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Residential Split Systems meet 2015 energy standards.

September 18, 2015

Comprising air conditioners, heat pumps, and air handlers, Coleman Residential Split Systems meet 2015 U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards. Indoor units feature front-mounted controls and slide-out blower, while outdoor units have sealed, swing-out control box. With footprint to accommodate gates, hand trucks, vans, and site pads, systems include factory-installed liquid line filter drier, top and side access to commonly serviced items, and flat fan guard design that resists dents. Read More

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Air Handler Replacement helps increase energy conservation.

July 6, 2012

Retrovent(TM) Replacement Program replaces existing 20 ton and larger air handlers with energy-efficient R-Series units, which precisely match existing roof curbs and supply/exhaust connections to minimize roof and building renovation. Facilitating indoor air quality upgrades while increasing occupant comfort, program offers lease-to-own-financing, recycling of old units, installation of new equipment, and start-up services. Read More


HVAC Fabric Air Dispersion System accommodates 6,000 cfm.

October 20, 2010

Available in modular lengths of 1.5, 5, and 15 ft, SimpleSox(TM) is made of white polyester-woven, non-porous fabric and comes in 5 diameters of 12, 16, 20, 24, and 28 in. System features 2 ft wide, 4-orifice adjustable air outlet, which can be zippered anywhere into duct run and offers variety of throw distances, volume, and directional capabilities comparable to metal duct/register systems. Flexible and non-corrosive, system will not dent or rust and can be disassembled for laundering. Read More

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Vertical Gas Fired Air Handler has energy efficient design.

September 15, 2009

Available with staged heating from 75-400 MBH to provide right amount of heat depending on outside temperature, Model CAUA helps save on energy usage. Unit can handle up to 100% outside air and has multiple options for air mixing boxes, filter boxes, and discharge arrangements. With optional separated combustion and outside supply air capability, unit suits buildings requiring indoor air quality control. It can be coupled with M Series condensing unit to provide staged cooling as well. Read More


Fan Coil Unit suits multi-story air handling applications.

August 5, 2009

Available in 6 sizes with capacities up to 1,300 cfm, Model VSH vertical stack high-rise fan coil unit provides space heating/cooling for hotels, dorms, condominiums, and other multistory buildings. Units are available in concealed/exposed housing and can be configured with 2 or 4 pipe water coils and electric heaters with optional silent contactors. Features include three-speed PSC motor, 1 in. fiberglass insulation, 1 in. MERV 5 disposable filter, and front access panel to coils. Read More

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Rack Cooling Solution eliminates hot spots in datacenters.

December 1, 2008

HP 10K G2 Air Duct channels hot exhaust air from rear of racks directly into top plenum to eliminate hot spots and air mixing in datacenter, increasing cooling efficiency by returning hotter air to computer room air handler units. Solution suits racks using 5-14 kW power, and air duct is adjustable for different ceiling heights. With no fans or moving parts, units operate silently, can be retrofitted to existing problem racks, and can work with single or multiple racks. Read More


Vertical Indoor Air Handler heats and/or cools buildings.

December 17, 2004

Featuring insulated double-wall construction, Model VFC vertical fan coil air handling unit is suited for use in schools, office buildings, and medical facilities. Panels on each side of unit offer access to all internal components, and internal neoprene isolation reduces potential of vibration noise. Equipped with flexible blower connection to housing, unit is available in 7 sizes with capacities from 300-3,500 cfm and up to 3.5 in. wg. Read More


Indoor Air Handler suits limited space applications.

September 2, 2004

Available in 8 sizes, horizontal Model LFC Low Profile Fan Coil covers performance range from 300-4,700 cfm and up to 3.5 in. wg. It features insulated double wall housing, removable stainless steel drain pan, 4 access panels, and internally-isolated drive frame to help eliminate potential for noise transmitting through ductwork. Unit is suited for cooling and/or heating schools, office buildings, churches, apartments, and condominiums. Read More


Centrifugal Utility Sets handle temperatures to 600°.

April 8, 2003

With Class I or Class II construction, fans offer forward curve, backward inclined, or airfoil wheels in diameters from 7-36 in. Units are AMCA certified for sound and air and are available with UL 705 or UL 762 listings. They are offered in galvanized steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, 6 mil epoxy, stainless steel, or all aluminum. Accessories include variable inlet vanes, outlet shutters, and weather covers. Read More


Custom Air Handler features double wall construction.

January 20, 2003

Integrated Custom Air Handler incorporates no-through metal design in either 2.5 or 4 in. wall thickness. Smooth-fitting panels create fewer joints, preventing leaks, while sloping roof eliminates standing rainwater. Doors are available in inward and outward swinging or plug design. Standard options include chilled water piping, refrigeration packages, filtration, full temperature and humidity controls, face and bypass heating and humidity control. Read More

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Snow Shield(TM) protects filters by melting snow.

December 26, 2002

Deep pocket design prevents snow from clogging air filters and diminished air flow into buildings. Design also provides constant drainage, prevents refreezing of snowmelt, and eliminates stagnant water pools. Extracting snow flakes from air as it enters buildings, product installs into factory built air handlers and field built HVAC systems. It is available in various panel sizes for 3,000-30,000 cfm range; multiple panels can handle over 100,000 cfm. Read More

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Flow Converting Devices can be used with blowers.

January 2, 2002

Flow-converting devices are for use with regenerative blowers ranging from 1/3 hp to 50 hp. Airflow can instantly change from vacuum to pressure, or can be rerouted to different lines. Flow converting devices can be actuated by 24 VDC, 115 VAC, 220 VAC, or pneumatically, and can be mounted directly to blower or down stream. Read More

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Isolation Systems protect against airborne contaminants.

November 8, 2001

AirShelter(TM) Isolation Systems use HEPA-filtered air to create contained, positive-pressure environments. Their main component is American Air Filter's AstroCel® II HEPA filter. The combination of positive pressure ventilation(PPV) and HEPA filtration provides filtration levels greater than 99.97% on 1 to 5 micron particles. AirShelter line includes ceiling and floor-mounted HEPA filtration systems and associated monitoring and control equipment. Read More

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