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Nanomaterials to the Rescue!

March 15, 2017

Sterlitech is proud to announce the availability of Alumina Oxide (Al2O3) inorganic microporous membrane filters. These filters are finding use in several specialty applications, ranging from nanomaterials synthesis (where they perform best), graphene synthesis (Buckypaper) and testing, HPLC mobile phase filtering, liposome filtering, environmental monitoring, and more! The Sterlitech alumina... Read More

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Single-Cell RNA Sequencing in a Fast and Inexpensive Format

March 15, 2017

Sterlitech Corporation's unique track-etch polycarbonate membrane filters are helping MIT Researchers pioneer a faster and less expensive means of identifying key genes turned on in response to infection or diseases, as featured in the February 13 issue of Nature Methods from the Shalek and Love Labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Most cells in the human body only express... Read More

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Precision Membrane Filters in Pore Sizes Larger than 5.0 Microns are Hard to Come by, But Not at Sterlitech

March 8, 2017

Precision membrane filters in pore sizes larger than 5.0 microns are hard to come by, but not at Sterlitech.

One of our more popular membrane materials is Polyethersulfone (PES). The membranes are ideal for use with difficult biological solutions that tend to clog most other polymer filters, and the 0.2 micron pore size PES filter is the industry standard for sterile filtering of... Read More

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SM Flat Sheet Membranes meet 3-A, FDA and USDA sanitary standards.

March 2, 2017

Used for protein separation and skim milk protein concentrate/isolate production, SM Flat Sheet Membranes are available in large sheets, precut coupons or 1812 spiral wound formats. Offering molecular weight cutoff of 20 kDa, permeate flux of 147/60 GFD/psi and pH range of 2-11, membranes provide good resistance to pH and high resistance to fouling. Product is suitable for food, dairy,... Read More

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Gold Sputtered Polycarbonate Filters feature smooth focal plane.

February 20, 2017

Suitable for environmental monitoring, capturing and visualizing tools, Gold Sputtered Polycarbonate Filters are available in 0.4 and 0.8 micron pore sizes and 13, 25 and 47 mm diameter discs. Made from heated gold wire, filters can collect tiny objects under narrow beam of focused electrons.

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Ready to Ship, Fully Assembled Skid Mounted Membrane Filtration Systems!

February 18, 2017

Our skid mounted membrane filtration systems are specifically designed to bring a new level of ease to bench scale testing of membrane filters and small batch processing. The goal for developing this product was to help our customer do what they do best - research and develop - and minimize time plumbing, wiring and waiting! We are also aiming to ship each skid mounted system within 2 weeks of... Read More

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Membrane Process addresses ZLD and high recovery plant needs.

September 4, 2015

Intended for facilities requiring Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) or very high recovery, AquaR2RO™ features membranes configured to handle difficult-to-treat waters. Design tolerates feed characteristics high in organics, dissolved oil, and turbidity. In addition to maximizing recovery, process minimizes volume of concentrate to treated in thermal-based ZLD with brine concentrator and/or... Read More

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Aquatech Completes 15 MIGD Desalination Project for FEWA in RAS AL KHAIMAH

September 3, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA – Aquatech, a global leader in water and wastewater technologies for the industrial and infrastructure markets, reports that it has successfully completed its 15 MIGD seawater reverse osmosis based desalination facility for the Federal Electricity Water Authority (FEWA) in Ghalilah, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The plant, which produces 15 million Imperial gallons per day (MIGD) was... Read More

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Seawater Reverse Osmosis System solves biofouling issue.

September 3, 2015

Consuming up to 20% less energy than conventional SWRO, LoWatt™ Desalination Technology integrates UF membrane pretreatment and nutrient removal step while continuously deactivating bacteria without using any chemicals to mitigate biofouling. System also uses chemical-free, online cleaning and flushing process that minimizes cleaning cycles and increases plant availability. Read More

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Reverse Osmosis Systems range from 350-700 gallons per day.

April 1, 2015

Relying solely on line pressure and without use of pump, FLEXEON LP-Series Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems utilize light commercial grade cartridges with Twist-Lock™ Integrated Locking System, which makes replacement secure and quick. Available with sediment filtration, coconut shell carbon, calcite, DI resin, and phosphate, FilterMax® Cartridges are interchangeable, which allows... Read More

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Purification System produces Type I, RO-purified water from tap.

