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Remote Eye Tracking System eliminates use of headware.

May 20, 2005

Model R6 VHT tracks eye movement of any subject, from infants to elderly, even with significant head motion. Able to reacquire eye when subject looks away and returns or sits down, system features automatic discrimination and calibration. It uses bright pupil technology for capture and contrast and provides real-time feedback during tracking session. Additional features include video head tracking and software development kit. Read More

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Wearable Eye Tracking System is tether-free.

April 28, 2004

Equipped with unobtrusive optics and recording device small enough to be worn on belt, Mobile Eye(TM) permits total freedom of movement. Eye and scene images are interleaved and saved on DVCR tape with 75 min duration, then transferred to included PC that separates images, performs analysis, and creates scene video with cursor overlay. Sample rate is 25/30 Hz. Portable DVCR can be connected directly to PC for real-time tracking in laboratory setting. Read More

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