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Chemicals & Chemical Processing -> Absorbents -> Other


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High-Visibility Spill Kit accelerates response to accidents.

High-Visibility Spill Kit accelerates response to accidents.

New Pig    Tipton, PA 16684 0304
May 01, 2014 Packed with PIG absorbents, PIG® Spill Kit in High Visibility Economy Container can be placed near spill-prone areas throughout facility. Non-threaded, lift-off lid accelerates access to contents, and molded-in handles facilitate carrying. With bright yellow color that helps locate kit when needed, polyethylene container resists oil and chemical splashes and keeps contents clean and dry. Temporary disposal bags are included, and tamperproof seal helps prevent pilfering of contents.

Disinfecting Absorbent facilitates biohazard cleanup.

Disinfecting Absorbent facilitates biohazard cleanup.

Impact Absorbents, Inc.    Atascadero, CA 93422
Jul 19, 2012 Featuring dry formula that will not leave slick or sticky residue or cause slips/falls, Biofresh provides safe way to clean up messes such as vomit, blood, and other body fluids. Encapsulator instantly contains, absorbs, and disinfects liquids on contact, turning contaminated liquid waste into solid waste for disposal. Any liquids absorbed will never leach after disposal, and container with adjustable lid allows product to be stored nearly anywhere as well as deployed when needed.

Universal Absorbent Pillow helps prevent hazard conditions.

New Pig    Tipton, PA 16684 0304
Oct 20, 2011 Able to capture and absorb nuisance leaks at source before they hit floor, PIG® LEAKTRAPPER(TM) Universal Absorbent Pillow features loop-backed bottom and attaches securely to heavy-duty Velcro® hooks to facilitate positioning around hose connections or anything that leaks. Cellulose filler absorbs up to 33 oz of oil, coolant, solvent, or water per pillow, while puncture-resistant, impermeable poly backing prevents strike-through onto surfaces.

Adhesive, Absorbent Mat increases workplace safety.

New Pig    Tipton, PA 16684 0304
Oct 20, 2011 Offered in rolls, pads, rugs, or dispenser box, PIG® Grippy® Mat has adhesive bottom and soaks up leaks, drips, and overspray without bunching, curling, or sliding. Mat withstands high-traffic work areas/walkways and peels up without leaving residue. Featuring spunbond top layer with heavy-duty stitching and 8 layers of fine-fiber polypropylene, NFSI-certified product absorbs oils, coolants, solvents, and water. Poly backing creates additional barrier to prevent pass through to floor.

Absorbent is formulated for wastewater treatment spills.

Green Absorbents    Bohemia, NY 11716
Dec 03, 2009 Green Stuff Absorbent ensures that liquid spills are fully absorbed with no slippery residue left behind. Sewage slurries, acids, gear oils, paint, sodium salt solutions, vegetable oil based biofuels, and over 300 other liquids, such as polymers from adipic acid solutions and acrylic emulsions, are absorbed with minimal fumes and made dry to pass Paint Filter tests for disposal at landfills. Product is non-biodegradable and non-leaching for environmentally friendly disposal.

Absorbent helps clean up Hazmat spills.

Absorbent helps clean up Hazmat spills.

Green Absorbents    Bohemia, NY 11716
Sep 03, 2009 Compatible with over 300 different chemicals, Green Stuff® consists of non-mineral phenolic foam granules that absorb up to 15 times their weight. Non-toxic and non-biodegradable, product is used for cleanup of spills and leaks as well as for removal of processing waste. It is also usable as fuel blend with content capacity up to 13,000 BTUs/lb. EPA Certified, Green Stuff passes test for hazardous material waste disposal at approved landfills and incineration operations.

Absorbent Mats protect surfaces from cross contamination.

Absorbent Mats protect surfaces from cross contamination.

L & R Manufacturing Co.    Kearny, NJ 07032 3604
May 04, 2009 Designed to protect countertops from liquid spills, chemicals, and contaminants, CounterZorb(TM) Ultra Absorbent Mats feature 6-ply construction with water and chemical resistant polyethylene backing. Multi-layers of fine fiber-absorbent pockets provide optimal liquid retention; capillary action allows liquid to absorb through mat instead of pouring through. Mats are non-abrasive and won't scratch smooth surfaces or equipment. Cushioned pockets protect glassware/delicate items from breaking.

Starch-Based Ingredient aids sustainable fluid management.

Absorbent Technologies, Inc.    Beaverton, OR 97008
Jan 07, 2009 Made from corn starch, Reon(TM) is designed to exceed performance of and replace petroleum-based polymers. Product retains 500 times its weight in water and is designed to manage fluids in various industrial products and applications. Formulated with potassium or sodium, superabsorbent biodegrades after its useful life and can be customized with regards to pH and color. It can also be made in various granule sizes and powders.

Environment-friendly Absorbent handles non-agressive liquids.

Environment-friendly Absorbent handles non-agressive liquids.

Kadant Johnson Inc.    Three Rivers, MI 49093
Dec 10, 2008 Made from 100% recycled post-consumer paper waste, fiber-based industrial absorbent absorbs oils, solvents, lubricants, coolants, water, and non-aggressive liquids on contact. Product is created using fibrous sludge waste from select paper mills and has one-to-one weight-to-weight absorbency. Gran-sorb industrial absorbent is dust- and silica-free, leaves no stains, cleans up quickly, has low ash content, and is safe for disposal by incineration.

Absorbent Mat and Wipers are packaged in dispenser box.

Absorbent Mat and Wipers are packaged in dispenser box.

