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Sample Handling Products cover diverse applications.

January 22, 2015

Shakes, rockers, mixers, and stirrers are available for molecular and biological mixing applications, while peltier chiller or thermocyclers, which chill or heat samples, facilitate temperature-sensitive reactions. Homogenizers and liquid nitrogen cooler mortars blend, homogenize, or crush samples, while splash shields and fume hoods protect laboratory workers from injury and provide proper ventilation. Vacuum desiccators protect and preserve moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic materials. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing

Long Fiber Reinforced Nylon Composites offer smooth surface.

January 20, 2015

By producing smooth finish on external surfaces, Velocity® Series of High-flow Nylon 6 and 66 LFT Composites facilitate injection molding of high glass or carbon fiber content materials. Resin-rich surface free of fibers makes colors appear vibrant, is capable of holding fine embossed details, and virtually eliminates need for any type of secondary finishing operations. Read More

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Air-Purge Jacket keeps temperature sensor lenses clean.

January 20, 2015

Designed to work with IRt/c and Micro IRt/c.4 sensors measuring 3/8 in. dia x 3 in. long, Micro Clean Micro Air-Purge Jacket prevents oil, dust, condensation, and other debris from obscuring lens and degrading sensor readings. Miniature-sized lens and efficient jacket design make it possible to clean surface with as little as 0.06 cfm of air, and to use instrument air, eliminating need for additional hardware. In addition to keeping lens clean, jacket cools sensor, allowing operation up to 347°F. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Thermal Evaporators minimize wastewater.

January 19, 2015

Available in sizes from 8–400 gph, ENCON Thermal Evaporators are capable of handling different waste streams simultaneously and offer variety of heat source options. Systems include 316 SS tank and heat exchanger, 1,725 rpm blower system, PLC control panel with touchscreen, and built-in Ethernet port for remote program modifications and/or troubleshooting. Capturing unwanted contaminants before exhausting, mist eliminator enables compliance with stringent emissions regulations. Read More

Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Fluidized Bed Scrubber handles gas from 500-250,000 cfm.

January 19, 2015

Designed with unique swirl induced Coriolis grid that achieves fluidized bed stability, RotaBed provides efficient gas mixing and transfer. Scrubber's turbulent, packless, plug-resistant mass transfer bed is up to 99% open in fluid contact scrubbing zone and delivers high-efficiency gas absorption and particulate collection of over 99% on most applications. Two-stage chevron mist eliminator ensures complete droplet removal from gas exiting scrubber. Read More

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Venturi Vacuum Cartridges replace multi-stage pumps.

January 19, 2015

Suited for packaging industry, RTM Series™ replaces failed or clogged multi-stage pumps to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Single stage cartridges thread directly into existing multi-stage pumps and vacuum grippers, allowing dirt, dust, and debris to pass through. With no obstacles to impede flow or trap dirt, pumps never lose suction, require filters or maintenance. Cartridges are available in 11 performance levels, up to 3.2 scfm vacuum flow and 28 in. Hg vacuum level. Read More

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Long Fiber Thermoplastic Compounds feature low VOCs.

January 16, 2015

Designed for structural use, Very Long Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds satisfy OEM mandates to reduce VOC levels found in thermoplastic materials specified for use in automotive interior applications. Low emission PP VLF compounds provide optimized strength, stiffness, and dimensional accuracy, with reinforcement levels of 20–50 weight%. Environmentally friendly products are used for instrument panels, door module carriers, overhead and center consoles, seating, and spare tire covers. Read More

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Shredding Systems utilize VFD inverter drives.

January 15, 2015

With single or double rows of bed knives, V-ECO Series maximizes shredding surface area to produce small particle sizes. Shredders utilize VFD inverter drives which match rotor speeds and torque to load volume and material tenacity. Suited for flexible and fibrous or rigid and bulky materials, W Rotors deliver particle size consistency. Hydraulic lift-up cutting chamber floor provides safe access to cutting chamber, while drop down screen carriage with pneumatic assist facilitates screen changes. Read More