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Graphics Display Controller delivers SWaP-optimized solution.

September 4, 2015

Offered in air- and conduction-cooled configurations, single-slot 3U VPX Display Controller combines VPX3-716 3U OpenVPX™ graphics display card with XMC-109 mezzanine SBC. VPX graphics processor incorporates AMD Embedded Radeon™ E8860 Adelaar GPU, while XMC-109 SBC includes 1.2 GHz Freescale™ dual-core QorIQ™ P2020 processor. Board set minimizes SWaP requirements when integrating 4 graphics display heads into embedded systems for aerospace and defense applications. Read More

Controls & Controllers

Scan System Control Board fosters industrial connectivity.

May 27, 2015

Placing RTC 4 Ethernet control board in laser marking machines eliminates need for integrated industrial PC. Driver installation is not required, and direct network connectivity eliminates cable-length restrictions. Spatially decoupling processing from control, board affords flexible control and operation, carried out over Ethernet, to enable production automation. Optional functionality can be activated for controlling third axis, processing moving objects, or controlling two scan heads. Read More

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MicroTCA.4 System suits data acquisition applications.

February 25, 2015

Intended for large control and data acquisition applications, NAT-MCH-PHYS80 addresses requirements for high bandwidth to both AMCs and rear transition slot of MCH as well as for optical and copper uplinks in PCIe-based MTCA.4 systems. Board provides PCIe bandwidth of 128 Gbps to local main CPU; supports cascading of MicroTCA.4 systems to increase number of PCIexpress slots to 24, 36, 48, etc; and provides external PCIexpress access via 128 Gbps optical or copper uplinks. Read More

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Controller and I/O Modules operate in harsh environments.

November 25, 2014

Comprising controller and I/O modules, X20c series is constructed to handle all environmental conditions. Coating on electronics module protects components and circuit board from effects of condensation and corrosive gases with effectiveness checked against BMW GS 95011-4 and EN 60068-2-6 test method 4. Functionally compatible with existing models, series operates from -25 to +60°C and features certification for maritime applications from Germanischer Lloyd. Read More

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Video Board supports applications up to 4K and UHD.

September 12, 2014

Able to play out 4K (4,096 x 2,160) material at frame rate up to 120 fps while retaining full RGB 10-bit color depth, R&S PRIOS is suited for high-end presentations, quality checking, dome projections, and motion rides. For 4K at 60 fps, board can also output RGB 4:4:4 with 12 bits per color component, so even finer color graduations can be displayed. Supported formats require data rates of over 4 GBps. To transfer these to video card, R&S PRIOS has 2nd generation PCIe x16 interface. Read More

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Microcontroller Development Board includes GPS/GNSS receiver.

December 30, 2013

Based on 100 MHz, 32-bit RISC with 16 KB I-Cache and 2 KB D-Cache, NavSpark includes IEEE-754 compliant floating point unit, 1 MB flash memory, and 212 KB SRAM. NavSpark-BD model has GPS/Beidou receiver onboard for smartphone manufacturers, while NavSpark-GL includes GPS/GLONASS receiver. Housed in 7 x 7 mm QFN56 package, Venus822 quad-mode GPS/GNSS processor with extended I/O pins can simultaneously process 34 GPS/GLONASS/Beidou/Galile /QZSS/SBAS signals in parallel. Read More

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USB TFT LCD Panel Controller Board is optimized to application.

November 21, 2013

Intended for high-volume industrial TFT display projects or portable multifunctional monitors, d.screen USB 2.0 acts as direct interface between USB2.0 and TFT LCD panels up to resolution of full HD/WUSGA/QWXGA based on DisplayLink's USB multi monitor technology DL1x5. Integrated USB2.0 hub enables additional connection of up to 3 USB devices, and optional features include BIAS power supply with VCOM buffer; 4- or 5-wire resistive touch controller; or LED Driver. Read More

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BSP for WEC7 is available on Altera's Cyclone V SoC.

September 20, 2013

Suited for Proof of Concept (POC) development and accelerating development cycle, Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) BSP is available on Altera's Cyclone V SoC. Along with dual Cortex A9 cores implementation (SMP), DDR3 memory, and Cyclone V SoC, features include FPGA configuration, USB OTG as Host or Device, UART, display, SD/MMC, and Flash memory. Additional feates, supplied as standard, include Ethernet, interrupt, timer, Eboot, SPI, I²C, GPIO, KITL support, and Hive Registry support. Read More

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Magnetic Cross-Training Whiteboard shows employee qualifications.

July 26, 2013

Supplied with magnets and everything needed for operation, Cross-Trainer™ Magnetic Whiteboards are used to motivate employees and provide focal point for training and operations management. Organizers can post trainees' names on magnetic cardholders in left column and training topics across top using Letter-Easy™ CD/ROM card insert keying template. Card colors enable coding of trainee classifications and topic groups. Lines and lettering are heat-fused printed and can be customized. Read More

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VME PCI Express Crate Controller uses Ethernet and USB ports.

May 22, 2013

Usable as crate slot 0 arbiter or secondary controller, V120 VME bus master crate controller connects to PCI Express cable driver board with up to 7 m cable. Unit provides 8184 remapping registers, each controlling 16 KB PC-to-VME remapping page with flexible timing and endian controls. Default powerup mapping allows access to A16, A24, and partial A32 VME address spaces. Product includes status LEDs and scope monitors and is suited for aerospace, industrial, and laboratory applications. Read More

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Dual Channel PC/104 CAN Module provides 1,000 V isolation.

