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Flame Arrestor Vents safeguard against battery explosions.

September 25, 2014

Made of hydrophobic Vyon® materials, Flame Arrestor Vents safeguard from potential explosions in lead acid batteries. Sintered porous plastic materials offer chemical compatibility and are resistant to most acids. Creation of flow path, by which gases released through valve element can escape from battery, prevent propagation of potential flames. In addition to preventing sparks from entering battery, vents provide controlled airflow, minimizing risk of acid spillage. Read More


Hip Roof Vent provides effective attic ventilation, protection.

May 13, 2014

Intended for roof designs with long, sweeping hips and cut-up planes, Cobra® Hip Vent offers 9 in.² of NFA for effective exhaust venting on homes with little or no ridge. Dual Weather Fighter™ Filter, included, helps prevent weather infiltration through and under vent. Low-profile (5/8 in.), shingle-over design minimizes visibility when installed at hip, consequently promoting exterior aesthetics, while fully nail-gunnable nature helps accelerate installation. Read More

HVAC, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Preassembled Roof Vent reduces installation effort.

May 2, 2014

Helping increase roof life, Hi-Perf Ridge Vent Slope to Slope Shingled Version provides accurate exhaust airflow at ridge to help prevent heat buildup and moisture accumulation underneath roof covering. Ventilation product features all-metal construction, is engineered for maximum performance, and withstands winds up to 120 mph over 20 years. NFA requirements are calculated for each project's condition, and preassembled design minimizes installation time. Read More

HVAC, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Portable Electronic Vents provide waterproof protection.

March 3, 2014

Intended for smartphones and portable electronic devices, PE3 Series provides typical airflow of 3,300 ml/min/cm³, equalizing internal  pressure, minimizing stress on seals, and eliminating transducer bias. At same time, vents protect internal electronics by serving as barrier against liquid, dust, and dirt. Units are engineered with black oleophobic membrane and gray PET nonwoven backing to minimize contrast when mounted on exterior of dark electronic devices. Read More


Heat Registers enable finger tip airflow control.

January 10, 2014

Featuring adjustable bidirectional louvered slats which regulate opening and closing of back dampers, Heat Registers provide whistle-free operation and are suited for floor, ceiling, or wall applications. Polymer resin units are dent- and scratch-resistant and will not rust or oxidize. Available in 4 x 10 in. and 4 x 12 in. sizes, products have integrated Filter Cloth Pins that enable use of Vent Register Filters. Corresponding Return Air Grilles maximize air circulation of HVAC systems. Read More

HVAC, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Breather Vent protects automotive electronic housings.

December 6, 2013

GORE® PolyVent Compact Series features microporous GORE™ membrane that breathes to allow airflow yet blocks entry of water and contaminants. This provides protection for sensitive components, such as sensors, motors, and control units, as well as pressure equalization. Vent diameter is 14.3 mm, and 3.45 mm installed height minimizes external protrusion and vulnerability to mechanical impacts or steam-jets. Construction features hydrostabilized PBT GF30 vent body and silicone O-ring. Read More

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Solar Roof Vent carries 750 cfm max airflow rating.

September 19, 2013

Designed to conserve energy and for facilitated installation, Master Flow® Green Machine™ features impact-resistant construction that withstands hail and foreign object impact. Solar-Powered model has 20 W integral solar panel and adjustable thermostat/humidistat and helps reduce attic cooling expense. Supplied with adjustable thermostat, Dual-Powered model switches automatically between solar and house power for 24/7 cooling during cloudy weather or at night. Read More