capacitor is optimized for LC, RC, or LRC filters; RF choking; and DC blocking and impedance matching. For these applications, BRCP can accommodate 7 bonds for Case A and 15 bonds for Case B. Read More

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Engine Start Module targets industrial diesel equipment.

April 29, 2015

Suitable for cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, and off-road trucks, ultracapacitor-based 24 V Engine Start Module takes over engine cranking and starting function by remaining fully charged, even if battery voltage drops significantly. ULTRA 31/900/24V and ULTRA 31/1100/24V are available for starting diesel engines up to 12.5 L and 15.0 L, respectively. Performing normally over broad temperature range of -40 to +149°F, ultracapacitors operate in up to 1 million or more charge/discharge cycles. Read More

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Snap-In Power Aluminum Capacitors come in cases down to 20 x 25mm.

April 23, 2015

Supplied in cylindrical aluminum case with pressure relief valve, insulated with blue PET sleeve, miniaturized 256 PMG-SI series offer capacitance from 820–47,000 µF, operating range of -40 to +105°C, and useful life of 2,000 hr at +105°C. There are 17 case sizes ranging from 20 x 25 mm to 35 x 45 mm, voltages vary from 16–100 V, and ripple current is rated to 4.85 A. These polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte also feature ESR down to 14 mΩ. Read More

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TVS Arrays offer smartphone, Ethernet, and USB protection.

April 8, 2015

Housed in miniature DFN-2 package, GBLCxxCDN Series comprises 5 components with rated stand-off voltages from 5–24 V. Devices offer typical capacitance of 3 pF and are rated at 350 W peak pulse power per line for 8/20 ms wave shape. Also available in bidirectional configuration, transient voltage suppressor arrays protect one power or I/O port and offer ESD protection at >25 kV. RoHS-compliant products operate from -55 to 150°C and have flammability rating of UL 94V-0. Read More

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Solid Tantalum SMD Molded Chip Capacitors conserve PCB space.

April 3, 2015

While TMCJ and TMCP are respectively offered in J (1608-09) and P (2012-12) case sizes, TMCU comes in UA (3216-12) and UB (3528-12) package options. Each package conserves PCB space and offers profile that optimizes mounting on mezzanine cards. RoHS-compliant products offer capacitance values from 0.1–220 µF, with tolerances down to ±10%, over 2.5–25 Vdc range and operate from -55 to +125°C with voltage derating above +85°C. Lead (Pb)-free terminations are standard. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors offer capacitance up to 330 µF.

March 31, 2015

Measuring 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm, X5R/X6S EIA 1210 size AMK325ABJ337MM provides capacitance of 330 µF, while X5R EIA 1206 size AMK316BBJ157ML, measuring 3.2 x 1.6 x 1.6 mm, offers capacitance of 150 µF. Designed to replace electrolytic capacitors, devices are used in power supply circuits to smooth ripple current and minimize noise. MLCCs are suited for information-related devices such as PCs, servers, and all-in-one printers. Read More

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Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are rated to 550 Vdc.

March 26, 2015

Designed for high ripple current applications, ALC10 Series feature surge voltage capability and extended life performance. Electrolyte allows voltage capabilities up to 550 Vdc in board-mountable form factor. With operational life up to 18,000 hr accommodating reliability-focused industrial and commercial applications, these snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be used in frequency converters, UPS systems, and high-voltage switch mode power supplies. Read More

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Wet Tantalum Capacitor is approved to DLA 15005.

March 25, 2015

Featuring glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal, Model DLA 15005 is approved to Defense Logistics Agency drawing 15005. Electrolytic capacitor combines reverse voltage of 1.5 V at +85°C with optimized vibration capability and thermal shock of 300 cycles. Device operates from -55 to +85°C with current voltage of 75 V and capacitance of 1,000 µF. Offered in axial T4 case size, capacitor is optimized for timing, filtering, energy hold-up, and pulse power applications in space and avionics equipment. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

SMD MLCCs target automotive applications.

