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Adhesives & Sealants
        Adhesion Enhancers
        Adhesive Compounds
        Adhesive Tapes
    Epoxy Compounds
        Duct Sealants
        General Purpose Sealants
        Masonry Sealants
        Metal Sealants
        Plastics Sealants
        Rubber Sealants
Agricultural and Farming Products
    Fertilizers & Equipment
    Irrigation Equipment
Architectural and Civil Engineering Products
    Building & Framing Systems
    Building Components
        Building Materials
        Chimneys & Fireplaces
        Decking & Flooring
        Grilles & Louvers
        Insulation & Moisture Barriers
        Moldings & Ornamentals
        Plumbing Fixtures
        Rooms & Partitions
        Windows & Doors
    Fencing & Barriers
    Lighting & Electrical Equipment
        Canopies & Tents
        Loading & Hoisting Structures
    Water Management Devices
Automatic ID
    Barcode Equipment
        Barcode Labels
        Barcode Printers
        Barcode Software
        Face Recognition Systems
        Finger Print Identification Systems
        Retinal Scanners
        Signature Capture Systems
        Speech Recognition Devices
    MICR Equipment
        MICR Readers & Scanners
        MICR Toner
    Magnetic Stripe Systems
        Magnetic Stripe & Badge Scanners/Decoders
    OCR & OMR Equipment
        OCM Readers
        OCR & OMR Software
        OCR Readers
    Other Automatic ID
    RF Identification Systems
        RF ID Readers
        RF ID Systems
        RF ID Tags
    Smart Cards
Chemical Processing & Waste Management
        Gas & Odor Absorbents
        Liquid Absorbents
    Chemical Dryers
    Chemical Filters
        Bag Filters
        Centrifugal Filters
        Membrane Filters
        Other Chemical Filters
        Process Chemical Filters
        Slurry Filters
        Sump Filters
    Chemical Generators
        Hydrogen Generators
        Nitrogen Generators
        Oxygen Generators
        Ozone Generators
        Sodium Hypochlorite Generators
        Steam Generators
        Vacuum Generators
    Distillation Columns
    Fluid Baths
    Oil Cleaners
    Plating & Treating Baths
    Process Chemicals
        Acetal Copolymer Compounds
        Acetate Ethylene Compounds
        Acrylic Compounds
        Alcohol Compounds
        Cement Compounds
        Nylon Compounds
        PPS Compounds
        PVDF Compounds
        Phenolic Compounds
        Plastic Compounds
        Polybutylene Compounds
        Polyester Compounds
        Polyolefin Compounds
        Polypropylene Compounds
        Polystyrene Compounds
        Polythene Compounds
        Polyvinyl Acetate Compounds
        Polyvinyl Compounds
        Resin Compounds
        Silicone Compounds
        TPE Compounds
        Urethane Compounds
    Sampling Devices
        Sample Bags
        Sample Injectors
        Air & Gas Separators
        Gas & Gas Separators
        Gas & Liquid Separators
        Liquid & Liquid Separators
        Solid & Gas Separators
        Solid & Liquid Separators
        Solid & Solid Separators
Cleaning Products & Equipment
    Cleaning Machines
        Floor Cleaners
        Pressure Washers
        Steam Cleaners
        Tube Cleaners
        Vacuum Cleaners
    Cleaning Solutions
    Cleaning Tools
        Drain Cleaning Cable
Communication Systems & Equipment
    Computer Networks
    Fiber Optic Communication Systems & Equipment
        Fiber Optic Amplifiers
        Fiber Optic Attenuators
        Fiber Optic Converters
        Fiber Optic Couplers
        Fiber Optic Modems
        Fiber Optic Splitters
        Fiber Optic Switches
        Optical Cables
        Optical Filters
        Optical Isolators
        Optical Multiplexers
        Optical Receivers
        Optical Test Systems & Equipment
        Optical Transmitters
    RF & Microwave Communication Systems & Equipment
        Microwave Amplifiers
        Microwave Oscillators
        RF& Microwave Antennas
        RF& Microwave Circulators
        RF& Microwave Couplers
        RF& Microwave Filters
        RF& Microwave Frequency Modulators & Demodulators
        RF& Microwave Isolators
        RF& Microwave Mixers
        RF& Microwave Receivers
        RF& Microwave Transmit Combiners
        RF& Microwave Transmitters
    Satellite Communication Equipment
        Earth Station Satellite Antennas
        Satellite Amplifiers
        Satellite Data Voice Communication Terminals
        Satellite Network Management Software
        Satellite Receivers IRDs
    TV & Radio Broadcast Equipment
        Audio & Video Press Feeds
        Audio & Video Switchers
        Audio Distribution Amplifiers
        Audio Multiplexers
        Audio Test & Monitoring Equipment
        Broadcast Encoders & Decoders
        Radio Transmitters
        TV Transmitters
        Video Distribution Amplifiers
        Video Links
        Video Scan & Computer Signal Converters
        Video Test & Monitoring Equipment
    Telephony Network Equipment
        Codec Devices
        Echo Cancellation Cards
        Fax Machines
        PBX Phone Systems
        Public Network Switches
        Telephone Sets & Accessories