February 19, 2013

Available with Windows and Linux drivers, Model PCM-CAN-2-ISO employs high-speed isolated data couplers and power supplies to provide 1,000 V protection between two NXP SJA1000 CAN controllers and network interface. Each CAN channel can provide isolated +5 Vdc power or receive isolated +5 to +12 Vdc power from interface for additional flexibility. Operating from -40 to +85°C, PCM-CAN-2-ISO supports transfer rates to 1 Mbps and has jumper selectable termination resistors. Read More

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PXI Switch and Control Board offers custom interfaces.

February 15, 2013

Integrating 96 DPST 2 A relays, 8 digital I/O lines, and serial digital interface, 6U Model GX6196 can be used to create custom switching, signal conditioning, or control interfaces. All switching and control resources are available via 5 inter-board connectors which interface to user-defined daughter/mezzanine board. Mezzanine board provides all connections to UUT via two 78-pin D-sub connectors. Software package with virtual instrument panel and Windows 32/64-bit driver libraries is included. Read More

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PCI/104 Express Card features 2 GB 400 MHz DDR memory.

December 10, 2012

Powered by 667 MHz MPC8377E PowerQUICC II Pro processor, Tiny-PPC837 offers both PCI Express and traditional 32-bit PCI interfaces, and is designed for demanding digital video storage and video streaming applications. Communications controller board features fanless conduction-cooled operation, integrated security encryption accelerator, and dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports. Additional applications include portable test equipment, industrial automation controllers, AUVs, and robots. Read More

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Miniature USB Relay Controller has 16 independent channels.

December 3, 2012

Model IA-2117-U features 16 independently wired relays, 4 of which are SPDT (Form C) and 12 are SPST (Form A), and 3 digital inputs. Measuring 9 in.², and 10 in.² in DIN-rail mounting version, device is USB powered and controlled. In addition, it includes dual watchdog protection circuit to manage communication. Supporting all OSs, intelligent relay I/O controller also has open code sample programs, USB drivers, and set-up utilities. Read More

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Serial LCD Controller Board powers panels up to 12.1 in.

April 4, 2011

Equipped with 266 MHz 32-bit ARM9 processor, Model SLCD5+ supports SVGA 800 x 600 resolution for variety of medical and industrial embedded touch screen applications. Board includes 64 MB RAM memory and 28 MB flash memory with SD memory card slot for storage and upgrades. Operating from 5-12 V, board drives variety of backlight inverters and provides ESD protection for touch screen. Read More

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Controller Board supports collaborative video walls.

November 23, 2010

Based on PCIe 2.0 technology, Matrox Mura(TM) captures 4 full 1080p HD inputs and simultaneously drives 4 monitors at up to 2,048 x 1,080, while maintaining full RGB 888 image quality. Controller features x16 bus interface providing 64 Gbps of bandwidth, and 10-slot switch fabric that delivers 512 Gbps upstream and downstream for total throughput of 1 Tb/s. All-in-one board captures content from and displays to range of signal types including RGB, DVI/HDMI, component, composite, and S-video sources. Read More

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USB Relay Controller includes 24 relays and digital inputs.

September 6, 2010

Model IA-3127-U relay controller features USB communication port capable of up to 230 Kbps. Expandable through its RS-232 buffered port, watchdog-protected controller also has noise immunity circuit and is DIN-rail ready, and address, communication speed, and default relay state can be set by software. Unit can operate on TTL level or operate on standard industrial or aviation level, and operates on positive or GND signals. Read More

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Single Board Computer supports DAQ and control.

July 29, 2010

Measuring 2.5 x 4 in., PDQ Board(TM) features Motorola 68HCS12 processor and 1 MB memory as well as 8 digital I/O lines with counter/timer capabilities, 8 PWM digital output signals, and 8 general purpose digital I/O lines. Additional I/O includes 16 analog inputs with 10-bit resolution, dual RS232/485 ports with speeds to 256 KBaud, and synchronous SPI and IIC serial interfaces. Board can host up to 8 I/O mezzanine modules called Wildcards that can be mixed-and-matched depending on application. Read More

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Central Processing Unit targets high-end control applications.

July 7, 2010

Featuring single control engine and universal programming environment for application portability across hardware platforms, RX3i CPU315 incorporates Intel® M class 1 GHz processor, 20 MB of battery-backed user memory, and 20 MB non-volatile flash user memory. Unit enables programming in ladder diagram, structured text, function block diagram, and C. Supporting up to 512 program blocks with max size of 128 KB each, RX3i CPU315 includes 1 RS-485 serial port and 1 RS-232 serial port. Read More

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PC/104 Motion Controller Boards utilize high-speed DSP chip.

June 9, 2010

Suited for embedded applications, Millennium Controllers are available in 1, 2, or 4 axes configurations for brush or brushless, mixed brush and brushless as well as stepper or microstepper motors. DSP unit provides S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing motion profile modes. Operating from +5, +12, +24, or +48 V supplies, boards interface to external components via 100-pin high-density connector, which provides ±10 V differential analog or PWM motor outputs. Read More