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Mass Flow Controllers support rates to 1,000 slm.

March 5, 2015

Respectively offering full scale flow rate capabilities to 250, 500, and 1,000 slm, I-250/-500/-1000 provide mass flow control for large-scale production processes. These products, available as MFCs and MFMs, carry IP66 rating. Along with digital mass flow control electronics, features include thermal sensor and mechanical design that provide 1% of setpoint accuracy and precise control for full scale flow rates. Multi-gas/multi-range capability is enabled via onboard Ethernet interface. Read More

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Mass Flow Controllers serve semiconductor, LED applications.

August 6, 2014

High-purity GF101 as well as ultra high-purity GF121 and GF126 deliver accuracy and response time suited for gas flow control in semiconductor and LED manufacturing processes. Designed for process applications that include high-flow purge, epitaxial, and blanket gas control, these controllers provide flow rates up to 300 slpm N2 equivalent. Multiple digital and analog I/O interface options support various communication protocols, and readout screens rotate 180° to facilitate viewing. Read More

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Mass Flow Controller operates in harsh environments.

February 14, 2014

Part of IN-FLOWCTA Series for industrial applications, Model T23 works on basis of direct through-flow measurement, following constant temperature anemometry principle. Unit features direct operating valve that can cope with high gas flow rates and has max flow control range of 12–600 ln/min. Available with both analog I/O signals and RS232 connection as standard, controller also supports integration of interface board with DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus, or FLOW-BUS protocol. Read More

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Mass Flow/Pressure Controllers have flexible dual-valve design.

January 24, 2014

MCD Series offers user-selectable control modes that allow users to switch between mass flow, volumetric flow, and absolute pressure measurement and control for flexibility during laboratory use. With dedicated inlet valve and dedicated exhaust valve, single unit can control upstream and downstream flows as well as positive pressure or backpressure in both open and closed systems. Full scale mass flow rates are available from ±0.5 sccm to ±3,000 slpm.
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Thermal Mass Flow Controller features 5.28 in. length.

July 19, 2013

Used for gas flow rates up to 300 slpm, GF81 has all-metal seal flow path that allows handling of almost any gas – including corrosive and hazardous gases. Minimized footprint and power draw enables design of smaller, more efficient systems; sensor fosters stable, accurate, and repeatable mass flow measurement; and digital and analog I/O options offer range of communication protocols. MFC suits high-flow applications in thin film, solar, analytical, biotech, and fuel cell applications.
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Mass Flow Meters/Controllers helps conserve expensive gases.

May 6, 2013

Based on laminar flow technology, Whisper series meets needs of process industries with systems using low pressure differentials or exotic gases. Flow body design and sensor achieve differential pressure range of .01–2.0 psid, depending on flow rate/configuration. Compatible with 30 field-selectable gases and gas mixes, products operate standalone or integrated into process control instrumentation. In addition to mass flow, single device measures pressure, temperature, and volumetric flow. Read More

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Mass Flow Controller aids semiconductor manufacturers.

April 30, 2013

Insensitive to pressure transients, Model GF135 provides real-time integral rate-of-decay flow measurement. Data can be used to optimize accuracy at critical low-flow set points, set up alarm limits for critical performance parameters, and monitor trends for predictive maintenance. With advanced diagnostic capabilities that verify accuracy, check valve leak-by, and monitor sensor drift, semiconductor manufacturers can maintain uniformity in etch profiles and critical dimensions. Read More

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Mass Flow Controllers are IP66-rated for harsh environments.

April 23, 2013

Designed to resist liquid/dust ingress, I-Series Mass Flow Controllers are general purpose, metal or elastomer-sealed instruments available with analog or digital I/O. Digital flow control electronics and patented thermal sensor provide 1% set point accuracy and precise flow control for full scale flow rates from 5 sccm to 50 slm or 100–250 slm, depending on model. Multi-gas/multi-range capability, enabled through onboard Ethernet interface, lets user change device gas and range. Read More

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Mass Flow Controllers offer multi-gas, multi-range solution.

July 19, 2012

Featuring digital control architecture, P-Series/G-Series MFCs use embedded web browser application for changes in gas type and full scale flow. P-Series models, with full scale ranges from 5 sccm to 240 slm, are suited for critical mass flow applications. With integral pressure transducer, units offer pressure insensitive capabilities that maintain tight flow control in event of upstream pressure disturbance. G-Series models are intended for applications where 10 sccm to 50 slm FS range is required. Read More

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Mass Flow Meter includes direct-acting control valve.

April 12, 2012

Equipped with Frictionless-Hovering Valve Technology(TM) featuring shut-off capability, SmartTrak® 100 provides stable gas mass flow control. High pressure meter utilizes inherently linear Laminar Flow Element and advanced platinum sensor technology. User can independently adjust calibration in field for any of 10 pre-programmed Dial-A-Gas® gases. With Pilot Module control/readout interface, user can view and adjust critical control functions at any time. Read More

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Flow Totalizer can be used as monitor or controller.