        Telephony Multiplexers
        Video Conferencing
    Wireless Communication Equipment
        Other Wireless Communication Equipment
        Paging Systems
        Two Way Radios
        Wireless Amplifiers
        Wireless Computer Network Equipment
        Wireless Receivers
        Wireless Test Equipment
        Wireless Transmitters
Computer Hardware & Peripherals
    Computer & Communication Cables
        Coaxial & Twinaxial Cables
        Monitor-Video Cables
        Other Computer & Communication Cables
        Ribbon Cables
        SCSI Cables
        T1 Cables
        Twisted Pair Cables
    Computer Accessories
        Anti Glare Filters
        CPU Cooling Fans
        CPU Heatsinks
        Media Storage Boxes
        Memory Programmers
        Mounting Kits
    Computer Cases & Chassis
    Computer Interface Connectors
        Ethernet Connectors
        Parallel Port Connectors
        Serial Port Connectors
        USB Connectors
    Computer Monitors
    Computer Networks
        Cable Testers
        Hubs & Concentrators
        LAN Kits
        Media Converters
        Network Analyzers
        Network Controllers
        Network Interface Cards & Adapters
        Network Security Products
        Network Switches
        Network Terminators
    Computer Systems
        Desktop Computers
        Fixed Mount Computers
        Handheld & PDA Computers
        Mainframes & Supercomputers
        Notebooks & Laptops
        Other Computer Systems
        Pen Based Computers
        Singleboard Computers
    Coprocessor & Daughter Cards
    Data Storage Drives & Components
        CD Drives
        DVD Drives
        Disk Drive Arrays
        Disk Emulators
        Flash Drives
        Floppy Disk Drives
        Hard Disk Drives
        Optical Disk Drives
        Tape Drives
    Data Storage Media
        CD Disks
        DVD Disks
        Flash Disks
    Graphics & Video Cards
    I & O Interface Cards & Adapters
        Bus Interface Adapters & Expansion Boards
        Direct Link Interface Cards
        Interface Converters
        Interface Isolation Boards & Modules
        Optical Bus Extenders
        PCMCIA Adapters & Cards
        PMC Interface Cards
        Peripheral Device Interface Modules
        Repeater Link Interface Cards
        SCSI Adapters & Cards
        Serial Interface Cards
    Input Devices
        Electronic Pens & Tablets
        Other Input Devices
    Mass Optical Disk Duplicators
    Memory Boards & Cards
        Memory Controllers
        RAM Modules SIMMs & DIMMs
    Motherboards & Backplanes
    Multimedia Devices and Cards
        MPEG Cards
        Sound Cards
    PC Board & Card Accessories
    Printer & Plotter Accessories
    Printers & Plotters
        Digital LED Printers
        Impact Printers
        Ink Jet Printers
        Laser Printers
        Other Printers & Plotters
        Thermal Printers
    Processors & Microcontrollers
        Processors & CPU
    Scanners & Readers
        2D Profile Scanners
        3D Scanners
        Card Readers
        Image Scanners
        Laser Scanners
        Line Scanners
    Telephony Boards
        Data Entry & Collection Terminals
        Graphics & Data Terminals
        Multipurpose Terminals
        Server Access Terminals
        Time & Attendance Terminals
    Video & Image Capture
Construction Equipment & Supplies
Controls & Controllers
    Boiler Controls & Controllers
        Blowdown Controls & Controllers
        Combustion Controls & Controllers
    Cams & Cam Accessories
    Chemical Process Controls & Controllers
        pH ORP Controllers
    Computer & Communication Controls & Controllers
        Bus Controllers
        Communication Controllers
        Control Boards
        I/O Controllers
    Engine & Motor Controls & Controllers
        Clutch & Brake Controls
        Motor Starters
        Motor Systems Controls
        Throttle Controls & Controllers
        Torque Controls & Controllers
    Fan Controls & Controllers
    Flow Controls & Controllers
        Gas Flow Controllers
        Liquid Flow Controllers
        Mass Flow Controllers
    Laser Controls & Controllers
    Level Controls & Controllers
        Electrical Level Controls & Controllers
        Other Level Controls & Controllers
        Ultrasonic Level Controls & Controllers
    Lighting Controls & Controllers
    Limit Controllers
    Machine Controls & Controllers
        Batching & Mixing Controls & Controllers
        Cutting & Milling Controls
        Feed Controls & Controllers
        Other Machine Controls & Controllers
    Moisture & Humidity Controls & Controllers
    Motion Controls & Controllers
        Other Motion Controls & Controllers
        Positioning Controls & Controllers
        Robot Controls & Controllers
        Servo Control Systems
        Speed Controls & Controllers
        Vibration Controls & Controllers
    Operator Interfaces & Panels
        Operator Consoles & Stations
        Operator Controls
    Other Controls & Controllers
    Photoelectric Controls
    Physical Access Controller
    Polarization Controllers
    Power & Voltage Controls & Controllers
        Current Controllers
