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Servo Feed Control integrates compensation technology.

August 13, 2015

ProfileSelect™ incorporates press compensation servo feed control technology, which features 3 modes of operation. Control provides time-based servo feed synchronization and auto compensation for on-the-fly press speed increases, and functionality also minimizes electrical and mechanical stress on stamping equipment and materials. Utilizing 100% of press feed window, sinusoidal profile (cam motion) provides smooth motion and material feed. Read More

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Vibratory Feeder Controller and Line Reactor reduce downtime.

December 22, 2014

Used together or as stand-alone products, REOVIB MFS 268 EtherNet-IP variable-frequency regulator series and CNW 9022 Line Reactor let vibratory feeder users integrate office and lab areas with production operations; enable remote feeder system monitoring/adjustments from one control center; and solve power quality problems. REOVIB MFS 268 is available with DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, or RS232 interfaces, and CNW 9022 provides built-in surge protection to deal with industry-pervasive issues. Read More

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Blank Feeder features fully automated tooling change.

December 12, 2014

Based on CompactTransfer and designed for blanks up to 4,100 x 2,100 mm, HighSpeedTransfer (HST) employs linear servo technology and comes with press simulation software that determines safest, most efficient travel curve. At 6 m distance between press centers, up to 15 strokes/min are feasible. Respectively, theoretical max acceleration for horizontal and vertical axis is 25 adn 15 m/sec². Unit fastens to press frame in travel direction, and all modules mount above floor.
Read More

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Spray Dispenser maximizes uptime via continuous operation.

July 12, 2013

Intended for continuously operating machinery, auto-fill spray dispenser uses alternating reservoirs in controlled sequence to attain always-on status. Fully automated unit provides constant source of pressurized fluid. When one reservoir is pressurized and dispensing, other reservoir is depressurized and refilled to eliminate need for attendant and periodic shutdowns. PLC controlled dispenser utilizes gallon reservoirs, which provide adequate refill time even under heavy spray conditions. Read More

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Multi-Substrate Presses offer varying degrees of automation.

June 3, 2013

Serving label, flexible packaging, and converting markets, EF multi-substrate presses include 3 versions designed to accommodate unique application requirements. Standard EF press offers automation package with iControl, Crisp.Dot, Gearless Tooling, Short Web, Multi Drive, and Job Memory. EF-APC adds to automation with print sleeve settings, slide-out ink drawers, and Dynamic Print Control. Additionally, EF-APC Advanced adds Automatic Print Control on print gap (substrate related). Read More

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Touchscreen Feeder Controller supports up to 16 devices.

March 16, 2012

Designed for management of up to 16 gravimetric screw feeders, weighfeeders, and mass flow meters, DISOCONT® MASTER Touch Group Controller is suited for processes where multiple feeders are controlled or monitored from single workplace, at a specific ratio as part of overall group setpoint. Unit offers recipe management, measurement value selection, and ability to display, analyze, and acknowledge events. Control can be packaged in panel, wall, or pedestal mount IP65, NEMA 4 type enclosure. Read More

Controls & Controllers

Group Manager Feeder Controller offers touchscreen operation.

March 8, 2012

Designed for management of up to 16 gravimetric screw feeders, weighfeeders, and mass flow meters, DISOCONT® MASTER Touch Group Controller offers touchscreen operation and recipe management. Functionality lets users display, analyze, and acknowledge events; reset totalizing counter; select measurement value; and interlock feeders in group. Offered in panel-, wall-, or pedestal-mount IP65/NEMA 4 type enclosure, controller supports Fieldbus, language translation, and batch reporting options. Read More

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Intermittent Pilot Ignition Controls are offered as OEM replacements.

August 31, 2011

Suitable for intermittent pilot boilers, furnaces, and other heating appliances, Models ICM295 and ICM296 replace Carrier LH33WZ510 and LH33WZ512 ignition controls, while Models ICM2901 and ICM2902 replace JCI G770RJA-1 and G776RGD-14 ignition controls. Each offers microprocessor-based precision and compatibility with both liquid propane and natural gas. Model ICM295 is a continuous spark unit, while other 3 offer 100% safety lockout feature. Read More

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Weigh Feeder Control Module offers easy installation and set-up.

