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AC Elevator Drive is suited for modernization projects.

May 22, 2015

Providing 70,000+ hr of maintenance-free operation, M1000 offers elevator-specific application software, adjustable parameters, and serial interfacing consistent with Quattro® and HPV® elevator drives. Parameter set-up and navigation are intuitive, and auto-tuning optimizes motor handling performance. In addition to supporting multiple control methods, features include multifunction I/O options, network communication via RS-422/485 or CANopen, and safety electronic device monitor. Read More

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Smart Building Control aids decision making, business outcomes.

May 21, 2015

Combining intelligent automation, analytics, map-based visualization/navigation, and touchscreen interface, Command and Control Suite turns facility data into recommendations and changes to help increase efficiency and safety. Solution can provide holistic view of connected building's video feeds, access control, and fire alarms and pull in relevant information from HR applications. Also, detailed energy data and actionable guidance aid in controlling consumption and increasing efficiency. Read More

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Monolithic RF Controller delivers phase-tuning flexibility.

May 21, 2015

Covering 1.8–2.2 GHz range, UltraCMOS® PE46120 Monolithic Phase and Amplitude Controller (MPAC) is designed for LTE and LTE-A wireless-infrastructure transceiver market and optimizes dual-path dynamically load-modulated amplifier architectures. QFN 32-lead, 6 x 6 mm package integrates 90° hybrid RF splitter, 5-bit digital phase shifters, and 4-bit digital step attenuator along with low-voltage, CMOS serial digital interface. Solution delivers linearity of 60 dBm IIP3 and consumes 0.35 mA. Read More

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Digital Signal Controllers suit digital power applications.

May 15, 2015

Housed in 4 x 4 mm UQFN package for space-constrained designs, dsPIC33EP GS Series delivers performance needed to implement sophisticated non-linear, predictive, and adaptive control algorithms at high switching frequencies. Controllers include up to five 12-bit ADCs with as many as 22 ADC inputs, providing total throughput of 16 MS/s with 300 ns ADC latency. For higher-precision designs, devices also have 12-bit DACs for each of 4 analog comparators. Read More

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Finger Operated Joysticks offer CANbus and CANopen options.

May 12, 2015

Featuring contactless Hall effect sensing, HF Series is available with up to 3 proportional axis and 2 momentary pushbuttons. IP67-rated units measure just 40 mm below panel, making them suitable for vehicles where ergonomics and operator comfort are paramount. Available with up to 4 default addresses, CANbus J1939 option may be specified with Baud rate of 125 kbit/s, 250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s, or 1 Mbit/s and cycle time of either 50 ms or 15 ms. Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Controls & Controllers

High-Speed AXIe Digitizer offers 32 channels of 1 GSps sampling.

May 7, 2015

Extending acquisitions with up to 16 GB on-board memory, M9709A 8-bit digitizer provides 32 synchronous channels of 1 GSps sampling (16 channels at 2 GSps when interleaved). Single-slot AXIe module can provide >500 MHz analog bandwidth and offers measurement fidelity with up to 6.9 effective bits, 52 dBc spurious-free dynamic range, and 44 dB SNR. Enabling sustained data transfer rates of up to 1.2 GBps, 4-lane (x4) PCIe Gen 2 backplane promotes throughput in advanced physics experiments. Read More

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HD Video Scalers ensure AV sources are displayed correctly.

May 7, 2015

Providing application-specific HD scaling solutions, HD-SCALER-HD-E and HD-SCALER-VGA-E deliver all features and controls needed to display AV sources correctly. Both automatically scale any input signal to match native resolution of display or other HDMI® device. HD-SCALER-HD-E provides single HDMI input and output, plus audio embedding and de-embedding. Connecting to HDMI or DVI input, HD-SCALER-VGA-E enables HD, SD, or computer display device to handle analog VGA, RGB, and component video signals. Read More

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Video Wall Controllers support 4K and multiple full HD playback.

May 6, 2015

VIA Chrome® Video Wall DS Series Controllers are used to create multi-paneled menu boards as well as standard, mosaic, and architectural video wall canvasses for dynamic digital signage content. Playback support covers Ultra HD (4K) content as well as simultaneous playback of multiple Full HD videos various formats. Complementing up to 16 Full HD outputs and 360° display orientation features, controllers provide all-in-one server design with VIA MagicView® content management platform.
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Agricultural and Farming Products, Controls & Controllers

Precision Irrigation System monitors and controls pivots.

May 6, 2015

Integrating with computerized pivot control panels, Irrigate-IQ™ enables growers to remotely monitor and control pivots via Connected Farm™ using desktop, mobile device, or TMX-2050™ display. Users can upgrade to partial or full variable rate irrigation capabilities using same base hardware, minimizing nutrient and chemical runoff by applying right amount of water, fertigation, or effluent in right place. With full VRI, growers can generate their own prescription maps or manage exclusion zones. Read More

Electronic Components & Devices, Controls & Controllers

PCIe Application Accelerators enhance data center performance.

May 5, 2015

Comprised of SanDisk NAND flash and Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) data access acceleration software, Fusion ioMemory™ PCIe application accelerators improve performance while helping drive data center consolidation. Capacities range from 1–6.4 TB, and form factors range from PCIe cards to mezzanine storage for HP and Cisco blade servers. Each card is optimized for mixed-use or read-intensive workloads and supports pairing with FlashSoft caching software. Read More

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EtherCAT® Slave Controller features two 10/100 PHYs.