March 13, 2015

Available with C0G (NP0), X7R, and X8R dielectrics in 6 body sizes ranging from 0402–1812, Series VJ....31X operates up to +150°C. Devices with C0G (NP0) dielectric offer voltages to 3,000 Vdc with capacitance down to 1 pF, while  X7R and X8R devices provide higher capacitance to 1.0 µF and voltages to 1,000 Vdc. Qualified according to AEC-Q200 with PPAP available on request, RoHS-compliant capacitors are optimized for automotive powertrain, chassis, lighting, and comfort electronics. Read More

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Polypropylene Film Capacitors target UPS systems.

March 12, 2015

Available in round or oval oil-filled aluminum cases, Polypropylene Film Capacitors offer voltage ratings from 240–660 Vac and capacitances from 10–120 µf. Many ratings are available with discharge resistors and mounting studs. Capacitors are suitable for uninterruptible power supplies used in data centers, high-density power zones, buildings, and industrial processes. Read More

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Multilayered Polymer Capacitors operate up to 125°C.

March 10, 2015

Constructed using stacked metallized polyester, Type RA Capacitors offer capacitance values from 0.1–10.0 µF with voltage ratings of 100, 250, 400, and 500 Vdc. Units are impregnated with microcrystalline polymer sealant and exterior tape wrap that protects element from moisture and eliminates need for external case. Terminated with radial leads, capacitors cover broad range of applications where high-density capacitors are needed for board-level DC filtering. Read More

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AC Motor Run Capacitors accelerate install with locking terminals.

February 24, 2015

Supplied in rugged, flame-retardant case, QPC Series operates from -25 to +85°C and offers locking push-wire contacts that accelerate installation and eliminate soldering. Users push and lock wire in place, and removal is accomplished by sliding probe tip into release port. Removable slide-lock metal mounting bracket, which can be mounted first, also accelerates assembly. Multiple contacts eliminate need for terminal strips, and standard values include 0.4–10 µF, 250–450 Vac, 50/60Hz. Read More

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SMT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are offered in C0G dielectric.

February 16, 2015

KEMET C0G surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors carry ratings to 250 V and come in 0402 case size. Offering values up to 330 pF, these commercial- and automotive-grade products feature material that eliminates piezoelectric noise, offers minimal ESR and ESL, exhibits thermal stability, and does not produce any capacitance decay with time. Comprising commercial and automotive grades, series offers various termination finish options: matte tin, tin-lead, and gold. Read More

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Lithium Ion Capacitor Cells save space in energy systems.

February 13, 2015

Available in laminate and prismatic individual cells as well as multi-cell modules, ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors have unique, flat design that allows for compact stacking when used in series, making efficient use of space. Complimenting ULTIMO product line, Energy ActionSystem Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelf, Model 3312, works with several LiC modules in series to provide connection of up to 9 LiC modules along with associated protection, monitoring, and cell balancing circuitry. Read More

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Polymer-Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors carry 125°C rating.

January 13, 2015

Supplied in V-chip, SMT case, type HZC Hybrid Polymer-Aluminum electrolytic capacitors utilize liquid electrolyte and solid polymer. Capacitance ranges from 10–330 µF at voltage ratings from 25–63 Vdc, and ripple current values exceed 2,000 mA for larger chip sizes. When operated at rated temperature of 125°C and rated voltage at full ripple current rating, load life exceeds 4,000 hr. Areas of use include industrial power conversion, lighting control, and automotive applications. Read More

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Medium Power Film Capacitors are designed for AC filtering.

December 15, 2014

Encased in cylindrical aluminum can with fast-on or screw terminals, FLA Series features metallized polypropylene dielectric imbued with soft polyurethane (PU) resin. RoHS-compliant products, rated from -40 to +80°C, deliver single-phase performance while incorporating self-healing technology and internal overpressure disconnector device. Capacitors come in 9 case sizes spanning A–I, 8 voltages from 250–690 Vac, capacitance values from 10–600 µF, and capacitance tolerances of ±5% and ±10%.
Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

SMT Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors offer low ESR in low profile.

December 11, 2014

Supplied in J, P, A, B, and T case sizes, Polytech T55 series offers capacitance from 3.3–330 µF over 2.5–10 V range and capacitance tolerance of ±20% for computer, telecom, and industrial applications. These RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, molded chip capacitors, with ESR down to 30 mΩ at +25°C and 100 kHz, employ polymer cathodes and offer ripple current rating up to 1.78 A IRMS. Operation range is -55 to +105°C (voltage derating above +85°C), and terminations are lead (Pb) free. Read More