August 22, 2011

Mounting directly into Allen-Bradley® MicroLogix(TM) 1500 or CompactLogix(TM) chassis, Model HI 1769-FC supports Add-on Profile (AOP) set-up for installation and programming. Device controls augers, vibratory and belt-based feeders, as well as proprietary feeder designs and features true 5-point automatic rate calibration, automatic feeder refill, and various alarms including rate tolerance and disturbance. INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® feature provides system diagnostics and troubleshooting. Read More

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Hydraulically Driven Lubricator works with construction/off-highway equipment.

August 8, 2011

Reducing need for manual maintenance, SKF Hydraulic Driven Lubricator automatically lubricates construction and off-highway equipment attachments using integrated pump driven by hydraulic oil itself. Integral pump feeds proper lubricant in appropriate amount at right time, and delivery rates can be adjusted or reset to meet operating requirements. Installed directly on attachment, unit performs ideally with chisel paste and helps increase machine availability as well as worker safety. Read More

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Boiler Controllers promote safe and efficient operation.

September 9, 2010

Matching boiler house performance and operating requirements, Electronic Steam Boiler Controllers feature enclosure that allows chassis, panel, or DIN rail mounting. Commissioning is carried out entirely using front panel keypad and software menu, and LC3050/LP30 low level alarm system is approved for SIL2 and SIL3 applications. IR inter-controller communication capability and remote RS485 read only access to controller settings and parameters. Read More

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Loss-in-Weight Rate Controller suits variety of feeders.

March 2, 2009

Suited for auger, belt, and vibratory-based feeders, compact, single-feeder, closed-loop HI 4060 converts them from volumetric to gravimetric. It provides analog output to control feeder speed and adjusts this signal based on required rate at which feeder is losing weight. Features include embedded web server, true five-point automatic rate calibration, automatic feeder refill, various alarms including rate tolerance and disturbance, and RS 232 printer or scoreboard display port. Read More

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Separator System eliminates need for separate feeder/hopper.

June 2, 2008

Feed-Vac Vibro-Energy Separator System combines functions of conveying, storage, feeding, and screening of dry materials into one unit. It includes Vibro-Energy Separator with ability to size product into 2 to 5 fractions, combined with Accu-Feed System conical storage bin that has adjustable feed controller. Final component is adaptable vacuum conveying system capable of transporting dry powder or granule products through dedicated pipe system to Accu-Feed and separator. Read More

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Press Automation System features 50 job storage recipes.

March 17, 2005

Model DPPlus basic integrates 4 die protection inputs, 8 programmable limit switches, brake monitor with brake test, motion detection, and job storage into an encoder-based package. Unit mounts in NEMA enclosure or in existing panel. Features include: batch, part, and stroke counters; alpha/numeric user programmed names; speed compensation; password protection; and press position display. Read More

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Lubrication System uses infrared photo sensor.

September 10, 2004

Infrared Lubrication System is equipped with solid-state PLC, 3-way solenoid valve, bank of PurgeX® pumps, power supply, and NEMA 12 enclosure. Independent pump operation allows individual adjustment of flow to each lube point from 0-.012 cu in./cycle. Clear, polycarbonate, ½ gal reservoir, with hinged top lid, feeds system and allows for visual confirmation of fluid level. System is suitable for -15 to +180°F applications. Standard systems are available with 1-12 pumps. Read More

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Monitor provides press and die protection.

September 17, 2002

Press Attendant integrated automation and monitoring system combines die protection, tonnage monitoring, programmable limit switches, and brake monitoring into resolver-based package. Functions protect press investments by automating and alerting operator of any problems before press or die becomes damaged. Additional features include motion detect, job storage, counters, speed compensation, timed outputs, and reverse tonnage. Read More

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Lubrication System is designed for metal stamping industry.

November 13, 2001

Using precision spray valves and low volume low pressure (LVLP) air, MicroCoat coats stock with fine, even film of oil without dry spots or dripping. It provides constant, uniform coverage, yet allows amount of oil applied to be changed instantly if compensation for tool wear or metal pickup is required. Spray valves fit inside press between stock feed and die. Valve operation is regulated from outside press. Read More

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