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Current Balancer comes in sizes from 5-250 kVA.

April 12, 2013

Current Balancer is designed for 3-phase motor applications where power source is supplying unbalanced current, causing excessive heat, and potentially premature failure. Using high-speed electronic tap switching design, unit precisely adjusts voltage which in turn will balance current to within 3% or less. Housed in NEMA-3R enclosure for outdoor installations, balancer is suited for submersible pumps used in municipalities supplying water in rural areas. Read More

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Alternating Relay and Duplex Controllers manage pump runtimes.

September 23, 2010

Rugged ARM Series microprocessor-based controllers evenly distribute runtime by automatically alternating lead and lag loads between 2 pump sequences. Devices include inrush delay to prevent both loads from energizing simultaneously, and five UL913 intrinsically safe low-voltage/-current control switch inputs. Integral device logic allows outputs to function if one input fails to open or close, while hand-off-automatic switches enable manual operation if needed. Read More

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Linear Current Regulator and Controller suits automotive lighting.

June 15, 2010

Consisting of 8 linear programmable constant current sources, NCV7680 is designed for regulation and control of solid state rear combination lamps of vehicles. It supports LED driving current of up to 75 mA/channel as well as different brightness levels for stop and tail illumination. Operating in temperatures from -40 to +150°C, it has MSL 1 moisture resistance rating and is available in SOIC-16 Pb-free package. Unit also allows designers to set output current with one external resistor. Read More

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Voice Coil Motor Driver comes with I²C serial interface.

November 6, 2007

Designed for camera auto focus and zoom applications, Model A3904 features 2.4-5.5 V operating voltage range, 127 mA maximum output current, and -40 to +85°C operating temperature range. Output current is programmed via I²C interface in 500 µA increments with clock rates up to 400 kHz, while I2C inputs set internal DAC output voltage used as reference for linear current control using MOSFET output sink transistor. Read More

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PWM Controllers offer PFC shut-down feature.

February 4, 2005

Current Mode Controllers Series NCP1230 and NCP1231 allow power supply designers to shut-down power factor correction stage in light or no-load conditions. Units offer cycle skipping at light loads, internal ramp compensation, and frequency dithering. Both series are available in 65, 100, and 133 kHz frequency options. Series NCP1230 integrates 2.5 ms soft-start, while Series NCP1231 offers adjustable soft start and brown out function. Read More

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Current-Mode Controllers suit 10-250 W power supplies.

November 5, 2004

Series SiP280x PWM Controllers serve as building blocks for converters in offline and dc-to-dc current-mode switching power supplies. Operating from 5 V with start-up and operating currents of 100 and 500 µA, respectively, controllers offer switching frequencies up to 1 MHz. They include internal soft-start mechanism and blanking function, which eliminates need for external filter components. Units are built on BiCMOS process and available in SO-8 or TSSOP-8 package. Read More

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