        Power Controllers
        Voltage Stabilizers or Regulators
    Pressure Controls & Controllers
    Process Controllers
    Programmable (PLC) Controls
    Pump Controls & Controllers
    Sequencer Controls & Controllers
    Temperature Controls & Controllers
        Heating System Controls
        Temperature Controllers
    Tension Controller
    Timer Controls & Controllers
    Valve Controls & Controllers
    Welding Controls & Controllers
Display & Presentation Equipment
    Display Projectors
        LCD Data Projectors
        Other Display Projectors
        Overhead Projectors
        Photographic Slide Projectors
    Electronic Displays
        CRT Displays
        Data Signal Displays
        Electroluminescent Displays (ELD)
        Gas Plasma Displays
        LCD Displays
        LED Displays
        Other Electronic Displays
        Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD)
Electrical Equipment & Systems
    EM Shielding Enclosures
    Electrical Boxes
    Electrical Circuit Device Protectors
    Electrical Insulators
    Electrical Power Generation, Conditioning & Conversion
        Electrical Power & Signal Isolators
        Power Filters & Conditioners
        Power Strips
        Power Supplies & Protective Devices
        Transmitters & Transducers
    Electrical Transmission & Switching
        Circuit Breakers
        Current Interrupters
        Electronic Circuit Drivers
        Matrix Switches
    Electrical Wire & Cable & Connectors
        Electrical Cable & Wire
        Electrical Connectors
    Electron Beam Source
        Fiber Optic Lighting
        Light Bulbs, Tubes & Ropes
        Lighting Accessories
        Lighting Fixtures
Electronic Components & Devices
    Component & Device Enclosures
        Conduit Enclosures
        Integrated Circuit Enclosures
    Electronic Amplifiers
        Audio Amplifiers
        Differential Amplifiers
        Instrumentation Amplifiers
        Limiting Amplifiers
        Linear Amplifiers
        Microwave Amplifiers
        Power Amplifiers
        RF Amplifiers
        Sample & Hold Amplifiers
        Servo Amplifiers
    Electronic Components
        Delay Lines
        Device Sockets
        Electronic Blocks
        Integrated Circuits (IC)
        Potentiometers & Trimmers
        RC Networks
    Electronic Connectors
        BNC Connectors
        Cable Holders
        Coaxial Connectors
        Flat Cable Connectors
        Jumper Connectors
        Modular Interconnect Connectors
        PCB Connectors & Sockets
        Patch Cord Connectors
        Phone & Modem Plugs & Jacks
        Phono Plugs & Jacks
        Probe Connectors
        RF & Microwave Connectors
        Ribbon Cable Connectors
        SCSI Connectors
        Sensor & Transducer Connectors
        TNC Connectors
        Video PC Splitters
    Signal Conditioners
        Anti Aliasing Signal Conditioners
        Bandpass Signal Conditioners
        Crystal Signal Conditioners
        Dense Wavelength (DWFI) Signal Conditioners
        Electrical Interference Signal Conditioners
        Harmonic Rejection Signal Conditioners
        High Pass Signal Conditioners
        Low Pass Signal Conditioners
        Modulators & Demodulators
        Notch Signal Conditioners
        Tunable (Active) Signal Conditioners
    Signal Generators
        Noise Generators
        Pattern Generators
        Pulse Generators
        Sound Ultrasound Generators
        Sweep Generators
        Test Generators
        Video TV Signal Generators
        Voice Tone Generators
        Waveform Generators
    Wire Terminating Machine
Explosives, Armaments & Weaponry
Fasteners & Hardware
    Anchor Fasteners
    Bundling Straps
    Conveyor Belt & Skirt Fasteners
    Hook & Loop Fasteners
    Interlocking Strip Fasteners
    Nuts & Bolts
    Pin Fasteners
    Retaining Rings & Clips
    Rivet Fasteners
    Stud Fasteners
Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment
    Air Knives
    Compressed Air Dryers
        Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
        Membrane Compressed Air Dryers
        Refrigerative Compressed Air Dryers
    Flow Couplings
        Hose & Pipe Couplings
    Flow Restrictors
    Flow Straighteners
    Fluid & Gas Filter Accessories
        Filter Couplers
        Filter Elements
        Filter Housings
        Filter Presses
        Filter Test Systems
    Fluid Filters
    Gas Filters
    Hose Clamps
    Hydraulic Intensifiers & Boosters
    Hydro-Pneumatic Accumulators
        Bladder Accumulators
        Piston Accumulators
    Pneumatic Amplifiers & Boosters
    Pneumatic Relays
    Pressure Desurgers
    Pressure Regulators
        Cylinder & Pump Sets
        Manual Pumps
        Powered Pumps
    Rupture Discs
        Ball Valves
        Bellows Valve
        Butterfly Valves
        Check Valves
        Control Valves
        Diaphragm Valves
        Disc Valves
        Drain Valves
        Float Valves
        Flush Valves
        Gate Valves
        Globe Valves
        Needle Valves
        Pilot Valves
        Pinch Valves
        Piston Valves
        Plug Valves
        Poppet Valves
        Relief Valves
        Shuttle Valves
