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Proximity Card Reader features flexible compatibility.

June 5, 2015

RP-15.2 RFID reader operate with identification, computing, access control, and other systems via identifiers presented in form of proximity cards and keyfobs. Supporting such card formats as HID and EM-Marin, unit can be installed on metal surfaces and operates through Wiegand interface. Plastic housing, which features 2-color LED indicator on front panel, supports outdoor use. Operation is compatible with external controllers of different types. Read More

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Wireless Access Control Platform can be updated over network.

March 11, 2015

Available with hundreds of trims and finishes, ArchiTech® Networx™ Designer employs Trilogy Networx Keyless Access System making it future proof and ready to adapt to multi-credential technologies. Building managers can update system securely over wireless network without going door-to-door for ID updates. Offered in Enterprise and Standalone Network models, systems are designed to accept Magstripe, Smart Cards, PIV, or HID Proximity Cards (Key Fobs). Read More

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Proximity Reader offers 20 in. read range.

December 1, 2014

In addition to Pyramid Series proximity cards and tags, Model P-900 supports certain legacy HID and/or AWID 125 KHz proximity cards and tags. IP67 rating makes reader suitable for use outdoors or in dusty environments. ETL-listed to comply with UL294 standard, unit works in temperature extremes from -40 to +149°F, and supports access control applications ranging from doors to turnstiles and parking gates. Model P-900 mounts to single gang/double gang wallbox or any flat surface. Read More

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Card Reader includes keypad for 2-factor verification.

November 6, 2014

Supporting popular proximity card and tag technologies, P-640 Patagonia Reader offers expanded 8 in. read range as users enter PIN on keyboard. IP67-rated unit works in temperature extremes of -40 to +149°F, and features tamper-proof and weather-resistant epoxy potting to avoid problems with dust, mist, or water. Mounting to standard wall switch box or any flat surface, reader includes blue backlit keys for reading in dark environments. Read More

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Card Reader prevents all known forms of skimming.

July 31, 2014

By shifting card insertion 90°, ActivEdge™ prevents capture of ATM users' card data. Design requires users to insert cards into reader via long edge instead of traditional short edge. Addressing concerns related to skimming, trapping, and fishing attacks, EMV-compliant product mitigates 4 primary attack vectors: external skimming, internal skimming, USB sniffing, and device substitution. Also, encrypted technology inhibits criminal modifications to card reader. Read More

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UHF Proximity Card Reader offers adjustable range up to 39.4 ft.

March 19, 2014

Supplied with installation bracket kit and RS-232 cable, AY-U900 is fully compatible with Rosslare Security access control products. Reader supports multiple protocols and can read multiple tag formats, including AT-T910, ISO18000-6B, and EPC GEN2 (ISO18000-6C). While design facilitates installation and use, dual polarization read mode optimizes read sensitivity. RFID applications, such as transport management, vehicle management, production process control, and access control are supported. Read More

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Barcode Scanner/Card Reader Accessories maximize utilization.

December 19, 2013

Four accessories are available for KDC® miniature, programmable, Bluetooth®-enabled barcode scanners and card readers. Two types of USB Bluetooth Dongles add scanning capabilities to any computer that does not have Bluetooth functionality. Finger Trigger Glove Adaptor and matching Finger Trigger Glove for KDC200 and KDC300 scanners offer 2 USB connectors for simultaneously supporting trigger cable and USB charging cable. Single-slot charging cradle is also available for KDC350R2 data collector. Read More

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Mobile Payment App/Reader works with iOS or Android phones. .

May 6, 2013

Allowing use of iOS or Android phone for credit card processing, EMS+ consists of application and encrypted audio jack reader letting merchants accept payment from smartphone or tablet. Users can sign up via online application and download software to mobile device; reader is shipped to customer's location. Service is available with 24/7/365 customer support and detailed online transaction reporting for merchants, including monthly activity statements. Read More

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Time and Attendance Terminal offers multi-technology reader.

May 6, 2013

Combining proximity, smart, and multi-technology reader options, Schlage HandPunch GT-400 enables employees to use same card to clock in/out and to enter facilities. MTR-G embedded reader module is compatible with aptiQ™ smart credentials, which provides MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 encryption. MTR-G also reads HID® proximity, GE/CASI Proxlite®, AWID® proximity, Lenel® proximity, and 13.56 MHz smart cards. Since reader looks at 3-D size and shape of hand, no fingerprints are used. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

USB Hub, Card Reader Combo has rotatable design.

March 28, 2013

Measuring 45 x 44 x 20 mm, Just Inn 3-port USB hub and card reader combination can be rotated 180° to accommodate desktops and laptops with vertical or horizontal USB slots. Portable device is hot swappable and supports plug-and-play installation. Compatible with such operating systems as Windows® 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/7/8/Vista, MAC OS 9.2 and later, as well as LINUX, device supports USB 2.0 and data transmission rates to 480 Mbps. LED light indicates power. Read More

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USB-Connectable Card Reader increases transaction security.

