Immersion Circulator suits basic liquid heating applications.

May 9, 2014

Suitable for use in baths as large as 20 L and compatible with DIN 12876-1 Class I non-flammable liquids, LX Immersion Circulator delivers intuitive temperature control for day-to-day laboratory applications. Digital readout displays actual bath temperature and set point temperature simultaneously. Along with ambient +10° to 98°C temperature range and ±0.07°C temperature stability, features include timer, single-speed pump, heavy-duty mounting clamp, and fully integrated housing. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, HVAC, Controls & Controllers

Water Cooled Circulator enables precise temperature control.

March 5, 2014

Constructed mostly of stainless steel, including 1 hp pump and 14 gallon tank, IMS Hydra Water Cooled Circulator uses glycol, virtually eliminating rust and other long-term issues related to water use. Combination of high-speed digital PID temperature controller with 9 kW heating element allows accuracy in process water at ±1°F variance. Circulating 30 gpm at 88 ft head (38 psi), IMS Hydra enables temperature range from slightly above plant water temperature up to 250°F. Read More


Refrigerated Circulator optimizes electrophoresis separations.

November 21, 2013

Featuring -20 to +200°C working temperature, Model AD07R-20 combines intuitive touch-pad operation with automatic or user-adjustable fluid optimization and ±0.01°C temperature stability to maintain buffer solutions at optimum temperatures, even under varying electrophoresis voltages. Digital system features serial and USB connectivity, 3.75 in. LCD, variable speed pressure-suction pump, and rotating control head that provides clear view of display anywhere within 180° viewing radius. Read More


Circulator and Chiller suit respirometry applications.

August 15, 2013

Designed for use with anaerobic respirometers, Model 210 Heated Circulator controls temperature from ambient to 158°F with ±0.4°F stability. Unit has 750 W heater and single speed centrifugal pump that delivers up to 3.0 gpm at 2.0 psi. Recommended for use with aerobic respirometers, ¼ hp Model 5206M Recirculating Chiller controls temperatures from 14–158°F with ±0.2°F stability. Magnetic drive centrifugal pump delivers up to 4.1 gpm at 10 psi. Read More


Air Circulators feature stainless steel construction.

September 7, 2010

Featuring stainless steel guards, motors, and brackets for complete rust proofing and cleanliness, Air Circulators are suitable for food production and processing sectors as well as chemical industry. Any components that are not stainless steel are made of inert plastic to eliminate any possibility of contamination to nearby products. Available with 460, 630, and 810 mm blade diameters, dual-speed units are supplied in fixed head or oscillating versions. Read More

HVAC, Chemical Processing & Waste Management, Materials & Material Processing

Circulating Baths operate at -40 to +200°C.

October 16, 2008

With 6, 13, or 28 L capacities, Refrigerating/Heating Circulating Baths are offered with choice of controllers. Programmable Controller offers LCD display, ±0.01°C temperature stability, and time/temperature programming, while Advanced Digital Controller has variable-speed pump and RS-232 interface. Featuring 2-speed pump, Standard Digital and Basic Controllers, suited for applications where temperature set points remain relatively static, have stability of ±0.05 and ±0.2°C, respectively. Read More


Refrigerating/Heating Circulator suits external applications.

October 13, 2008

With working temperature range of -40 to 200°C, Model 9712 suits applications including control of jacketed reactor vessels and reaction blocks as well as polymerization, polycondensation, and distillation. It features ±0.01°C temperature stability, 13 L reservoir, and variable-speed pressure/suction pump capable of delivering pressure flow rates up to 30 Lpm. Offering data logging capability, programmable controller stores up to 10 different 50-step time/temperature programs. Read More


Laboratory Circulator features 1-touch set point selection.

October 13, 2008

Suited for general laboratory applications where set points seldom vary, Model 9106 Circulator provides cooling or heating for viscometers, electrophoresis cells, and other lab devices at temperatures from -20 to +150°C. It offers one-touch temperature selection, PID temperature control, and ±0.05°C temperature stability. Requiring less than one sq-ft of bench space, unit features 3 user-programmable temperature presets, 6 L reservoir, and integral 2-speed pump. Read More


Immersion Circulator comes with microprocessor controller.

