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Polycarbonate Sheet targets lighting OEMs.

March 3, 2015

Balancing light diffusion and transmission, Makrolon® DX-NR offers optimal outdoor weathering performance, enabled by co-extruded, UV-resistant technology. Polycarbonate sheet, offering non-glossy and non-reflective appearance, is suited for lenses used in exterior applications. Enabling designers to create energy-efficient lighting fixtures, Makrolon® Lumen XT LC0 resists high temperatures, has achieved UL 94 V-2 flammability rating, and provides uniform light diffusion. Read More

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Recycled PET withstands bulk handling and transport.

March 2, 2015

Engineered to withstand bulk handling and transport while still providing desired color found in original compacted formulation, LNO™ c Melt-Formed Pellet supports commercialization of rPET bottles and containers for food and beverage applications. Resin is formed by compacting fine grind powder and is FDA-approved for conditions of use A-J. For applications such as water bottles, LNO™ c resin offers low levels of acetaldehyde, sometimes even below that of virgin resins. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Rotary Drum Screen separates solids from waste streams.

February 24, 2015

Constructed of stainless steel, Model 24-RDS-72 removes solids from industrial and municipal waste streams, and recovers solid product from process streams, at rates from 600–2,790 gpm, without blinding or clogging screen. System comprises 24 in. dia x 72 in. long cylinder, variable speed drive for adjustment of drum rotation speed, head box, discharge chute, and support structure. Wedge-wire screen of cylinder is available in orifice sizes from .002–.110 in. Read More

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Cure-on-Demand Masking Resin reduces processing time.

February 24, 2015

Offering temperature and chemical resistance, UV/Visible light-curable SpeedMask® 750 provides surface protection during thermal spray coating, plasma spray, some HVOF processes, and aggressive grit blasting. This maskant, which can maintain adhesion during CNC machining, cures on demand, holds shape after application by spray/dispense equipment, and is tack free after proper cure. Pink color facilitates placement confirmation, and removal can be accomplished via peeling or incineration. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Compact Fluid Sampling System offers telematics option.

February 24, 2015

Available in Manual Control and Remote Communications versions, HY-TRAX® eliminates task of locating sampling port with adequate pressure and flow. Features include VSD pump and TestMate® Particle Counter (TCM) mounted on manifold block, adjustable pump speed, and ability to operate on mineral-based hydraulic fluids up to 350 cSt. System displays ISO contamination codes and optional saturation levels and can be powered with 24 Vdc or 120 Vac. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Thermoplastic Elastomers serve sensory-sensitive applications.

February 23, 2015

Suited for applications in food and beverage packaging, transport, and storage, sensory-sensitive thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) include specialty compounds and formulations that can be used to manage permeation of CO2, water vapor, and oxygen in addition to improving sealing properties. Grades meet most food and beverage contact standards of FDA, EU, and GB; are fully recyclable; and provide low extractables, organoleptic neutrality, and clarity.
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Heavy-Duty Compactor handles metal chip and turnings.

February 23, 2015

Featuring dual-cylinder design, CP-2202-CHIP produces 85,000 lb of force to create 4:1 compaction ratio on scrap mild steel turnings, reducing volume of 4 full 40 yd³ containers into one. System can efficiently reclaim cutting fluids, coolants, and oils from turnings and chip materials. Fluid collection system removes fluid from both compaction chamber and compaction container and pumps it to single, sealed collection tank where it is then pumped into customer’s recycling system or holding tank. Read More

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Space-Optimized Combined Trap and AAV replaces P-traps.

February 20, 2015

Able to replace conventional P-traps while minimizing roof penetrations, Studor® Trap-Vent™ consists of combined trap and Air Admittance Valve (AAV) designed for use in bathroom lavatory installation venting up to 6 DFU. Available models include 1¼ and 1½ in. assemblies, both in white, that are suited for remodels, restorations, and floating sinks. Compact design offers flexibility where space may be limited. Read More

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Plastic Pellet Classifiers feature double deck design.

February 18, 2015

Available on Witte 700 Series classifiers, diamond double deck design screens product twice through dual, perforated decks for optimal removal of off-spec pellets. Diamond-shaped openings in first stage screening deck provide constant access to pellet flow in second stage screening deck below to monitor flow during operation, enabling blockages to be quickly found and removed. By quieting pellets into single layer, vibratory technology helps prevent short-longs from contaminating end product. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Round Screen Replacements increase accuracy, reliability, uptime.

February 18, 2015

Available for round vibratory screeners of any make and model, K-Series lets users increase screening accuracy and reliability while decreasing downtime. There are 5 types of screens, offered in 18–100 in. dia that can be weld- or epoxy-mounted with or without center holes. Meshes range from 2 in. to 500 mesh in 304 stainless, 316 corrosion-resistant stainless, magnetic 430 stainless, exotic alloys, and synthetics, all in single- or double-mesh designs. Read More

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Sample Management System can manage multiple consumable types.

