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Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor with Hazloc Approvals and Modbus RTU

September 1, 2016

Lincoln, Nebraska - BinMaster's GWR-2000 guided microwave level transmitter provides continuous level measurement in vessels up to 100 feet tall with accuracy of ±0.08 inches (2mm). It utilizes time domain reflectometry (TDR) to continuously measure the distance, level, and volume of powders or solids in bins, tanks and silos. This sensor features hazardous location approvals, a very small... Read More

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Bentek to Exhibit New Residential, Commercial and Utility-Scale PV Products in Booth #3314 at SPI

September 16, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA – Bentek, a manufacturer of a broad range of OEM power distribution products for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar PV marketplaces, will exhibit in Booth #3314 at Solar Power International (SPI), scheduled to take place Sept. 14-17, 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Bentek will introduce several new Electrical Balance of System... Read More

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Broadband RF Power Combiners operate up to 6 GHz.

December 29, 2014

Offered in 2-way and 4-way configurations, RF Power Combiners deliver up to 600 W and operate over temperature range of 55–85°C. Units combine or sum number of RF input signals to common output, while maintaining characteristic impedance of inputs. Designed to be screw-down mounted to heatsink, combiners offer frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz, low insertion loss from 0.35–1 dB, and low... Read More

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Bentek Solar and Advanced Energy Partner to Deliver New Bundled Recombiner and Inverter Solution to Meet NEC 2011 Requirements

May 20, 2014

SAN JOSE, CA – Bentek Solar, a leading manufacturer of a broad range of products connecting photovoltaic (PV) panels to inverters for residential, commercial and utility-scale marketplaces worldwide, today announced its partnership with Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:AEIS). Under the agreement, Advanced Energy will offer a Bentek bipolar circuit breaker recombiner with the Advanced... Read More

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Guided Wave Radar Transmitter is designed for level measurment.

February 4, 2014

Suitable for use in hygienic applications and harsh environments, Sitrans LG series features modular design with numerous configuration options that allows for level measurement in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. Microwave pulses are transmitted down rod or cable, offering reliable measurement with up to 0.08 in. accuracy. Compliant with SIL2... Read More

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Power Splitter/Combiner operates from DC to 8,400 MHz.

January 3, 2014

Measuring 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.75 in., Model ZFRSC-4-842+ features low VSWR of 1.15:1, low amplitude unbalance of 0.3 dB, and low phase unbalance of 3.5° typical. Four-way 0° resistive power splitter/combiner provides 0.16 W power handling as splitter and offers solution for many connectorized applications including laboratory and test setups. Featuring shielded aluminum alloy construction,... Read More

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High Power Combiner handles up to 32 W. .

June 4, 2013

Featuring 800–950 MHz frequency range, 8 way-0° Model ZB8CS-950-32W offers typical insertion loss of 0.4 dB and 30 dB typical isolation. Coaxial microwave RF power splitter/combiner operates at temperatures from -55 to 90°C and is suitable for UHF and cellular applications. Read More

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Switched Combiners target utility-scale solar applications.

April 12, 2013

Incorporating function of solar combiner box and separate disconnect, 1,000 Vdc Switched Combiners provide visible means of disconnect and fuse protection in single enclosure for maximum safety. Systems facilitate combination of multiple inputs from solar array into single output, and provide single-point location to safely isolate DC side of PV system closer to modules. Combiners meets intent of... Read More

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Jampro's Targeted, Reasonably Priced Customized Solutions Return to NAB 2013

March 28, 2013

Sacramento, CA - Jampro Antennas, Inc. — a world leader in the manufacture and design of radio frequency components and antennas for radio and television transmission, will demonstrate its commitment to serving the needs of individual broadcasters with a full complement of customizable, high-quality and reasonably priced systems at NAB 2013 in booth C2607. Jampro's television & radio solutions... Read More

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Fiber Optic Transmitters/Receivers serve microwave applications.

December 13, 2012

Optiva Satcom Band Microwave Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers offer band-specific C, X, Ku, or Ka transmitter and receiver modules compatible with EMCORE modular or flange-mount Optiva Platform configurations. Addition of Optiva Satcom Band RF Fiber Optic Transport System expands existing Optiva Platform that supports 50 MHz to 18, 22, or 40 GHz broadband microwave transport, reference... Read More

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Configurable Combiner Box features 1,000 Vdc rating.

