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HEIDENHAIN to Showcase Motion Control Influence at IMTS

June 17, 2016

SCHAUMBURG, IL – From HEIDENHAIN, the international leader in precision measurement components and systems, comes an opportunity to view not only its newest motion control breakthroughs to the world at the upcoming International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2016 show this Fall (Booth #E-5226 / Quality Pavilion), but also see highlights from two of its many internationally-owned...Read More

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Universal Bar Graph Meters are accurate to 0.1% of range.

March 8, 2016

Supplied in 1/8 DIN size housing with IP64 sealed bezel, OMB 402UNI Series features 30-segment tri-color LED bar graph combined with 6-digit numeric display. Meters can be programmed for DC voltage or current, RTD or thermocouple temperature sensors, process monitor or display unit modes. Mathematical functions, including peak, tare, and linearization are programmable as well. Data record function and output provides time-based data storage of up to 266,000 values in memory. Read More

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Non-Distortion, High Definition Compatible Optical Grade Beam Splitter Mirrors Ideal for Teleprompter Applications

February 3, 2016

Teleprompter systems have three main components; the glass itself, which is what Abrisa Technologies supplies, the screen and the camera. Serving as a one-way mirror, the coated glass is placed at an angle to reflect the image (e.g. text) from below, allowing an individual to look directly into the camera rather than at notes or a script when addressing an audience. Abrisa Technologies...Read More

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Next Generation Metrology is Here

October 28, 2015

See at HEIDENHAIN’s Quality Show Booth SCHAUMBURG, IL - From HEIDENHAIN Corporation, the world leader in precision measurement components, comes an opportunity to view its newest and most impressive quality products at this year’s Quality Show 2015 in the Chicago area (Rosemont’s Stephens Convention Center) on Oct. 27-29. Visit us at the HEIDENHAIN booth (#1320) to get a demonstration...Read More

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Monochrome Display features anti-glare design.

February 23, 2015

Suitable for outdoor use, Model UMNH-8853AN-F features overall dimensions of 67.75 x 34.0 x 1.98 mm, 57.58 x 23.02 mm active area, and 240 x 64 dot matrix. Background color is gray but other options are available. FSTN reflective, positive mode display can save image for more than 24 hr without refresh. Operating from -20 to +70°C with supply voltage of 3.3 V, display includes serial interface and can operate wirelessly with adapter. Read More

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PCAP Display utilizes simple-smart adapter.

November 25, 2014

To facilitate integration, 15 in. PCAP Display is available with smart adapter that enables clients to connect chip on flat to standard industrial motherboard using RockTouch cable, which comes in 40 cm and 1.83 m lengths with USB and serial connector interface. Cable has ferrite core to guarantee quality of use by decreasing noise. Featuring overall area of 326 x 259 mm and active area of 307.53 x 231.42 mm, display includes 370.1 x 294.1 mm cover lenses with thickness of 3 or 6 mm. Read More

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Digital Readout is available for differential encoders.

December 24, 2013

As 1- or 2-axis digital readout for linear and rotary incremental encoders, Velmex Read Out (VRO) uses OLED display and DSP MCU technology for precise digital position readout. Product is fully compatible with single-ended encoders and supports front panel or PC configuration. Along with RS-232/USB communication, features include selectable Inch/Metric units; remote Send, Clear, Unit button inputs; and user-settable scaling, decimal place, axis, and unit labels. Read More

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Digital Read Out interfaces with probes and encoders.

August 23, 2013

Featuring full-color LCD screen with 0.01 µm resolution, Model SI5500 interfaces with Orbit® 3 digital probes, linear encoders, and encoder input modules. Menu-driven multi-channel unit enables users to select data display formats and program metrology functions as well as construct mathematical formulae and algebraic equations for gauging applications. SI5500 reports dynamic min/max measurements, supports discrete I/O, and offers RS232 connectivity to PCs and other peripherals. Read More

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Digital Alert Systems and Monroe Electronics Deliver Industry-First Comprehensive Multilingual Support for Canadian Public Alerting System

March 14, 2013

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. — Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary today announced that their DASDEC™ emergency messaging platform and R189 One-Net™ Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) encoder/decoder systems are the first to provide comprehensive support for Canada's National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) system requirements. This option includes full support for...Read More

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Video Prompters offer choice of display options.

April 20, 2011

Entrée systems include off-camera, stand-alone eye-line systems and Executive Conference Prompters for speech presentation. Packaged with 17 in. VGA LCD or 17 or 19 in. display featuring both VGA and composite inputs, products additionally offer choice of prompting software for Windows and Macintosh. Applications include small TV studios, educational institutions, corporate facilities, and anywhere prompting is required. Read More

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Wi-Fi Prompter offers 15-in. LED enhanced brightness display.

