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Terminal Blocks feature push-in connection technology.

August 25, 2016

Occupying same amount of space as 2-position models, 4-position PT 2,5/S-QUATTRO Terminal Blocks allow for high wiring density without sacrificing space across DIN rail. Up to four 12 AWG conductors can be connected in one feed-through terminal block. Push-in connection technology enables quick, tool-free wiring of pre-assembled conductors. Multi-conductor terminal blocks also have double function shaft for potential distribution with plug-in bridges and large-surface marking options. Read More

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Terminal Strips comply with revised DIN Glow Wire Standard.

August 24, 2016

Constructed using polyamide material that provides flammability protection required to meet DIN 60335-1 standard, Europa screw-clamp connectors provide secure electrical connections mounted to flat surface. Products are available with 1–12 connections in 5 sizes: Type 4 (up to 20 A/600 V for 22–14 AWG); Type 6 (up to 20 A/600 V for 22–12 AWG); Type 10 (up to 40 A/600 V for 22–10 AWG); Type 16 (up to 65 A/600 V for 22–8 AWG); and Type 20 (up to 75 A/600 V for 22–4 AWG). Read More

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LED Canopy Lights feature 2.75 in. low-profile design.

August 23, 2016

Consuming 60–130 Watts, CNP Series replaces HID lights from 200–400 Watts while delivering outputs from 5,000–13,661 lumens, with color temperature of 5,000 K. DLC-listed lights are built with rugged, one-piece die-cast aluminum housing and UV-proof clear or frosted polycarbonate lens. IP65-rated for wet locations, lights come in wide input voltage range of 100–277 Vac and last up to 100,000 hours. Applications include gas stations, factory floors, warehouses, loading docks, and tunnels. Read More

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LED Post Top Lamps replace 125-175 W metal halide sources.

August 23, 2016

Designed for enclosed outdoor lighting fixtures with E39 socket, 30 and 50 Watt LED Post Top Lamps deliver outputs of 3,000 and 5,000 lm, respectively, with omnidirectional beam that creates even illumination. Units are available in 3,000 and 5,000 K color temperatures with maintenance-free lifetime of 50,000 hours. Suitable for use in both dry and damp locations with ambient temperatures from -20 to 140°F, lamps offer upgrade for parks, streets, campuses, airports, and retail centers. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices

New Yorker Electronics Now Showcasing New Line of 2016 Vishay Super 12 Power MOSFETs

August 22, 2016

Vishay Siliconix SiHH E-Series (SiHH26N60E, SiHH21N60E, SiHH14N60E, SiHH11N60E) Offers Space-Saving Alternatives to Conventional Solutions NORTHVALE, NEW JERSEY – New Yorker Electronics is now offering the Vishay 600V E Series power MOSFETs in the compact PowerPAK® 8x8 package. The construction of the PowerPAK® allows one of the source pins to be arranged as a dedicated Kelvin source... Read More

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Larson Electronics Teams Up with the "Fast and Furious 8" Production Crew

August 22, 2016

Larson Electronics has experienced significant expansion in to the film entertainment industry with their latest appearance in the new Universal action film, “Fast and Furious 8” starring Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Larson Electronics’ line of industrial grade lighting equipment has proven to be a popular choice among set designers and film production specialists due to their high... Read More

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DC Link Capacitor features ESL value of 25 nH.

August 22, 2016

Featuring 6 busbar terminals matched to fit HybridPACK™ 1-DC6 IGBT module from Infineon Technologies, EPCOS Model B25655P4607J021 has rated voltage of 450 Vdc, capacitance of 600 µF, and max ESR value of 0.6 mΩ. Current capability is 150 A at max ambient temperature of 105°C. Measuring 140 x 72 x 50 mm, component is designed using power capacitor chip technology in which capacitor element is constructed as stacked winding, with which volume fill factor of nearly 1 is achieved. Read More

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High-Voltage MOSFETs enable efficient, high-speed switching.

August 19, 2016

Targeting switching voltage regulator designs, N-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs are based on pi-MOS VIII (Pi-MOS-8) planar semiconductor process. Max leakage current is 10 µA, and gate threshold voltage range is 2.5–4.0 V. While 2.5 A TK3A90E and 4.5 A TK5A90E feature VDSS ratings of 900 V and respective RDS(ON) ratings of 3.7 and 2.5 Ω (typ), 4.0 A TK4A80E and 5.0A TK5A80E offer VDSS ratings of 800 V with typical RDS(ON) ratings of 2.8Ω and 1.9Ω, respectively. Read More

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Novatek Licenses CEVA-XM4 Imaging and Vision DSP for Embedded Visual Intelligence

August 18, 2016

Next-generation Novatek SoCs deploy CEVA’s latest vision processor for intelligent surveillance, drone anti-collision systems and automotive safety MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of signal processing IP for smarter, connected devices, today announced that Novatek Microelectronics, Taiwan’s 2nd largest fabless IC design house, has licensed and... Read More

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Tungsten Electrodes minimize risk to health.