May 16, 2012

Intended for commercial and utility scale solar photovoltaic systems, TEALsolar(TM) is available in configurations from 8-36 strings, with options for integrated DC disconnects and transient voltage surge suppression devices. Fuses also come standard, and are available up to 30 A/string depending on number of strings and overall current rating of configuration. Rated for 1,000 Vdc applications... Read More

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Solar Contactor Combiner Box works with remote solar disconnect.

October 25, 2011

Solar Combiner Boxes with Disconnecting DC Contactor, combined with Remote Solar Combiner Disconnect Control Panel, gives service and emergency personnel pushbutton control to open/close string level outputs at combiner box or up to 1,500 ft away at control panel. Solar combiner box comes in 12 string and 3 x 12 string configurations, where each 12 string circuit is rated for 200 A continuous.... Read More

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Hybrid 90° Power Splitter has surface-mount design.

September 1, 2011

Capable of operating up to 15 W, model QCS-83+ is 2-way 90° power splitter with 4,000-8,000 MHz range and typical unbalance of 0.8 dB and 4°. Microwave RF/IF power splitter combiner, supporting nearly octave band in miniature EIA-0805 form factor, features LTCC construction, which lends to effective use in transmit or receive paths. Read More

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String Combiner Box offers optional DC disconnect.

July 19, 2011

Available with 8 or 16 fused inputs, rated at NEMA 4X or 24 fused inputs, rated at NEMA 4, STRCOM String Combiner Box offers optional DC disconnect, which allows installers, maintenance crews, and first responders to turn off solar system at source. Load-break rated switch is capable of breaking circuit with sufficient speed to eliminate arc formation. It is tested to UL508, listed by CSA, and... Read More

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Splitter/Combiner combines selector switch and mini mixer.

April 1, 2011

With dual-channel TWIN MIX, users can route 2 input devices to 2 output sources. Each input has independent level control and its own footswitch to engage or mute signal. Manufactured with solid cold rolled steel housing, switch can be powered from one 9 V battery or optional 9 V adapter. Unit comes equipped with LED indication and TrueTone Bypass buffer circuit to maintain signal integrity and... Read More

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Power Splitter targets test and measurement applications.

February 1, 2011

Covering frequency range of 250-6,000 MHz, Model ZN4PD1-63W+ is suitable for GPS, GSM, DCS, and PCS frequency bands, in addition to WiFi, Bluetooth, and 802.11a uses. Four-way, in-phase splitter and combiner features insertion loss of 1.0 dB above splitter loss up to 4 GHz, typical amplitude unbalance of 0.2 dB, and phase unbalance of 2°, making unit suited for parallel path/multichannel... Read More

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LongHaul(TM) Radios Link View of Wild Chinook Salmon Run to the Internet

August 24, 2010

Arcata, California - An Internet "Fish Cam," located deep under the rushing waters of the Yukon River, will be documenting the passage of Chinook salmon this month as their arduous journey takes them past the Whitehorse Rapids Fishway in southern Yukon Province, Canada. A pair of "LongHaul(TM) 5x" microwave radios are now transmitting digital video data from the Fish Cam site to an Internet... Read More

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Bird Technologies Group Extends Warranty to Five Years on Several Products

July 8, 2009

Solon, Ohio - July 1, 2009 - Bird Technologies Group, the innovative global supplier of RF products, systems, services and related solutions, has announced effective July 1, 2009 several product lines will now carry a five year warranty. This new, extended warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship, as well as ensuring the product meets its full specifications for accuracy and... Read More

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Microwave Backhaul Radio covers all three 5 GHz bands.

September 23, 2008

Carrier-class EX-r GigE series delivers up to 440 Mbps aggregate throughput at link ranges up to 15 miles with 99.999% availability. Secured with AES 128- and 256-bit encryption, tri-band platform delivers true native Ethernet and native TDM support integrated in one system and delivers bandwidth needed for campus connectivity, camera backhaul, 3G/4G backhaul, WiMAX backhaul, and HD video... Read More