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Laser Welding Systems feature consistent endpoint control.

March 27, 2015

Used to control operation of LASERDYNE 795 and LASERDYNE 430BD multi-axis laser systems, LASERDYNE S94P includes SmartRamp™ feature which provides consistent endpoint control during laser welding. SmartRamp controls laser parameters in conjunction with motion of beam, producing uniform weld penetration along entire length of weld while eliminating visible endpoints, potential stress-risers, and leak points. Read More

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Power Sources and Controllers provide arc stability.

July 15, 2014

Combining digital process control technology with power regulation, SubArc Digital Series includes SubArc DC 650/800 Digital, SubArc DC 1000/1250 Digital, and SubArc AC/DC 1000/1250 Digital. Units can handle Submerged Arc and Electroslag applications, from DC single-arc to multi-wire tandem welding. Series also offers analog and digital interface controls and range of wire drive motors and accessories, including single- and twin-wire torches, narrow gap torches, and internal/external cladding heads. Read More

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MIG Push-Pull Welding Systems target specific industries.

June 6, 2014

In addition to Magnum® PRO AL air-cooled push-pull gun and aluminum drive roll kits, multi-process POWER MIG® 350MP Trailer Manufacturing One-Pak™ includes SuperGlaze 5356 TM™ 3/64 in. diameter MIG wire specifically developed for aluminum trailer manufacturing industry. Another One-Pak® package, specifically targeted toward aluminum automotive collision repair and fabrication, has same components but includes SuperGlaze 5554 3/64 in. diameter MIG wire instead. Read More

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Control System optimizes high frequency welding.

August 6, 2012

Built upon Variable Frequency Current Fed Invertors, HAZControl(TM) Technology enables company to decide upon optimal weld parameters that define their brand, then uses predictive algorithms to calculate how power, frequency, vee length, and mill speed influence weld. If defined key variables change, HAZControl(TM) Technology guides operator back towards approved HAZ width and geometry. Variable frequency allows operator to control adjustment in 1 kHz increments. Read More

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Robotic Welding Package suits small to medium operations.

October 6, 2011

Fully configured ArcPack(TM) Lean 1410 includes IRB 1410 robot, IRC5 Compact controller, Fronius TransSteel 3500 power supply and wire feeder, and Tregaskiss 500 Amp air-cooled welding torch. Six-axis robot, specially designed for arc welding, features 5 kg handling capacity with supplementary 18 kg load capacity on upper arm for application equipment. With positional repeatability of ±0.025 mm, IRB 1410 delivers optimal welds in tight, restricted locations. Read More

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Wireless Remote Welding Controls minimize tripping hazards.

October 18, 2010

With Wireless Remote Hand and Foot Controls, welders can reposition remote around work area without having to untangle cords. Foot control, designed specifically for TIG welding, allows operator to adjust amperage at point of use. Designed for Stick, TIG, MIG, and Flux Cored welding, hand control lets operator adjust parameters for joint configurations, electrodes, and wire types/sizes at point of use. Both eliminate extensions, cord failures, and associated downtime. Read More

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Laser Seam Tracking Probe suits automatic welding machines.

October 14, 2010

Smart Laser Probe is noncontact, seam-tracking system that senses and compensates for any deviation from nominal weld path. Image processing hardware and software are located inside sensor head, while Ethernet backbone communicates between sensor head, touchscreen display, and multifunction I/O board. Operating in temperatures from -40 to +55°C, unit has sampling rate of 30 fps at megapixel camera resolution and can work with reflective metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Read More

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Seam Tracking System optimizes robotic welding systems.

July 2, 2010

Specifically designed for ABB IRC5 controller in heavy deposition welding applications, WeldGuide® III performs weld seam joint tracking during welding process. System utilizes voltage and current sensors to take real-time measurements through welding arc, identifying variations in weld joints and making any adjustments necessary to keep robotic welding torch in joint path. With tracking system automatically adapting to part, WeldGuide III ensures consistent welds. Read More

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Wave Height Monitor assists with soldering small parts.

March 28, 2008

Suitable for tight pitch components in high-volume automated production environments, Wave Height Monitor and control module maintain solder wave heights to within ±0.005 in. when intalleed on KISS line of selective soldering equipment. System works with wave nozzle sizes under 6 mm down to 1.5 mm. Combination of height monitoring circuit with nitrogen inerted solder delivery system and nitrogen air-knife incorporates resistive measurements of wave height relative to known reference. Read More

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IR Fusion Control completely automates welding process.

