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Stackable and Folding Boom fulfils farming demands.

February 27, 2015

Constructed of Swedish Steel and 255 cm wide in transport, DELTA FORCE 3-folded boom, available with 32, 33, and 36 m working widths, supports high-speed driving while maintaining optimum performance. Stacking boom when folding optimizes dimension of boom elements and space occupied in transport. While pendulum suspension minimizes boom movements, center of gravity ensures balance. Characteristics on center part can be changed to accommodate terrain and driving behavior. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Land Forming Software optimizes drainage and irrigation.

February 12, 2015

With surface design tools and flexible parameters, WM-Form™ helps growers and earthworks contractors repair underperforming areas and extend amount of productive farmable land. End-to-end agriculture solution supports field survey, topography analysis, design creation, reporting and cost estimation, land forming, and verification. Growers can also use solution to optimize water distribution and drainage, minimize erosion and flooding by directing waterflow, and create uniform crop production. Read More

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Track Feller Bunchers/Harvesters feature digital control system.

January 27, 2015

Comprising XT430-3 (non-leveling), XT430L-3, XT445L-3, and XT460L-3 models with operating weights from 61,300–72,000 lb, XT-3 Series features 300 peak hp, 8.3 L Cummins engine and 58,400 lb-ft swing torque. Cab design promotes operator productivity, white LED lights promote visibility, and up to 9 hydraulic system arrangement, 2 heavy-duty boom, and 4 heavy-duty arm options accept range of attachments. IQAN-MD4 programmable digital control system features 7 in. LED color touchscreen monitor. Read More

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Agricultural Field Management App includes profitability analysis.

January 23, 2015

As scalable, Web-based field data management tool, Connected Farm™ Field application lets growers manage field boundaries, task data, crop health maps, and precipitation data. Profit and loss reporting feature, which includes usability optimized GUI, enables growers to analyze field profitability and enhance financial decisions regarding their operations. Overall, functionality emphasizes precision farming data, field profitability, fleet management, and agronomic services. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Data Processing Software supports agricultural drones.

January 22, 2015

Available to anyone using drone for agricultural data collection, cloud-based Bring Your Own Drone™ solution processes drone-collected data and returns actionable recommendations. Resulting reports can include everything from overhead view of fields used to spot problem areas, to zone map for precise fertilizer application. Reports can be imported into virtually any farm data management system. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Data Sharing/Analysis Software enhances agricultural operations.

December 24, 2014

Remote Sensing helps agri-business enterprises capture, analyze, and share crop acreage and crop production data. By fostering understanding regarding changing trends in time-sensitive information at different geography levels, application enables proactive framing of strategies. GIS and RS technology allows crop type identification, acreage estimation, condition assessment, and yield estimation as well as draught/flood analysis, water requirement assessment and site suitability analysis. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Green & Clean

Logging Forwarder offers 15.4 ton payload capacity.

December 11, 2014

Powered by eco-friendly Agco Power Diesel 6.6 liter, 204 hp, EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions certified engine, Komatsu 855.1 Forwarder features smart integrated transmission control unit, optimized power train with double bogie bearings, and cooling system with variable speed fan. Comfort Ride active cab suspension system, using 4 hydraulic cylinders, keeps cab level in relation to machine frame during operation, maximizing operator comfort in hilly and difficult terrain. Read More

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Squeeze Style Harvesting Head suits final felling applications.

November 7, 2014

Able to handle crooked trees and tough branches, S132 has recommended DBH working range of 6–17 in. dia and max cutting diameter of 28.3 in. Swing damping/braking system, 360º rotator, and 128º tilt link angle accelerate feeding and reduce head frame stress when harvesting/reaching on downhill slopes. Features include 4 moveable delimbing knives; fifth delimbing knife in bottom of frame; 2-driven roller, 2 motor squeeze-style feed system; and self-cleaning V-Steel Softgrip™ feed rollers. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Roadside Management Herbicide simplifies weed control.

October 30, 2014

Offering versatility for warm-season vegetation management on roadsides, Derigo™ controls invasive grasses and broadleaf weeds while promoting healthy grass cover. This post-emergent herbicide, approved for use around trees and ornamental species, is effective against 30+ species of undesirable grasses as well as 100+ broadleaf weeds. Solution also provides seed head and plant growth suppression benefits on bahiagrass while encouraging healthy growth of desirable grass types. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Feed Formulation Software delivers real-time data visibility.

September 19, 2014

With Brill® Formulation v2.6, animal nutritionists and feed formulators can better manage complex and rapidly changing information required to create high-quality, accurate formulas. Users can compare differences between formulas to minimize errors, save time by viewing multiple formulas at once in summary reports, and formulate faster by monitoring premix levels and breakdown of premix ingredients. Program also enables import and export of pellet creation data to and from Excel. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Rainfall Monitoring Solution helps farmers make decisions.

