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Wireless Controller supports IoT applications.

February 5, 2016

Available with internal Sure Cross DX80 Wireless Gateway or MultiHop Data Radio, Sure Cross® DXM100 connects local wireless networks with Internet and/or host systems. Cellular modem option eliminates need for IT infrastructures to connect remote equipment, while integrated wireless radio option enables Modbus connectivity to equipment. With interactive, programmable interface, operators can access system status and setup, view selected events or data, and perform site surveys. Read More

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Temperature Control System targets outdoor kiosks.

February 3, 2016

Using impingement flow to transfer heat, AA-230 Series cools objects via convection. Air-to-air thermoelectric assembly has 230 W of cooling power at ΔT=0°C. Heat is absorbed and dissipated through custom designed heat exchangers with high aspect ratio. Dual cold side air ducts can be oriented in any direction to accommodate obstructions and maximize circulation. Mounting horizontally to accommodate tight spaces, system provides solid state operation with non-CFC refrigerants. Read More

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Digital Controller operates closed-loop nanopositioners.

February 1, 2016

Designed with small footprint for integration into OEM environments, LC.300 Piezo Controller operates closed-loop, flexure-guided nanopositioners, with smooth linear motion and nanometer precision. nPControl Basic Software offers ability to change PID control parameters and apply notch filters via Windows-based GUI. When combined with nPoint's line of nanopositioning stages, LC.300's 20-bit resolution provides sub-nanometer positioning capabilities. Read More

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Digital Lighting Controls leverage Bluetooth® technology.

January 29, 2016

Available in dimmer and switch models, Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth® technology provide ability to dim and time lighting without hub, gateway, or Internet connection. Users pair device with Leviton Decora Digital Dimmer and Timer App and use on-screen menu options to control lights via Apple or Android smartphone/tablet within 30 ft range. Along with flexibility to program timed events at set or random times, features include astronomical clock and countdown sleep timer. Read More

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Small Screen Touch Controller enhances wearables.

January 25, 2016

In addition to round and rectangular shapes as well as thick and curved lenses, S1423 supports swipes and gestures, including Android Wear home gesture, for such wearables as smartwatches and fitness trackers as well as touch-enabled appliances. Advanced Matrix Pad (AMP) technology, which optimizes touch accuracy and sensitivity, enables this ClearPad® touch controller solution to support operation with moisture on screen and while wearing gloves. Active power draw is <6 mW. Read More

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PC-Based Controllers deliver multi-core, Atom-based performance.

January 20, 2016

Powered by Intel® Atom™ CPU with up to 4 processor cores, C6905 Control Cabinet PC and CP6706, 7 in. Built-in Panel PC are suited for use as small and medium-sized machine controllers in motion applications or complex graphic applications. Both models feature 3 ½ in motherboard and aluminum housing as well as 2 GB DDR3L-RAM (expandable to 8 GB), on-board dual Ethernet adapter with 2 x 100/1,000BASE-T connection, 4 GB CFast card with SLC flash, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and DVI connection. Read More

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Communications Controller brings IoT to harsh environments.

January 14, 2016

Supporting communications via 2 RS232 serial ports, CAN port, Wi-Fi®, and optional cellular capability, HEC-Gateway Controller provides maximum flexibility when translating between different serial bus protocols, data logging, or adding IoT connectivity to existing systems. Solution is based on P-Series PLC on a Chip™ technology and programmed using Divelbiss EZ Ladder Toolkit in Ladder Diagram, Function Block, and Structured Text. Digital and analog I/O come standard. Read More

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Proportional Output Controller has analog input, solid-state design.

January 12, 2016

Upon input from analog signal, single-phase RGx1P calculates and delivers necessary output power without requiring additional interface device. User-selectable switching modes – full cycle, phase angle, and soft start – let operators address different application requirements. While RGC1P contactors (15–63 A switching) have integrated heat sink, RGS1P solid-state relays (50–90 A switching) require external heat sink. Products offer output rating to 660 Vac and several input options. Read More

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Turnkey Merchant SATA 6 Gbps SSD Controller supports 3D NAND.

January 11, 2016

Supporting 3D MLC NAND from multiple vendors, SM2246EN accelerates adoption of high-performance SSDs. 3D Power Loss Protection firmware technology protects against data loss in 3D NAND architectures. Along with support of 2 TB capacity (max), features include sequential read performance of up to 540 MBps, write performance up to 410 MBps, 80,000 max random read IOPS, and 75,000 max random write IOPS. Controller supports SSD densities to 2 TB and ONFI 3.x, Toggle 2.0, and asynchronous NAND. Read More

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SSD Controller supports NVMe 1.2 Host Memory Buffer feature.

January 8, 2016

Equipped with dual core Cortex R5 CPUs, Model 88NV1140 is intended for mass market mobile computing solutions. Embedded SRAM with hardware accelerators optimize IOPS performance, while NANDEdge™ LPDC error-correction technology supports 15 nm triple-level cell and 3D NAND. By leveraging memory allocated from host system, DRAM-less based 88NV1140 is able to scale up performance without limitations of conventional DRAM-less architectures. Read More

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NFC Controller features active load modulation.