March 21, 2007

Controlling all movement and parameters during each phase of welding process, SP110s features automation that eliminates operator influence during fusion process and provides optimal repeatability. Heating element and clamps are precisely controlled and moved by welding equipment. Along with internal electronics and control devices, other features include automated adjustable planing depth and integrated touchscreen. Read More

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Kit upgrades inverter welding systems.

June 8, 2006

Upgrade Kit contains replacement driver boards, main board with processor, cables, 24 Vdc power supply, control software, and hardware. Users can choose L-Series control, which provides msec-by-msec programmability in open loop, current feedback, voltage feedback, and power feedback modes. Adaptive Control provides all functionality of L-Series plus ability to monitor current, voltage, conductance, power, force and/or pressure, workpiece thickness, and displacement. Read More

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Monitoring System ensures consistent weld quality.

February 28, 2006

Offering current/voltage and/or ultrasonic control, Model PSQ 6000 provides non-destructive testing for medium-frequency applications in automotive welding and assembly lines. By measuring current and voltage, course of resistance and energy can be recorded, controlled, and evaluated during welding. Ultrasonic monitoring system consists of XQR control board, UDM signal processor, and ultrasonic sensors that ensure quality of spot welds during welding process. Read More

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Process Controller suits seam welding of thin gauge metals.

May 5, 2005

CSC MIG welding controller utilizes controlled short circuit gas metal arc welding process to clear short circuits by retracting wire from short. Controller syncronizes wire feeder actions with power supply current to continuously feed wire alternatly between forward and reverse directions. Process helps to increase travel speed and eliminate spatter on wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Read More

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System allows on-site maintenance of automatic welders.

January 31, 2005

Pro Service System uses indication panel that is housed on rear side of power supply. Control panel is equipped with 4 rows of LED's which indicate state of individual internal supplies, fuses, and components in power supply. Main supply voltage to control panel is also monitored and separate voltage is used to control 1 LED that indicates if board supply is at fault. Read More

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Weld Control manages process throughout weld cycle.

December 9, 2004

Inverter welder HF27 gives manufacturers complete 360° monitoring of all weld parameters, including current, force, displacement, time, and energy. Combo control mode uses real-time feedback to monitor and regulate critical weld parameters. Welder can be set to control voltage at beginning of weld and switch to constant current once pre-set current level is reached, allowing process to be tailored for positioning or contaminant issues and weld splash prevention. Read More

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System Controller can communicate with host computer.

May 20, 2004

The 9500 System Controller can communicate with host computer and perform program editing at host computer. Its 9500-FW-MP-SER-PC firmware upgrade allows unlimited programs to be stored at host computer. Data transfer is done via serial or USB port with adaptor, allowing user to move programs back and forth between 9500 and host. Its 9500-FW-PC-EDIT software upgrade allows user to create and edit welding programs at host computer. Read More

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Welding Control monitors secondary voltage measurements.

June 13, 2003

STA Series AC control has secondary voltage monitoring feature so user can measure RMS or PEAK voltage during weld. Unit allows measurement of last cycle of weld to provide measurement of final resistance during last cycle. Built-in monitor keeps track of all electrical variables that reflect changes in resistance from weld to weld. Data is sent via RS-485 for each weld and can be collected from multiple controls in network. Read More

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Welding Controls allow users to manage force.

May 22, 2003

Single phase AC resistance STA Series controls include electronic pressure regulator that allows force to be programmed as part of weld schedule. STA's output is 0-10 Vdc standard and is compatible with most regulators. Pressure reading optimizes weld quality and throughput via programmable firing force. Differential pressure monitoring feature enables control to measure pressure on the top and bottom of pneumatic cylinder and fire when desired welding force is reached. Read More

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Controller responds to part variation for plastic welding.

April 17, 2003

Dynamic-response USC Controller features one-button operation and is used with K Series and C Series plastic welders. It measures weld time, trigger position and weld distance, final weld position, energy, and power for each weld as it is made. Controller displays weld data graphs to help visually interpret welding process. It can store up to 20 or 200 welding programs depending on model, and it actively controls weld frequency at 20 kHz ±300 Hz. Read More

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Foot Control features independent arc start/stop function.

May 1, 2002

Advanced Foot Amptrol(R) provides tactile click that operators can hear and feel, allowing repeatable starts and stops at desired minimum current. It eliminates manually overshooting intended starting current and reduces risk of melting during arc start process. Adjustable heel stop allows user to locate repeatable foot position. Click is also heard when arc extinguishes. Read More