Air Conditioning Systems


Portable Heat Pump combines heating and cooling.

October 13, 2014

Combining both cooling and heating capabilities in single, self-contained unit, Climate Pro™ 18 offers cooling capacity of 14,600 Btu/h, heating capacity of 13,700 Btu/h, and minimum operating temperature with plenum of 24°F. Controller features large LCD that displays diagnostics and step-by-step instructions to start, set up, or restore operation. To ensure long-term reliability, systems are designed with hermetically sealed refrigeration units and fan motors. Read More

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Thermoelectric Air Conditioners cool small enclosures.

June 25, 2014

Measuring 6 x 4.75 x 6.6 in., Models AHP-250 and AHP-270 offer 129 BTU/hr and 161 BTU/hr, respectively. Enclosure coolers are built with industrial or military grade fans and are suitable for range of environments including mil-spec and NEMA-4X enclosures. Offering maintenance-free electronics protection solution for hard-to-access areas, coolers are suited for military cases, mobile electronics, alarm systems, communications, cameras, and even small kiosks. Read More


Thermoelectric Air Conditioners keep electronics cabinet cool.

May 28, 2014

Available for systems with 3-phase power, thermoelectric electrical cabinet coolers offer cooling capacities from 2,200–6,000 BTU/hr and do not require filters, coolant, or chemicals. Only moving parts are industrial- and military-grade fans, and built-in temperature controller offers Eco-Mode for energy conservation. Able to perform in diverse environments, including NEMA-12/-4/-4X, these maintenance-free air conditioners also come in Heat/Cool versions and can be customized. Read More

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Filter Fans cool electrical and electronic enclosures.

May 27, 2014

Designed to remove unwanted heat from enclosures and cabinets, VFF Series provides forced convection cooling for computers, power distribution equipment, industrial automation controls, and food/beverage process controls. Fans draw filtered ambient air into cabinet while simultaneously blowing heated air out exhaust. Featuring injection molded, thermoplastic construction, fans provide 11–368 cfm of airflow and will maintain NEMA ratings of 12, 3R, or 4, depending on model. Read More

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VRF Zoning Systems feature flash injection technology.

April 21, 2014

With flash injection technology, Hyper-Heating R2-Series of Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning Systems can simultaneously cool and heat down to -4°F. Systems can operate at up to 100% of rated heating capacity at temperatures down to 0°F, and up to 85% heating capacity down to -13°F. Available up to 16 tons, R2-Series features 2-pipe configuration for efficient installation in both historic retrofit and new building construction. One outdoor unit can connect to up to 48 indoor units. Read More

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Electrical Cabinet Coolers are resistant to heat and dirt.

April 16, 2014

By circulating 20°F air throughout electrical enclosures in hot, remote, and/or dirty environments, NEMA 12 Cabinet Cooler® Systems prevent high temperature malfunctions. Cooling capacity of up to 275 Btu/hr suits small electrical enclosures with problematic overheating, and models with 550 Btu/hr capacities are also available. Mounting through standard electrical knockout while maintaining NEMA 12/4/4X rating of enclosure, maintenance-free systems do not have any moving parts. Read More


Rooftop HVAC Units target light commercial applications.

April 8, 2014

Available in gas/electric and electric/electric models ranging from 3–12.5 tons, Raider® Rooftop Units are built to fit most curb sizes, virtually eliminating need for adapter curb on many replacement jobs. Units offer efficiency levels up to 13 SEER, 11.5 EER, and 13.2 IEER. Optional MSAV® supply fan optimizes energy efficiency by matching fan speed with compressor demand, while field- or factory-installed BACnet® option offers seamless integration with building automation systems. Read More


Modular Cooling Systems offer 5,000-50,000 W capacity.

April 3, 2014

Using cooling efficiency of water, HP MCS 100 and 200 provide front-to back cooling of fully populated high-density racks, keeping them hot-spot free and minimizing overall heat load on data center. As servers expel warm exhaust air out rear of rack, fan modules re-direct warm air into heat exchanger module. Air is re-cooled and then re-circulated to front of rack. HP MCS 100 offers 5,000–35,000 W of capacity, while HP MCS 200 offers 10,000–50,000 W. Each is capable of cooling 1 or 2 racks. Read More


Retrofit Packages prevent engine under- and over-cooling.

March 31, 2014

Effective in all climates, Modulator® Fully Variable Retrofit Packages deliver optimized engine cooling. Packages replace on/off fan drives for heavy-duty, line-haul and severe-duty, vocational trucks where pneumatically actuated fan clutches over-cycle or do not provide optimum performance. Functionality promotes accelerated cab warm-up, efficient air-conditioning, and quiet operation while maximizing engine power to vehicle drive wheels and improving fuel conservation. Read More


HVAC System features high-efficiency design.

March 21, 2014

Combining 2-stage compressor, variable frequency drive, and indoor/outdoor coil and motor, Luxaire® Ovation™ Ultra High Efficiency Packaged Unit delivers AHRI-listed efficiencies up to 18.1 SEER and 14.35 EER. Unit is available in cooling and electric/gas heat configurations, features slide-out blower and motor for servicing, and is ASHRAE 90.1 & 189.1 (2010) compliant with IntelliSpeed (2-speed) option and IntelliComfort II controls standard. System installs on curb, slab, roof rack, or frame. Read More

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Portable AC Units offer remote management accessory.

