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Crawler Dozer offers rotating bushing undercarriage option.

September 28, 2015

With PLUS Parallel Link Undercarriage System, Model D85EX/PX-18 excels in high-impact, rocky ground conditions and on low-impact sandy jobsites. Undercarriage offers extended wear life and is available with 24, 26, and 28 in. shoe widths. Unlike fixed bushings used on conventional undercarriage systems, PLUS uses oil-lubricated bushings that are free to rotate. Read More

Construction Equipment & Supplies

Crawler Excavators offer auto shutdown to save fuel.

September 23, 2015

Complying with Tier 4 emission standards, 162 hp Model DX225LC-5 and 181 hp Model DX235LCR-5 feature Smart Power Control, which combines Variable Speed Control and Pump Torque Control to optimize machine efficiency while minimizing fuel consumption. With near-zero tail swing, DX235LCR-5 can work close to buildings and in confined areas. DX225LC-5 is available in Super-Long-Reach configuration, which has more than 20 ft of digging reach than standard model and can dig to depth of 38 ft, 2 in. Read More

Construction Equipment & Supplies

Crawler Excavator complies with Tier 4 emission standards.

September 18, 2015

Powered by 129 net hp, Tier 4-compliant engine, Model DX180LC-5 provides max digging reach of 29 ft, 7 in., max digging depth of 20 ft, and bucket digging force of 28,881 lbf. Smart Power Control consists of Variable Speed Control and Pump Torque Control, which work together to optimize machine efficiency while minimizing fuel consumption. Additional features include 7 in. LCD screen, anti-skid plates, and auto-shutdown system that helps save fuel during non-working conditions. Read More

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Hydraulic Excavators eliminate need for diesel exhaust fluid.

September 16, 2015

Powered by 2.19 L, 38 hp, EPA Tier 4 final 4D88E-7 engines, Models PC45MR-5 and PC55MR-5 are suited for construction, utility, and landscaping applications in confined areas. Optimized working modes allow operators to match engine speed and pump delivery to application. Wide service doors provide easy access for ground-level maintenance, while X-track frame deters dirt and debris buildup. With Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter and other after-treatment components, DEF is not needed. Read More

Construction Equipment & Supplies

Crawler Excavators move to Tier 4 compliance.

September 15, 2015

Equipped with permanently sealed and lubricated track links, 113 hp Models DX140LC-5 and DX140LCR-5 are available with Smart Power Control, which combines Variable Speed Control and Pump Torque Control to optimize efficiency while minimizing fuel consumption. Both include 7 in. LCD screen for monitoring parameters while viewing rearview camera image. Offering 4 power modes and 4 work modes, both excavators feature max digging reach of 27 ft, 11 in. and arm digging force of 13,288 lbf. Read More

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3D Grade Control System works with Bobcat grader attachments.

September 11, 2015

Available for Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders, compact track loaders, and skid-steer loaders, Trimble® GCS900 accelerates work and increases efficacy for small contractors handling complex projects requiring digital designs and 3D machine control. Grade control system includes ability to wirelessly sync files to machine, track assets and site productivity, and receive remote support/training. Also, system works with digital 3D models prepared in Trimble's Business Center - HCE office software. Read More

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Grade Control System operates on skid steer loaders.

September 9, 2015

Available for ATI's Level Best PD Series Grading Boxes on skid-steer loaders, Trimble® GCS900 Grade Control System enables small contractors to work quickly on complex projects that require 3D machine control and digital designs. Control is suitable for footpaths, parking lots, sidewalks, and other surfaces that require 3D constructable model. Since system is part of Trimble Connected Site® solutions, contractors can wirelessly sync files to machine, track assets, and receive remote support. Read More

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Snow Pushers enhance loader/tractor/skid-steer capabilities.

September 8, 2015

Available in 8 and 10 ft widths, 36-Series Snow Pushers are available for skid steers and tractors with loaders that use Universal skid steer quick attach system as well as 400/500 Series John Deere loaders and loaders using Euro/Global tool carrier. Reversible 1.5 x 8 in. premium rubber cutting edge allows use on asphalt and other surface types. Features include 36 x 36 x 5/16 in. pusher side plates, 7-gauge moldboard with two 4 in. industrial C channels, and adjustable steel skid shoes. Read More

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Bridge Deck/Rail Platform offers high-traffic area wear surface.

September 8, 2015

FiberSPAN pedestrian bridge deck and rail platform products are available with Matacryl system, which combines quartz aggregate in methyl methacrylate polymer for increased durability and reduced roughness. Suitable for areas experiencing heavy use, Matacryl has ¼ in. wear surface that is UL tested for fire resistance. Product weighs 2 lb/ft² and exhibits elongation >100% that enables surface to withstand high impact at cold temperatures. Matacryl is also immune to UV radiation and fading. Read More

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Hydraulic Excavator features fully remote controlled operation.

