Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Ribbon Blender meets sanitary standards.

February 2, 2016

Able to blend up to 65 ft³ of powders, pastes, or slurries, Model HD-3.5-7-S316 is constructed of 316 stainless steel with continuous welds having 0.25 in. radii polished to 150 grit, #4 interior surface finish, and external removable seals. Blender's 2:1 length-to-diameter ratio distributes ingredients uniformly during loading, blending, and discharge. Unit forces split double-helical agitator through stationary material, producing homogeneous blends in 5–6 minutes typical. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing

Liquid Additives come in drums that stay sealed throughout use.

February 1, 2016

Available for plastics processors, GlobalPlus™ single-additive dispersions come in containers that stay sealed – from loading dock arrival; through storage, handling, and metering into process; and during return for replenishment. Additive is metered into process by pump located inside drum, which eliminates such liquid handling complications as spillage, leakage, cleanup, pump maintenance, unused additive, and environmental concerns. Letdowns are 0.1%–1.5% typ. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems feature embedded web server.

January 28, 2016

With compact design and single stage, air-cooled, and direct driven vacuum pumps for quiet operation, Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Systems are suited for small medical facilities and surgery centers. TotalAlert Embedded controls allow users to monitor system remotely from any web browser on facility's network and to receive electronic notifications of system alarms and service intervals. Combining 100% dry technology with self-lubricating vanes, systems require minimal maintenance. Read More

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Grinding Machine features high flow cutting chamber.

January 26, 2016

Equipped with 5 hp motor and drive, TASKMASTER TITAN TM20000 is available in single, tandem, and duplex versions in standard iron and steel as well as stainless steel construction. Machine utilizes twin-shaft, counter-rotating cutter design to rip, tear, and shred solids entrained in liquid flow to fine particles so they can be easily processed by pumps and other equipment. Standard units are 21 ½ in. wide x 67 in. tall, while Duplex versions are 34 in. wide x 67 in. tall. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Chilling/Heating Dry Baths hold 64 - 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes.

January 22, 2016

With temperature ranges of -10 to 100°C and -20 to 100°C, respectively, EchoTherm™ Models IC30 and IC30XT can freeze, chill, or heat samples in variety of sample blocks that can hold 0.2–50 mL centrifuge tubes, test tubes, vials, assay plates, and round-bottom flasks. Measuring 8.5 x 10 x 4 in., Peltier-driven units feature digital display and control to 1°C, 30-day countdown timer in hours/minutes/seconds, data logger, and RS232 I/O port to collect data or to control units by computer. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing

Amorphous PHA Grade optimizes PVC and PLA performance.

January 21, 2016

Consisting of softer and more rubbery version of PHA, Amorphous PHA offers fundamentally different performance profile from crystalline forms of PHA. Product is produced by fermentation and extracted using patented solvent recovery process. At low loading levels, a-PHA can serve as process aid and performance modifier for PVC. Amorphous PHA also complements bio-content and compostability profile of biopolymer PLA while delivering improvements in mechanical properties. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Silicone Resin suits room temperature cure, high-temp coatings.

January 20, 2016

Dow Corning® 2405 Resin helps formulators overcome such limitations as brittleness, poor impact resistance, and film-building constraints associated with resins used to formulate high-temperature-resistant, room-temperature-curing coatings. When catalyzed by titanium compounds, product cures within 60 min at ambient temperature to form medium-hard coating. This methyl methoxy resin, with solventless delivery and tin-free cure, is optimized for flexibility, impact resistance, and film build.
Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Tray Scrubber allows recovery and reuse of acids.

January 19, 2016

Available in sizes to handle gas volumes from 500–150,000 cfm, Series 6000 utilizes special tray designs in single or multiple stages to achieve maximum gas absorption using once through water at extremely low rates. Once through water flow pattern also enables recovery of higher vapor pressure concentrated solutions for reuse in process. For applications where fine mists are formed during absorption, final coalescing filter is used to reduce overall emissions to nearly non-detectable levels. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Injectors have hydroponic stems optimized for readability.

January 15, 2016

Respectively rated at 11 and 14 gpm, D25RE09BPVFHY and D14MZ3000BPVFHY are available with stems that read in milliliters (mL) and teaspoons (tsp) per gallon. This feature accommodates needs of Hydroponic growers by helping to foster increased accuracy when mixing without requiring conversion chart. Read More

Architectural and Civil Engineering Products, Materials & Material Processing, Chemical Processing & Waste Management

PVC/Polycarbonate Panels withstand industrial facility conditions.

December 29, 2015

Maintaining color and structural integrity, PHASE-2® PVC Siding, Roofing, and Louver Panels are heavy gauge PVC extruded sheets with Non-Combustible Flame Spread Rating of 12. FM-approved for unlimited height use without need for sprinkler protection, completely UV-resistant panels also resist corrosive conditions. Impact- and completely UV-resistant UNITREX® Polycarbonate Panels provide long term durability against denting, cracking, and peeling. Non-combustible flame spread rating is 6. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Material Handling & Storage, Packaging Equipment

Oxygen Absorbers/Dispensers keep jerky products fresh.

