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Hydrogenics Awarded Funding to Build Two Hydrogen Fueling Stations for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

April 11, 2017

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, April 06, 2017 - Hydrogenics Corporation (NASDAQ:HYGS) (TSX:HYG) (“Hydrogenics” or “the Company”), a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation, fueling station equipment and hydrogen-based power modules, today announced that it has been awarded funding by Canada’s Federal Government’s Ministry of Natural Resources (NRCan) to build two hydrogen... Read More

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SOLVOX® DropIn Oxygenations System boosts dissolved oxygen levels.

March 27, 2017

Suitable for high-value export species such as salmon, sea bass, sea bream, and arctic char, SOLVOX® DropIn Oxygenations System comes with oxygen dissolver and distribution system with specially designed venture nozzle. System creates slow-rising microbubble for increasing oxygen residence time and is used for promoting fish health.

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380 Series Vacuum Pumps meet RoHS and REACH standards.

March 20, 2017

Available in 380CE32 and 380CS32 models, 380 Series Vacuum Pumps are designed with integral 9 blade cooling air flow fan, foot mount design and quality die-cast aluminum components. Providing 1.2 cfm and 1.0/1.2 cfm open flow, 380CE32 and 380CS32 series pumps measure 6.94 L x 5.14 W x 6.73 in.H, and 8.40 L x 5.14 W x 6.73 in.H, respectively. Pumps are used in medical, food and beverage... Read More

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Vertex 2BE1 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are suitable for industrial applications.

February 9, 2017

NASH Vertex 2BE1 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are used in industries from chemical, oil and gas, power, paper and general industrial applications. Improving mechanical efficiency up to 7%, unit's uniform flow reduces turbulence inside the pump and results in energy loss. By making series of adjustments, product directs liquid ring with more uniformity around suction and compression discharge... Read More

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DRY-PRO Vacuum Pumps come with fixed or variable pitch screw rotors.

February 9, 2017

Offering high vapor and liquid tolerances, DRY-PRO Pumps handle corrosives, organics, inorganics and solvents because of its oil-free design. Operated in pressure between end vacuum and atmospheric pressure, product delivers .0015 Hg vacuum. Featuring one solid piece of shafts and screws that eliminate corrosion between screw rotor and shaft, pumps come with capacities ranging from 47 cfm to... Read More

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497 Series Vacuums offer ESD protection.

January 13, 2017

Useful in removing toner and dust, 497 Series Vacuums help in cleaning data processing equipment. Product is portable and has high level of ESD protection and provides static dissipative range of 1 x 10^6 < 1 x 10^10 ohms. 497 Series vacuums are available in 497AJN, 497ABG, 497ABG-NO, 497AJL and 497AJX models with 120 VAC, 220VAC, 220VAC, 120VAC, 120 VAC ratings respesctively.

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Vacuum Pump Inlet Traps Customized By Users for ALD Processes

January 12, 2017

A full line of vacuum inlet traps and filter media for protecting vacuum pumps employed in research and production ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) processes is available from MV Products of North Billerica, Massachusetts.

MV Vacuum Inlet Traps for ALD processes range from 4” to 16” dia. with port sizes from NW-25 to ISO-160 for protecting vacuum pumps in applications with vacuum flow... Read More

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SNC-Lavalin Awarded Contract by Bagfas for Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Plant Revamp in Turkey

December 24, 2016

MONTREAL, Dec. 22, 2016 - SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded a contract by Bagfas Bandirma Gubre Fabrikalari AS (Bagfas) for the revamp of an existing calcium ammonium nitrate plant located on the south coast of the Marmara Sea, Turkey.

The scope of work includes engineering, procurement, supervision and commissioning services to achieve the... Read More

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SNC-Lavalin Awarded EPC Contract by Codelco Division Norte for the Construction of Two Sulphuric Acid Plants

November 24, 2016

MONTREAL, Nov. 22, 2016 -SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract by Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile (Codelco), one of the largest copper producers in the world, for the construction of two sulphuric acid plants at the Chuquicamata Copper Smelter Complex, located in the Antofagasta region of... Read More

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Air Products Continues to Deliver World-Class Hydrogen Supply with the Installation of Its 40th PRISM® Hydrogen Generator

November 14, 2016

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., Nov. 10, 2016 - Air Products (NYSE:APD) recently made delivery of its 40th PRISM® Hydrogen Generator, which provides economical on-site gas production for a broad range of supply requirements. The latest order, received from Biotechnological complex-ROSVA, a biorefinery for the processing of grain and production of sorbitol in Russia, involves the installation of two... Read More

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Nitrogen Generators come with hollow-fiber membrane.