        Spool Valves
        Vacuum Breaker Valves
        Valve Parts & Accessories
Food Processing & Preparation
    Food and Beverage Packages
    Food and Beverage Processing Machinery
    Food and Beverage Testing Equipment and Supplies
    Food and Beverages
    Food Grade Adhesives and Sealants
    Food Handling Equipment and Supplies
    Food Packaging Equipment
    Food Packaging Materials
    Food Preparation Equipment and Supplies
    Food Processing Equipment and Supplies
    Food Processing Equipment Controls and Controllers
    Food Service Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
    Food Service Equipment and Supplies
    Food Services
    Food - Non-Human
    Retail Equipment and Supplies
    Air & Fluid Controls
        Air Compressors
        Flammable or Hazardous Gas Compressors
    Cooling Equipment
        Air Conditioning Systems
    Flow & Level Sensors
    Heating Equipment
        Area & Space Heaters
        Heat Pumps
        Other Heating Equipment
        Water Heaters
    Temperature & Heat Sensors
    Temperature Controls
    Ventilation Equipment
        Air Cleaners & Filters
        Air Ducts
        Air Handlers
        Air Vents
        Dust Collectors
Health, Medical and Dental Supplies & Equipment
    Dental Equipment & Supplies
    Electronic Equipment
    Health Products
    Hospital Equipment and Supplies
    Medications & Vitamins
    Surgical Equipment & Supplies
Labels, Tags, Signage & Equipment
    Badge Manufacturing Equipment
    Embossing Machines
    Identification Cards
    Label Printers
    Label Printers & Applicators
    Labeling Systems
    Marking & Engraving Machines
Laboratory and Research Supplies & Equipment
    Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies
    Liquid Lubricants
        Mineral Lubricants
        Other Lubricants
        Synthetic Lubricants
    Lubricating Greases
        Silicone Based Greases
    Other Lubricants
    Self Lubricating Materials
    Solid Lubricants
        Inorganic Lubricants
Machinery & Machining Tools
    Assembly Machines & Accessories
        Assembly Machines
    Attachments & Accessories
        Ball Screws
        Knurling Tools
        Lathe Centers
        Machine Tool Collars
        Mill Holders
        Other Attachments & Accessories
        Retention Knobs
        Spindles & Spindle Attachments
    Balancing Machines
    Boring Machines & Tools
        Boring Mills
        Boring Tool Extractors
        Boring Tools
        Other Boring Machines & Tools
    Broaching Machines & Tools
        Broaching Machines
        Broaching Tools
    Composite Forming Machines
        Filament Winding Machines
    Cutting Machines & Tools
        Abrasive Cut Off Machines
        Cutting Fluids
        Cutting Tools
        Laser Cutting Machines
        Panel Cutting Machines
        Pavement Cutting Machines
        Plasma & Flame Cutting Machines
        Sawing & Cutoff Machines
        Water Jet Cutting Machines
    Deburring Equipment
        Deburring Machines
        Deburring Media
        Deburring Tools
    Diecutting Equipment
        Diecutting Accessories
        Diecutting Machines
    Drilling Machines & Tools
        Drill Bits
        Drilling Machines
    Electro Discharge Machines (EDM)
        Die Sinking Machines
        EDM Filtration Equipment & Supplies
        Electrode Materials & EDM Wire & Supplies
        Graphite Milling Machines
        Hole Boring Machines
        Wire Type Machines
    Finishing Machines & Tools
        Abrasive Blasting Equipment
        Abrasive Tools
        Barrel Finishing Machines
        Buffing & Polishing Machines
        Burnishing Tools
        Spindle Finishing Machines
        Tube & Pipe End Finishing Machines
        Vibratory Finishing Machines
    Forming Machines
        Electrode Forming Machines
        Roll Forming Machines
        Spinning Machines
        Spring Winding Machines
        Straightening Machines
        Swaging Machines
        Torsion Bar Presetting Machines
        Tray Forming Machines
        Wire Forming Machines
    Gear Manufacturing Machines & Tools
        Gear Cutting Machines & Tools
        Gear Grinding Machines
        Gear Hobbing Machines & Tools
        Gear Shaping Machines
    Grinding Machines
        Abrasive Belt Grinders
        Centerless Grinders
        Creep Feed Grinders
        Cylindrical Grinders
        Disk Grinders
        Grinder Fluids & Chemicals
        Grinding Wheels
        Internal Grinders
        Profile Grinders
        Surface Grinders
        Thread Grinders
        Tool & Cutter & Drill Point Grinders
        Universal Grinders
    Hot Isostatic Pressing Machines
        Cutting Inserts
        Insert Holders
    Lapping Machines
    Machining Centers
    Milling Machines & Tools
        Bed Type Milling Machines
        Milling Cutters
        Molding Milling Machines
    Power Presses
        Air Presses
        Fine Blanking Presses
        Heated Platen Presses
        High Speed Automatic Strip & Coil Feed Presses
        Press Brakes
        Thermal or Sonic Staking Presses
        Vacuum Presses
    Punching Machines
    Routers & Router Bits
        Router Bits
