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Mass Flowmeters/Controllers feature gas composition firmware.

November 14, 2014

Alicat mass flowmeters and flow controllers come with Gas Select v5.0, which includes COMPOSER utility for programming and directly storing up to 20 gas compositions; users can define gas compositions to 0.01% for each of up to 5 constituent gases. Library offers up to 130 preloaded full gas calibrations, referenced to NIST Prop 9, and utility for defining mixed gas is also included. Solution also provides gas mixes commonly used in various industries.
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Modular LNG/LPG Inert Gas Systems offer configurable design.

October 3, 2014

Smit LNG/LPG systems feature modular design comprising 4 main components: generator, cooler, chiller, dryer unit. Use of water as intermittent heat transfer medium between chiller and cooler creates stable heat transfer under all load conditions, and dryer unit is redundant and provides additional security. Via 2Touch controller, any aspect of system is available in 2 touches of screen. Ultramizing® combustion system ensures low-oxygen-level inert gas without any soot formation. Read More

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Gas Distribution and Management System ensures failsafe supply.

February 13, 2014

Designed to automatically switch between two high-pressure, high-flow gases without interruption, 544 Series IntelliSwitch IIv provides interchangeable service and continuous supply in demanding environments. Switching is actuated as inlet pressure falls below user-defined point by means of web interface or serial port. Housed in NEMA 4 enclosure with Cv of 1.0 and ½ in. porting, system is compatible with all inert nonflammable gases at pressures up to 4,500 psig. Read More

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Airflow Controller optimizes fan testing.

August 9, 2013

Supporting fans and fan trays up to 30 A, FSC-200 Fan Speed Controller provides precise management of fan speeds during thermal management studies of electronic devices. Unit comes with ATS stageSPEED software, which allows use of PC to incrementally control speed from 0–100% of max power. Communicating with PC via USB connection, FSC-200 controls fans and fan trays with 0.5% resolution and provides ±1% data accuracy. Read More

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Room Controller targets critical care environments.

June 11, 2013

Featuring Safety Halo™ edge lighting and Action Icons, Model FMS1655 provides critical care facilities with ability to completely evacuate airborne contaminates and infections through Clean Cycle feature. Automated and programmable cycle can be engaged for predefined amount of time at which point exhaust valve is fully opened to allow for evacuation of air. Cyan colored display and flashing cyan Safety Halo alerts personnel that room is being cleansed and displays count-down time to completion. Read More

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Gas Delivery Systems Controller has 10.4 in. color touchscreen.

April 11, 2013

Incorporating microprocessor that accelerates screen updates, GASGUARD® AP11 ensures uninterrupted gas supply while in service and provides smart indicators that facilitate troubleshooting. Options for redundancy include dual power supply and Auto Recovery System (ARS) with second microprocessor. Compatible with Air Products Global Communications System (GCS), controller is designed for safe and reliable, 24/7 operation and supports additional capacity via modularity.
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Ventilation Control System improves IAQ, decreases VOCs.

April 3, 2012

VCS Ventilation Control System improves residential indoor air quality (IAQ) by introducing fresh air through intake damper, controlled by VCS MCU logic panel, and decreasing VOCs. Meeting ASHRAE 62.2 standard requirements, this fresh air control system is designed for facilitated installation and offers single-adjustment setup. Status LEDs and Damper Closed override switch are standard, and options are available for exhaust fan control and remote Damper Open override. Read More

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CE-Compliant Temperature Control minimizes compressed air use.

April 15, 2011

ETC(TM) Cabinet Cooler® System maintains temperature in electrical enclosure at constant level, slightly under max rating of electronics, to keep them cool while conserving compressed air. Equipped with digital LED readout that displays enclosure temperature, control activates circulation of 20°F air to prevent electronics malfunction when user temperature setting is exceeded. Automatic drain filter separator keeps moisture in compressed air out of electrical enclosure. Read More

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Digital Pressure Controller provides ±3% full range accuracy.

February 25, 2011

Featuring 6 user-selectable pressure units and 3-color LED display, Series MDPC provides pressure ranges from -100 to 100 kPa or -100 to 1,000 kPa with NPN, PNP, analog voltage, or current output control modes. Parameter copy function enables parameters to be copied to other MDPC pressure controllers, while key lock mode prevents unnecessary changes to parameters. Controller is suited for high-tech electronics, food packaging, and automatic assembly applications. Read More

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Enclosure Air Purge Controller uses digital mass flow sensor.

