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Touch Thermostat controls electric floor heating.

February 3, 2016

Designed to control Danfoss LX Floor Warming Mats, LX Floor Warming Cables, or TX Thermal Trace electric heating products, LX205T Programmable Touch Thermostat can switch heating system on and off at predetermined times to help save energy. Unit features 3.5 in. smart touchscreen with intuitive control, high-resolution color display, built-in wizard, and energy log. Thermostat programming is based on 6 event days, and schedules can be copied from one day to another with single operation. Read More

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Thermostat Controllers offer accelerated commissioning.

December 14, 2015

Via USB stick, TEC3000 Series supports simultaneous loading of all configuration files and parameters as well as accelerated commissioning of multiple units. Support for both N2 and BACnet MS/TP protocols enable contractors to modernize systems without changing out hardware, and multiple configurations provide single-, multi-, and variable-speed fan control. Along with 4.2 in. backlit LED touchscreen and integral humidity sensor, features include energy conserving onboard occupancy sensor.
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Hospitality Thermostat promotes guest room energy management.

October 21, 2015

Communicating with up to 10 devices, Omnistat™ 3 Hospitality Thermostat detects if hospitality room is occupied and automatically adjusts heating and cooling set points and turns such devices as lights, TVs, and lamps on/off. Functionality lets hoteliers upgrade guest rooms with smart, reliable controls to enhance guest experiences, increase energy savings, and meet guest room control and plug load control requirements when paired with wireless Leviton Lumina RF load controls and sensors. Read More

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Bulb and Capillary Thermostats target food service equipment.

August 14, 2015

With Series BC-300, system designers can place system controls in remote locations away from heat source while still mechanically sensing thermal levels. Thermostats use special sealed blend of thermal materials within bulb and capillary assembly to sense heat. Thermal energy heat causes material to expand which opens and closes electrical contacts. Typical applications include professional food service equipment such as buffet tables and soup pots. Read More

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Commercial Room Thermostat supports use with remote sensors.

May 20, 2015

Suited for use with commercial HVAC systems, Siemens RDY2000 can interface with ventilation systems, economizers, and humidification systems to optimize indoor comfort as well as minimize energy consumption. Solution offers 3 stage heating/3 stage cooling control for conventional systems and 1–2 compressors/2 stage auxiliary heat control for heat pump systems. Features include temperature and humidity sensors, backlit 5 in. LCD touchscreen, and programmable scheduling. Read More

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Electric Thermostat uses Meshscape® wireless mesh technology.

January 28, 2015

Designed for retrofit to existing HVAC infrastructure without disruptive rewiring, Wi-Stat IIIe replaces existing manual, analog, or programmable thermostats. Wireless/standalone thermostat can support most single or dual stage conventional heating and cooling systems as well as heat pump systems. Unit is suitable for large multi-zone buildings as part of centralized Building Automation System, or can act as conventional digital 5/2 day programmable thermostat. Read More

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Z-Wave Thermostat enables remote control via mobile device.

January 20, 2015

With Model Z-TZEMT400AB3NX, users can remotely control heating and cooling system via Virtual Keypad App, which is downloaded to smartphone or mobile device. In addition to by-degree temperature control, users may also select Heat, Cool, Auto, Fan, or Off. Once customers begin using Favorites on Virtual Keypad App, they will be able to assign multiple Z-Wave devices to single command. Z-Wave requires 738Z Z-Wave module and supports 232 modules. Read More

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Smart Thermostat supports remote access.

January 8, 2015

Designed to adapt to each home's needs and system capabilities, Cor™ Thermostat continually updates itself and learns ideal settings to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Wi-Fi® connectivity, compatible with 802.11 b/g/n wireless routers, allows remote access to thermostat from virtually anywhere. Homeowners can wirelessly control home temperatures and energy savings via mobile and tablet apps. In addition, comprehensive analysis of energy consumption is available through online web portal. Read More

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Thermostat/Wireless Sensors enable smart temperature regulation.

September 22, 2014

Designed for homes with more than one room, ecobee3 smarter wi-fi thermostat and wireless remote sensors measure temperature and occupancy in multiple locations in order to increase comfort when residents are home and conserve energy while they are away. Users can also monitor and control thermostat anytime and from anywhere using smartphone, tablet, or computer. Thermostat features 3.5 in. capacitive touchscreen and UI with intuitive iconography and controls. Read More

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Wireless-Enabled Control intelligently manages HCAC components.

March 18, 2014

Featuring 4-wire connections that facilitate installation to York® Affinity™ gas furnaces, A/C units, heat pumps, and air handlers, Wi-Fi®-capable York Affinity Residential Communicating Control provides remote access to control system from smartphone/tablet device and mobile app. Operators can monitor status of every enabled system device, while touchscreen UI and remote access aid installation/troubleshooting. Features include zone control and automated system fault/alert email notification.
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Dual-Voltage Thermostats efficiently maintain floor temperature.