August 29, 2014

Part of Connected Farm™ web-based solution, RainWave® Contour Map functionality maps precise rainfall amounts within entire field or farm, enabling farmer or trusted advisor to make optimized management decisions for irrigation planning, resource deployment, and timing of applications for nutrient and pest management. Farmers can access color-coded rainfall contour maps on demand via PC, tablet, or smartphone. Since physically checking rain gauge locations is eliminated, time and fuel are saved. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Web-Based Management Software aids decisions about farm operation.

August 28, 2014

Connected Farm™ provides farmers with access to information about factors impacting farm operations. Respectively targeting farmers and their advisors, Connected Farm Field/Advisor field data management tools allow management of field information and offer tools for ordering, managing, and viewing PurePixel™ crop health maps and RainWave® Contour Maps. Advisor application allows for collaboration on creation, editing, and sharing of variable rate prescription maps based on soil sample data. Read More

Transportation Industry Products, Agricultural and Farming Products

Automated Steering System offers line acquisition technology.

August 13, 2014

Available for Autopilot™ automated steering system, Trimble® OnSwatch technology minimizes time lost turning at end of row by enabling vehicle to make tighter turn and approach next line, or crop row, faster. Users can customize line acquisition to vehicle, operation, and operator preference including adjusting turn angle, approach angle, and speed. Using OnSwath, farmers can cut idle driving time, fuel consumption, soil compaction, crop damage, and working time in field. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Combine Harvester features 652 hp engine.

July 29, 2014

Combining reaping and threshing processes, Model CR10.90 is powered by Cursor 16 engine with ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology for Tier 4B compliance. SmartTrax™ rubber tracks with Terraglide™ suspension technology minimizes soil compaction, while 14,500 L grain tank extends time between unloading and can be emptied in under 2 minutes. With IntelliSteer™ autoguidance solution and PLM Connect™ telematics system, CR10.90 can map fields to harvest in most efficient manner and analyze harvesting data. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Agronomic Service provides vegetation health monitoring.

June 27, 2014

Part of Connected Farm™ solution, PurePixel™ Precision Vegetation Health Solution offers specialized processing of multi-spectral images used for crop health analysis. Field images provide farmers and advisors with visual representation of selected field's crop health or maturity level based on color-coded index. Since PurePixel filters out non-crop artifacts such as soil, shadows, and surface wetness, it can be used on fields with newly emerged vegetation or fields with full crop canopy. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Services

Agronomic Service provides 3-D soil mapping and analysis.

June 11, 2014

Part of Connected Farm™ solution, Soil Information System™ provides farmers and advisors with in-depth 3-D soil data they can use to make informed decisions about crop production goals. Technology uses advanced sensors along with intelligent targeting and geo-processing algorithms to produce high-resolution soil and topographic maps. Some examples of map types include: root zone depth, soil texture, plant available water, macro and micro-nutrient levels, and salt and toxicity concentrations. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Farm Design Software offers automatic drainage pipe sizing.

June 3, 2014

Working with Trimble® WM-Drain® farm drainage solution, Farm Works™ Surface Software provides recommended drainage pipe sizes for system design, as well as estimate on cost and material required. Diameters are recommended for all pipes within drainage network based on terrain, depth, pipe materials, and drainage coefficient, which represents how much water will be drained from field within 24 hr. Users can view chart of where pipe is placed as well as where constraints need to be modified. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Contract Management Software targets ag retailers.

May 6, 2014

Offered within RevCo Connect™ customer marketing and engagement platform for retailers, RevCo Connect fertilizer-contracting module will optimize efficiencies throughout inventory chain. Module enables agricultural retail organizations to view cost of remaining, unsold inventory; create contracts, set price, and approved special discounts on-the-fly; see real-time margins across sales team; and place orders in field from iPad. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Controls & Controllers

Precision Irrigation System supports remote control via Internet.

May 6, 2014

Installed on pivot, Irrigate-IQ™ lets farmers remotely control irrigators via Internet. Functionality covers variable rate irrigation and receiving reports about where water or fertilizer has been applied. Via this GPS-controlled, precision irrigation solution, farmers can apply optimal amount of water, fertigation, or effluent where needed to help improve crop quality and yield while minimizing nutrient and chemical runoff. Solution also helps users adhere to environmental regulations. Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Chemical Processing & Waste Management

Atmospheric Water Harvesters include hose-in feature.

March 28, 2014

Powered at 100 or 220 V, air to water harvesting machines include hose-in feature, which allows them to connect to any water supply available for consumption if relative humidity is not high enough for atmospheric water generation. AquaPhere Models, suitable for home and office, come in 3 versions that produce 28 or 60 L/day. For commercial and industrial uses, AquaCube Models come in 5 versions producing 200–5,000 L/day. AquaBox Model, a hybrid of both, produces 100 L/day. Read More