February 3, 2014

Available for SRCOOL12K and SRXCOOL12K Portable Air Conditioning Units, SRCOOLNET Accessory enables remote management via SNMP, Web, SSH, or telnet. IT managers can monitor temperature and humidity, receive alerts, access logs, change settings, and automate operation over network. With environmental sensor, temperature and humidity can be monitored up to 12 ft away from AC unit. Dry-contact interface is used to monitor and control compatible alarm, security, and telecom devices. Read More

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Thermoelectric Air Conditioner features half-ton capacity.

January 31, 2014

Equipped with energy-saving Eco-Mode feature, Model AHP-6263 utilizes built-in temperature controller to provide passive cooling. In Eco-Mode, unit cools using 86% less energy than in active cool mode. Three-phase, 240 Vac air conditioner is configured for NEMA-12, NEMA-4, and NEMA-4X environments, and is also available in 250 Vdc version for crane applications. Read More


Air Conditioners feature portable design.

January 2, 2014

Available in 1–6 ton air-cooled, water-cooled, and heat pump varieties, TEMP-COOL® Portable Cooling Systems are suitable for tent events, during permanent air conditioning system failure, and anywhere else temporary cooling is needed. Systems cool at office-acceptable sound levels and fit through standard 36 in. wide door. Constructed of powder-coated steel to withstand rugged environments, air conditioners include LED programmable digital display for adjusting temperature. Read More


Replacement Rooftop Units eliminate need for curb adapters.

December 27, 2013

Available in models ranging from 3–12.5 tons, exact-fit-replacement Coleman® Peak™ Rooftop Units offer seasonal energy efficiency ratios of 13 or 15. Heating and cooling solutions feature advanced control technology that delivers information on unit's status, start-up, and commissioning features. Inside heavy-duty cabinets, units include single or dual scroll compressor, dynamically balanced indoor and outdoor fans, and design that is convertible from 2 to 4 in. air filters. Read More


Injection Mold Cooling System prevents hot spots.

December 18, 2013

Designed for injection molds, CoolCross Z99/… permits homogeneous temperature distribution at core or insert, as well as constant cavity cooling on all 4 sides for full duration of injection molding cycle. Protection against rotation, achieved through locking mechanism, prevents unintended closure of cooling channels. Different independent cooling circuits cross each other on same plane, making it possible to incorporate small plate thicknesses and accessory components in mold design. Read More


Compressor Coil Precooling System lowers energy, increases output.

December 17, 2013

Using reverse osmosis and other water treatments that eliminate formation of calcium deposits and scale on coils, the MicroCool Condenser Coil Cooling (C3) System lowers the temperature of air across condenser coils and reduces the electrical load on compressors. This conserves up to 20% of energy while increasing output and reducing maintenance. This results in energy conservation of up to 20% while increasing output and reducing maintenance time and costs. The C3 System treats water using high-pressure fog and climate controllers that initiate operation only when required. Read More


Thermoelectric Air Conditioners keep electronic enclosures cool.

November 11, 2013

Used for cooling electronic enclosures, ThermoTEC thermoelectric coolers offer sustained, peak performance in environments with temperatures as high as 170°F. Select models can be configured to operate in ambient temperatures up to 190°F. NEMA 4X rating enables use indoors or outdoors, while solid-state electronics and lack of moving parts (except fans) minimize maintenance concerns. Sizes range from 200–2,500 BTU, and temperature can be controlled to within fractions of 1°.
Read More

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Thermoelectric Air Conditioner conserves space and power.

November 1, 2013

Intended for enclosures with limited space, flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners use industrial- or military-grade fans and are configured for NEMA-12/-4/-4X environments. Units mount flush against enclosure without additional frames, flanges, or accessories, and environmental gasket and hardware preserve environmental integrity of enclosure. Eco-Mode temperature controller feature, included in most models, makes unit act as heat exchanger, passively cooling enclosure. Read More

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Thermoelectric Air Conditioners conserve space and power.

October 30, 2013

Designed to offer cooling without physical intrusion into enclosures with limited space, flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners do not require additional frames, flanges, or accessories. Environmental gasket and hardware (included) preserve environmental integrity of enclosure. Green Zone models have COP rating of .83, and Eco-Mode temperature controller, included in most models, enables air conditioner to act as heat exchanger by passively cooling enclosure. Read More

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HVAC System uses variable refrigerant flow technology.

October 22, 2013

With VRF technology, Multi V IV optimizes energy efficiency by allowing occupants to choose whether to cool or heat only zones in use. Compressor design and optimized heat exchanger contribute to AHRI certified efficiency of up to 28.2 IEER. HiPOR™ High Pressure Oil Return removes efficiency losses, while Smart Oil return eliminates timed oil recovery cycles. With reach of 131 ft IDU to IDU, owners can reach extra zones further off same VRF units. Read More