December 9, 2013

Actively monitoring and regulating floor temperature to achieve precise warmth required for optimal comfort, FGS (programmable) and FG (non-programmable) thermostats provide flexibility via versatility to be used with floor warming mats or cables at either 120 or 240 Vac and loads up to 15 A total system current. Built-in GFCI protection eliminates need for additional components, and precise temperature control is achieved through readability-optimized interface. Read More

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Thermostat System communicates wirelessly via mesh network.

November 20, 2013

In addition to controlling occupancy sensors, lighting, fans, and plug loads, plug-and-play Web Comfort™ System can be used with meter to monitor and track energy use for specific area, load type, or building. Based upon sensor input, schedule, local input, curtailment, and event information, adjustments to devices are implemented in real-time to minimize energy waste. Each device acts as repeater, passing signal in daisy chain sequence to seamlessly communicate back to Web Comfort Manager. Read More

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Application Development Kit fosters WiFi smart thermostat design.

November 7, 2013

Wi-Fi Thermostat Application Development Kit (ADK) provides starting point for development of smart thermostats with wireless connectivity that adjust to usage patterns, interior thermal characteristics, and exterior temperature. Connected thermostats can be accessed locally from PC or smartphone or from cloud via infrastructure network. Complete reference design includes thermostat hardware, complete hardware design package, and software suite. Read More

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Thermostat Cover locks to prevent tampering.

February 1, 2013

Designed to mount directly over thermostat, Model STI-9100 prevents unwanted access, yet allows authorized use with provided key. Cover is molded of clear, 1/8 in. thick, heavy-duty polycarbonate material that withstands abuse, such as vandalism, accidental damage, or tampering by staff, clients, or customers. Holes in frame allow air to circulate freely for proper operation of protected thermostats, while inner wall prevents tampering with dials and levers. Read More

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Digital Programmable Thermostat includes heat pump control.

July 27, 2012

Designed to control indoor temperatures in commercial and residential buildings, Model TLVT1 includes LCD that shows current temperature and set point, as well as time and day of week. By touching icons on display, building occupants can temporarily change set point, edit weekly program, or select control mode. Single thermostat can control up to 2 heating and 2 cooling units for larger offices or homes. For heat pump applications, thermostat can control 2-stage compressor. Read More

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Commercial Thermostat enables efficient heating/cooling control.

July 16, 2012

Energy efficient EMS Si thermostat is centralized solution to monitor and control a building's heating and cooling system. Wi-Fi capabilities provide control over unlimited number of thermostats across diverse geographies via ecobee Web Portal. Multiple occupancy schedules can be created, and alerts and reminders can be programmed for routine annual maintenance or specific HVAC equipment issues. Additionally, remote diagnostics can be conducted by viewing HVAC reports through Web Portal. Read More

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Digital Programmable Thermostats include heat pump control.

July 2, 2012

Designed to control ambient temperature inside commercial and residential buildings, Series LVT features separate programming for weekdays and weekends along with 4 programmable events per day to allow different settings for occupied and unoccupied times. Set points are stored for both heating and cooling stages to eliminate need to reprogram when seasons change. With internal jumpers, users can select engineering units, time delay between compressor starts, and fan controlled heating type. Read More

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Digital Programmable Thermostat offers heat pump control.

June 4, 2012

Ranging from 32-99°F with ±1°F accuracy, Model PLVT1 directly controls furnace, small boiler, air conditioner, circulator fan, and heat pump in commercial or residential buildings. Unit has LCD that shows current temperature and operating mode. In case of power outage, thermostat can be operated off 2 AAA batteries. Unit can be set to automatically switch between heating and cooling to minimize need to switch modes for different seasons. Read More

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Programmable Pneumatic Thermostat operates as standalone device.

May 22, 2012

Wi-Stat IIIp-S is 100% standalone programmable pneumatic thermostat can program weekday/weekend occupancy schedules for pneumatically controlled buildings without supervisory controls. Users control set point and set back temperatures and configure pneumatic settings such as action direction, set point and set back pressure values, and gain and throttling range. It is designed to retrofit to existing 2 pipe pneumatic HVAC infrastructures without rewiring. Read More

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Thermostatic Mixing Valves feature lead-free design.

March 8, 2012

Part of Navigator® line, S59-4016 Series meets 0.25% lead content and lead-free requirements in plumbing fixtures that carry drinking water. Units offer ½-¾ in. connections and 15 gpm capacity for applications involving multiple lavatories, whirlpools, bathtubs, gang showers, and small hot water supply systems. In addition to lead-free brass connections, valve bodies feature glass-filled polysulfone and internal ribbing. Wax-filled thermostat ensures outlet temperature remains constant. Read More