August 27, 2015

Integrating mechanic, electronic, and hydraulic control technology with CAN bus interface design, cab-less XE15R (Little Swan) measures 1.35 m tall and 1.08 m wide. Unmanned driving reduces labor intensity, specifically in severe operating environments with toxic conditions or extreme temperatures, and self-learning function can save operating maneuvers then replay them automatically on request. Affording agility and flexibility, excavator's wireless control function has 100 m range. Read More

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Recessed Drywall Access Door carries fire rating.

August 18, 2015

Fire-rated for up to 90 min with max temperature rise of 450°F over 30 min, FW-5015 installs in drywall walls requiring concealing of door panel consistent to surrounding walls. Product is UL approved for 1½ hr B label in walls and maintains continuity in 2 hr fire barrier wall. While door panel is recessed 22 gauge steel and fitted with 5/8 in. thick drywall, press-bent door frame is also 22 gauge steel. Features include concealed hinge and flush key-operated, self-latching bolt. Read More

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Asphalt Shingles feature triple-layer construction.

August 7, 2015

Offering dimensional look of real wood shakes, Glenwood™ Shingles carry Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories. StainGuard®  protection helps prevent unsightly blue-green algae, while Dura Grip™ Adhesive seals each shingle tightly and minimizes risk of shingle blow-off. Read More

Construction Equipment & Supplies

Crawler Dozer can handle rocky and sandy conditions.

August 3, 2015

Equipped with PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System) option, D155AX-8 can be used in high-impact, rocky ground and low-impact, abrasive, sandy worksites. PLUS uses oil-lubricated, rotating bushings that are free to rotate, and PLUS ES shoe widths are 24, 26, and 28 in. Along with EPA Tier 4 Final emissions-certified engine, features include auto blade pitch mode, SIGMADOZER and automatic transmission with lockup torque converter, and ripper control lever with auto-return function. Read More

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Snow Pusher Tractor Attachments can be matched to job at hand.

July 23, 2015

Engineered to fit sub-compact and compact tractors up to 50 hp, 24-Series comes in 5, 6, and 7 ft widths and with either 1 x 6 in. reversible premium rubber cutting edge or 3/8 x 6 in. reversible alloy steel cutting edge. Adjustable skid shoes, constructed of abrasion-resistant steel, are standard. In addition to CNC-formed, 10-gauge moldboard, features include 6 in. industrial C channel support. All models are robotically welded for consistent strength. Read More

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Construction Planning Software optimizes data delivery.

July 2, 2015

Available for linear civil engineering projects, TILOS v9.0 time and location planning software merges technical and schedule information into one dynamic plan. Gantt chart format visually connects site layout with user-defined project time frame, while integration with third-party project management software aids data exchange. Specifically, solution integrates with Primavera project management software and Trimble Business Center-HCE office software for construction takeoff/data prep. Read More

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Material Bucket facilitates construction site clean-up.

July 2, 2015

Used for cleaning large properties and construction sites, Sweep Action Material Bucket (SAMB) can collect demolition debris, brush, and small rocks. Available widths are 72 in. for model SAMB-72 and 84 in. for model SAMB-84. Facilitating site clean-up by operating in sweeping action that pulls debris or brush into unit, grapple design also retains debris to enable handling of uneven size material without it falling out. Bolt-on side plates can be removed to handle varying load sizes. Read More

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Hydraulic Excavator cuts fuel consumption.

June 16, 2015

Powered by 165 hp, EPA Tier 4 final, SAA6D107E-3 engine, Model PC210LC-11 features 3 travel speeds and viscous fan clutch that optimizes efficiency while minimizing noise levels. Heavy standard counterweight (9,634 lb) provides over-the-front and over-the-side lift capacity. With standard pattern change valve, users can switch joystick patterns to accommodate operator preferences. Six work modes match engine speed and pump flow to various applications. Read More

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Crawler Dozer increases efficacy via intelligent machine control.

May 28, 2015

With track length and ground pressure suited for soft or wet conditions, D65PXi-18 delivers stability for finish grading applications. Machine, powered by 217 hp, EPA Tier 4 Final emissions-certified engine, also senses blade load and minimizes track slip. From heavy dozing to fine grading, intelligent machine control system allows automated operation. Automatic gearshift transmission and lock up torque converter selects optimal gear range for jobsite/load for max operation efficiency. Read More

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Window and Door/Fireblocking Foam Sealant has all-in-one formula.

May 19, 2015

While formulated to serve as low-pressure, expanding Window & Door/Insulating foam that is AAMA 812-10 compliant and will not bow window or door frames, Thermal Seal All-In-One Foam Sealant may also be used as UL-evaluated fireblocking foam for use in Type V non-rated 1 & 2 family residential construction. Closed cell content increases R-value as well as overall strength and resistance to leakage of air and water vapor. Read More

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Below-Hook Drum Handler combines capacity and safety.

May 13, 2015

Fully automatic and mechanical, BHDL-3A-HD can lift 55 gal steel or plastic drums from overhead position for placement to or from containment devices/scales/pallets. Drums remain in vertical position while lifted/transported, and intuitive-lock engagement system ensures radial arms remain in locked position until load is placed in final location. With 3,000 lb/drum capacity, this attachment features 3 radial arms that conform to drum body and engage at underside of 21–23 in. drum chime ODs. Read More