February 28, 2012

Aalborg®'s TIO totalizer can be used as monitor for GFM and AFM flow meters or as controller with GFCs and AFCs. It converts analog mass flow meters and controllers into precision digital units via RS 232 or RS 485 interfaces (multi-drop capacity up to 64 devices). Two fully independent programmable totalizers allow up to 9 digit total readings and are updated every 100 msec. Totalizer can be used with third party devices with 0-5 Vdc / 4-20 mA inputs and outputs. Read More

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Thermal Mass Flow Controllers offer sub 1 sec settling times.

January 19, 2012

Offering configurable platform based on modular architecture, Models GF40/GF80 are suited for gas flow measurement and control applications. Units feature corrosion-resistant Hastalloy sensor tube for stability, independent diagnostic/service port, and valve technology that provides minimum leak-by and maximum turndown. MultiFlo(TM) technology gives users ability to reconfigure controllers for new gas and range without removing device from gas line. Read More

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Pressure Reactor has operating temperature of -80 to +200°C.

August 24, 2010

Designed for applications where elevated pressures are required, Atlas Potassium Pressure System offers glass vessels ranging from 100 mL to 3 L which can be changed in less than 1 min. Controlled automatically or manually, PED/ASME compliant, modular 3 bar pressure reactor features burst disc and pressure relief valve for safety. Operation modes include manual pressure control, automatic pressure maintenance, pressure control with mass flow monitoring, mass flow control, and off gas monitoring. Read More

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Mass Flow Controllers accommodate FS flow rate to 55 slpm.

August 20, 2010

Modular and user-programmable, ultra-high purity GF Series employs MultiFlo(TM) technology that facilitates reprogramming of gas and full scale (FS) range in less than 30 sec without removal from gas line. Accuracy is optimized via application of gas modeling and compensation for non-ideal/non-linear gases. Along with flow settling times from 300 msec to 1 sec, controllers feature all-metal flow path, NO or NC valves, and multiple communication protocols. Read More

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Coriolis Flow Meter/Controller have 30 kg/hr capacity.

April 22, 2009

Offering integrated PID control and close-coupled control valves or pumps, mini CORI-FLOW® suits applications in both liquid and gas flow. Unit provides analogue and RS-232 communication, optional fieldbus interfaces, alarms, totalizer to measure fluid consumption, and batch dosing, and features fluid temperature and density as secondary digital outputs. Available with IP65 weatherproof housing, it is ATEX Cat.3 Zone 2 approved for use in hazardous areas. Read More

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Mass Flow Controller features self-diagnostic routines.

April 6, 2009

Built on standard 1.125 in. wide platform with user interface and local digital display, B-Series is designed to be insensitive to fluctuations in pressure and temperature. It actively measures line pressure and adjusts control valve, and has output characterized over full operating temperature range of device. Employing self-diagnostic routines, unit alerts user with alarm code in event of diagnostic fault, and also features service port for additional diagnostic capability. Read More

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Mass Flow Controller offers stainless steel flange mounting.

February 2, 2009

With accuracy of ±1% of FS and repeatability of ±0.2% of FS, Max-Trak® Model 180 + Flanges is available with 316 stainless steel (ANSI or DIN) flange mounting for gas flow rates up to 1,000 SLPM (pipe sizes up to 1 in.). It features linear design, platinum sensor technology, and can communicate to user workstation via RS-232, RS-485, or one of 4 analog signals. NEMA 6/IP67 rated unit suits applications including metals and ceramics manufacturing and chemical processing. Read More

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Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are RoHS compliant.

April 9, 2008

Featuring digital communications via built-in RS-232 protocol, Model 4800 Mass Flow Meter/Controller allows users to provide setpoint and receive process value, select one of 9 gases for calibration curve, access valve override function, and access re-zero function. Optional downport connection allows for top mounting to facilitate maintenance and installation while also offering space savings because there is no point-to-point tubing necessary. Read More

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Readout and Control Units suit mass flow meters/controllers.

July 11, 2007

BRIGHT Series offers local indication and operation, flow rate in actual values/percentage, fluid selection, setpoint, counter, and alarms. Modules are designed for lab-style instruments and for instruments with IP65 housing. Communication between such instruments and product is established over RS-232 digital communication port. OLED display technology offers bright and wide angle visibility. Units can be mounted directly on instrument, adjacent wall/panel, or instrument's pipework. Read More

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Mass Flow Controller optimizes source gas utilization.

November 6, 2006

Low Pressure πMFC offers precise control of gas flows from 1-20 sccm over wide pressure range with source gas delivery pressure as low as 4 torr. Controller can be configured for different primary implant gases such as arsine, phosphine, and boron trifluoride, and valve and sensor designs offer zero stability and accuracy for all flow conditions. Targeted for semiconductor ion implant applications, MFC footprint and control I/O are compatible with existing gas lines. Read More