April 27, 2015

Supporting traditional Host Bus and SPI/SQI™ communication, along with standalone digital I/O interfaces, Model LAN9252 enables system designers to select from wide range of microcontrollers when implementing real-time EtherCAT communications standard. Device's dual 10/100 Ethernet transceivers support both fiber and copper, along with cable diagnostics capabilities. Available in 64-pin QFN and QFP-EP packages, LAN9252 includes 4 KB of Dual-Port RAM and 3 Fieldbus Memory Management Units. Read More

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Wireless Pilot Control frees sailors from helm.

April 21, 2015

Consisting of waterproof Bluetooth® base station with micro-C connections, Wireless Pilot Controller is compatible with B&G Triton and H5000 Pilot systems, offers pairings for up to 4 remotes, and provides complete control to sailors from anywhere on boat. Palm-sized wireless remote has 98 ft range and clearly marked keys and LED status light. Mode button lets sailors toggle through available pilot modes, and 2 dodge keys enable skipper to program turns by 1° or 10° increments. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Controls & Controllers

Rugged XMC Graphics Module combines low power, high performance.

April 20, 2015

Based on 3U VPX VPX3-716 Graphics Engine (AMD Radeon™ E8860 GPU-based display card), XMC-725 delivers multiple independent channels (up to 4 heads) of graphics output: DVI/LVDS/RGB-HV/DisplayPort™. Performance is optimized over -40 to +85°C basecard edge temperature, and 2 GB dedicated onboard memory supports demanding applications. Requiring <17 W, SWaP-optimized design eliminates need to throttle performance and unwanted shutdowns. Applications may only require as little as 10 W draw. Read More

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Universal industrial Joystick Module controls unmanned vehicles.

April 16, 2015

Available for fixed and portable air/ground/surface control stations, IP66 uHMI-Pod™ motion controller provides absolute or relative positioning. Switch components can be reconfigured/reprogrammed to meet system level control requirements, while standards-based USB and RS422/RS485 interfaces, OS independence, and multi-platform adaptability lend to application versatility. Rugged and interoperable pilot/operator control module is reusable and allows hundreds of possible combinations.
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Controls & Controllers, HVAC

Electronic Temperature Control protects electronics from heat.

April 16, 2015

Available for Dual Cabinet Cooler® Systems installed on large or high heat load enclosures, ETC will keep enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Systems are available in cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/Hr and produce 20°F air to eliminate high temperature malfunctions. Digital LED readout displays temperature of electrical enclosure, then displays user temperature setting when pressing Push-to-Set button. When that setting is exceeded, Cabinet Cooler System is activated. Read More

Controls & Controllers, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Miniature Pressure Regulators come in multiple configurations.

April 14, 2015

MAR-1 Series includes relieving designs, which maintain constant pressure output even when downstream conditions change, as well as non-relieving designs, which do not automatically compensate for changes in downstream flow or pressure. Supporting flows to 5 scfm, series does not vent to atmosphere. Output pressure can increase due to downstream event, and multiple adjustment options are available. Configurations include #10–32, M5, 1/8 in. NPT, R1/8, G1/8, and cartridge mount. Read More

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GaN Bias Controller/Sequencer offers protection, dynamic control.

April 10, 2015

Used for fixed and pulsed negative gate biasing, MABC-001000-DP000L provides proper gate voltage and pulsed drain voltage biasing for DUT. Module also provides bias sequencing to ensure pulsed drain voltage cannot be applied to DUT unless negative gate bias voltage is present. Along with protection and dynamic control, features include target total switch transition time of ≤500 nsec, open drain output current of ≤200 mA for external MOSFET switch drive, and gate bias output current of ≤50 mA. Read More

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Secure Microcontrollers feature integrated NFC.

April 10, 2015

Based on 250 MHz ARM® Cortex™ M3 processor with advanced power management, StrataGX BCM58100 MCUs protect sensitive consumer data from threats at physical and network layer. BroadSAFE™ architecture offers tamper protection and encryption as well as secure storage and processing of card information and biometric user data. Compliant with FIPS, microcontrollers integrate NFC for tap-to-access, tap-to-pair, and tap-to-pay applications, including mPOS terminals, home automation, and IoT products. Read More

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Automated Bell System increases accuracy via IoT functionality.

April 9, 2015

Targeting organizations that use bells to indicate class/shift changes or breaks, Netbell™ is built on TCP/IP platform and can be installed anywhere in network without requiring direct PC connection. Built-in web server lets users access, control, and schedule bells over Internet, and bell schedules can also be imported using text CSV format. Web-based interface does not require any programming or additional software, and internal clock synchs with NTP server for precise timekeeping. Read More

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Turbidity Sensor performs laboratory-quality measurements.

April 9, 2015

Suitable for process water filtration and other industrial process turbidity conditions, Turbimax CUS52D measures turbidity from 0.000–4000 NTU with accuracy of 2% of measurement ±0.01 NTU at process temperatures from -4 to 185°F with detection limit of 0.0015 NTU. Sensor uses 90° light scattering principle in accordance with ISO 7027 standard. Available in immersion, flow cell, and inline versions, Turbimax CUS52D has hygienic design and operates at pressures up to 145 psi. Read More