New Pig    Tipton, PA 16684 0304
Jun 03, 2008 Suited for workbenches, workstations, tool carts, lab tops, or any area prone to small spills and messes, PIG® Mat and Wiper Combo Pack contains 1 roll each of PIG® Universal Mat and PIG® All-Purpose Wipers for on-the-spot cleanups and wiping tasks. PIG® Mat is light-weight and soaks up small leaks, drips and spills, while abrasion-resistant PIG® All-Purpose Wipers are used to wipe down machines and rough surfaces, and are soft enough to wipe hands and face.

Absorbent Pads are made of natural plant by-products.

Absorbent Pads are made of natural plant by-products.

Kafko International Ltd.    Skokie, IL 60076
Jan 24, 2008 Featuring woven construction, Oil Eater absorbent pads promote safer and cleaner workplace while helping companies meet OSHA and EPA requirements. Oil Only Pads and Rolls soak up oil and repel water; Universal Pads and Rolls soak up oil, water, and other liquids; and Absorbent Socks are used to control larger spills and protect drains. Products are available in various weights and finishes, ranging in size from 16 x 18 in. to 28 in. x 150 ft rolls.

Polymers adsorb moisture, odors, and organic volatiles.

Brownell Ltd    Harlesden/London L NW10 8PX  United Kingdom
Jan 07, 2008 Using combination of polymers and adsorbent desiccants, VMAP Adsorbents prevent deleterious effects of moisture and high humidity including condensation and corrosion. Materials can be molded or machined to suit applications where complex shapes are needed to occupy available space. Adsorbents can be fixed in place using screws, adhesives, or mechanical retention methods.

Absorbent Disks help protect electronics from moisture.

Brownell Ltd    Harlesden/London L NW10 8PX  United Kingdom
Jan 07, 2008 DryDisk protects products such as binoculars, radios, cameras, videos and tapes, films, portable computers, and other electronic equipment against conditions subject to humidity and condensation. Able to be contained in equipment bags, silica gel material is originally orange but turns green as it is saturated with moisture. Disks protect for 4 months under normal conditions and can then be re-activated by heating them in electric oven.

Absorbent Pads absorb 25 times their weight in liquids.

CEP Sorbents    Pasadena, TX 77503
Mar 06, 2006 Orange Power(TM) Universal Absorbent Pads feature built-in degreaser that absorbs liquid while releasing citrus fragrance. They can remove dirt and grime, grease, asphalt, oils, lubricants, water-based paints, industrial carbons, and other heavy-duty soils. Pads are completely safe, non-toxic products that can be rinsed and reused. Solvent resistance allows them to handle isopropyl alcohol, MEK, and other tough solvents without falling apart.

Encapsulating Polymer Absorbents handle hazardous spills.

JNJ Industries Inc.    Franklin, MA 02038
Dec 14, 2005 SmartBond(TM) Absorbents are capable of absorbing hazardous hydrocarbon-based and aqueous based fluids, encapsulating them and rendering them inert. Solid byproduct can be handled without gloves and disposed of without hazardous fees. Liquids and vapors are permanently trapped, eliminating accidental combustion. Available in granule form, absorbent pad, or boom sock, products absorb up to 15x their weight in hydrocarbons and 300x their weight in aqueous solutions.

Adsorbent reduces heavy metals and arsenic.

Adsorbent reduces heavy metals and arsenic.

Graver Technologies    Glasgow, DE 19702
Dec 01, 2005 Free-flowing MetSorb(TM) HMRP (Heavy Metal Removal Powder) is suited for incorporation into pressed or extruded carbon blocks to reduce lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals in contaminated drinking and process water. In addition to reducing heavy metals to meet EPA drinking water standards, product meets NSF Standard 53 and passes EPA TCLP for nonhazardous disposal of spent cartridges in sanitary landfill.

Sorbent Panel Assemblies trap odors, gases, and particulate.

Sorbent Panel Assemblies trap odors, gases, and particulate.

Camfil Farr    Riverdale, NJ 07457
Apr 27, 2005 CamsorbT CF4A adsorber modules are suited for commercial, industrial, and medical facilities where control of gaseous contaminants or odors may be of concern. Each unit uses 12 Camsorb CF 1 in. panels filled with loose-fill or application-specific sorbent media. Sorbent section is sandwiched between 2 particulate filter frames that allow installation of various combinations of prefilters and ASHRAE grade final filters. Assemblies may be stacked up to 6 units high.

Disposable Absorbent Pads are environmentally friendly.

Disposable Absorbent Pads are environmentally friendly.

Complete Environmental Products, Inc.    Pasadena, TX 77503
Apr 21, 2005 OilZap™ Pads feature cellulose core that absorbs oil, oil-based products, and water, and have polypropylene backing to prevent liquids from leaking through. One pad absorbs ˝ quart of oil, and pads can withstand hot oil up to 210°F. Applications include under vehicles, machines, equipment, and bilge of boats, as well as absorbing spills and wiping oily hands and tools.

Air Containment Systems protect against hazardous gases.

Calgon Carbon Corporation    Pittsburgh, PA 15230 0717
Nov 17, 2004 Protect™ Containment Systems include single-pass activated carbon adsorbers for filtration of weapon-grade toxicological agents. Systems isolate and remove potentially hazardous gases such as acid gas, organic vapor, mercury, ammonia, radioactive iodine, formaldehyde, and chemical warfare agents. They are manufactured to specification and assembled with other components such as building air handling systems, HEPA filters, precipitators, and control panels.

Charcoal Cloth offers high adsorption capabilities.

Calgon Carbon Corporation    Pittsburgh, PA 15230 0717
Sep 30, 2003 Zorflex™ features 100% pure activated charcoal, making it suited for filtration applications. One gram has microporous internal surface area of up to 1,400 square meters. Products utilizing Zorflex™ include nuisance vapor masks, dressings for malodorous wounds, anti-tarnish linings for museum display cases, as well as nuclear, biological, and chemical protection wear.

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