    Screw Machines
    Shaping Machines
        Billet Bar Rod & Angle Shears
        Guillotine Shears
        Plate Shears
    Stripping Machines
    Thread Producing & Profile Rolling Machines
        Pipe & Bar Threading & Cut Off Machines
        Profile Rolling Machines
        Tap Extension
        Tapping Machines
        Thread Cutting Machines
        Thread Mills
        Thread Rolling Machines
    Tool Coating Machines
    Transfer Machines
    Turning Centers
    Turning Machines & Accessories
        Other Turning Machines
        Turning Machine Attachments
        Turning Tool Accessories
Material Handling & Storage
    Material Handling
        Balancers & Tool Supports
        Carts & Hand Trucks
        Casters & Wheels
        Conveyor Accessories
        Crane & Hoist Accessories
        Cranes & Hoists
        Dock Levelers
        Isolation & Support Structures
        Lift Accessories
        Material Distribution
        Pallet Trucks & Stackers
        Slides & Slide Components
        Workpiece Holding
    Material Storage
        Barrels Drums & Kegs
        Bottles & Jars
        Gas Cylinders
        Pallets & Skids
        Racks & Shelving
        Refrigerators & Freezers
        Tool Storage Boxes
Materials & Material Processing
    Material Processing Equipment
        Bonding Machines
        Casting Equipment
        Casting Materials
        Casting Supplies
        Centering & Edging Machines
        Cleaning Machines
        Crystal Growth Machines
        Curing Machines & Devices
        Electrostatic Equipment
        Extrusion Equipment
        Fettling & Grinding Systems
        Film Processors
        Heat Treating Equipment
        Mineral Processing Machinery
        Mixing & Agitating Equipment
        Molding Equipment
        Patternless Systems
        Composite Materials
        Hydraulic Fluids
    Raw Materials & Process Chemicals
        Bulk Materials
    Soldering Equipment & Supplies
        Desoldering Stations
        Other Soldering Equipment & Supplies
        Solder Pots
        Solder Rework Stations
        Soldering Irons
        Soldering Machines
        Soldering Stations
        Soldering Supplies
        Soldering Torches
Mechanical Components & Assemblies
    Hydraulic Cylinders
Mechanical Power Transmission
        Linear Bearings
        Radial Bearings
        Sleeve & Insert Bearings
        Conveyor Belts
        Roller Belts
        Timing Belts
    Brake Accessories
        Electromagnetic Brakes
        Electromechanical Brakes
        Electronic Brakes
        Magnetic Brakes
        Mechanical Brakes
        Pneumatic Brakes
    Drive Chains
        Chain Drives
        Clutch Drives
        Conveyor Drives
        Gear Drives
        Linear Positioning Drives
        Mechanical Motor Drives
        Engine Components & Accessories
        Internal Combustion Engines
        Turbine Engines
        Bevel Gears
        Helical Gears
        Miter Gears
        Spur Gears
        Worm Gears
    Hydraulic Power Units
    Mechanical Actuators
        Linear Actuators
        Rotary Actuators
    Mechanical Amplifiers
        Air Amplifiers
        Hydraulic Amplifiers
    Mechanical Couplings
    Mechanical Feedthroughs
    Motor Accessories
    Motor Starters & Protectors
        Electric Motors
        Hydraulic Motors
        Motor & Driver Packages
        Pneumatic Motors
    Other Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
    Pulleys & Sheaves
    Speed Reducers
Mining, Oil Drilling & Refining
Mounting & Attaching Products
    Equipment Levelers
        Rectangular Grips
        Round Grips
    Holders & Accessories
        Laser Holders
    Mechanical Adapters
        Charging Adapters
        Drum Holders
        Ducting Adapters
        Expansion Joints
        Fluid Transfer Adapters
        Luer Adapters
        Machining & Toolholding Adapters
        O Rings
        Pump Adapters
        Wafer Transferring Tools
    Mechanical Cable & Wire
    Mechanical Connectors
    Mechanical Isolators
        Gauge & Sensor Isolators
        Grommets & Bushings
        Shock Absorbers
        Table & Work Surface Isolators
    Plates & Braces
    Surface Device Protectors
        Door Slide Tracks
        Wheel Tracks
Non-Industrial Products
    Household Items
    Recreational and Sporting Goods
Optics & Photonics
    Alignment Systems & Accessories
        Alignment Accessories & Tools
        Alignment Bars
        Alignment Vision Systems
    Assembly Hardware
        Optical Bases
        Optical Blocks
        Optical Brackets
        Optical Micropositioners
        Optical Mounts
        Optical Supports
    Beam Shapers & Manipulators
        Beam Combiners
        Beam Expanders
        Beam Positioners
        Beam Profilers
        Beam Samplers
    Cameras & Imaging Equipment
        Camera & Imaging Equipment Accessories
        Imaging Cameras
        Video Cameras
    Cleaning Solvents
    Delay Lines
    Fiber Optic Cable Management Devices
    Fiber Optic Cleavers
    Fiber Optic Connectors Splices & Adapters
        Fiber Optic Connectors
        Fiber Optic Ferrules
    Fiber Optic Converters
    Fiber Optic Couplers
