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Nano One Receives $500,000 Installment for Phase 1 of Lithium Battery Materials Pilot Plant

August 5, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials Corp. (TSX-V:NNO) (FSE:LBMB), confirms that Nano One has successfully executed its Contribution Agreement with Sustainable Development Technology Canada (“SDTC”) for a $2.08 million technology commercialization grant and has received an initial installment of $488,944 for the first phase of its lithium battery materials... Read More

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Sonobond's Ultrasonic Battery Assembly Capabilities Scheduled for International Display

August 1, 2016

Increased Trade Show Participation Parallels Expected Spike in Demand for Innovative Energy Storage WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania – Sonobond’s ultrasonic battery assembly prowess will be featured at trade shows in China and Michigan this year.  The company’s participation in two events is indicative of growing worldwide interest in battery solutions for renewable energy storage, notes... Read More

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Flexible Electrical Conduit features liquid-tight design.

July 25, 2016

Featuring flexible inner core made from spiral-wound strip of heavy-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel, Type LA Conduit offers protection against wet, oily conditions, while Type ATLA is designed specifically for extreme hot or cold environments. Type SLA, featuring shielded design, is suitable for hazardous locations and wiring applications that require protection of sensitive electronic circuits. Non-metallic Type NM contains spiral of rigid PVC reinforcement embedded within PVC wall. Read More

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EcoStrip 9380 - Welcome to the Future of Entry Level Cut & Strip

July 21, 2016

At the 2015 productronica trade fair, Schleuniger debuted the new EcoStrip 9380, the company’s latest innovation in its cut and strip product family. This capable, entry level machine for professional demands once again confirms Schleuniger’s number one position in this market segment. "You don’t need to wear a dinner suit every day," Schleuniger’s Head of Marketing, Martin Engel,... Read More

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ESS to Showcase Low Cost Iron Flow Battery Ideal for Long Duration Energy Storage & Microgrid Applications at Intersolar

July 1, 2016

Company's simple iron chemistry delivers dramatically lower cost, higher performance, and longer operating life than other flow battery chemistries. PORTLAND, Ore., June 28, 2016 - Energy Storage Systems, Inc. (ESS), a leading manufacturer of safe, low cost, and long cycle-life flow batteries for long duration storage applications including microgrids and time-shifting renewable energy... Read More

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Carr Manufacturing Provides High Quality Cable Assembly Products for Aerospace and Military Industries

June 9, 2016

Summary: Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc., (CMC) is a leader in providing industrial and military cable assemblies and harnesses. CMC’s standard and custom cable harness and assembly offerings provide the necessary solutions to support a variety of aerospace and military electronic equipment. The success of CMC is due to the organization’s dedication to provide high quality and durable... Read More

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FSR+Connectrac Targets Pro AV & ICT Markets with Floor-based Cabling Solutions at InfoComm 2016 Show

June 7, 2016

InfoComm Booth C7730 Press Preview in the Booth: Wednesday, June 8, 2016 • 10:30AM Refreshments will be served. Click to RSVP New Partnership Leads Way for Wireways Line to Make InfoComm Debut Woodland Park, NJ  — Earlier this year, FSR, a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of infrastructure products for the audio/video, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT),... Read More

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InfoComm 2016: From Major Conferences to Road Warriors - Sennheiser Presents its Comprehensive Professional Conferencing Range

May 31, 2016

Las Vegas – Sennheiser [Booth C10908 will be participating at InfoComm 2016, the largest pro-AV industry event in the US, held from June 4-10 in Las Vegas. The audio specialist will be expanding its new wireless conferencing system, TeamConnect Wireless, with an alternative charging base being launched at InfoComm. TeamConnect Wireless delivers excellent sound quality and unmatched ease of... Read More

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Semi-Con Cable Scoring Tool safely performs spiral and ring cuts.

May 23, 2016

In addition to concealed blade that reduces risk of lacerations to user, P2095 and P2096 are designed to eliminate damage to sensitive portions of cable. Enclosed blade, which does not leave surface of semi-con layer at any point during cable scoring to ensure cut is not compromised, rotates clockwise around cable for spiral cut and counterclockwise for ring cut. While P2095 scores .73–1.25 semi-con diameter cable, P2096 scores 1.25–1.55 semi-con diameter cable. Read More

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Crimping Tool crimps 8 AWG - 1/0 AWG copper wire.

May 13, 2016

By ensuring crimping dies match with each rotation of dial, K05-SYNCRO minimizes poor wire connections caused by inaccurate crimping, reducing rework and troubleshooting. Handle design with slip guard creates secure grip throughout crimping process. Die size is indicated using color coding on dies and lug sizer indicator on dial. Dial feature allows for one-handed die change, rotating both dies simultaneously while providing accuracy in matching die set selection. Read More

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Electronics Enclosures are designed for indoor applications.