December 22, 2015

Multisorb JerkyFresh products include oxygen absorbers to extend shelf life and dispensing equipment for jerky packaging lines. Protecting against spoilage and flavor loss, oxygen absorbing packets keep jerky products with water activity level <0.85 fresh. Various sizes are available, and all irreversibly absorb oxygen inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01% and maintain this level. Dispensing equipment, available for low- to high-speed applications, integrates with packaging lines. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Mechanical Bar Screen features 75-degree inclination.

December 17, 2015

Employing front clean/front return principle, SCREENMASTER® CS provides efficient cleaning of bar screen rack and removal of solids from channel installations. System is fully constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and comes complete with S320 Program Controller, which activates on timed basis or when high level is indicated by supplied level sensor. Driven by ¾–1 hp motor and gear drive, SCREENMASTER® CS is custom-built for channel width and lift height. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Low-Viscosity Gap Filling Material has high thermal conductivity.

December 14, 2015

Viscosity of GAP FILLER 1400SL allows this 2-part, silicone-based, liquid gap filling material to flow in and around tight, uniquely shaped structures to fill small voids and provide thermal transfer to 1.4 W/m-K. When cured, soft material allows absorption of CTE stresses and provides mechanical shock dampening for fragile assemblies. Product cures at room temperature without any byproducts and supports accelerated curing with exposure to elevated temperature. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing

Industrial Compactor features single cylinder design.

December 9, 2015

With 100 yd³/hr volume displacement and 76,960 lb max force, Model CP-3101-HD is suited for packaging materials, dry wastes, and process scraps in warehouses and large retail outlets, as well as for light to medium industrial/institutional uses. Standard features include structural steel supports, multi-cycle timer, automatic safety retract, and freestanding power unit. Customizable to meet unique needs, compactor offers optional rear load hopper, side load security chute, and photo eye start system. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Low Hardness TPE targets weather seal applications.

December 1, 2015

With high tear strength and 40 shore A hardness, D6940 Thermoplastic Elastomer offers alternative to TPV elastomers for weather seal applications that require low deformation stress, rubber-like seal recovery, UV resistance, and paint stain resistance. Product provides low compression set of 14% at 23°C and 36% at 70°C. No pre-drying is required prior to extrusion. Read More

Controls & Controllers, Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Panel Cooler safely provides constant purge.

November 27, 2015

Installed across solenoid valve to allow for bypass of some air flow, FRIGID-X™ PANEL COOLER BY-PASS SYSTEM consists of 316L Stainless steel tee and 316L Stainless steel combination tee and flow control valve connected together with stainless bypass stainless hose. Control valve on bypass sets desired flow level for particular control panel. This ensures constant purge is maintained and level of purging air can be set to optimum level depending on control panel size. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Chilling and Heating Dry Baths offer remote control.

November 19, 2015

Suited for robotic systems and fume hoods or environmental chambers, EchoTherm™ RHB20 and RIC20 can be controlled by computer or MIC20 Remote Terminal via RS232 I/O ports. Users can set and control temperature of samples in various containers from assay plates to centrifuge tubes from -20.0 to 120.0°C with accuracy to ±0.2°C. When connected to either dry bath, MIC20 can also collect current set point or temperature, set or clear idle mode, and perform calibration. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Electronic Components & Devices

Harmonic Filter supports 200, 250, and 300 A applications.

November 17, 2015

With 300 A capacity, operating at 480 Vac ±10%, ECOsine® Active Harmonic Filter uses digital technology to monitor and dynamically correct harmonics up to 50th order in less than 300 µs, eliminating disturbances before they can cause problems. Connection-ready 3-wire unit includes forced air cooling and internal liquid cooling for power electronics. Featuring freestanding enclosure with IP54 rating, filter is suited for variable frequency motor drives, UPS, HVAC equipment, and data centers. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Shredders destroy hard drives and solid state devices.

November 11, 2015

Caster-mounted and vibration-free, Combination Shredders come in 2 low-volume models with 3 hp motor; 3 medium, high-volume shredders with 10 hp motor; and 3 extreme-duty, high-volume shredders with 20 hp motor. All feature separate feed slots for destruction of HDDs and SSDs via heavy-duty, saw tooth hooked cutters. Shredding rates reach up to 3,500 HDDs/hr and 1,000 SSDs/hr. While low-volume shredders have 2 internal collection bins, high-volume units integrate waste discharge conveyors. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Bag Filters provide corrosion resistance.

November 11, 2015

Available in PVC and CPVC materials, FLV Series comes in 16 in. and 32 in. vessels with True-Union design. End connections for pipe sizes 1 ¼ through 4 in. are available in socket, threaded, or flanged configurations. All vessels carry pressure rating of 150 psi Non-Shock at 70°F for all sizes, with service temperatures up to 140°F in PVC and 190°F in CPVC. Offering flow capacity of 100 gpm, filters feature solid one-piece basket with vertical flutes, FPM seals, and drain port on bottom. Read More