    Fiber Optic Modems
    Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
    Fiber Optics Manufacturing & Production Equipment
        Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Machines
        Fiber Optic Terminator Kits
        Winding & Spooling Machines
    Lasers & Laser Accessories
        Laser Accessories
    Lenses & Lens Accessories
        Lens Accessories
    Light Curtains
    Light Diffusers
    Light Guides
    Light Sources
    Microscope Objectives
    Mirrors & Reflectors
    Optical Amplifiers
    Optical Cleaning Kits
    Optical Coatings
    Optical Driver
    Optical Encoders
    Optical Fiber & Cable
        Fiber Optic Cables
        Special Type Fiber Optics
    Optical Fiber Sensors
    Optical Filters
    Optical Gratings
    Optical Isolators
    Optical Materials & Parts
        Index Matching Gels
        Light Diffusers Materials
    Optical Modulators
    Optical Multiplexers & Demultiplexers
    Optical Readers & Scanners
        Optical Character Readers
    Optical Receivers
    Optical Repeaters or Regenerators
    Optical Switches
    Optical Testers Measuring Instruments & Equipment
        Color Meters
        Color Testers
        Fiber Optic Focusing Light Guide
        Fiber Optic Fusion and Splicer
        Fiber Optic Organizer
        Fiber Optic Stripping Tool
        Fiber Optic Testers
        Jitter Meters
        Monochromator & Spectrograph
        Night Vision & IR Viewers
        Optical Communications Testers
        Optical Converters
        Photomicrograph System Instrument
        Power Meters
        Power Monitors
        Spectrum & Spectral Analyzers
        Testing DWDM Components
    Optical Transceivers
    Optical Windows
        General Purpose Photodetectors
        Photodiode Photodetectors
        Electronic Microscopes
        Optical Microscopes
    Tables & Breadboards
Packaging Equipment
        Carrier Tapes
        Desiccant Packs
        Flange Covers
        Other Packaging
    Packaging Machines
        Bag Making
        Bag Placers
        Carton & Case Erectors
        Cushioning Dispensers
        Filling & Sealing Equipment
        Filling Equipment
        Folding Equipment
        Insertion Equipment
        Other Packaging Machines
        Sealing Equipment
        Wrapping Equipment
Paints & Coatings
        Acrylic Coatings
        Ceramic Coatings
        Epoxy Coatings
        Metal Coatings
        Oil Based Coatings
        Plastic Coatings
        Polymer Coatings
        Powder Coatings
        Reflective & Antireflective Coatings
        Resin Coatings
        Rubber Coatings
        Silicone Coatings
        Solvent Based Coatings
        Urethane Coatings
        Water Based Coatings
    Paints & Primers
        Acrylic Paints & Primers
        Alkyd Paints & Primers
        Chromate Paints & Primers
        Enamel Paints & Primers
        Epoxy Paints & Primers
        Latex Paints & Primers
        Oil Based Paints & Primers
        Urethane Paints & Primers
        Water Based Paints & Primers
        Zinc Chromate Paints & Primers
Plant Furnishings & Accessories
    Enclosure Doors
    Equipment Covers
    Equipment Enclosures
    Floor Mats
    Pest Control
Portable Tools
    Banding & Strapping Tools
    Brushing Tools
    Buffing & Polishing Tools
    Cable & Wire Tools
        Cable Cutters
        Cable Tie Tension Tools
        Fish Tape
        Wire Strippers
    Construction Breakers
    Crimping Tools
    Cutting Tools
    Dressing Tools
    Drum Deheaders
    Hand Pieces
    Heat Guns
    Marking Tools
    Measuring Tools
        Measuring Rulers
        Measuring Squares
        Measuring Tapes
    Multipurpose Tools
    Nail Guns
    Other Portable Tools
    Portable Lighting
    Post Drivers
    Retrieval Tools
    Rivet Guns
    Scalers & Descalers
    Tapping Tools
    Tool Sets
        Manual Common Wrenches
        Manual Torque Wrenches
        Other Wrenches
        Powered Wrenches & Drives
        Socket & Wrench Sets
        Torque Multipliers
Printing & Duplicating Equipment
    Duplicating Equipment
    Printing Equipment
        Digital Printing Equipment
        Offset Printing Equipment
        Other Printing Equipment
        Screen Printing Equipment
Retail & Sales Equipment
        Alignment Compliance Modules
        Collision Protection Modules
        Other Robotic Accessories
        Robotic Grippers
        Tool Changers
    Robotic Systems
        Autonomous Vehicles
        Machining & Finishing Robots
        Material Handling Robots
        Other Robotic Systems
        Robotic Inspection Systems
Safety & Security Equipment
    Alarm Systems
        Automated Safety & Security Systems
        Hardware Alarms
    Barriers & Guards
        Noise & Sound Barriers
        Safety & Protection Barriers
        Thermal Insulation Barriers
    Fire Handling Equipment and Systems
        Fire Suppression & Extinguishing Systems
    Personal Protection Equipment
        Electrical Grounding Equipment
        Face Protectors
        Head Protectors
        Hearing Protection Devices
        Laser Safety Kit
        Personal Emergency Stations
        Protective Eyewear
        Protective Gloves
