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Touchscreen Controller targets mid-size performance tablet space.

May 6, 2014

Available for screen sizes from 7–8.9 in., maXTouch® mXT106xT2 series incorporates all features smartphones have with hover, stylus, and noise immunity. Finger hover up to 20 mm lets user interact with device without physically making contact with screen through gestures. While reducing power consumption, adaptive sensing technology enables dynamic touch classification, which automatically and intelligently switches between self- and mutual-capacitance sensing. Read More

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SAS Host Adapters support target and initiator modes.

December 24, 2008

Suited for data-intensive IT and digital media applications, ExpressSAS H608 and H680 leverage x8 PCIe 2.0 and 6 Gbps SAS performance to deliver accelerated connection to SAS/SATA storage (up to 8 Gbps, full-duplex). ExpressSAS H608 offers 8 internal lanes of connectivity, while ExpressSAS H680 offers 8 external lanes of connectivity. Each provides up to 1,200 MBps max full-duplex throughput per lane and supports up to 256 end-point devices when used with SAS expanders. Read More

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ATTO Technology Demonstrates Innovative Storage Infrastructure Solutions at CeBIT

March 17, 2008

03/03/2008<4444>CeBIT, Hanover, Germany - ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, is demonstrating its ExpressSAS RAID Adapters and FastStream(TM) Storage Controller Appliances at the CeBIT... Read More

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LSI, Intel and Microsoft Demonstrate Benefits of SAS in Windows Virtualization Environments

October 8, 2007

LSI Showcases End-to-End SAS Solutions and Unmatched Storage Interface Breadth at IDF <4444>SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17 / / - INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM - LSI Corporation (NYSE:LSI) announced it is collaborating with Intel and Microsoft at Intel Developer Forum to demonstrate the scalability, availability and performance enhancements that Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) brings to virtualized environments.... Read More

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Storage Controller supports 4 SAS/SATA ports.

March 7, 2007

Marvell 88SA6640 host controller incorporates 3 Gbps SAS/SATA PHY technology and up to 8 x 2.5 Gbps PCI-Express PHY cores on single chip. Offering 4-lane PCI-Express connectivity to host system, it incorporates RAID offload engine to reduce CPU utilization. Device is offered with non-RAID drivers in addition to full-featured RAID stack, including customizable RAID management module. Read More

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SAS/SATA Adapters help meet performance and capacity needs.

March 1, 2007

MegaRAID® SAS (serial attached SCSI) adapters in 8200 series provide RAID 5 solutions for mid- to low-end server and workstation environments. Supporting SAS and SATA (serial ATA) II drives, products enable configuration of custom systems for cost-sensitive applications not requiring battery-backed cache. Low-profile 4-port (MegaRAID SAS 8204) and 8-port (MegaRAID SAS 8208) solutions are both available in PCI-X and PCI-Express models. Read More

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3M Introduces New Serial Attached SCSI Interconnect Product Line

January 8, 2007

AUSTIN, Texas-July 14, 2006-The design challenges of increasing data transmission rates in enterprise network storage applications can be met with a new line of SCSI (small computer system interface) interconnects from the 3M Electronic Solutions Division. The ROHS compliant(a) family of 3M brand Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interconnects feature 29-position combination signal and power connectors... Read More

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SAS RAID Adapters have low-profile design.

June 30, 2006

MegaRAID® SAS 8308ELP and SAS 8344ELP PCI Express adapters offer 8 ports of SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) connectivity for server and workstation environments requiring flexibility to use 3 Gbps SAS drives, SATA II drives, or combination of both. Utilizing I/O processor, adapters are optimized for space-limited Direct Attached Storage (DAS) environments. Both models offer remote battery backup option and feature MegaRAID Management Suite software. Read More

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Storage Controller supports 10 GbE.

May 8, 2006

Based on ASIC, integrated storage-virtualization firmware stack, and SMI-S compliant management suite, GigaStorATX(TM) iSCSI Storage Controller eliminates need for server or motherboard technology. It enables iSCSI SAN applications to replace parallel SCSI in DAS and NAS environments, and supplement or replace FC in SAN environments. Controller provides 1,160 MB/sec cache read performance for business continuity, as well as disaster recovery tools such as backup and snapshots. Read More

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SAS Switch helps build high-performance storage networks.

April 28, 2006

Featuring nine x4 SAS ports, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) switch enables SAS-based servers to connect to multiple SAS storage arrays. Size of SAS fabric can be increased by connecting multiple switches, and multiple storage domains can be configured via zoning support. Using copper cables, switch supports connection distances up to 8 m and provides complete SAS switch management through embedded Web server. SAS physical layer supports SAS and SATA. Read More

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Connectors enable port selection in hard drive carriers.

