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Stereo Codec is optimized for portable audio applications.

June 17, 2008

Available in 40-pin, 5 x 5x 0.55 mm QFN package for space-constrained applications, Model WM8903 features SmartDAC(TM) low-power DAC capacitor switching architecture to enable DAC to headphone power consumption of just 4.4 mW and includes capability for programmable performance vs. power profiles, allowing system designers to optimize for each usage scenario. It also includes Class W amplifier technology featuring adaptive dual drive charge pump and DC servo circuit architecture. Read More

Communication Systems & Equipment, Electronic Components & Devices

Chipset suits video conferencing and telepresence systems.

March 28, 2007

Featuring WW10000BA single chip encoder and WW10001BA single chip decoder, WW10K H.264 HD codec chipset has encode-decode tandem delay of less than 35 msec, or 1 frame at 30 frames/sec. Chipset runs at 110 MHz in single chip implementations and can handle up to 4 video inputs simultaneously at various bit rates and resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,088. WW10001BA decompresses encoder's bit stream into either 1080i/p or 720p HD video. Read More

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Stereo Audio Codecs suit battery operated applications.

October 11, 2006

Offering 7 mW playback with SNR of 93 dB, Models PCM3793 and PCM3794 incorporate notch filter with programmable center frequencies; bass, treble, and mid-range equalization tone control; and 3-D enhancement to enable wide stereo effect. Both models have on-chip, digital audio processor. Model PCM3793 integrates Class-D amplifier technology capable of driving 700 mW of output power per channel into 8 ohm load, while PCM3794 has no speaker outputs. Read More