October 13, 2008

Model 7306 Immersion Circulator offers ambient temperature range of 5-150°C, ±0.05°C temperature stability, and 3 user-settable temperature presets for setpoint changes. It features integral 2-speed pump for internal as well as external circulation, user-adjustable over-temperature safety, and low-liquid level cutoff. Unit occupies 6½ x 4¾ in. area within bath, and is available for both 120 and 220 V operation. Read More


Circulator provides temperature control from -90 to +200°C.

July 27, 2004

Low-volume, hydraulically sealed Unistat 291w provides temperature control for various critical processes and applications such as kilo labs, process research, miniplants, and production. It features cooling capabilities up to 19.0 kW with 24.0 kW of heating, and delivers efficient heating and cooling over -90 to +200°C range. Read More


Mini-Circulator suits small volume sample holders.

July 21, 2004

EchoTherm(TM) Model CB20 Constant Temperature Chilling/Heating Mini-Circulator is Peltier-based for heating and chilling and requires no compressors or CFCs. Temperature range is 4.0-70.0°C, accurate to ±0.1°C. Settable in 1% increments, variable pumping range is 0-300 ml/min. Circulator includes transparent reservoir cover, 3/32 x 4 in. stainless steel platinum RTD probe, 3 ft cable, and RS232 I/O port for computer control or data logging. Read More


Air Circulators feature cast aluminum airfoil propeller.

February 23, 2004

Heavy Duty Air Circulators are available with 3-speed, 115 V, oscillating and non-oscillating motors and single-speed, 3-phase explosion proof motors. Propeller produces low noise levels and is self-cleaning due to highly polished surface. Complete selection of mounting accessories is available. Read More

HVAC, Thermal & Heating Equipment

Bath/Circulator suits low capacity cooling applications.

December 22, 2003

Model 2050W provides temperature control from -18 to 90°C. With pumping capabilities to externally circulate, CE-marked, 230 V unit is suited for end-user and OEM applications including electron microscopes, general laboratory apparatus cooling, water-jacketed incubators, rotary evaporators, and laser cooling. Read More

HVAC, Controls & Controllers

Water Temperature Control Systems have canister design.

September 10, 2003

Duratherm, Dual Zone Duratherm, and Duratherm HTP circulating water temperature control systems provide pump capacity of up to 10 hp, flow rates to 120 gpm, and heating capacity of up to 96 kw. They are available in single- and dual-zone configurations with temperatures up to 300°F. Products use non-corrosive materials in construction for rust resistance. They suit applications requiring higher flow and heating/cooling capabilities. Read More


Laboratory Circulators offer four controller designs.

September 10, 2003

Series VWR(TM) and VWR Signature(TM) heated and refrigerated circulators are available with analog, standard, digital, or programmable controller. Electronic design allows intuitive and user-friendly programming and control. Redundant over-temperature and low liquid level detection safety are located on front of control panel for easy access. All refrigerated models contain purge port for bleeding inert gas, forming blanket over circulator's bath, reducing condensation. Read More


Circulator has temperature range of -60 to 200°C.

June 11, 2003

Unistat 169W has operating temperature range of -60 to 200°C with increased cooling of 40 kW at -40°C. Hydraulically-sealed circulator provides efficient temperature control for variety of processes and applications. Low fluid volume and high cooling-power density provide fast heating and cooling rates and require less power and thermal fluid. Read More


Wet-Rotor Circulator has cast stainless-steel body.

May 9, 2003

Flange-connection Model SSF-12F/LW employs 115 V motor and consumes only 55 W of power. Suited for domestic hot-water recirculation systems in residential/light-commercial plumbing applications, it has max working pressure of 150 psi and operating temperature of 230°F. DuraGlide® bearing system maintains consistent start-ups, while double-sintered carbon bearings, ceramic shaft, and clearances allow circulator to resist calcium and chloride buildup. Read More

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