February 17, 2015

SampleStore™ II SE helps laboratories manage small to mid-size sample collections comprised of tubes, vials, and plates with one automated storage solution. Designed for libraries of 50,000–300,000 1.4 ml tubes at temperatures of -20 to +20°C, modular and scalable solution delivers flexibility and cold-chain management across diverse storage applications. Strata® UI facilitates sample storage and retrieval while promoting sample information management, scalability, and integration with LIMS.
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Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Polycarbonate Blend targets wearable medical devices.

February 13, 2015

Providing resistance against body lotions and other chemicals, Makroblend® M525 Polycarbonate/Polyester meets testing requirements of ISO 10993-5 (Cytotoxicity) and ISO 10993-10 (Irritation and Sensitization) for biocompatibility. Plastic grade exhibits moldability and dimensional stability, and can be color-matched to satisfy design criteria of wearable devices. In addition, product offers optimized overmolding performance in devices with molded-in windows or tubes. Read More

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Soft Silicone Adhesives suit skin applications.

February 11, 2015

Designed specifically for wound care, Silbione® HC2 2022 medium-viscosity silicone gel is compatible with most coating processes and applicable on wide range of substrates, including PU films, perforated films, and open knit fabrics. Product is manufactured in ISO 8 clean room in ISO 13485 facility to ensure microbial safety on breached skin. For wearable devices, scar management, and transdermal drug delivery, Silbione® RT Gel 4642 high tack silicone gel is available. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Weld Purging System handles 1-24 in. dia tubes and pipes.

February 10, 2015

Featuring extra purge gas inlets and corresponding exhaust ports, PurgExtra® produces zero-color, non-oxidized weld roots. Operators can purge normally at first and then when conditions are correct, introduce additional gas at high flow rates to create faster purge and more efficient removal of unwanted gases. System is designed for weld purging of Titanium in particular, as well as Ultra High Purity stainless steel joints, corrosion resistant alloy welding, and duplex steel joints. Read More

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Acrylic Resins suit ultra-low VOC coatings.

February 10, 2015

Suited for 2-component concrete coatings, MAINCOTE™ AEH Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid combines weatherability and UV resistance of acrylics with chemical resistance of epoxies. Product offers tire pickup resistance in waterborne 2K concrete coatings as well as resistance to aggressive cleaning regimens. With VOC levels of 50 g/L or less, MAINCOTE™ 4950 Acrylic Resin is suited for direct-to-metal coatings. Product offers balance of hardness, corrosion, and durability, as well as architectural gloss. Read More

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Sample Handling Products cover diverse applications.

January 22, 2015

Shakes, rockers, mixers, and stirrers are available for molecular and biological mixing applications, while peltier chiller or thermocyclers, which chill or heat samples, facilitate temperature-sensitive reactions. Homogenizers and liquid nitrogen cooler mortars blend, homogenize, or crush samples, while splash shields and fume hoods protect laboratory workers from injury and provide proper ventilation. Vacuum desiccators protect and preserve moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic materials. Read More

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Long Fiber Reinforced Nylon Composites offer smooth surface.

January 20, 2015

By producing smooth finish on external surfaces, Velocity® Series of High-flow Nylon 6 and 66 LFT Composites facilitate injection molding of high glass or carbon fiber content materials. Resin-rich surface free of fibers makes colors appear vibrant, is capable of holding fine embossed details, and virtually eliminates need for any type of secondary finishing operations. Read More

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Air-Purge Jacket keeps temperature sensor lenses clean.

January 20, 2015

Designed to work with IRt/c and Micro IRt/c.4 sensors measuring 3/8 in. dia x 3 in. long, Micro Clean Micro Air-Purge Jacket prevents oil, dust, condensation, and other debris from obscuring lens and degrading sensor readings. Miniature-sized lens and efficient jacket design make it possible to clean surface with as little as 0.06 cfm of air, and to use instrument air, eliminating need for additional hardware. In addition to keeping lens clean, jacket cools sensor, allowing operation up to 347°F. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Thermal Evaporators minimize wastewater.

January 19, 2015

Available in sizes from 8–400 gph, ENCON Thermal Evaporators are capable of handling different waste streams simultaneously and offer variety of heat source options. Systems include 316 SS tank and heat exchanger, 1,725 rpm blower system, PLC control panel with touchscreen, and built-in Ethernet port for remote program modifications and/or troubleshooting. Capturing unwanted contaminants before exhausting, mist eliminator enables compliance with stringent emissions regulations. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Fluidized Bed Scrubber handles gas from 500-250,000 cfm.

January 19, 2015

Designed with unique swirl induced Coriolis grid that achieves fluidized bed stability, RotaBed provides efficient gas mixing and transfer. Scrubber's turbulent, packless, plug-resistant mass transfer bed is up to 99% open in fluid contact scrubbing zone and delivers high-efficiency gas absorption and particulate collection of over 99% on most applications. Two-stage chevron mist eliminator ensures complete droplet removal from gas exiting scrubber. Read More