        Safety Belts
        Safety Clothing
        Safety Footwear
        Safety Harnesses
Sensors, Monitors & Transducers
        Chemical Monitors
        Corrosion Monitors
        Dust Monitors
        Electrical System & Device Monitors
        Flaw & Leak Monitors
        Flow Monitors
        Gas Monitors
        Level Monitors
        Mechanical & Motion Monitors
        Multipurpose Monitors
        Optical Monitors
        Particle Monitors
        Physical Properties Monitors
        Process & Control Monitors
        Radiation Monitors
        Safety & Security Monitors
        Sound & Noise Monitors
        Temperature Monitors
    Sensors & Detectors
        Acoustic & Sound Sensors
        Biological Sensors
        Chemical Sensors
        Displacement & Dimension Sensors
        Electric Magnetic & EM Field Sensors
        Electrical Sensors
        Flame Detectors
        Flow & Level Sensors
        Fluid Sensors & Detectors
        Force & Load & Strain Sensors
        Gas Sensors & Detectors
        Leak & Flaw Sensors & Detectors
        Optical Sensors
        Pressure & Vacuum Sensors
        Proximity & Motion
        Radiation Sensors
        Safety & Security Sensors & Detectors
        Target Detection & Particle Presence Sensors
        Temperature & Heat & Humidity Sensors
        Velocity & Acceleration & Vibration Sensors
        Acoustic & Sound Transducers
        Displacement & Dimension & Motion Transducers
        Electrical & Electromagnetic Transducers
        Flow & Level Transducers
        Force & Strain & Torque Transducers
        Pressure Transducers
        Temperature & Humidity Transducers
        Velocity & Speed & Vibration Transducers
    Alignment & Balancing
    Analysis & Testing
    Building & Construction
    Business Management & Support
        Addressing & Mailing Services
        Advertising & Marketing
        Asset Management
        Data Management
        Documentation Services
        Event Services
        Exporting & Importing
        Financial Services
        Fulfillment Services
        Human Resource Services
        Inventory Management
        Legal Services
        Purchasing & Procurement
        Storage Services
        Supply Chain Management
    Communications Services
    Computer & Internet Services
    Environmental Services
        Environmental Testing
        Noise Control
        Pest Control
        Remediation Services
        Waste Management
    Equipment Rental
    Maintenance & Repair
        Custom Product Manufacturing
        Fabricated Materials
        Manufacturing Processes
    Oil & Gas Field Services
    Other Services
    Product Development
    Professional Services
        Architectural Services
        Graphic Design & Multimedia
        Language Services
        Plant Design & Layout
        Real Estate Services
        Systems Integrators
        Technical Writing
    Trade Associations
    Transportation Services
    Used Equipment
    Business Management & Financials
        Business Integration
        Business Management
        Decision Support (Business Intelligence)
        Facility & Personnel Management
        Financial Software
    Computer Based Training (CBT)
    Database Applications
    General Purpose Software
    Industry Specific Software
        Construction Industry
    Manufacturing Software
        Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
        Machine Vision Software
        Manufacturing Management
        Other Software
        Plant Floor Automation
        Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    Networking Software
        Network Control
        Network Management
    Operating Systems
    Programming & Development
        Application Development
        Programming Languages
        Programming Tools
    Relationship Management
    Safety & Security Software
    Scientific & Engineering
    Utilities & Tools
Test & Measuring Instruments
        Chemical Analyzers
        Color Analyzers
        Data & Symbol Analyzers
        Electrical & Optical Analyzers
        Mechanical Analyzers
        Particle Analyzers
    Balances & Scales
        Conveyor Scales
        Crane Scales
        Hanging Scales
        Other Balances & Scales
        Platform Scales
        Tank & Hopper Scales
        Transportation Scales
    Coordinate Measuring Instruments
        Frequency Counters
        Particle Counters
        Totaling Counters
    Displacement & Length Measuring Instruments
        Ball Screws
        Length Measuring Instruments
        Tool Sets
    Form Measuring Instruments
        Contour Measuring Instruments
        Surface Roughness Measuring Instruments
        Surface Roundness Measuring Instruments
    Gages & Gauges
        Dimension Gages
        Engine Gages
        Force Gages
        Gage Guards & Protectors
        Level Gages
        Other Gages
        Precipitation Gages
        Pressure & Vacuum Gages
        Surface Gages
        Temperature Gages
        Test Gages
        Alarm Indicators
        Corrosion Indicators
        Current or Voltage Indicators
        Explosion or Rupture Indicators
        Flow Indicators