January 8, 2016

With Active Load Modulation, Model 88NF100 supports smallest antenna sizes critical to mobile, IoT, wearable, and automotive applications. Device supports all data rates up to 848 kbps and operates with low polling current of 60 µA, making it suited for power-critical applications. Two-pin interface supports maximum distance of 2 m between chip and antenna. Integrating with Marvell's Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and ZigBee® solutions, 88NF100 is compliant with NCI Technical Specification v1.1. Read More

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Touchscreen Controller utilizes smartphone technology.

January 8, 2016

With Model EZT-570S, users can control environmental chambers with icon-based navigation like smartphone or with Windows-based drop down navigation. All features are built into interface so no additional software or internet is required. From home screen, users can manually control, run, or stop profile and view snapshot of current activity, such as actual/setpoint values, datalogging, security, and IP address. Notification system sends email and/or text message in event of chamber alarm. Read More

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Automotive Cockpit Domain Controller fosters ECU consolidation.

January 8, 2016

While improving driving experience, SmartCore™ provides security-focused approach to consolidating separate automotive cockpit electronics products on one multi-core chip. This multi-domain controller, accessible via integrated HMI, combines previously separate instrument clusters: head-up displays (HUD) and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) domains. Various information output technologies and types of software applications and control devices are available. Read More

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Power Delivery Controller suits PCs with 2 USB-C ports.

January 7, 2016

Offering solution for desktops, notebooks, and other systems with 2 USB-C ports, EZ-PD™ CCG4 integrates ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor, 128 KB flash memory, two 1 W V(conn) FETs that provide power to USB-C cables, and 4 ADCs that protect system against overvoltage and overcurrent conditions. Integrated ESD protection circuits provide system-level protection up to 15 kV. CCG4 also contains 4 serial communication blocks, each of which can be configured to I(2)C, SPI, or UART serial protocols. Read More

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Microcontrollers support IoT applications.

December 30, 2015

With large memory size, Cypress S6E1B-Series ARM® Cortex®-M0+ MCUs support secure machine-to-machine communication for Internet of Things, while S6E1C-Series is optimized for wearables and wide range of ultra-low-power, battery-powered products. Devices are equipped with 64-channel descriptor-based direct memory access controller to efficiently move data between peripherals and RAM without any CPU intervention. Read More

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Microcontrollers support safety-critical systems.

December 30, 2015

Delivering machine-to-machine communication required for Industry 4.0, Cypress ARM® Cortex®-M4-based FM4 MCUs operate at frequencies up to 200 MHz and support diverse set of on-chip peripherals for motor control, factory automation, and home appliance applications. Devices are equipped with up to 2 MB flash and 256 KB SRAM memory as well as high-speed communication interfaces, including CAN with Flexible Data-Rates (CAN-FD) and IEEE 1588 Ethernet. Read More

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Motion Controllers enhance ultrasonic piezo positioner abilities.

December 22, 2015

Available for for positioning systems based on ultrasonic ceramic direct-drive motors (PIline®), motion controllers offer flexibility and responsiveness. Products include single-axis C-877.1U11, which is also available in 2-axis version. Digital servo circuit maximizes dynamic performance with settling times as low as few 10 msec without sacrificing resolution or smooth operation. Multi-phase controller C-867.262 allows smooth motion with velocities as small as 1 µm/sec and below. Read More

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Radar Displays aid situational awareness in adverse conditions.

December 3, 2015

Intended for Halo™ and Broadband Radar™ antenna solutions, R2009 and R3016 are operated by integrated keypad and rotary dial with direct-access buttons along side of display. Both standalone dedicated radar stations are IPX7 water-resistant from all sides. While 9 in. R2009 has daylight-viewable 480 x 800 pixel color display, 16 in. R3016 has 1,366 x 768 pixel (HD) widescreen landscape display. Both radar control units feature Simrad® Ethernet, dual NMEA 0183® ports, and NMEA 2000® port. Read More

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Remote Controller simplifies navigation with chartplotters.

November 27, 2015

Centralizing navigation functions, Simrad OP50 Remote Controller is designed to operate multiple NSS and NSO evo2 multifunction displays (MFDs) efficiently and reliably in all conditions. Features include multi-axis control rotary dial with up/down/left/right, rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise, and press-to-enter capabilities; keypad; and dedicated button that cycles through available displays. Notification of vital information is relayed via alarms using built-in high-decibel speaker. Read More

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Mini-Split Controller allows anywhere access, control via Wi-Fi.

November 27, 2015

Wi-Fi solution lets installers operate Halcyon mini split system from anywhere via smartphone, laptop, or tablet. While mini-splits are controlled from webpage or using iOS or Android App, cloud server manages entire process. Mini-split functions that can be remotely operated include on/off, changing or setting of temperature, setting schedules, timers, and mode (heat, cool, dry, auto, fan) changing. Read More