March 13, 2013

Making use of what you see is what you sign functionality in connected mode, DIGIPASS 870 can be used for PKI-based e-banking or e-wallet applications. Transaction data is displayed on device and must be confirmed by user via PIN entry and transaction approval. PINs are never exposed over internet or PC platform, and firewall mechanism protects card from unauthorized access. In unconnected mode, card reader offers strong authentication and e-signature security. Read More

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NFC-Compliant Reader offers credential security migration path.

January 28, 2013

Approved by U.S. Government under HSPD12 as PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Transparent Readers, aptiQ™ multi-technology reader supports variety of credentials: magnetic stripe, 125 kHz Proximity, and aptiQ smart cards using 13.56 MHz MIFARE® Classic or MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 technology. Products also feature FIPS 201-1 compliance and can read card serial number (CSN) of 13.56 MHz smart credentials and communicate with NFC-enabled mobile phones. Read More

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Reversed-Mount SIM Card Reader has 1.34 mm profile.

July 25, 2012

Occupying 17.5 x 12 mm footprint, FMS006-8010-0 features pull-ejector mechanism for reliable card removal and is mounted with SMT soldering on bottom of PCB. Reader has 6 gold-plated contacts and has 2-point contact design for reliability despite vibration/shock. While insulating body is made of LCP, metal cover is made of SUS. Other features include 4 ground tabs that provide EMC protection and additional metal reinforcements that ensure coplanarity during soldering. Read More

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Vibration-Resistant SD Card Reader employs push-lock system.

June 6, 2012

Suited for application in automotive or industrial markets requiring mechanical stability as well as resistance to shock and vibration, FPS009-4200-0(03) employs one-action lock mechanism. Spring automatically locks card into insert with ratchet hook on side, and operator pushes ratchet hook back to release card. Spring pressure pushes card out visibly for removal, and 2-point design secure contact reliability even at different vibration frequencies. Read More

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Acoustic Smart Card Reader facilitates user authentication.

March 14, 2012

Combining one-time password and electronic signature functionality, DIGIPASS 837 helps financial organizations add strong authentication to their retail by leveraging existing investments in EMV infrastructure. Sonic signals are received from PC, smartphone, or tablet PC and converted into transaction information for display on reader's screen. Tolerant to background noise, reader works with all kinds of speakers and does not have to be held at specific tilt angle. Read More

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NFC Reader IC supports payment and automotive applications.

November 9, 2011

With on-chip capacitive sensor, Model AS3911 requires 5 µA of current and can wake in presence of tag. Automatic antenna tuning provides 1 W of output power, eliminating need for external booster circuit. IC includes analog front end and integrated data framing system for handling ISO 18092 (NFCIP-1) initiator, ISO 18092 (NFCIP-1) active target, ISO 14443 A and B reader, and FeliCa(TM) reader. Housed in 5 x 5 mm QFN package, Model AS3911 operates from 2.4-5.5 V over -40 to 85°C temperature range. Read More

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Card Reader handles 15 x 12 mm 3FF micro-SIM cards.

October 14, 2011

Measuring 16 x 14 x 1.34 mm, Model FUS006-8500-0 has 6 gold-plated contacts with 2-point shape that is designed to maintain contact even when subjected to shock and vibration. Special design feature automatically stops card when it is inserted in wrong direction. Mounted with SMT soldering on top of PCB, reader has LCP insulating body and SUS metal cover. Four ground connections provide EMI protection. Read More

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SD Card Reader features push/push design.

September 26, 2011

Developed for automotive applications, top-mount FPS009-2920-0 and reverse-mount FPS009-2970-0 have closed metal cover, 4 grounding tabs promote good EMC behavior, and 2 card brakes. Card detection switch, which registers presence of card, is directly at start of introduction area for SD card into reader. Additional features include smooth push-in/-out card insertion and ejection mechanism with defined eject distance, soft-lock mechanism for SD card, and write-protect switch. Read More

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USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader supports accelerated transfer rates.

September 12, 2011

Equipped with Super Speed USB 3.0 interface, RDF8 lets photographers and videographers copy Hi-Res, uncompressed images or 1080p Full HD video files from memory cards to computer. Reader features CompactFlash (CF) slot compatible with UDMA CF cards, SDHC/SDXC slot that supports UHS-1 standard, slot for M2/microSD cards, and slot for MS PRO/MSXC/MS DUO cards. Product is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 interface and accepts legacy versions of CF, SD, and SDHC cards. Read More

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Security Card Readers offer access control and intrusion management.

August 23, 2011

Equipped with Wiegand interface and LCD that verifies card acceptance/rejection, Javelin Card Readers can operate as standard readers with Symmetry(TM) Security Management V6.x or as intelligent alarm keypads when used with Symmetry Homeland V7 with Symmetry Intrusion Management module and supported Symmetry M2150 multiNODE controllers. Javelin 884-KP reads NXP MIFARE® and MIFARE® DESFire smart cards, as well as PIV, TWIC, and FRAC cards, while Javelin 880-KP reads 125 kHz HID Proximity credentials. Read More