May 27, 2005

Suited for use in enterprise servers and storage systems, 22-position SATA receptacle connectors and 29-position SAS plug and receptacle connectors provide options for vertical or right-angle connector termination. Two options are provided for HDD interface within drive carrier: use of SAS receptacle provides 2 ports and capability to accept SAS or SATA drives, while SATA receptacle supplies single port and accepts only SATA drive. Read More

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Backplane Receptacle Connectors support speeds of 3 Gbps.

March 2, 2005

Vertical, 29-position Connectors enable implementation of Serial Attached SCSI hard disk drive interface. Staggered contact lengths provide sequential mating of contacts to enable hot plugging. Molded guide posts feature angled lead-in to compensate for connector misalignment, allowing device plug and backplane receptacle to self align during mating process. Options are available for through-hole solder, press fit, surface-mount, or hybrid termination. Read More

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Power Cords meet country-specific requirements.

December 2, 2004

Available in 14 different models, Power Cords allow IBM 7311-D11 I/O drawer to be installed in non-IBM rack using non-IBM power distribution units. External SCSI Port Enablement Cable connects SCSI internal controller on IBM IntelliStation® 9114 Model 275 to external port, allowing attachment of external SCSI devices to system. Read More

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Enablement Cable provides external SCSI port.

April 30, 2004

External SCSI Port Enablement Cable provides one external SCSI port to pSeries® 615 Model 6E3/6C3 servers and IntelliStation® POWER(TM) 275 workstation. Product connects SCSI internal controller to external port, allowing attachment of external SCSI devices to system. Installation prevents use of second four-pack DASD enclosure and uses one PCI-X slot. Read More

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SCSI Controller provides 1 or 2 independent channels.

December 23, 2003

PMC-based, single/dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller, Model SC PMC/160 offers SCSI synchronous data transfer rates to 160 Mbytes/s. It features DMA FIFO and SCSI SCRIPTS(TM) processor with 8 Kbytes on-chip SCRIPTS storage. To maximize PCI bus transfer, PCI interface operates up to 64-bit/66 MHz, offering up to 528 Mbytes/s zero wait state data bursts. Controller includes SureLINK(TM) domain validation, cyclic redundancy check, and asynchronous information protection. Read More

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SCSI Adapters suit high-performance applications.

October 16, 2003

PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI units and PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI RAID units are 64-bit, 3.3 V adapters with 320 MBps data rate. Former includes 2 SCSI channels and internal/external busses and supports target mode. Latter consists of bootable adapters that include RAID 0, 5, or 10 capability that can address up to thirty 16-bit SCSI physical disk drives on 2 independent SCSI buses. All adapters use low-voltage differential drivers and receivers. Read More

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SCSI Controller helps create data storage solutions.

July 21, 2003

ServeRAID-6M(TM) Ultra320 provides RAID function at enterprise level. Equipped with 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X adapter, unit is architected with 600 MHz Intel® IOP321 I/O processor, 128 or 256 MB ECC DDR SDRAM battery-backed cache, and 2 channels with support for up to 28 HDDs. Product also offers clustering and failover support, and wide bandwidth for multi-drive, concurrent, streaming data transfers. Read More

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SCSI Controller speeds access to stored data.

April 21, 2003

Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI Controller supports Ultra320 SCSI devices from HDDs to tape libraries. It features half-length form factor, 64-bit 133 MHz PCI-X card, and internal and external connectors. Unit is tested and supported with wide range xSeries servers and IntelliStation workstations to provide high-speed connection to meet typical SCSI data storage requirements. Read More

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Unshielded Cable exceeds SCSI Ultra 320 specifications.

August 22, 2002

U320 SCSI NexZ0(TM) cable consists of 34 twisted pairs with 30 AWG stranded primaries, designed for internal point-to-point or daisy chain SCSI assemblies. Round construction allows easy routing within box and increases air flow over flat equivalents. Differential impedance is 120 ohms ± 5 ohms and meets SPI-3 and SPI-4 electrical requirements. Primary overall diameter of .024 in. permits cable to be laminated on .025 in. centers for termination with IDC connectors. Read More

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Connectors save space in SCSI applications.

May 14, 2002

Dual Stack Ultra+(TM) VHDCI .80 mm connectors meet ANSI/SFF-8441 and SPI-4 requirements while supporting HBA applications. They have 136 circuits in 2-row configuration. Optional cover eliminates risk of electrical shorts to panels or adjacent printed circuit boards. Panel grounding tabs provide ground path to panel or bracket for maximum EMI protection. Terminals with lead-ins have large radius, minimizing stubbing while improving plug insertion. Read More