January 20, 2011

Featuring solid state design, ePurge X automates purge and pressurization functions. Controller uses digital mass flow sensor to monitor flow rate of purge gas through enclosure. Along with differential pressure, this flow value allows ePurge X to provide data on instrument air consumption by specifying exact demand that will keep enclosure safely pressurized without wasting utilities. Unit includes status indicator LEDs, USB interface, and key-operated override switch. Read More

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Gas Management System offers continuous pressure, flow control.

January 14, 2011

Intended for systems using liquid can or high-pressure cylinder sources, automatic 642 Series IntelliSwitch II(TM) features onboard web server with embedded software for remote diagnostics and real-time process control. Control can be selected manually via button or remotely with I-LINK(TM) communication, and software logic can help lower gas usage by eliminating liquid can vent loss and excess residual return. Suited for process and metal fabrication industries, system comes in NEMA-4 cabinet. Read More

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Flow Controllers deliver effective compressed air storage.

October 8, 2008

With system capacities for 250-12,600 scfm, Kaeser Flow Controllers accumulate compressed air in receivers and deliver only air needed for production. They respond to fluctuating demand, and actively maintain constant system pressure downstream. Stored compressed air can be used to satisfy air demand spikes without pressure drop at point of use. Units can be installed in new or existing systems without reconfiguring existing piping. Read More

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VAV Controller helps maintain tight flow accuracies.

April 29, 2005

TALON Predator Single Duct/Dual Duct Low Flow Controller is suited for flow ranges between 150-1,200 fpm, with tightest accuracy below 400 fpm. It provides quiet operation to eliminate occupant white noise. Variable air volume controller is suited for critical environments in hospitals, laboratories, industrial buildings, and medical offices where highly accurate building control is required. Read More

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Gas Management System delivers continuous supply.

December 3, 2004

IntelliSwitch(TM) electronic gas delivery system features smart operation for universal input compatibility. Microprocessor-controlled automatic switchover system incorporates software technology for selection of most efficient gas mode and reduction of residual gas returns. Push of one button allows for interchangeable service from high-pressure cylinders to cryogenic liquid cans. Product records data, enabling user to monitor process activity from remote sources. Read More

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Process Control monitors air usage of atomizers.

September 10, 2004

Utilizing closed-loop module, AirTronic provides continuous, precise monitoring and control of air volume set points for rotary atomizers, air atomizers, and powder pumps. It accommodates independent and slave modes by incorporating 2 channels per module and 2 modes of operation. AirTronic provides production monitoring through standard lpm display units at module or remote location. It offers fault detection via warning codes on LED display. Read More

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Air Volume Controller responds to supply air temperature.

August 2, 2004

TALON® Predator® Variable Air Volume controller features thermal control sequence that automatically adjusts air flow to maintain cooling as supply air temperature changes. It facilitates DX cooling zone control by eliminating room temperature disturbance due to frequent cycling of DX systems. Varying supply temperature causes adjustment of air flow rate in response to supply temperature as well as to room temperature. Read More

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Multiple Protocol Controller suits critical environments.

July 19, 2004

With 25 µsec scan rate, 1 Mb Flash memory, and 1 Mb RAM, microprocessor-based Envirotrak® IV controls equipment and processes used to maintain room temperature, pressure, humidity, airflow, or any combination of the above. It supports BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, and N2 protocols and incorporates up to 48 I/O control points. Product may be programmed to scan each individual point in any sequence without imposing limits on application or number of downloadable graphic programs. Read More

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Air System Controller is available for vacuum units.

March 12, 2004

Sigma Air Manager combines benefits of industrial PC with integrated Internet capabilities for compressed air system monitoring and control. Master controller maintains consistent pressure band control and provides tools to manage any system in real-time. With in-depth air demand analysis, air system data is available from any location through HTML reports. Controller, capable of managing 3-16 machines, monitors, sequences, and analyzes air system performance. Read More

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VAV Actuator provides open protocol control.

October 27, 2003

Predator® VAV Actuator integrates LonMark® certfied VAV controller in OpenAir direct-coupled damper actuator designed for 3-position floating control. Unit provides control of pressure-independent, single duct VAV/CV zone boxes. Preprogrammed control logic is configurable for variety of applications, including cooling or heating, fan, occupancy, and lighting control. Read More

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Gas Ignition Controls simplify HVAC applications.

July 31, 2003

Fully integrated controls feature PC board platforms that can be designed to perform discrete (heat only) or multiple (heating and cooling) functions. Offered as direct spark and hot surface ignition systems, controls use plug-in style connectors and can include outputs that drive other accessories. Hardware- and software-configurable controls are UL/CSA/CE approved. Read More