        Length or Range Meter Indicators
        Level Indicators
        Load & Force & Torque Indicators
        Other Indicators
        Position Indicators
        Power Indicators
        Pressure Indicators
        Process Indicators
        Rotation or Revolution Indicators
        Speed Indicators
        Temperature & Humidity Indicators
        Tension Indicators
        Weight Indicators
        pH Indicators
    Instrumentation I & O Devices
        AD Converters
        AD DA Converters
        Analog & Digital I & O Boards
        Analog I & O Boards
        Anti Aliasing Filters
        DA Converters
        DSP Cards
        Data Acquisition Cards & Modules
        Decoders & Encoders
        Digital I & O Boards
        Electronic Breadboards
        Interface Isolation Boards & Modules
        Noise Rejection Filters
        Parallel Interface Cards
        Signal Conditioning Boards, Cards and Devices
        Signal Multiplexers & Demultiplexers
        Simulator Cards
        Transducer Interface Boards
        Concentration Meters
        Corrosion Meters
        Counter Meters
        Displacement Meters
        Distance Meters
        Electric Meters
        Element & Substance Meters
        Environmental Meters
        Flow Meters
        Inclinometers & Angle Meters
        Ion & pH Meters
        Jitter Meters
        Optical Meters
        Other Meters
        Porometers & Porosimeters
        Power Meters
        Pressure & Vacuum Meters
        Rate Meters
        Sound Level Meters
        Survey Meters
        Tension Meters
        Torque Meters
        Turbidity Meters
        Velocity Meters
        Vibration Meters
    Pressure Measuring Instruments
        Pressure Indicators
        Chemical Probes
        Electrical Probes
        Humidity Probes
        Level Probes
        Optical Probes
        Pressure & Force Probes
        Radiation Probes
        Sound Probes
        Thermal Probes
    Spring Testing Instruments
        Torsion Bar Testing Machines
    Test & Measurement Accessories
        Capacitance Substitution Box
        Extension Cables
        Locating Gages
        Other Test & Measurement Accessories
        Resistance Substitution Box
        Test & Measurement Kits
        Test Clips
        Test Fixtures
        Test Stands
        Chemical Testers
        Coating Thickness Testers
        Color Testers
        Communication & Network Testers
        Electrical Testers
        Electrochemical Testers
        Hydraulic System Testers
        Leak Testers
        Mechanical Testers
        Optic & Fiber Optic Testers
        Other Testers
        Temperature Testers
        Viscosity Testers
        Water Testers
    Validation and Test Instruments
        Calibration Instruments
        Calibration Standards
        Data Loggers
        Inspection Systems & Instruments
        Prototyping Equipment
        Simulation & Emulation Instruments
        Test Clips
        Test Fixtures
        Test Kits
Textile Industry Products
    Textile Machinery
        Cutting Machines & Tools
        Web Processing Equipment
    Textile Processing Compounds
        Fiber Materials
        Thread & Yarn
Thermal & Heating Equipment
    Heat Exchangers
        Closed Loop Heat Exchangers
        Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
        Other Heat Exchangers
        Plate Fin Heat Exchangers
        Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
        Bearing Heaters
        Drum & Barrel Heaters
        Ground Heaters
        Immersion Heaters
        Process Heaters
    Heating Elements
    Heating Tape & Cable
Timers & Clocks
Transportation Industry Products
    Aviation Equipment
    Marine Equipment
    Railroad Equipment
        Truck Components and Accessories
Vision Systems
    Fingerpattern Recognition
    Machine Vision Systems
    Night Vision Systems
    Observation Devices
        Binocular & Monocular Devices
    Retinal Scanners
    Vision Systems Devices & Accessories
        Cameras & Imaging Equipment
        Computers & Accessories
        Light Sources & Illumination Systems
        Mirrors & Reflectors
        Software Support
Waste Handling Equipment
    Spill Cleanup Kits
    Waste & Wastewater Treatment Equipment
        Wastewater Filters
        Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Waste Collection Equipment
    Waste Containment Equipment
    Waste Disposal Equipment
        Landfill Liners
    Waste Recycling Equipment
        Material Handling
        Recycling Containers
    Water Purification
Welding Equipment & Supplies
    Welding Equipment
        Welding Guns
        Welding Machines & Welders
        Welding Power Supplies
    Welding Supplies & Accessories
        Connectors & Clamps
        Electrodes & Rods
        Fuel Tanks
        Gas Regulators & Meters
        Shutoff Valves
        Torch Nozzles
        Weld Heads
        Welding Cable Reels
        Welding Cables
        Welding Contact Tips
        Welding Gloves
        Welding Goggles
        Welding Helmets
        Welding Hoses
        Welding Positioners
        Welding Tools
        Welding Wires
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