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Programmable Safety Controller features Boolean logic.

December 23, 2014

Featuring expandable design for assembly applications, Model XS26-2 monitors numerous input devices, including e-stop buttons, rope pulls, interlocked guards/gates, optical sensors, and safety mats. Base controller offers 26 inputs and 2 dual safety outputs, allowing user to connect safety devices to single controller instead of multiple relay modules. Supplied in 45 x 110 mm DIN rail housing, controller accepts up to 8 optional expansion modules to monitor up to 128 I/O devices. Read More

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Controller and I/O Modules operate in harsh environments.

November 25, 2014

Comprising controller and I/O modules, X20c series is constructed to handle all environmental conditions. Coating on electronics module protects components and circuit board from effects of condensation and corrosive gases with effectiveness checked against BMW GS 95011-4 and EN 60068-2-6 test method 4. Functionally compatible with existing models, series operates from -25 to +60°C and features certification for maritime applications from Germanischer Lloyd. Read More

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HMI+PLC Unit offers extensive analog capability.

November 11, 2014

Combining operator interface and control in single package, all programmable with PC-based software, FT1A Touch 14 I/O provides up to 158 discrete and analog input and outputs using FT1A controllers as Remote I/O slaves. Unit features PID control, Ethernet communications, and built-in 3.8 in. touchscreen HMI. Two-point built-in analog inputs accept 4–20 mA in addition to 0–10 Vdc, and 2 built-in analog outputs were added, each configurable as 0–10 Vdc or 4–20 mA. Read More

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Flexible Industrial IoT MCUs support variety of applications.

October 28, 2014

Based on ARM® Cortex®-M4F core, S6E2C series features 200 MHz operating frequency and supports diverse on-chip peripherals for HMIs and M2M communications. Dual-bank flash array allows seamless OTA in-application reprogramming, and architecture is optimized for efficient data movement with 16 kB flash accelerator, allowing zero wait state execution. Other features include 5 V I/O and up to 2MB flash and 256 KB SRAM memory with native 72 MHz access speed. Read More

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Drop-In Replacement Controllers offer expandable I/O capacity.

September 17, 2014

With footprint identical to original Bear Bones for mechanical drop-in replacement capability, P- Series Bear Bones Controllers include open-board controllers, specialty function expanders, and I/O expanders. Features include digital and analog I/O; CAN network communication via OptiCAN, J1939, and NMEA 2000; Modbus TCP over Ethernet; LCD; keypad; and RTC. DIO capabilities may be expanded by up to 31 plug-in I/O expanders, each providing another 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. Read More

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Industrial Relay Controllers feature LAN interface.

July 9, 2014

Providing both SPST and SPDT channels as well as digital input channels, IA-3721-E Series Controllers can be used as DHCP Servers or as Static IP devices, set via built-in web page. Devices support Dry-Contact inputs and outputs, and can serve as dual 32-bit event counters at input frequency rate up to 3 KHz, defined by software-controlled filter. Digital and Counter data may be logged by polling or by automatic report mechanism, initiated by Input Status change or time period. Read More

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Controllers with Integrated I/O support unlimited expansion.

June 10, 2014

As standard, X20 comes with 32 built-in digital and analog I/O channels and x86 processor. Integrated POWERLINK, standard Ethernet, CAN, RS232, and USB interfaces are also available. Compact controllers have integrated I/O, and I/O modules can be connected locally or remotely using cables. Controllers are available with 200 and 400 MHz CPU frequencies and, depending on variant, up to 256 MB RAM and 16 kB nonvolatile onboard RAM. Built-in flash drive with up to 4 GB is also available. Read More

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I/O Controllers suit embedded machine control applications.

May 29, 2014

Using distributed input/output architecture, SuperIOr™ Controllers support complex control and interlock strategies that require high-speed distributed I/O. Units can simultaneously manage up to 1,000 inputs and outputs with sub-ms response times. Composed of Master Control Module™ connected to network of Remote Interface Modules™, systems can operate under control of customer-supplied supervisory host computer, or autonomously as system computer for entire machine. Read More

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Electronic Controller suits mobile hydraulic applications.

May 28, 2014

Offering 4 PWM driver outputs with closed-loop current control, Model RC4-5 compensates for changes in voltage and resistance. Adjustable parameters for solenoid current, linearization, and PWM frequency adapt RC4-5 to variety of 12 and 24 V electro-proportional components. Sensors may be directly connected to controller, while 2 CAN bus channels offer communication gateways to joysticks, displays, and engines. With 80 MHz, 32-bit processor, RC4-5 can handle multiple simultaneous control tasks. Read More

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Multifunctional I/O Controller meets diverse task requirements.

April 9, 2014

Suited for level, temperature, humidity, pressure control tasks, IA-3340-U has two 16-bit analog input channels, 2 digital input channels, and 2 relays. Stable and noise-free current and voltage input device, based on Delta Sigma Technology, offer reading accuracy of 0.1% and reading rate of ~6 readings/sec. Powered and controlled via USB port, controller can be used both as 2 elementary level comparators with preset level for each channel or slave device controlled by host PC or PLC. Read More

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Industrial 96-Channel DIO Controller has LAN (TCP/IP) interface.