October 24, 2016

Using a hollow-fiber membrane, Nitrogen generators produce 99.9% pure dry nitrogen. Product comes in 3 sizes and 4 flow ranges for making in-house nitrogen generators. Suitable for laboratory storage or process applications using desiccators and gloveboxes, generators can deliver up to 400 SCFH. Operates without electricity and users can utilize generators’ low-pressure alarm for... Read More

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Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Solutions are Green Seal certified.

October 24, 2016

Solution generated by CCT-Caddy and CCT 3.0 Fill Station is certified to Green Seal's standard for Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use. CCT Caddy, consisting of touch-free mobile cleaning unit that generates aqueous ozone cleaning solution, allows for on-demand cleaning where needed. Wall mounted and connected to water source, Fill Station generates aqueous ozone cleaning... Read More

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Vacuum Generator offers generic retrofit in press-shops.

October 5, 2016

Featuring fully decentralized design with compressed air ports at side and vacuum port underneath, piSTAMP Vacuum Generator fits in generic suction cup holders found in standard automotive press shop tooling systems. Ports for compressed air and vacuum are supported by quick-fit push-in connectors of varying diameter. Made of PA66 material, piSTAMP has integrated release mechanism and utilizes... Read More

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Decentralized Vacuum Generators target automotive press-shops.

October 4, 2016

Made in lightweight PA66 material, piINLINE®plus Generators are supplied with 1 or 2 MICRO COAX® cartridges for small or large suction cups, respectively. Integrated automatic release function is available in 2 designs: Atmospheric Quick Release, which requires no extra compressed air hose, and Exhaust Block Release. Designed with ports for compressed air and vacuum in-line, supported by... Read More

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Air Products Providing Hydrogen Fueling Station and Liquid Hydrogen Supply for Stark Area RTA Zero Emission Buses

September 30, 2016

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., Sept. 26, 2016 - Air Products (NYSE: APD) has a proven global record of providing reliable hydrogen fueling systems for the mass transit industry. As a result, Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) turned to Air Products for its new hydrogen fueling station and liquid hydrogen supply, which was showcased today at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Canton, Ohio. "We... Read More

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Progeco Introduces the Combi Cycle System Using CETY's Clean Cycle(TM) Waste Heat Generator for Energy Efficiency and Renewables at mcTER Cogeneration Conference in Italy

September 1, 2016

COSTA MESA, Calif. - Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CETY), a clean tech company offering heat recovery solutions, announced that Progeco s.r.l. introduced its latest Combi Cycle using CETY's Clean Cycle™ ORC heat recovery steam generator at the mcTER Cogeneration Conference in Milan, Italy in June 2016. The mcTER Conference and Exhibition on Applications of Cogeneration showcases... Read More

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Modules for First Heat Recovery Steam Generator on the Way to Egypt

August 15, 2016

The modules for the first heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) for the Siemens Mega project in Egypt have begun their journey from South Korea to the Beni Suef power plant. On its arrival in mid-September, the boiler is scheduled to be installed at the plant. NEM, as part of Siemens, is delivering a total of 24 HRSGs for this Mega project, which includes three 4.8 gigawatt turnkey combined cycle... Read More

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Linde to Highlight Equipment and Services Proven to Enhance Oil Exploration, Production and Distribution at URTeC Meeting in Texas

July 27, 2016

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. - Linde's broad range of services designed to enhance oil and gas exploration, production and distribution will be the main topics Linde experts will discuss at this year's Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC). The meeting will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, August 1-3. Linde LLC's Oil Gas Services business... Read More

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Vacuum Generator offers IO-Link communication.

July 11, 2016

With split unit design, piCOMPACT®23 enables ejector to be separated from control unit, which is suitable where space is limited. Integrated valve of Blow-off+ feature ensures efficient and energy-saving blow-off and can also be used to float suction cups while positioning them. Intelligent blow-off feature automatically switches off blow-off when vacuum is gone, offering further... Read More

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Vacuum Generator features split unit design.

July 8, 2016

As compact, all-in-one, stackable ejector platform, up to 4 piCOMPACT®23 units can share same manifold and pneumatic connections. Integrated valve of Blow-off+ feature ensures efficient and energy-conserving blow-off for accelerated production cycles and can also be used to float suction cups while positioning them or to clean cups in dusty environments. Other features include... Read More