September 16, 2010

Built around Vu-Lite and Spectra-Lite Systems, PromptXpress Series comes with 15 in. LED displays. Power is supplied via AC power supply or battery, and user can choose Anton/Bauer Gold Mount or IDX V-Lock type plates. Weighing 23.8 lb, product is configured with wide-angle fold-down hood, sliding balance plate, camera riser, and sliding top platform. Additionally, support for Clear-Com Concert(TM) and IntraCom VCom software-based Intercom enables multi-user conferencing. Read More

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Tiffen Announces the Expansion of Listec Entre Prompters into the European Market

September 14, 2010

Hauppauge, NY - The Tiffen Company, a New York based leading manufacturer of award winning photographic accessories, and other well-respected brand name products in the consumer, video, motion picture and television imaging markets, announced the expansion of its high quality, no-compromise, specially priced range of Listec Entre Prompters into the European market. Listec Video is the latest...Read More

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Fagor Automation To Unveil All New Innovative CNC 8065 At IMTS 2010

July 8, 2010

Fagor Automation Corporation, a world-wide leading manufacturer of CNC, DRO & Feedback systems, now introduces the all new CNC 8065 Designed as an innovative first, the CNC 8065 takes the most advanced CNC technology available in the world and makes it simple to use. By combining the operating system aspects of the extremely operator friendly 8055 series CNC with the Power and Technology of the...Read More

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Digital Readout System enhances output via myriad features.

July 8, 2010

Offering host of programmable cycles, Innova 40i True Vision DRO is equipped with TFT color screen capable of solid graphic representations and displaying parts via multiple solid sectional views. Operation-aiding features include, but are not limited to, inch/metric conversion, absolute/incremental programming, axes presetting, and tool offset capability. Other features, including feedrate alarms and feedback signal monitoring, contribute to machine safety and process efficiency. Read More

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Remote Display Panel communicates weight values.

June 10, 2010

LaserLT can be installed with any electronic weight indicator or peripheral equipment using either fiber optic, Ethernet, or wireless methods. Five-button keypad allows users to remotely change units, gross/net, tare, zero, and print. Featuring watertight industrial-grade 304 stainless steel enclosure, 1.5 in. display is fully adjustable for viewing at up to 50 ft. Daisy chainable for linking multiple units to single indicator/controller, device is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Read More

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Digital Readout features dark gray faceplate.

June 4, 2010

Supporting up to 4 axes, QUADRA-CHEK ND 1200 functions as measuring computer for 2-D geometries. Unit features monochrome flat-panel LCD screen for displayed values, dialogs, and inputs, and RS-232-CN.24 serial interface for communication with PC. Printers or memory media can be connected via USB port. Housed in diecast aluminum enclosure, readout is suitable for optical comparators, measuring microscopes, and 2-D measuring machines. Read More

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Multipoint GAGE-CHEK Readouts from Heidenhain

February 18, 2010

SCHAUMBURG, IL (February 2010) - Continuing to provide the well known and versatile GAGE-CHEK metrology readouts (past METRONICS brand) to the manufacturing and quality assurance industries, parent company HEIDENHAIN Corporation introduces it with a new dark gray faceplate and many features. Functionally excellent, these GAGE-CHEK readouts have inputs for up to eight gauges, and are designed for...Read More

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Triple Display can be loop powered or V/mADC signal powered.

January 4, 2010

Offered in Nuclear, Mil, and Industrial Grades, Model TLP features three 3½ (1999), 0.8, and 0.6 in. high color-coded LED displays that can be read at more than 30 ft. Unit includes 3 independent and isolated Sigma-Delta A/Ds to display any 3 variables such as temperature, humidity, and flow; pH, ORP, and °C; Volts, Amps, and Watts; or any 3 variables transmitted by 3 current loop transmitters. Panel mount, explosion proof, and sanitary cases are available. Read More

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Digital Panel Meter offers multiple input options.

January 4, 2010

Featuring ASIC and Nano-technology, model FPM second generation Flat Pack offers as many as 36 different signal input options. Display options include 4½ digit LED or LCD, with latter featuring green or red backlighting. Power input options include 5-28 Vdc, 120/240 Vac, and Powerless. Rated to NEMA4X, FPM does not require any panel cutout and only requires 3/8 in. hole to pass wires through panel. Read More

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Digital Readout enhances legacy manual CMM operation.

December 7, 2009

Offering color touchscreen interface for manual coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), QUADRACHEK ND 1400 can capture 2D and 3D features and lets users create or automatically record measuring programs for repeated same-part measurements. Various pre-defined features - point, line, circle, slot, cone, etc. - are included along with Measure Magic function, which selects feature that best matches shape implied by points probed. Also, multiple data interfaces are standard. Read More