January 23, 2014

Ethernet relay board IA-2662-E is equipped with LAN (TCP/IP) interface firmware that enables control over single board or group of boards at once to facilitate efficient computer control via Ethernet, local network, or wireless network. Assigned with IP address, board can be controlled and monitored via included software utility or open source code software examples. Self-contained solution includes onboard pluggable screw terminal blocks, Ethernet port, and local MCU. Read More

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Embedded Single-Chip PLC helps reduce development time.

January 7, 2014

Available in module, P-Series PLC on a Chip™ operates over -40 to 85°C range and can be added to any embedded application. Hardware features include Ethernet communications and Modbus TCP; serial communications, including Modbus master and slave; as well as counter/timer functionality. Other features include 164 DIO, up to eight 12-bit analog inputs and one 10-bit analog output, integrated real-time clock; SD card interface; SPI ports; quadrature counter; user memory; and 2 CAN ports.
Read More

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Distributed I/O System offers low parts variance.

November 22, 2013

Featuring scalable design, SIMATIC® ET 200MP I/O System includes digital I/O modules with short filtering times and analog modules with conversion times down to 125 µs for 8 channels. Digital modules offer IP20 protection and are scalable with self-assembling backplane bus. By guaranteeing clear assignment of module and front connector, mechanical slot coding system minimizes chance for incorrect wiring. One-to-one arrangement of modules and diagnostic LEDs clearly display operational status. Read More

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PLCs support discrete and analog I/O modules.

November 8, 2013

Using Terminator field I/O hardware, Do-more T1H Series supports up to 256 I/O points in 3 stackable rows. I/O Configuration window performs full auto-discovery of all I/O modules in local drop, simplifying system configuration. For larger applications, Ethernet-based remote I/O can be connected for hundreds of additional points. With built-in simulator, Do-more Designer software creates virtual PLC so logic can be tested without PLC present. Read More

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Modular I/O System suits large scale manufacturing plants.

October 11, 2013

Designed for harsh environments, iDCS-8000 Distributed I/O System communicates with controllers via various interfaces. I/O modules plugged into rack can be configured for single or redundant operations and can automatically update I/O data to communications modules. Hot-swapping allows for replacement of I/O cartridges without shutting down system, while auto configuration allows last settings to automatically configure replacement module. System also provides dual watchdogs and fault detection. Read More

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USB PCB Kit and Software support LDTC and PTC PCB models.

July 18, 2013

Expanding capabilities of Wavelength Electronics controllers, USBKIT and QuickConnect™ software support all LDTC integrated temperature and laser diode controllers as well as all PTC PCB-mount temperature control models. USBKIT provides computer control of output currents up to 12.5 A, while software provides intuitive virtual panel for control of laser diode driver, temperature controller, and auxiliary monitor as well as full graphing and datalogging of selected parameters. Read More

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Temperature Controller delivers finely tuned accuracy.

July 17, 2013

Pro Series provides 2 PID sets, enabling user to tune for accurate control for range of set points or various products with different thermal characteristics. Each unit offers 6 outputs, and up to 4 digital inputs are available as well as built-in profiler. This lets users better control processes with varied setpoints and stages. Special key can be customized with frequently used functions, making them available via one keystroke to negate lengthy programming and set up wizards. Read More

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I/O Scanners support PROFINET industrial networking platform.

May 8, 2013

With PACSystems RX3i I/O PROFINET Scanner, advanced I/O can be used as distributed intelligent node. PAC8000 allows rugged I/O to be used in extreme temperature and corrosive environments. Featuring IP67 rating, VersaMax IP can be bolted directly to equipment it controls. PROFINET ensures fast connectivity to GE’s PACSystems RXi/RX3i controllers and extensive range of I/O options, enabling scalable machine automation and distributed modular machine designs. Read More

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Distributed I/O System features modular, scalable design.

December 17, 2012

With Simatic ET 200MP, up to 30 I/O modules can be inserted into each station, each of which can comprise up to 32 channels. System features low parts variance and 35 mm wide front connector that is standardized for all modules. Thanks to standardized modular and diagnostic LEDs with direct 1:1 assignment of terminal and labeling, device retains clear structure, even when fully configured. Channel-specific diagnostics enable process errors to be identified unambiguously. Read More

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Miniature USB Relay Controller has 16 independent channels.

December 3, 2012

Model IA-2117-U features 16 independently wired relays, 4 of which are SPDT (Form C) and 12 are SPST (Form A), and 3 digital inputs. Measuring 9 in.², and 10 in.² in DIN-rail mounting version, device is USB powered and controlled. In addition, it includes dual watchdog protection circuit to manage communication. Supporting all OSs, intelligent relay I/O controller also has open code sample programs, USB drivers, and set-up utilities. Read More