August 17, 2016

Containing mix of non-radioactive rare earth elements, MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes have lower working temperature for extended life. Electrodes can be used for welding aluminum with AC process as well as steels and alloys with DC process. With most tungsten electrodes in use still containing radioactive and carcinogenic 2% thorium oxide, MultiStrikes® provide TIG and Plasma welders with safe alternative. Each packet comes with traceability number. Read More

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Buck-Boost Regulators have high-current, -efficiency designs.

August 17, 2016

Supplied in 20-bump, 2.15 x 1.74 mm WLCSP, ISL91127 and ISL91128 operate in buck, boost, or buck-boost mode and provide smooth transitions between each to prevent noise and glitches. Features include 4.5 A switches, up to 96% efficiency, 1.8–5.5 V input range, 1–5.2 V output range, and 30 µA quiescent current. Additionally, ISL91128 features I²C programmable dynamic output voltage adjustability. Footprint of both products suits low-voltage, battery-operated devices. Read More

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Customized Solutions from Zest Generator Sets Resolve Challenging Standby Power Supply Issues

August 16, 2016

Power outages have become increasingly frequent with a widespread knock on impact being experienced across industry. The ability to provide fit-for-purpose standby power solutions is the marque that has distinguished Zest WEG Group’s Generator Set Division. Standby power solutions can range from a single diesel driven generator set to a total standby power solution depending on the size of... Read More

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LED Replacement Lamp eliminates ballast compatibility issues.

August 15, 2016

Compatible with all fluorescent ballast brands and models, 4 ft Multi-ABC™ LED Direct Replacement Lamp works with multiple input sources such as T8 Electronic Instant Start, T8 Program Start Electronic, T12 Electronic, and T12 Magnetic ballasts. Installation just requires removing existing fluorescent lamp and inserting LED linear lamp. If ballast fails, LED lamp can operate using fluorescent ballast or optional 120-277 Vac LED remote driver. Read More

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Dymax BlueWave® MX-150(TM) features a LED touchscreen interface and a high-intensity LED emitter.

August 12, 2016

Designed to offer curing flexibility, and consistency, BlueWave® MX-150™ can be used as a bench-top unit or integrated into automated systems such as robotic arms. Available in 365, 385, or 405 nm wavelengths, the intensity of the LED emitter is not affected by long or bent lightguides, as compared to traditional spot-curing systems. Featuring activation options such as a foot pedal, a LCD touch screen, or PLC interface, the embedded LED chip in the emitter facilitate consistent curing. Read More

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Symphony Orchestra Makes the Switch to LEDtronics LED Lights

August 10, 2016

To a professional symphony orchestra, being able to clearly read their sheet music is the only way to put on a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Sheet music poorly lit by troublesome incandescent lighting simply won’t due; especially for the best of the best. The members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra had to deal with inefficient incandescent lights in their musician stand... Read More

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Digital-to-Analog Converter supports smartphone testing.

August 10, 2016

With audio to 6 GHz frequency coverage and 12 GSPS update rate, 16-bit Model AD9164 supports high-resolution radar images for designers of military and commercial radar, as well as fast and accurate testing for precision instrumentation, such as smartphone testers. On-chip direct digital synthesizer ensures phase-coherent fast frequency hopping of less than 300 ns for up to 32 frequencies. In addition, converter features 2x interpolator, which enables configurability for lower data rates. Read More

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One Stop Systems and Liqid Announce Unrivaled Performance in 3U FSA Platform

August 9, 2016

Up to 250 TB with Liqid OS and Kingston EP1000 NVMe SSDs EP1000 enables 4x greater performance than other PCIe SSDs Flash Memory Summit, Santa Clara Convention Center - August 9-11, 2016 - One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), the leader in PCI Express® (PCIe®) expansion technology, announces the results of stealth startup Liqid Inc.'s testing and validation of the OSS 3U Flash Storage Array... Read More

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SSD Controllers support standard NVMe host interface.

August 8, 2016

Providing up to 20 TB flash capacity using 256 Gb flash, Flashtec NVMe2032 and NVMe2016 enable enterprises and data centers to realize high performance solid state drives utilizing NAND technologies. Controllers integrate DDR4 DRAM, alleviating bottlenecks and maximizing throughput. Devices are optimized for 4 KB random read/write operations, performing all flash management operations on-chip. In addition, controllers can achieve up to 1 million random read IOPS. Read More

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High-Density, Low-Power PCIe Switch delivers high reliability.

August 5, 2016

Using hardware configuration as well as diagnostics and debug capabilities, Switchtec PFX enables PCIe solutions for data center, communications, defense, and industrial systems from scalable JBOFs (just a bunch of flash) to general-purpose applications. Switches with 24–96 lanes provide flexible port bifurcation (x2–x16 lanes/port), up to 48 ports and 48 Non-Transparent Bridges, and up to 24 switch partitions. Error containment and surprise plug and unplug support prevent system crashes. Read More

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Field-Installable PV Connector features IP68 rating.

August 4, 2016

Certified for UL 1500 Vdc system voltage, T4 Field-Installable PV Connector has IP68 rating for protection against water/humidity ingress. NEC-compliant locking mechanism secures against vandalism and against unplugging under load for maximum safety and protection. Supporting broad operating temperature of -40 to +90°C, connector can be used in very hot climates such as Middle East and Central America. Read More