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Wastewater Strategy Is Mission-Critical for the Water-Dependent Chemical Industry

August 19, 2013

When it comes to water management and wastewater treatment, chemical manufacturers share many of the same challenges as companies in other industries. Interestingly, some chemical companies have a dual interest in the water issue: Not only do they deploy wastewater technologies at their plants, they also make a business out of producing those same technologies. Neil Hawkins, Dow Chemical Co.'s vice president for sustainability and global EH&S (environment, health, and safety), told me that his company provides technologies in such areas as desalination and water filtration. “Water for us is a growth business and we are trying to sell ever more sustainable ways to clean water and to treat water for drinking and processing,” he said. Dow's Water and Process Solutions business provides such products as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration solutions, ion exchange resins, ultrafiltration, fine product filtration, catalysts, and adsorbent resins. Read More