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Torque and Automation Control eliminates potential variations.

January 21, 2015

Designed for automation and robotic fastening applications, SD-Series provides digital adjustable torque setting, variable torque and speed control, and multiple I/O options for integration with PLCs and other line control techniques. Built-in screw counter prevents screw-fastening errors and detects cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns, and cycle incompletes. Electric screwdrivers, featuring Swiss Maxon brushless motor technology, range from 0.08–13 lb-in. Read More

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Torque Controller maintains constant web tension.

February 19, 2014

Suitable for applications in which precise tension control is not essential, EasyWeb™ Open-Loop Torque Controller provides taper tension to center-driven rewind or unwind operations. Web tension is regulated by controlling motor or brake torque based on varying levels of roll diameter. EasyWeb™ can accept signals from direct diameter sensor or calculate diameter using line and roll speed signals. With bright OLED display, user interface enables viewing in any light and from any angle. Read More

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Torque Controller regulates 3-phase DC motors.

July 24, 2013

Offered as single-module solution, PW-82530N0 precisely regulates current in motor windings of 3-phase brushless DC motors. Torque loop controller provides complementary 4-quadrant operation, accommodating applications requiring precise current regulation/holding torque at zero input command. Capable of operating from -40 to +100°C, this product features 7% linearity, 3% current regulating accuracy, and 10 A output current. Read More

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Hybrid Torque Control System provides precision operation.

September 27, 2010

Accommodating assembly industry demands for repeatable, cell-based torque driver, HD Series uses both air and electric power to set and control torque. Pneumatic pressure sensor and algorithm enables precision digital torque selection, while brushless DC motor provides repeatable torque control. Adjustable torque and parameter settings occur with one touch on front panel or via PLC signal. Torque control system also features built-in error proofing data and screw counter. Read More

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Precision Assembly Tools cover torque from 1-400 Nm.

December 15, 2003

QE Series dc electric tools incorporate user-oriented ergonomic designs and motors that employ resolver-based commutation and sine drive. Series platform includes angle, inline, and custom configurations. Insight(TM) torque management controllers include digital communication links, tool recognition, and advanced algorithms and torque strategies. Read More

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Integrated Servomotor incorporates Modbus® protocol.

December 10, 2003

SilverMax® combines motor, controller, driver, and encoder and allows register mapping between SilverMax and Modbus hosts such as PLCs, HMIs, and PCs. Multi-tasking ability allows application program to run while registers are being read and modified by Modbus host. Third-party products such as AnyBus® can be used to attach to Fieldbus networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, or Ethernet. Read More

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Controller handles up to 250 DDC-100 field units.

September 15, 2003

Limitorque Master Station II plug-and-play solution provides real-time status of field units through continuous cyclical polling. Touch panel provides network status, actuator status, and control of all actuators on network as well as valve emergency shutdown. Design includes built-in webserver with options for actuator control. Control unit is offered in rack enclosure, mountable enclosure, or standalone cabinet enclosure. Read More

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Torque Module produces output rotation in either direction.

July 17, 2002

MTC Motorized Torque Control system is available in models from 50 to 200 kN. It has servo motor, encoder, torque transducer, output shaft, and electronic controller. Signature analysis technology monitors force and position during test and creates electronic signature. System compares each subsequent test to signature. Tests can be conducted during assembly operation. Read More

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