March 19, 2015

Offering all-in-one functionality from benchtop form factor, WaterPro® BT™ delivers ultrapure Type I, 18.2 megohm-cm, at >0.5 Lpm (typ) at inlet water temperatures of 25°C, either manually or volumetrically, directly from tap water. System also delivers Reverse Osmosis (RO)-purified Type III water, which is accessible via outlet valve and produced at up to 3 Lph (0.05 Lpm). Optional UV... Read More

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Existing ProChem Customer Will Reuse Their Wastewater

February 9, 2015

After the successful implementation of a ProChem continuous flow wastewater treatment system, Alcoa has contracted ProChem again to be their water reuse solution. Features The ProChem water reuse system will feature ProChem's high-pressure reverse osmosis technology. The system will also be equipped with local monitoring and automation controls and ProChem's web-based remote monitoring... Read More

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ProChem Upgrades Water Reuse System to Increase Reuse Rate

February 5, 2015

ProChem Improves Industrial Water Reuse Rate by Over 20% ProChem's Water Systems team recently finished another successful water reuse system. This system replaced an existing water reuse system at an automotive manufacturing plant. The existing system utilized standard reverse osmosis technology and was almost 10 years old. With that system in place, the customer was experiencing about a 70%... Read More

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Porous All-Metal Membrane comes in various form factors.

September 12, 2014

Supplied in 316L stainless steel or titanium, sterilizing grade all-metal membrane meets ASTM F838-05 for bacterial retention. Available form factors range from small discs or tubes for drug delivery applications to 10 in. cartridges for biotechnology and pharmaceutical processing. Product withstands aggressive chemistries and drug cocktails without potential for leaching, outgassing, or... Read More

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Die Cut Membranes suit venting and filtration applications.

April 9, 2014

Supplied on rolls or sheets, with or without adhesive backing, Custom Die Cut Membranes are available in wide range of materials including cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, nylon, PES, PTFE, PVDF, MCE, CA, GF, and PP. Products can be fabricated in variety of formats with pore sizes from 0.2–0.45 microns, depending upon material. Available in diameters from 0.25–60 in., with tolerances... Read More

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Submerged Ultrafiltration Membranes target MBR facilities.

March 14, 2014

Intended for wastewater treatment and recycle applications, EnviQ™ Series optimizes operation and maintenance of Membrane Bioreactor facilities. Design offers ultrafiltration quality product water with rugged PVDF flat sheet membrane. Reverse diffusion and specially designed air diffusers maximize scrubbing efficiency. Available in E-8C, 16C, and 32C configurations, membranes offer surface... Read More

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Ultrafiltration System suits municipal water treatment.

February 6, 2014

Featuring modular design, MEMCOR® CP II Ultrafiltration Membrane System can accommodate up to 28 L40N-type membrane modules on single MemRACK™ unit, which integrates feed, air, filtrate, and waste headers into one assembly. Fully assembled, self-supporting racks are then manifolded together to form functional arrays. Minimizing backwash duration for maximum uptime, system has piping... Read More

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New Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems from AmeriWater Use Less Energy, Reduce Total Operating Costs and Provide Quieter Operation

January 27, 2014

DAYTON, OH – AmeriWater Corporation (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) has introduced three new Reverse Osmosis system designs that provide improved water quality for industrial applications which include cosmetics production, analytical labs and rinsing operations, with the significant advantages of reduced energy consumption, lower total operating costs, quieter operation and versatile installation. HRO... Read More

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MAR COR Purification Announces Award of Health Canada License

April 11, 2013

New Design Features Energy Conservation and Fully Automated Hot Water Disinfection Plymouth, MN– Mar Cor Purification announced today that it has been awarded a Class 3 Device License from Health Canada for a Heat Disinfectable Centralized Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water System for Dialysis, named the BioPure HX2. The BioPure HX2 is a Double Pass RO with automatic hot water disinfection with 4... Read More

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Aquatech to Provide Egypt's First Integrated Zero Liquid Discharge Plant with ETHYDCO Contract

April 2, 2013

Contract Signing Celebrated at Event Focusing on "Working Together to Protect the Environment of Egypt" CAIRO - Aquatech, a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets, has been awarded a contract by the Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) to provide a water treatment facility that includes the first integrated Zero Liquid Discharge... Read More