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Plant-Derived Fertilizers restore soil and strengthen crops.

August 4, 2016

Made from wheat straw and available in granular and liquid forms, VASTLY Better Roots soil amendment and biostimulant products offer effective way for farmers to optimize long-term soil health, nutrient uptake, plant vigor, and yield. Water soluble products stimulate natural plant hormones that maximize fertilizer absorption and efficiency. Since fulvic and humic acids are derived from post harvest crop residue instead of coal, production is sustainable and more environmentally friendly. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Dosatron International Announces Multiple Fertilizer System Installation

June 24, 2015

CLEARWATER, Fla – Dosatron International, Inc. today announces the installation of a large, multiple Dosatron fertilizer injection system. "We are so excited that one of our customers for almost 30 years on Long Island has recently installed, possibly the largest Dosatron fertilizer system to date." explains Lela Kelly, Dosatron’s Vice President and Horticulture Specialist. "This expert... Read More

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Fertilizer/Chemical Injector fosters precision in CEA.

May 1, 2015

Manufactured from chemical-resistant polypropylene, D14MZ2 is designed for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) – hydroponics, rooftop and tower gardens, urban agriculture, and more. This 14 gpm fertilizer and chemical injector can automate processes to create fine-tuned, multi-chemical mixes with precise and repeatable results. Water-powered unit features 1:500 to 1:50 (0.2%–2%) injection range. Read More

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Legacy Building Solutions Constructs New Fertilizer Buildings for Iowa Companies

November 5, 2013

SOUTH HAVEN, Minn. — Legacy Building Solutions announces the completion of two new fertilizer buildings in the state of Iowa. The tension fabric structures were designed, engineered and erected for Ag Partners, LLC in Albert City, Iowa, and Agriland FS in Wyman, Iowa. The bulk fertilizer plant constructed for Ag Partners measures an impressive 120 by 420 feet, with a peak height of 63 feet... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Fertilizer Injector delivers flow rates to 40 gpm.

June 26, 2012

Supplied in chemical-resistant housing, 40 GPM - D8R can inject fertilizers, pesticides, and caustic chemicals accurately with flow rate of 2.2-40 gpm, injection ratio of 1:500-1:50, and pressure range of 2-110 psi. Unit also exhibits UV resistance and features adjustable injection rates as well as graduated scales that promote readability. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Price Increase Concerning Fertilizer Tubes

January 19, 2012

Due to increases in raw material prices, Sandvik Materials Technology AB is announcing a price increase for bimetallic tubes used in the fertilizer urea industry.<4444>The price increase will be effective for all new orders on or after January 18, 2012. <4444>For questions, or more information, please contact your local Sandvik representative: www.smt.sandvik.com<4444>Sandvik Group The Sandvik... Read More

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FEECO International Looks to Malaysia for Waste to Fertilizer Opportunities

September 23, 2011

Pakenham, Victoria - A recent trip to Malaysia by FEECO Australia's Operations Manager, Barry Wilson, has sparked much discussion on the opportunities to transform wastes into fertilizer for local crop production in Malaysia. Malaysia's dynamic and active agricultural sector is looking for new ways to produce crops for both local and export markets, while maintaining a high regard for the... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Green & Clean

Biodegradable Soil Blend is suitable for greenhouse use.

July 6, 2007

MagnaTerra(TM) biodegradable soil input blends Super Hydro Grow corn starch polymer plant nutrient system with selected microbes to enhance plant health, yield, and water absorption in greenhouse fruits and vegetables. Blend can be applied before crops have been moved to growing fields, and continue to positively affect root-growth after transplantation. Read More

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