May 10, 2016

Unsealed (IP41) DATEC-COMPACT handheld enclosures enable effecting housing of electronics for OEM designers. Ergonomic units – enclosures, desk stations, and wall holders – can be specified with built-in contacts for charging three 1.5 V AAA or AA cells, and IP65 version with battery compartment enables SD cards and USB connectors to be housed within sealed area. Construction is ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0), and 3 sizes range from 5.35 x 2.91 x 1.26 in. to 8.11 x 4.33 x 1.85 in. Read More

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Casa Systems to Showcase Ultra Broadband Solutions Powering the Race to Multi-Gigabit Services at INTX

May 9, 2016

Demos of DOCSIS 3.1 US and DS, integrated CCAP and Distributed Access Architecture will highlight Casa's smart platform design; Chief Wireless Strategist to discuss impact of 5G as part of next-gen wireless panel ANDOVER, Mass. – Casa Systems, a worldwide leader in next-generation cable edge technology, today announced that it will be showcasing its award-winning, intelligent Converged... Read More

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SMT Coin Cell Contacts require minimal board space.

May 9, 2016

Manufactured from gold-plated stainless steel, SMT Coin Cell Contacts provide dependable connections in self-contained battery compartments. Units require minimal board space while allowing easy installation and removal of coin cell battery. Spring tension adjusts to cell height variations for connectivity of coin cells with diameters from 12 mm and larger and heights from 1.2–7.7 mm. Typical applications include small hand held controls, key fobs, personal medical devices, and digital timers. Read More

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Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine features Micro-Coax mode.

May 3, 2016

Able to process coaxial and micro-coaxial cables, ST730T utilizes touchscreen with graphics display that is designed for usability and aides in program setup. Illustration of cable exactly as programmed reduces setup time, while high-resolution electronics and precise construction promotes operational precision for stripping coaxial cables down to conductor diameter of AWG 38. In Micro-Coax mode, diameter resolution increases up to 0.00004 in. and gripper speed is reduced for smoother close. Read More

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Benchtop Stripping Machine requires no electricity.

April 20, 2016

Featuring fully pneumatic operation, UniStrip 2050 strips multi-conductor cables from 0.16–0.59 in. in diameter and wires from 10–2/0 AWG. Stripping length is adjusted by manually sliding cable stop forward or backward. After cable is inserted, stripping is activated via foot pedal. Machine includes 3 blade sets with 4 different radius blade sizes per set for total of 12 different blade sizes. Seven wire guide sizes are included to handle complete application range. Read More

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Wire Connector replaces up to 4 fixed-spring connectors.

April 15, 2016

Offered in bright orange to aid identification by electricians making connections, Twister® LT accommodates solid or stranded wire from 2 #22 AWG to 3 #12 AWG. While live-action, square-wire spring expands and threads onto conductors without requiring pre-twisting, contoured swept-wings maximize torque when applied by hand. Hexagonal shaped head allows for installation with ¼ in. nut driver. Max ratings are 600 V (building) and 1,000 V (signs and lighting fixtures). Read More

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Ergonomic Cable and Bolt Cutters operate using 10.8 V battery.

April 8, 2016

Performing cuts in <8 sec, micro cable and bolt cutters feature 350° rotating blade heads, auto-retract blade, and LED light. Ergonomics reduce injuries from extended use while improving cut quality. While ES32ML has capacity to cut 600 MCM copper and 750 MCM aluminum cable, ES32FML cuts 1 ¼ in. fine stranded copper cable. Along with threaded rod, rebar, steel rod, guy wire, and wire mesh cable tray, BS12ML cuts bolts up to ½ in. Gator Eye® technology, also included, facilitates maintenance. Read More

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Multilayered Conduit facilitates maintenance planning.

April 4, 2016

Available in sizes up to NW 70 and metric 80 to protect cable in robotic and automation applications, PMA® XR90 indicates extent of surface wear via 3 concentric layers of abrasion-resistant nylon 12. Nominal surface is black, but wear reveals yellow to warn of need for upcoming maintenance and red to indicate required maintenance. With service life of up to 10 million cycles, multilayered conduit also offers selection of support brackets, half shells, and tube clamps. Read More

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FSR and Connectrac Partner to Sell and Support Wireways Line

April 1, 2016

FSR+Connectrac Targets AV Market with Floor-based Cabling Solutions Woodland Park, NJ  - FSR, a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of infrastructure products for the audio/video, education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, is announcing its partnership with Connectrac, manufacturer of Wireways. Wireways is a floor-based series of cable management solutions for bringing... Read More

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PEX Tubing offers corrugated sleeving option.

March 31, 2016

Available with inserted red or blue ViegaPEX™ Ultra Tubing in ½ and ¾ in. dimensions in 300-foot coils, black corrugated sleeving is suited for potable hot and cold water applications in commercial or residential in-slab installations or anywhere additional protection is needed. Tubing is rated at 100 psi at 180°F and 160 psi at 73°F. Offering chlorine and UV resistance, tubing is manufactured to ASTM F876/F877 and listed to ANSI/NSF Standards 14 and 61. Read More